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Message to Anon

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by scino, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. scino

    scino Patron

    Like Scientology we have to define some ' stats '. The best stat I can think of is what copyrighted material is coming out in the form of torrents. So far we had The Basics summit, State of Man CD's, Spirit of Man CD's and the Tom Cruise video. After that we have seen only recycled crap posted by high school kids ( otherwise called Anon ).

    The real materials came from one source -in- and he/she is either caught or got scared.

    We are nowhere.
  2. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh! Great Superior Master of the Knowledge of All Things - have you been taking lessons from your other great leader Tom Cruise?

    I thank you for having come to our pitiful universe to impart your wisdom!

    The Anons take no profit from their actions - they protest the Scientology activities because they know it is abusive and barbaric.

    Peace! :rose:
  3. scino

    scino Patron

    Read the subject. I wrote a message to Anon. Wasn't adressing to someone too afraid to leave his PC.
  4. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    I'm well aware your message was a make nothing of put down of the Anons - the usual devisiveness of a forked-tongued (en)saver of mankind!

    One day you will realize what a fool you have been!

    One day you will honestly answer the question: "Do I really want to live in a Scientology run world?"
  5. scino

    scino Patron

    Where is Anon ?

    You have nothing zero, nada with anon and you know it. I left a thousand tracks I know when I am talking to Anon or not. You have nothing with Anon. Leave this thread alone.

    To Anon:

    We are nowhere. Look at the stats. Scientology is united. Count the leaked copyrighted torrents and you know if you are making progress. You are nowhere. Rethink your strategy.

    There was only one ( 1 ) source.

    Leak more torrents to prove I am wrong.

    No more recycled OT crap.

    Real stuff.
  6. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron


    But that is what makes the Anons so powerful - they came to their conclusions about the CofS themselves.

    Your Orgs are empty - they are just shells of torture.

    WAS is the operating word!

    The Anons are multiples of sources.

    Peace! :rose:
  7. Jesus666

    Jesus666 Patron

    gb/2 bed scifag, we're making a huge difference, we're in the media everywhere, scientology is locking down almost every org because they're scared of us, everyone on the internet is supporting our cause and joining, people from the inside are leaving, all the OT books are on the internet, i know this because i downloaded it myself.

    tl;dr: scifags are shitting bricks
  8. scino

    scino Patron

    Research my tracks and you'll see I am on Anon's side. You are just noise. Noise, noise.

    Only leaks count. There has been nothing. The 10th was a failure. I am ashamed of having supported Anon.
  9. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    You can leave Anon then - come March 15th there will be 10 more Anons to take your place!

    8,000 x 10 = 80,000 should be a big LRH party!

    Peace! :rose:
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2008
  10. Kerry

    Kerry Patron with Honors

    Thanks, Alan, just saw this thread.

    In my city Anonymous did a fantastic! picket, we had a fantastic time. They took us "oldies" on as guides and fellow Anons. Love!! to them and their sincere and SUCCESSFUL pickets.

    ETA as I was rushing before:

    Most of all I can't believe all the pickets including the one I went to were peaceful, cooperative with police, and obviously so very well organized.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2008
  11. Poofy

    Poofy Patron with Honors

    Poor guy. Like many he does not realize what he says.
  12. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Newfag arrives on this board and recommends illegal actions.

    Hmmm. Where have I seen that before?

  13. Poofy

    Poofy Patron with Honors

    I had a really funny link about a list of 'suggestions' for Anonymous to take, but I lost it. I was going to bring that up as where you've heard the silliness from before.

    Having said that, if any insider wants to submit incredible documents of scary copyright, see: Pirate Bay.
  14. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Newfag is new.

    Newfag is SciFag.

    Scifag wants Tom Cruise to love on him.
  15. Poofy

    Poofy Patron with Honors

    Nooo, Alanzo. Not you too! Our eloquent Alanzo is infected with meme!
  16. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    I can't help it.

    It's the winning valence.
  17. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Poor Poofy dives for Scn dictionary and tries to figure it out....

  18. Poofy

    Poofy Patron with Honors

    According to my normal dictionary valence is either:
    The outer set of eletrons that are useful for determining bonds
    A quantified change from a norm
  19. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    I thought it was a type of curtain... :dieslaughing:
  20. lionheart

    lionheart Gold Meritorious Patron

    When I did chemistry "valence" was the combining power of something. Anon's combining power or valence is "legion"! :D