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Legal admissions-Atlanta Idle Org

Discussion in 'North America' started by skydog, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily Gold Meritorious Patron

    Wow -- you get it! Yes, that was a very rough time for me; in fact it took me 2 years to process it. I took a "break" from Scientology during that time but couldn't bring myself to "blow" and lose this "brief breath in eternity" that would allow me to achieve "total freedom" and help save this sector of the universe. . . or to admit that I could have been so wrong, and have wasted so much time and money. I've never been so humbled; it completely changed me.

    You know, I think I will check in again and do an interview. . .

    Thanks again for your courage to post that site!

    :love2: TL
  2. ethercat

    ethercat Cat in flight

    :blush: Aw, shucks, now you're gonna make me cry...

    Yes, I do get it. I was never in Scientology, so I never experienced that particular kind of betrayal, but I have experienced another kind - it's like the whole world falls out from under you and you're left hanging in space with no direction or point of reference. Fortunately, we find our way back to something we know.

    Thank you! Your interview is posted:

    'twerent nothin'. I just put up a form and a script. The thanks belongs to all the people who have done the interview - the courage was theirs. And now yours too.

  3. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    So many people attribute your "through the door" site the thing that really woke them up. I've said it before but you can add me to the list.

    You rock!

    I went over to the tipping point the other day actually and it's looking great. Congratulations on it. Everything you do is classy.
  4. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Through the door

    Ethercat, I could not help but ad my praise, your site had a powerful imact on me, not just seeing the pain that fellow ex scientologists went through in waking up to the lies and deciet, but more the fact that many people were and are, travelling the exact same road that I was on at that time. A place where I could write my 'public disavowal' and for the first time express my rage at being lied to and factually, enslaved. Tis brought a sense of closure from which point I have been able to start anew, clean, fresh and newly envigorated to live and love life. Thank you so much.

    This Altlanta idle org is nuts, I hope they get it in the chin. (If not very constructive, it at least allows me justification for thanking Ethercat in this thread:eyeroll:)
  5. ethercat

    ethercat Cat in flight

    Thank you, Emma and John. It's really nice to hear the site has made such an impact over time, especially from you two.

    When I started the site, I never expected it to get the number of interviews it has now. Someone asked me, "how many people do you expect will fill this out, 10? 15?" There was a lot of turmoil in the critic scene at the time, on the heels of the McPherson settlement (Bob Minton, RIP) and I just wanted a project to do, away from the anger being expressed on ARS, so I went ahead and did it.

    Of course, that was in 2002, and things have changed a lot since then. We have all made a big impact.

    Every now and then, something serendipitous happens, and it's great when it can affect people's lives for the better.

    Tipping Point was started out of a sense that the general public, people who have never been Scientologists and maybe never would be, are being hurt by Scientology too, via the front groups. It's also my feeling that the front groups, particularly Narconon, are where a lot of the new money into Scientology is coming from, and the "Church" will not be completely eradicated until the front groups are gone. Somehow, we have to be more proactive in informing people about the Scientology connection (and thus, dangers) with the front groups BEFORE they are taken in by them, instead of only helping them afterwards. I invite anyone who feels this is a worthy goal to participate in it with us.

    /shameless plug

    This is what I hear most, that the site allowed people to see that what they were experiencing was not just them, it was a lot of other people, and it wasn't just limited to their location, or their time period. One day, and I hope it will be soon, the site will just be something for the historians to study, and will show them a pattern that must be prevented from repeating.

    So, um, yeah, I was going to comment on skydog's comments on the Atlanta Ideal Org, which I do appreciate him making. I'll do that in my next post, after breakfast and more coffee. :surf:
  6. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well, not really . . .when I can use my real name, I'll feel a little more courageous. I know how important that is -- it's the reason it worked for me -- because I knew Alanzo and recognized his name -- I just have too many people to think about besides myself right now, but someday I hope to get there.
  7. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you for this:thumbsup:thumbsup:

  8. ethercat

    ethercat Cat in flight

    Someone asked about doing an amicus brief to inform the courts of some of the nuances of the CoS and this case that they might not be up to speed on. I'm curious what you think of this idea, and what kind of consequences it might have on the case?

    Poor Deb is in the awkward position of knowing more than she appears to, caught between the fear of making herself, the local org, and the "Church" look bad as far as stats go, and the fear of harming the case. She is probably also a bit stressed, as she has some unpaid personal debts which have resulted in legal action against her, as well as being involved as Registered Agent in a lawsuit over unpaid rent at the leased location the local "church" inhabited before a recent move to a new leased location.,6309.0.html

    In addition, she is currently filling both roles, Registered Agent/president of the CoS of Ga. and the Director of Special Affairs. She has prior experience as the DSA in Denver, Colorado, so she knew what that job entailed before she took it, or should have.

    But there is hope for her - she could leave.

    I have information to the contrary:,75.msg3818.html#msg3818
    The writer of that post was trying to get back money owed to her by the Ga. org. Soon after, she disappeared, so I imagine she must have gotten the money back with a gag agreement. She had put up a website with details of her experience with the Atlanta org, which was removed, but not before being copied and preserved in that thread.

    And the unfortunate building has received no maintenance or repairs during that whole time, that we can detect, with one exception - what appeared to be an emergency situation, possibly due to massive water leakage.

    Those 2 staff per active member will be assigned to hound the 1 member into donating more money! :roflmao:

    It's nice to hear this. I had always considered that the City of Sandy Springs, knowing the lawsuit was coming as it had already been threatened in the meetings, did the best thing strategically that they could have - deny the addition of the extra floor while approving the zoning change to include church use.

    The area is not cheap to live in; in fact, that was probably one of the key factors in their having chosen the location.

    This whole Ideal Org project (not just in Atlanta) doesn't seem to be going very well, does it? :eyeroll:
  9. ethercat

    ethercat Cat in flight

    I just wanted to add that the initial application filed, received on March 3, 2009, did not mention an increase in square footage or enclosing the basement which was used as parking, that I can see. The application did, however, include a variance request for "Acceptance of existing 1st floor structural loading" (page 4).

    Page 6 says:

    My first awareness of the request to add square footage did not arise until the May 2009 staff report: when the floor loading variance request was gone. (page 1)

    I'm not sure they even knew exactly how much the interior square footage was when they bought it. :unsure:
  10. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron

    New pics

    Here are a couple of pics of the very idle org taken on January 18, 2011. The building is beginning to show some wear now that it has been vacant for several years. The front driveway is blocked by a chain but a back driveway is open and can be driven through.

    Side of the building. A faux shutter has become loose and is hanging by a thread. I imagine that the 'sales office' was from a previous tenant.


    Back of the one home.


    Mattress tech. Someone dumped an old mattress on the east side of the building. Notice also that there is some firewood laying around as if someone dumped some logs and chopped them up.

  11. ethercat

    ethercat Cat in flight

    Thanks for the (very) recent photos. For comparison, there are 24 that I took in October 2009, here:,1356.msg4197.html#msg4197

    That hanging shutter is a hazard. Compare that picture to a similar one from 10/2009:


    I always thought that "Sales Office" sign was hilarious - the "Church" of Scientology being honest, for once, and I would have thought the first thing they would have done would have been to remove it.

    Closeup of one of those columns:


    The firewood (or some very similar) was at one time being used to block the back driveway, while the front driveway was blocked by a sawhorse with a No Tresspassing sign on it.

    I can only imagine the dismay that the residents of Sandy Springs must be feeling, as they drive past and see the worsening condition. The condition the building was in played a large role in the residents' opposition to the zoning request - and with good reason - if they couldn't take care of the building they had, how would they take care of an even larger one? And if they had the money to do the renovations they claimed they wanted to do, why didn't they spend some of it maintaining the building? And what about the money being spent on a federal RLUIPA suit? Lots of stuff doesn't add up here, but then it is the CoS.

    Sad really, to let an expensive building rot like that... I don't care much for the style myself, but it was once a nice building. Like, in 2005.
  12. mefree

    mefree New Member

    Wow! I cannot believe how they have let that building go. Well, they are pretty tied up with other matters, ATM.

    Thanks for the pics and the kind words to Ethercat.
  13. lauren4972

    lauren4972 New Member

    [/FONT Hi Skydog! Could it be that Duane Allman is really alive and well hiding out in dismally under populated Scientology message board community? I'm sure that you know the origin of the nickname, "Skydog". If a mission staff member had shoved a sloppily printed OCA in Duane's face while cruising down Peachtree with a serious heroin yen to satisfy I'm sure there would have been a torrent of redneck profanity heaped right upon said staff member's perfectly drilled TR 0. I was online at mission in Buckhead beginning in1977. In fact, I started my Student Hat the day Elvis died.
    Jeez, I couldn't get the sup. to give just one debaucherous drinking day off to grieve the passing of King. That should have been an ominois sign that these people were not of normal human flesh. They were hardly even aware of the passi mn g of the King and, shamefully, not a tear was shed pm His behalf. Just the same old, "Do birds fly?" routine.

    Talk to later, perhaps. I do positively adore Atlanta despite some major bilking of my bank and investment accounts by the mission's and Flag's registrars. Lauren


  14. Greg Rice

    Greg Rice Patron

    Thank You Skydog... these are the staff member idiots I walked away from.. different building back then.. different location, but your post here is the perfect accompaniment for mine "I wanted to understand life and improve"
  15. skydog

    skydog Patron Meritorious

    You are quite welcome Greg and welcome.
  16. thetanbuster

    thetanbuster Patron

    What a thread! When I was involved in scientology on 2006/2007, the promise was to open the building SOON, lol. Other than the eyesore it represents to the city of Sandy Springs (the idle org is not actually in Atlanta), this is laughable.

    If you want to make that estimate of 1,000 people involved with the Atlanta org, remember not to use the 500,000 population figure, as Atlanta has small city limits. There are Four Million people in the metro area, so their performance is making converts is PATHETIC, and for that, we should all be thankful.

    When my old roomate and I left that org, he asked them what was wrong with their "Jedi powers", no one but he and I found that amusing.
  17. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    As reported earlier today at Tony O's Bunker: