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Ladybird, Ladybird

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by olska, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    You can dance around your beloved totem of "The Tech" all day long, but "Grade Two" is inside the over-all subject - and "Tech" - of Scientology.

    One of the first people to do the 'Class 8' course was (later) Mission Holder (then St. Hill - 'Class 6' and 'Class 7' 'Power' - auditor) Bent Corydon, author of the book, 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?' In the second half of the chapter 'Souls Turned Inside Out' in that book (page 137 in the first edition, or page 146 in latter editions), Corydon addresses the "ability to withhold," and even quotes Hubbard (from 1958) on that ability, and then, covers the later writings of Hubbard, later writings that ignore and override the earlier writings, as the "Tech" marched on under his direction.

    There are two other headings in that chapter: 'Thought Control' and 'Thought Crime'.

    Perhaps you should take a look at it.
  2. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    My general comment is on the same line as the "ability to withhold." It is not personal.

  3. namaste

    namaste Silver Meritorious Patron

    Exactly. My IP address is

    So what?

    All posters everywhere, be they critics or whatever, could send our IP addys to OSA.
    What could they possibly do with them except become overwhelmed by the numbers and cry.

    OSA has lost the battle of the internet. Either their members are too dimwitted to realize that or they keep foolishly plugging away because DM insists that they do.
    I really get a kick out of their bumbling efforts.

    As long as the CoS exists, and even afterwards, there will be ex-scientologists and critics, and as long as there are ex-scientologists and critics there will be discussion forums for these people. That is not going to change.
    If OSA succeeded today at eliminating all of the scientology-related message boards many more of them would spring up tomorrow.

    If the best they can do is try to get people paranoid about IP addresses then they really ought to just hang it up right now.

    I haven't even read the thread that started this petty little confusion and I probably won't waste any of my limited free time doing so. That's not what I am here for.

    I have a certain interest in the subject and that is what I will persue. At one time I thought that the CoS could help me there. I was wrong. That group has proven itself to me to be incompetent. I still march on.

    Others may be here for different reasons and I am glad that such a forum exists here for them and for myself.

    Thank you Emma and thanks to all others who have provided such fora. You are making a positive difference in peoples' lives.

    Please do not be disheartned or distracted by fools who fear such progress.
  4. Leon

    Leon Gold Meritorious Patron

    I'm fully familiar with Bent Corydon's book and I am also fully familiar with the Tech and I am ALSO very familiar with the fact that the Tech is not what Ron Hubbard says it is.

    The tech of Scientology is itself.

    What Hubbard wrote is what Hubbard wrote.

    Learn to differentiate for Gawd's sake.
  5. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Huh? I thought Scientology Tech was what "Hubbard" wrote, i.e. that which was issued officially. It may have gotten a bit murky after 1982 or whenever, and I know others wrote some of what was issued under Hubbard's name before 1982 (or whenever) too.

    Workable and evolving mental tech based on some parts of Scientology is not Scientology. But you know that Leon! So could you explain what you are talking about, please?

  6. Leon

    Leon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Work out an Admin Scale for Scientology, with its goals at the top and so on.

    You'll soon work out what is Scientology and what isn't.

    Asserting that Scio is what Hubbard wrote and nothing else is plain nutty. Sure he did more for the subject than anyone else I know of but he himself urged people to differentiate between his opinions, comments, blowing his top, aberrations and whatever else and Scientology.

    I don't have any difficulty with it.
  7. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Whatever you say, Leon.
  8. Leon

    Leon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh...Dahling! :melodramatic: