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Largest On-Line German Magazine Picks up Alexander Jentzsch's Story

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Reports from Newspapers, Blogs, and ' started by Magoo, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Hi Tory. That link doesn't work. It gives a 404 error. You may want to check to make sure you posted the correct link to the article
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    This is an important article for Germans to read!
    Below is a google translation of the article but do click the article link, visit the page and click the 'fotos' link of the 11 pictures Karen provided :


    The case of Alexander Jentzsch life and death in Scientology

    Mona Botros
    SPIEGEL ONLINE, Hamburg, Germany

    [..] Karen de la Carriere finally realized not know what the message meant. Casually she read what someone had written to her on Facebook. "Have you heard that Alexander Jentzsch's dead?"

    De La Carriere thought she tells it today, first to a confusion of names. But it was not about her 75-year-old ex-husband Heber Jentzsch. Alexander was actually meant. Her son.

    He was 27 years old, he died in early July. His death has become a Number: 2012-04365. Under this case, determine the number of Los Angeles authorities. There were no signs of external violence, there is no indication of a suicide, the coroner. Tissue tests will now shed light on the cause of death.

    The name Jentzsch under Scientology insiders known worldwide. Since 1982, Alexander's father is lifting the international spokesman for the organization, up to the nineties he was the face of Scientology in public. His mother was the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard personally recruited and trained.

    "He begged me to sign"

    Scientology says the reason of the death of Alexander to know already. In a circular e-mail announcing his godfather, a longtime Scientologist, Alexander died from a reaction to prescription drugs. He took it because he suffered from an accident caused by back pain. A surprising announcement: In Scientology drugs are generally frowned upon.

    Alexander Jentzsch was a handsome boy with dark eyes, to glamorous events, he was seen alongside Scientology celebrities like John Travolta and Chick Corea.

    But his life was anything but magical. The resolution of the small family begins when Alexander was three years old. Karen falls on the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, due to a rash statement of favor. He orders the separation of Karen and Heber, 1988 following a divorce. Alexander now lives with his mother, the father is arranged a payment of $ 280 for the upkeep of his son. "In fact, nothing has paid jack. How could he, with an income of twelve dollars a week?" Says de la Carriere.

    She struggles to push through herself and her son. Although the parents share custody, Alexander sees his father, who represents Scientology around the world, almost never. Under the separation time is Alexander suffered his life.

    With eight years Alexander is recruited into the Sea Org, the elite organization of Scientology. The lure must have been irresistible for the boy. "They told him he would be able to spend much time with his father," recalls de la Carriere. "He begged me to sign." Alexander comes to a Scientology boarding school outside of Los Angeles.

    "All information is checked"

    Three years later, Alexander is in Clearwater, Florida, was appointed to the Fort Harrison Hotel, the spiritual headquarters of the sect. Scientologists come from all over the world come here to prove expensive courses. The boy had passed on cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors have up to twelve hours a day, it tells his mother. An education? None.

    Then something happened that Alexander probably charge for the rest of his life and what is known until years later.

    When Alexander is twelve years old, a 40-year-old Scientologist goes to him, who also works there. There have been repeated sexual assaults. When the matter is known internally, it acts quickly. Within 24 hours, Alexander is sent to the west coast in order to prevent any of the authorities of Florida.

    There will be long hours of interrogation, must have known at the end of the boy: he must never speak about the matter. De la Carriere experiences 14 years later by the abuse of her son. Dropouts who were involved in the cover-up of the incident reported to her what happened then is Alexander. "I remembered the moment he could not look me in the eyes when I picked him up from the airport," says Karen. "I dare not to think about what they did to him."

    The Department of Scientology with the spare in such cases is, "Office of Special Affairs" or OSA. Your mission is to prevent any damage of Scientology. Officially, the unit for public relations and legal affairs is responsible, in fact it is a kind of its own intelligence.

