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MELBOURNE Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by Zhent, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Welcome to the golden age of leaks.

    Are you interested in seeing whats happening inside Melbourne Ideal Org? Seeing a well oiled propaganda machine in motion? Being shocked at how unbelievably out of touch with reality the modern Scientology cult is? Enjoy analysing any leaks from the inside? This thread is for you!

    In this thread there will be posted the latest news leaks from Melbourne Org, primarily through the internal newsletters they send out. Check back occasionally as this will be a constant work in process.

    In addition I will soon be creating similar threads for other ANZO Orgs.

    Now for some content to get things rolling...

    Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 47 11th March 2012


    Get a load of that new staff contract in the header picture - "pledge of religious commitment and application for volunteer service to church of scientology australia inc"

    Honestly I can barely believe how far they are taking this "Staff are volunteers" charade :melodramatic:

    Oh and only 6 graduates, half of which are now staff, and half are intro courses, and during the peak of the birthday game? :no:

    Melbourne Day Saint Hill Size Newsletter - Issue 1


    Saint Hill Size? Good luck with that LOL

    Melbourne Day Birthday Game Newsletter


    Yes, Melbourne has apparently won the birthday game. Too bad they can't see this is an abysmal comment on the state of Orgs worldwide. Melbourne is number one? Oh dear oh dear we are in trouble...

    And as an added bonus and to throw off OSA, here is a scan of a recent Melbourne FSM News - Issue 22


    Stay tuned for more, its gonna get wild and woolly this year!

    (PS. I am always interested in more leak sources, got some you dont want to share publicly? PM me!)
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  2. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    :lol: EXCELLENT!!!
    (How about dat sneaky Panda?)

    PS: Whoever wrote "baited (sic) breath" needs more Word Clearing. :biggrin:
  3. Miss Pert

    Miss Pert Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hey! How come this Rudy guy that has rejoined staff is only OTVII? How on Earth did he get out of going to the ship for VIII? :omg: I thought once you comp'd VII it was go to jail, sorry the ship, go directly to the ship, do not pass go, do not forget to pay 200 (thousand) dollars. I know Mrs Feral got out of it but she was preggas.
  4. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Out-quals! Once he's done his Contribution time on Staff and given almost everything he owns he'll have qualified for OT VIII. You didn't really think Rudy was doing all this Contribution shit out of "the goodness of his heart" or because he wants to, did you?
  5. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Count the staff in the two contrasted pictures:omg:

    If you look at the first picture - see how small the tree is on the right of the picture?

    Now split the staff behind the two EDs and count the number of Day staff there.

    Then go to the bottom picture and count the number of Day staff. See how much bigger the tree is?

    I make it that they've lost around thirty staff since the first picture was taken.:yes:

    And THEY WON THE BIRTHDAY GAME?????:hysterical:

  6. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus


    Nice spotting, I didn't notice the tree change. The first pic was taken at the Ideal Org opening, and I assume the second was taken at the first anniversary.

    Missing staff much? LOL
  7. Natalie

    Natalie Patron with Honors

    Their event photos look like it is mostly staff there, not many public.
  8. Minuet #1 in G

    Minuet #1 in G Patron with Honors

    Noticed that Roger Saffra was top FSM for Melbourne. Roger is the husband of Myrna. And Myrna became the ED of Adelaide org. Anyone know what is going on here? Have the Saffras shifted to Melbourne?

    Anyone with any news of Adelaide?
  9. Random guy

    Random guy Patron with Honors


    The time between the two photographs would depend on species of tree and local conditions (sun, water).
  10. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    Come on Scooter the difference in numbers may be for a couple of reasons:
    1. The org is so upstat staff/volunteers are on annual leave cause it's been a year since the grand opening :biggrin:
    2. Staff are being sent to the MECCA for training cause the expansion is so great:dieslaughing:
    3. or the rent a crowd/volunteer was too expensive the second time round :biggrin:

    All jokes aside the blow/attrition rate is certainly MECCA :yes:
  11. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    Cool stuff! Well done Zhent and Scooter, you have a sharp eye. I was going to do a count and then thought bugger it, life's too short.

    It's all very hyperbolic and pukeworthy, isn't it.

    And god save Scientology if Melb Day is the org that won the birthday game. It doesn't say much for the big US orgs. :biggrin:
  12. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Can anyone remember how many stats there are for Class V Orgs? What would be a good total for an org in a week?

    Over the year, Melbourne Day scored 2358 which is an average of 45.35 points per week, and 14th placed Milano scored 1758 which is 33.81 points per week.

    This doesn’t sound too good for the top 14 orgs on the planet, to me, but can anyone confirm?

  13. Semper Phi

    Semper Phi Patron with Honors

    I was at Flag when Mel Day & Fdn had about 20 people in training in the big push before the grand opening, and on this list I only see about 4 names I recognize from that group. Now, I was never clear about who was Day & who Fdn, but where are Matt Lucas and Jodie O'Grady, for starters? And weren't there lots more tech people on that big recruitment brochure that was posted about a month ago? They can't all be from Fdn.

    What it says is that the big US orgs didn't get a 500-point bonus for going ideal last year. And Melbourne won't have it this year...
  14. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Good spotting Scooter.
    Personally I think the original photo was padded out with staff from other orgs as it was the 'opening' photo.
  15. jenni with an eye

    jenni with an eye Silver Meritorious Patron


    The cofs has always padded / used ring ins for its promotional photos :omg:

    many, many, many times....:whistling:
  16. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    I don't actually have any leaks from Adelaide! (It must be very dead!)

    All I have is Issue 400 of 'Comm Line', the org magazine but it is IDENTICAL to other ANZO orgs (except Melbourne), just full of generic scn international spam. There is only one paragraph of the mag that relates to Adelaide, which says they are creating an Ideal Org in Adelaide, and they have located a building. Of course it is still on 'approval lines' and they need more money to make it happen.

    According to SO ED 5341 INT there are 27 different GDS that are awarded birthday game points for a Class V Org (affluence/power get more points + bonuses). I can upload the document if needed, it was leaked online many years ago.

    I have noticed a few funny things with the stats in recent months. When Cincinnati Ideal opened both Day and FDN got 282 points each for the weekly birthday game count (A week after opening they crashed to only 25 points each LOL). When Sacramento Ideal opened Day and FDN got 283 each that week. Is this the 500-bonus you are talking about or something different?

    Note in the final stats posted Cincinnati has popped up in the top 10 and both Day and FDN have exactly 1812 points each. Its all very dodgy if you ask me..

    BTW, where it says 107 staff total in the first post, is that Day only or Day/FDN combined? Also does anyone know if Day/FDN have a different dress code, or there is some way to tell them apart?
  17. Semper Phi

    Semper Phi Patron with Honors

    Hmmm. Don't know about the 282 point thing. All I know is that last year when I was still on staff and my org was in the hunt for the birthday game, our ED told us about the 500 point bonus the new ideal orgs got. We had a post-renovations "grand re-opening" and they CSW'd to get a 250-point bonus for it. Don't remember that they got it.

    Also, the Day & Fdn orgs have identical uniforms, so it's impossible to tell them apart in a 2-org group photo.
  18. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    To be fair, the tree is expanding.
  19. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Forwards... and Backwards...

    In addition to the latest newsletters there will also be posted a selected backlog, because the crazy is just too good to miss.

    Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 46 4th March 2012


    Melbourne Day Birthday Game Newsletter
    (circa ~ march 5th)


    Melbourne Bookstore Flyer

  20. sallydannce

    sallydannce Gold Meritorious Patron

    What does "trendenous" mean?

    My dictionaries don't have this word.

    Gawd what's with the honky great typo in the LRH quote at top of n/letter!!!!