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Martyworld Tech

Discussion in 'MartyWorld' started by Caroline, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    In What is Wrong with Scientology Rathbun provides a statement of Scientology and the Scientology Bridge as he understands and delivers it, and as he advocates for Independent Scientologists around the world.

    According to Rathbun, Scientology Inc.'s tech is now "reversed in application and effect," meaning essentially that Scientologists under the control of David Miscavige are applying Hubbard's tech in ways that cause harmful, not beneficial effects on people.

    Rathbun runs what he calls an "Underground Railroad" for Scientologists who are leaving the control of David Miscavige and "Scientology Inc." (Rathbun: The Tipping Point for Scientology, Inc.) Rathbun and the Indies sell and deliver Scientology to these people, to supposedly remedy the harm that they experienced under DM.

    I think this is a good issue to start with:

    Thanks. JQ. First, here's the definition:

    Rathbun's "rewording" comes under the category of "verbal tech" which is an ethics offense. (Introduction to Scientology Ethics.) Verbal Tech is classified as a "Misdemeanor" but since so much of Rathbun's book is "verbal tech" the offense would undoubtedly be upgraded to a "Crime" or "High Crime."

    Rathbun also presents a theory in Chapter 1 about why verbal tech is okay, but this is just more squirreling, and blatant.

    What you mentioned about Rathbun "presenting his theory that they're not to be taken literally" is a "Technical Degrade, which is a class of High Crime:"

    One effect of advocating a non-literal approach to the Xenu story, for example, is that it invalidates Hubbard's claims and statements about his OT 3 research. Scientology has been selling the literal story since Hubbard came up with it.

    So to now say the Xenu story (and therefore the process and level of OT 3) shouldn't be taken literally is like admitting that Hubbard (and at least some people in his technical hierarchy) knowingly implanted or caused to be implanted, false memories in thousands of Scientologists over decades, but "never mind, that was then." To illustrate this sentiment more exactly, I'll repeat this excerpt from another thread:

  2. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Indeed, how is one supposed to follow the procedures of OT III if the incident is imaginary? Marty hasn't quite covered that point.
  3. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    I doubt very much that Marty Rathbun is telling his PCs, who he C/Ses to do OT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8, that Incident 2 is a metaphor, non-literal, etc.

    That's what he wrote in his book, but his book is a "handling" of, not only an "ARC broken field" (consisting of non-active current or ex Scientologists, many of whom, nowadays, have heard about "Xenu" etc., but have never done OT 3), and of "wogs." Marty is especially concerned with people he views as "wog opinion leaders."

    The "metaphor" angle (and similar angles) re. the "PR flap" with the "wogs," brought about by the publicizing of "Incident 2" in the media, as far as I know, was first used by paid Scientology shill J. Gordon Melton many years ago. This allowed Scientology to "handle" an unwanted "PR flap" situation indirectly. Nonetheless, Melton, then an employee of the Scientology cult, was doing what they wished.

    Does that mean that the Scientology cult was telling its PCs that "Incident 2" was a metaphor? Obviously not.

    The objective is to take the "wogs" attention off the embarrassing topic of Xenu, etc. and onto areas where the Scientology PR wants the "wog's" attention to be: it's a "handling."

    As for verbal data, etc. I doubt if Marty does not have people refer to the "Source materials," when they are in a course room situation. Just look at his blog, he and his followers love to "refer to Source."

    As for the prohibition on verbal tech, Marty blows that out of proportion so as to appear (to his selected audience, including people he regards as "Opinion Leader wogs") as a bit of a "renegade," much, oddly enough, like the idealized complimentary image of Hubbard as depicted in an Independent Scientology video.

    Marty is demonstrating that "he thinks for himself," just as L. Ron Hubbard wanted all Scientologists to - and, yes, that's another PR line.

    Marty also operates as an "Intel-PR," and, it seems, pretty much expects the new bred of Internet savvy Scientologists to be able to operate at that (higher) level also (to use "PR" to handle "SPs," etc., and to be able to interact with "SPs,"a deal with "entheta" without "caving in" etc.)

    There was always "verbal data" in Scientology. PR people and FSMs always talked with others about Scientology. Scientologists writing books promoting Scientology is also not new. There was never a blanket prohibition on all verbal data, only on verbal data under certain circumstances.

    Again, Marty is putting on a display as part of his "handling."

    Below is from an earlier post on another thead. There may be some redundancy, but I'm in a bit of hurry right now. :) So here goes:

    Marty Rathbun begins his book by telling us that we shouldn't take L. Ron Hubbard literally.

    One wonders if, in the chapter on the OT levels, he will insist that "Incident two" (best known to "wogs" from the TV cartoon show South Park) is only a misunderstood metaphor or allegory.

    These are two reasons why I recommend caution when reading this book: the signs are that it will attempt to manipulate.

    The following is some re-posted material from fairly recent discussions.

    From Ron's Journal 67:

    The material involved in this sector is so vicious that it is carefully arranged to kill :nervous:anyone if he discovers the exact truth of it.

    So in January and February of this year, I became very ill, almost lost the body, and somehow or other brought it off and obtained the material, and was able to live through it.

    I am very sure that I was the fist one that ever did live through any attempt to obtain that material. This material I'm talking about, of course, is very upper level material and you will forgive me if I don't describe it to you in very broad detail because it is very likely :ohmy:to make you sick too.

    One might ask, what is "the material involved in ths sector" that "is so vicious"?

    It is the detail (the "time, place, form, and event") of the 4th dynamic engram - as described by Hubbard - called Incident 2 of OT 3 of 75 million years ago.

    "Engrams" according to Scientology, are recorded on "time tracks," and they are extremely "literal." They are exact and must be "perfectly duplicated" so as to be "as ised." In the case of Incident 2 of OT 3, the material (the super engram) was so vicious that only a jumbo-sized thetan, with a humongous theta endowment, was able to confront the "time, place, form, and event" of this super-engram and survive, to not only talk about it, but to map the way for others through it, thus removing the final barrier to full Operating Thetan and godlike powers for all Scientologists, and for the "Wogs" once they become Scientologists.

    The material of the book 'History of Man' is not part of OT 3, but the approach to "handling" any "invalidators " can be traced back to H.O.M.:

    From the 'History of Man' ["This is a cold blooded and factual account of your last 60 trillion years"] by L. Ron Hubbard, early 1952, originally titled 'What to Audit':

    "Tell people who want to invalidate all this, 'Your criticism is very just. It's only fantasy.'"

    The "It's only an allegory"-angle is a similar PR "handling" - to be used on those at lower awareness levels - but it's an extension of Hubbard's 1952 PR "handling" of occasionally troublesome "Homo Saps."

    It works like this: If it sounds really dumb or crazy, or is exposed as a lie, in front of any particular person or "public," not dumb or gullible enough to believe it, then, immediately, claim that it - whatever it was - is a metaphor, an allegory, a joke, a symbolic representation used as a teaching aid, etc. If this doesn't work, claim it was taken out of context, or that the complaining or ridiculing person or "public" are literal-minded, etc.

    In fact, the idea of the "literalizing of L. Ron Hubbard" was re-introduced, recently, by Marty Rathbun.

    This is just a more gentle fashion - a "lower gradient" - of saying there's something really wrong with the "antagonistic" person or "public."

    From the 1955 'Manual on Dissemination of Material': "Another frame of mind we would like to see the public have and register is that people attacking Scientologist have something wring with them."

    "Why are you making fun of L. Ron Hubbard? [​IMG] There must be something wrong with you!"

    It's a form of bullshitting which is used to cover an earlier bullshitting. It's actually pretty "workable," in that a fair number of people seem to fall for it, which means, incidentally, that it's likely to continue.

    An example of this would be a Scientology "OT" telling a ridiculing or "nattering" "Wog" - who has just seen the South Park episode exposing OT 3 - that "it's only fantasy." This, of course, would be an example of following Hubbard's instructions on dealing with "Homo Saps" - instructions that dates back to 1952, and were included in the book, 'History of Man'.

    These are old "handlings."

    For example, this is what David Gaiman, then Public Relations Director for Scientology in England, told Paulette Cooper, in 1971, when asked about the billion year Sea Org contract:

    From question/answer #19, in the 'Appendix' of Cooper's book:


    (From Gaiman) "Never make an allegoric joke near literal minded humorless reporters."

    From 1985, discussing the Judge Breckenridge findings, and featuring ex-official biographer Omar Garrison, CofS PR person Heber Jentzsch, and Scientology attorney Earl Cooley. (They also feel that Hubbard didn't lie, but was only misunderstood.):

    So Marty has his work cut out for him on his mission to salvage L. Ron Hubbard's "image" and "good name," and L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology's "image" and reputation.

    He's had, and likely will continue to have, some success, due to his application of Hubbard's Propaganda Tech, specifically his use of Hubbard's 2 January 1972 confidential issue 'Black Propaganda'. Marty Rathbun has successfully identified himself, and Independent Scientology, as the "attackers of the popularly considered evil" of David Miscavige.

    However, now it becomes trickier. If Marty Rathbun is going to move into full "handle to Homo Saps" (and the "ARC broken" field) mode, with decades old PR gimmicks, albeit modernized for a more sophisticated world of the Internet, he may find himself on thin ice.

    Written not very long ago...

    'Ode to L. Ron Hubbard' by Marty Rathbun

    You said your legacy would be the tech
    but the dictator said otherwise
    and the church began its demise
    and hurt came to those who would object

    You said there was no hidden data line
    but the dictator said he knew better
    and burned all of your policy letters
    and the church went into long term decline

    You said the tech was timeless and free
    but the dictator wanted power and cash
    and made your truth a confusing hash
    and status and greed replaced the state of OT

    You acknowledged the loyalty of your gracious wife
    but the dictator used her as a stepping stone
    and she died forgotten, friendless and alone
    and thus he erased your dear Manuela [Simon Bolivar's girlfriend] from your life

    You raised three fine children and one who died too soon
    but the dictator wanted them forgotten too
    and your progeny turned from sunshine to blue
    and the many who loved you wept under a sorrowful moon

    You had faith that your friends would make it come out right
    but the dictator mis-used your treasure to enervate them
    and black dianetics, reverse scientology internecine mayhem
    and with violence did he destroy their willingness to fight

    You said only truth could penetrate thick armor plate
    and though the dictator protested this fact
    it was your ace in the hole that has our back
    and everyday now more are working to reverse your fate

    And alas, it may take time and a perilous struggle
    but we assure you it is too late to reverse our tide
    you’ve got friends to the end of time on your side
    and come hell or high water we’ll emerge from this jungle

    Because we know you were right that the truth shall set us free
    and that is one thing no dictator will ever take away
    it will be your real friends standing at the end of day
    humanity freed, the only proper acknowledgment of thee

    Now, back to the topic!

    I've seen some of the (confidential) LRH PPRO (Professional Public Relations Officer) materials from late 1970s/early 1980s. Hubbard was very concerned with the preservation of his name and image.

    It was all "confidential," and almost anything that is visible and publicized in Scientology, or having to do with L. Ron Hubbard, has a confidential side.

    Personally, I don't think Hubbard cared who ran and maintained his front group-surrounded and mental-healing/religion-coated fan club (in their own cynical self-interest with accompanying perks), as long as he/she/they preserved his name and protected and preserved his "image," and maintained the "LRH = Survival"-gimmick, to ensure that other people would assist in the preservation of his name and "image" - to ensure their well-being, their "eternities," etc. etc.

    Miscavige is currently the caretaker for the Hubbard monuments, more than anything else, and, as a result, he has certain perks. Certainly, being surrounded by the recipients of Hubbard's mind-manipulation operation, that "asserted and maintained dominion over thoughts and loyalties," makes it easy for him to enjoy being a bullying dictator - still, he must operate within the already existing cult framework.

    From a 1989 issue of 'Hotline', an internal 'newsletter' for Scientology LRH PRs:

    " is LRH's image on which all the rest of our expansion depends. To the degree that LRH is made the stable terminal in society, people will reach for his books and services and we can get them on the Bridge to Total Freedom ."

    Hubbard set up the ultimate fan club, one that believes that the survival and well being of Mankind, life, the universe and everything, depends on his "being well thought of."

    Marty&Mike and other Independent Scientologists are doing an, apparently, self-assigned PR action for the religion-angled, religion-cloaked, cult of Hubbard, which, ultimately, includes both the CofS Scientology and outside the CofS Scientology, a.k.a. "Greater Scientology." If Rathbun&Friends succeed, to any extent, then, in the long run, the CofS will benefit, once it is rid of Miscavige.

    After all, their founder's "image" will have been rehabilitated.

    Below is a reminder of the Independent Scientology "reality" circa 2011:

    "...there are OSA operatives throughout the Anonymous network, ESMB site, the Freezone and Independents running backstabbing, covert propaganda campaigns while we are 'tied up' under siege. Just look for the 1.1s using the safe Independent Scientology space we are creating to promote such practices as no-training-needed to get onto OT levels, 'OT I and OT II are of little importance': especially coming from 'Class VIIIs','Class VIs' and folks claiming to be 'trained by Ron'. They may as well be saying 'Scientology is a fraud, because after all I studied it all, and violently disagree with the Bridge created by Ron'.

    "...Cleaning up the image and damage that Miscavige has created for Scientology is not very difficult absent his gargantuan efforts to disrupt such work..."


    Marty&Friend's objective may be unrealistic, and the Internet age makes it even more challenging, but at least by pointing it out, some things might be explained and better understood.

    As for Dan Koon, here's an excerpt from the above (top post) video: "Whatever is going to facilitate your own comm line with LRH is going to be the most pro-survival thing for you."

    Does that sound like a "squirrel."

    Not to me. It sounds like a LRH fan(atic) who has arrived at being an embodiment of the ultimate Scientology Implant/engram of "LRH = Survival."

    Marty is doing a PR handling. What happens in the auditing room, or the course room, is not necessary what happens when doing a PR "handling" on "low level" (below the OT levels) "ARC broken field" or when "handling" "wogs."
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  4. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    That's a good point. Following that logic, Hubbard was "dubbing in" on an intergalactic scale when he mocked it all up in his OT 3 research.

    The definition of "dub-in case" was taken from the following 1952 lecture in which he discussed religious implants. :omg:

    That Ron. He has been so playful.
  5. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    Our resident Free Zone Flim-Flam Man has been pushing the 'allegorical' angle for quite a while, without actually fooling anyone here I think.

    Incidents I and II may be allegorical
    People have gains
    This is good I think
    Are you against people having gains?
    Two pints of Lager and a bag of crisps
    Some pretty girls in this pub, I can see
    Hubbard had faults, but the tech works for most
    Why are you against Pickled Onions?
    Some have wins with them
    But with bad breath, it's true to say

  6. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious


    You are mistaken on the underground railroad, which has nothing to do with Scientology tech as a whole or intent, it is merely people helping people coming out, provide them safety, time and space to decompress and help them get on their feet. I am quite certain no one knows everyone knows everyone on all the lines, there is coordination, but not as a recruitment line. Most of the people I personally know working on it no longer consider themselves Scientologists. Marty may use Scientology with some of people that stop at his "station" but the vast majority of the 40 or so people I have personally spent time with did not want to go to Marty for auditing, or anyone else. I personally know several people visit Marty to help learn what was going on and understand. They simply wanted a life.
  7. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    Right, that's Rathbun and the Loyalists, focusing the troops attention on them.

  8. Veda

    Veda Sponsor


    Maybe South Park will air a program which pokes fun at Scientology's OT 2, then we can watch Marty and the other outside the CofS - and, for that matter, the inside the CofS - PRs do their dancing chicken act to quiet down the "wogs" on OT 2.

    "Never proceed past a non-reading item. To do so can be very deadly..."


    "Many persons experience unreality at the start of [implant] GPM running; this leaves when you see the meter reads."


    "They are implant incidents...

    "Trillion, 20,095.

    "Hot Cold.

    "This is a pole with a split in it. The back split is hot, the front is cold. Two temperatures. Duration is 1 [and] 1/8th seconds...

    "Dance Mob.

    "Trillions, 18,992.

    "This duration is 7/8 of a second. There is a pole that pulls one in. One is caught in the pole."

    And a little more:

    "230 trillions.

    "This seeks to install...

    "Implanter X... Target X," etc. [Shows diagram of implant], etc.

    From Marty Rathbun's blog from several months ago, directed at Independent Scientologists:

    "...there are OSA operatives throughout the Anonymous network, ESMB site, the Freezone and Independents running backstabbing, covert propaganda campaigns while we are 'tied up' under siege. Just look for the 1.1s using the safe Independent Scientology space we are creating to promote such practices as no-training-needed to get onto OT levels, 'OT I and OT II are of little importance': especially coming from 'Class VIIIs', 'Class VIs' and folks claiming to be 'trained by Ron.' They may as well be saying 'Scientology is a fraud, because after all I studied it all, and violently disagree with the Bridge created by Ron.'..."

    As you can see Marty is quite passionate about OT 2.

    As for OT 3, Marty is such a liar. He still C/Ses OT 3 just as Hubbard wrote it in 1967, and encourages people to do it just as Hubbard wrote it. If Marty thinks Hubbard wanted it changed or eliminated, then why doesn't he change it or eliminate it himself?

    It's interesting to watch all the variations of LYING that Scientologists go through as times change.

    Even Marty's statement about there being only 8 OT levels is suspect. It's a way of undermining Miscavige, but does Marty really believe it?

    Hubbard told various people that he was working on - or was it completed? - OT 9 and 10, and that page with the big date - a page filed with rows of numbers in Hubbard's handwriting - that Pat Broeker held up at the "LRH Death Event," was what?

    Marty insists that Hubbard didn't lie about there being more levels, and then enthusiastically quotes from Hubbard's 'From Clear to Eternity' the next day.


    It's fatiguing to dig through this stuff, which is why Marty thinks he can get away with so much BSing.

    It's a tragedy really. Imagine if Marty were being honest? Imagine what an useful book he could have written, but no, didn't happen.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2012
  9. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    Hi Mike,

    What you're saying is out of accord with what Rathbun says in his book, and in his other writings and talks. Rathbun and the Indies target Scientologists who are exiting Scientology, Inc. Rathbun's virtual "blow drill" for these people is only part of it of course.

  10. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    That's a very interesting quote. I'm so glad you're keeping track of this stuff.

    :sleepy:Fading off into a recent daydream of Marty's....

    In what was, perhaps, the apex in the history of LRH-besmirching, Judge Paul Breckenridge wrote, in his summation, at the 1984 Armstrong vs Church of Scientology court case:

    "...The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar...

    "The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egotism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile.

    "At the same time it appears that he is charismatic and highly capable of motivating, organizing, controlling, manipulating, and inspiring his adherents..."

    That sure is a lot of natter, yet a little over 25 years later, after visiting with Marty...

    Emerging from a visit with Marty Rathbun, now retired Superior Court Judge Paul G. Breckenridge was quick to clarify his comments of over a quarter century ago:

    "I know that, regarding L. Ron Hubbard, I wrote and said that, 'the evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background and achievements', and that, 'the writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egotism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile.' And I know I wrote and said that Mr. Hubbard 'manipulated' Scientologists, but I was way out of line in all of that, and just plain wrong.

    "After spending some time with the charming Mr. Rathbun, I can see that L. Ron Hubbard was a fine and brilliant man, and I have come to realize that what I have written and said, in the past, may have injured the applied religious philosophy of Scientology, which in my studied opinion may be the only hope for sanity in future generations. My hope, now, is that those who have abandoned Scientology in disillusionment will recognize that there is nothing really wrong with Scientology, other than its current leader David Miscavige, and the misunderstandings and misapplications that this suppressive Miscavige person has brought about, and that they will consider returning to this wonderful applied religious philosophy and being Scientologists again."

    Rathbun and the retired Judge embraced warmly, and the elderly Judge could be overheard humming the 'Moving on up!' theme song as he walked to his car. "I'll be back in a month to start my adventure up Ron's Bridge!" were the Judge's parting words, as he drove off happily.

    Marty's statement concerning the people who come to him, combined with Dan Koon's statement, in the top post video, about how we all have a comm line to LRH and, in effect, LRH equals Survival, etc., pretty much sum up the inner wackiness if this alternate Hubbard cult.
  11. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    Everyone who practices Scn interprets it. The thing is, those interpretations vary. So you can get a non CofS Scn'ist who's become a bit of a pundit or opinion leader who may say that it's a certain way, and others aren't all going to agree.

    So it should be presented as ones' own subjective thing. I think that would take care of a lot of the issues surrounding this.
  12. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Gold Meritorious Patron


    Scientologists DUPLICATE SOURCE.
  13. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    Except when they don't.

    Indies and FZers differ greatly.

    And Miscavige has 6 month sec checks on OTVII and there ain't nothin' in Source saying to do that.

    And this is probably why I personally recommend getting away from organized religion.
  14. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

  15. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Each one thinks for himself, just as Ron said to do. :yes:

    According to Jesse Prince, from 'The ever changing tech of Scientology':

    "...this bulletin was effectively cancelled by LRH himself... that's where it all started. All these actions were taken to increase income. It is the same with the six month sec checks...

    "But I want to make it clear that the whole idea came from LRH not from Miscavige. Miscavige is continuing to carry out LRH's orders...

    "...Miscavige is doing his best to forward Command Intention, which is contained in the huge LRH orders database of the INCOMM computer system of Scientology..."

    The religion angle again...
  16. looker

    looker Patron Meritorious

    So who is more KSW? Indies or FZ?

    I don't mind those who use only the stuff that improves a persons ability to critically think and releases distress, as in, talk therapy or 2WC.

    Lord knows there are a lot of ex Sea Org , and Staff that went through Hell and really need to talk it out with a friend or counselor. For some its been so traumatic they wont even seek out somebody to listen. Its too much like Auditing or sec checks.

    With as much as we now know about what is wrong with Scientology management and Ethics tech. Being a KSW Indie or FZ Scientologist is just plain wrong.
  17. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    They are all Mind-Benders. That's what Scientology was designed to be.
  18. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    Depends on the person. KSW has become meaningless, anyway. Miscavige changed a lot of things in Scn. Basic books, bowdlerization of PDC tapes, new drills, etc. Hubbard changed stuff all the time, too, including taking credit for things others wrote. Not everything in Scn was even written by Hubbard.

    Some non CofS Scn'ists lean greatly toward the KSW vantage point- but even there, what you get is their interpretation of it. That's very ironic, I think.

    So it truly is meaningless.
  19. Come on, can we please stop calling this nonsense ... "Tech", as if it actually has something to do with "Technology"

    Hubbard's Mindfuck has about as much to do with technology as the guy wearing the white shirt in this video has to do with technology

  20. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human