    Mike Rinder was for years at the head of the unit. Since 2007, he quit and is one of the best experts on the organization. "In a case like OSA makes every effort to keep the affair secret. All information is checked and every Scientologist is put under pressure, not to talk about it. With nobody," said cattle.

    Deported to the prison camp

    Mike Rinder knows the family Jentzsch, since Alexander was small, has worked closely for years with lifters. He witnessed the president of CSI increasingly at the head of the organization fell into disfavor. "David Miscavige has beaten him and humiliated," says cattle. "He could not stand that jack was all so popular." Miscavige had given him less and less jobs, sometime Heber Jentzsch disappeared entirely from the scene. He was reassigned to the international headquarters, two hours east of Los Angeles. "There, they locked him up in the hole," said the former head of OSA.

    "The Hole", which are two small office buildings, which are set up as a penal colony, and specifically designed for executives. Heber Jentzsch has lived there around 2006, according Rinders descriptions in atrocious conditions. Jentzsch had no access to his son. Mike Rinder knows whereof he speaks. He has seen the aged president there, as he also had to serve a prison sentence.

    Scientology objected Rinders descriptions: Jentzsch live and work in the church facilities. "Due to his age he rarely occurs on public than in the past", a church lawyer, wrote in a note to SPIEGEL ONLINE. Heber was "proud as we, at 50 years continuous service." Incidentally would Scientology should not rule on family Jentzsch and the death of Alexander continued.

    Alexander was isolated in his last two years of life, not only from his father but also by his mother. She got out in 2010 and since then is one of the movement "Independent Scientologists" to. The community still believes in Hubbard's teachings and practiced his methods.

    De la Carriere began, they become too critical of the organization, they declared an enemy of Scientology. Henceforth, no Scientologist may be in contact with her, not even her own son. "Alexander called me and said that I should not call him anymore and do not send e-mails."

    Separation to death

    Alexander Jentzsch and his wife Andrea leave the Sea Org in 2010, but remain members of Scientology. Andrea is expecting a child, and in the elite organization babies are unwanted. The couple is trying to rebuild their lives in Texas, but they experience setbacks. Andrea loses the child, Alexander dismissed. The two seem to distance themselves from each other. "Shortly before his death he has changed his relationship status on Facebook," recalls his mother.

    Alexander returns to the West Coast, alone and penniless. His mother, now a successful art dealer, he may still not ask for help. He comes in with his parents in the northern outskirts of Los Angeles. On 2 July he lay in bed in the morning, telling his parents later the police. He had not felt well and complained of fever. In the evening, he was still just lying there Sun No doctor is summoned. The next morning is an emergency call at the emergency room. Alexander is dead

    A few days later someone grieving mother has leaked a photo taken two weeks before his death. Since Alexander smiles into the camera. "It seemed to be doing well," Karen says desperately. Why the young man died?

    Ed Winter, spokesman for forensic Los Angeles County says, whether drugs were found near the body. And: "We have evidence that it had been some time dead before the emergency call was received on the morning of July 3." The investigation goes on, Alexander's death remains a mystery.

    On 10 July stands in front of a yacht in Lake Los Angeles. The sky is bright blue, the sea is calm. There is a heat wave, the first of the summer. The thermometer climbs to almost 40 degrees. On board the ship is the urn with ashes of Alexander. Be released as his remains, there is no funeral service.

    Karen de la Carriere organized a three days later. She was allowed to bury her son. "Scientology has intervened in the matter and our separation enforced even after Alexander's death," she says. Even one last look at his body has denied her daughter in law. [..]

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    No, you got it right in that post where you thank me. It's the original post, top of thread that has the error.

    Here is where it's incorrect:
    You may have time to correct it. Notice the words .Report after .html ? ,Report has to be removed in order for the link to work in that post
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    In the translation, you will see the word 'cattle'. 'Cattle' in German is 'rinder'.
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    Great article. Thank you for the good work Mona and Karen :thumbsup: