My Role in the 1988 CLO EUS Renos Mission

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  1. Mest Lover

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    Been meaning to write this up. Well it came out of me tonight on WWP by accident I guess. Figured I ought to copy and paste it over here. Maybe I will add more details to the story over time, this is a brief synopsis of what I did in the Renos of CLO EUS:

    1988 CLO EUS Renos Mission:
    Renos mission personnel
    Laurie Englhardt
    Dave Revel
    Mike Finley
    Ayel Lindemen, not S.O. (He was a plaster specialist)
    Tom Wells, not S.O. (became purif I/C at NY Org)
    Dina Sawani not S.O. (Palistinian who was seriously prejudice towards Jewish people)

    My role in the Renos mission:
    I was yanked off my flag rep training for the Chicago Org.
    put on the renos mission in order to facilitate purchases and research for them.

    I did these projects among others:

    THE MARBLE FACADE: (Budgeted: $30,000.00)
    For the front of the building: I picked Cremo Delicato marble from hundreds of samples. The LRH architect did not want any gray in the marble (those are "Psychiatrist" colors).

    Cremo Delicato was the best I could get from the marble contractors from Farmingdale, Long Island. They were very slow in constructing the facade and were eventually replaced by another company that I had turned down because they offered me a 10% kickback bribe to get the job (approx. $3000.00). Turned out that they were Scientologists and Laurie was pissed that I had turned them down.

    I did not know that the company that replaced my pick was Scientologist when I found them in the Yellow Pages as marble contractors.
    I never told Laurie or anyone else I turned that company down because of the bribe offer. I never told anyone about any of the stuff
    that was offered to me to get the job. All the contractors seemed to think it was just standard business practice in NY.

    Eventually, in the end, the second company wasn't going to hit the target date either so it was an all hands from the crew, they put up plastic over the front of the building with the scaffolding and worked all night for a week maybe to finish the job. I wasn't allowed to do any of it, I was busted down to "TOOLS I/C" to hand tools to people out of a rented Ryder box truck they had parked in front of the building. They didn't like me much at that point.

    The original marble contractors from Farmingdale, LI were Polish, so am I, when I went out there one night to finalize the deal and get the contracts signed after getting the ok from the renos mission we all sat at a custom designed marble table and drank Cognac toasts. Egads that stuff tasted horrid. The marble furniture they had was totally beautiful though. I happen to love marble. They were the 1 company that hadn't offered me any bribes, kickbacks or any bling bling so that was the company I had chosen due to that 1 reason, all the other contractors offered me something to get the job.

    The local architect working on the project got me an invitation to a terrazzo demonstration that was really informative.
    All the contractors I talked to tried to tell me that marble in NY deteriorates rapidly due to the acid rain. They all kept saying we needed to use granite instead. The mission said NO, THE LRH ARCHITECT HAS SPECIFIED MARBLE AND THAT IS WHAT IT WILL BE, AND NO GRAY!

    Cremo Delicato is what they got with a reveal of some amber/pink colored marble behind the main facade. I bet it doesn't look so good 20 years of acid rain later. Beautiful marble, but not meant to be on a building facade!

    I also helped design and get a SCN flag for the building, there was no official "SCN" flag so I used the green and yellow colors and picked a design out of a book. I had trouble getting the flagpoles though and eventually Mike Finley drove to some place and got them.

    I also got a mammoth rolling filing cabinet for the 3rd floor filing room, it was the hugest filing cabinet I have ever seen, you walk inside of it and move the shelves back and forth on tracks. The girl (Laurel) that worked for the company I got the filling cabinet sent me a Christmas card (I still have it in my boxes) She was very sweet.

    I also picked out the bedroom furniture. When I went to measure the rooms they hadn't finished the trim work on the rooms so when the furniture arrived it was too big in some of the rooms and had to be cut to fit. Dina and I worked together to pick out the bedroom lamps and the valances for the curtains. I remember being sent to some area near the East Village section of NY that had nothing but store after store after store of Lighting showrooms. Those things scare the crap out of me, I have to constantly duck in lighting and ceiling fan stores or I wack my head on the bulbs or rotating fan blades.

    MARBLE TILING: (Found on clearance sale from several marble sellers)
    I also purchased all the marble tiling for the floors and bathrooms. Dina had to go check out some of the marble and when she found out the cabby was Jewish she started yelling at him in Arabic and swearing. He dumped her out of the cab and she had some story about how she got back to the org. Dina and I set the bathroom tiles on the floor outside each bathroom and tried to develop a pattern. We spent hours doing it, but in the end, the contractors just cemented them into the bathroom as they grabbed them with none of the patterns showing up.

    Blue, looked like a boat when it arrived, brass poles.

    I was a major fuckup about this stuff, never done that stuff before, but they did get it all to work eventually.

    They housed a bunch of the staff and workers at a real dive of a hotel called; William Jefferson motel, or maybe Washington Jefferson motel a few blocks away from CLO EUS. I was in a room with a few others. They also eventually got a multifloor condo unit down on 5th avenue that you had to go through an entryway to get in. There were 30 - 40 people sleeping in there whenever I got there so I always wound up sleeping on the hardwood floored walkin closet.

    I eventually started sleeping in this tiny room that was under the street of the NY ORG and had access through a tiny door in the book selling room in the basement which is how i would get in and out. There was also a street grating that led to the street right in front of the Org. The renos mission stored tools in there, and me I guess. I was alone in there but for all the nasty bugs and rats and other critters in there. Some huge centipede things crawled around in there. Oh and I bet that was asbestos lined insulation on the furnace ducting that led back into the org. It was nasty in there but better than the closet or the hotel. SEA ORG SUCKS!

    Later I found a CLO Program with my name as a target to be posted in Security after the mission was over.
    That was their mistake, I took great advantage to help me get out eventually.

    Post Renos CLO EUS Floor plan:
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    Cheers ML!


    Edit: If you plug "clo eus" into Google, this thread is already the second result :)
  3. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    LOL Yanked off of Flag Rep training, had you even done the EPF or product "zero" ?

    How did the filling cabinet get up to the second floor?
  4. Mest Lover

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    I graduated from the EPF, was sent to NY ORG as their temporary Flag Rep to be trained enough to go back to Chicago. I am really assuming they took me off that cuz I was fucking it up since I really had no idea how to get them to do anything over there, they all hid from me when I came around to check on their targets.

    I remember one day something was weird, I went to the course room (5th floor of NY ORG at that point before the renos) and the course sup (Robert Young from Philidelphia) would call out people's names, mine had always been FLAG REP CHICAGO, until that day, I heard my real name instead. I was wondering what that meant exactly, I remember a girl raising her hand and asking if he meant Flag Rep Chicago instead. He leaned down and whispered into her ear, and I heard her sigh. I don't know what was said but that was the omen I felt for something bad to happen. The next day I was assigned to the Renos mission.

    Also, back in Chicago, the ED changed from Sarah Wells (No relation to Tom Wells) who was the ED when I showed up there, to an OT VIII Robert Bein. I am assuming he pawned me off to CLO EUS in order to get some kind of stat points or something.

    The filing cabinet came in pieces, but they were huge pieces, I remember being grilled as to why I didn't check first to make sure it would fit in through the doors and up the staircase. It did though.
    The filing cabinet was used for all the HCOB, HCOPL, FOs et al that they would use on the mimeograph machine in the same room to make copies. Eventually, when they couldn't pay for the ink for the machine, they stopped using that system.
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  5. dexter gelfand

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    Who was the Flag Rep you replaced? Bob Brown? Mo Baiardi? I remember Tom Wells (nice guy) and Ayal Lindeman- he was CCNY public, and a caterer. By '88 I was associated more with Celebrity Center NY than the NY Org, but I was around at times.

    Best, Dex
  6. Mest Lover

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    I don't know who I replaced but I remember Mo Baiardi being staff at the org. At that point I had only been in Scientology from July of '88 and in the S.O. from August of '88 and that was maybe October of '88. The girl that was being my trainer was Jose Muarno's sister, I don't remember her name though. When she left the S.O. maybe 2 weeks later Chris Darby took her place. I have a story to tell about the shoes I had to wear at that point which didn't fit my feet and my ankles swelled up so big they looked like baloons.
  7. dexter gelfand

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    Jose Muarno

    Mo was S.O., her husband Ray wasn't. I'm not sure about that spelling of the last name, but Jose married my stepdaughter, Stephanie, from my first marriage. She divorced him a short time later.

    Best, Dex
  8. Mest Lover

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    I remember ray also.

    AAAH Stephanie, Wow, she was your stepdaughter? I remember her and when they got together and routed out of CLO EUS. I wondered what happened to them, sad to hear, I despised Jose at first, but he kind of grew on you, I really liked him when they left.
  9. dexter gelfand

    dexter gelfand Patron Meritorious

    Jose Muarno

    Jose was very nice, I remember he was a cook, or a chef. I asked Stephanie why she was divorcing him, and her answer, believe or not, was "he loves me too much", she told me, smiling. I never understood that. I felt bad for Jose. I never saw him much, but he was always smiling, always nice.

    Stephanie didn't get along with her mom any better than the rest of the family, moved to Florida several years ago. She had no use for Scientology, or her mother after that. I mentioned something about that in my recent thread about "the mentality of today's CoS".

    Best, Dex
  10. CarmeloOrchards

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    I got Laurie into the Co$, to my undying regret. Any stories that you would care to share?
  11. anonkatie

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    Mest Lover, most of the names you posted on WWP I have never heard of, they must all be gone.

    Cary and Ayal are still in.

    Ray and Mo Baiardi are still in.

    I see Ray in the subway handing out cards periodically.
    Pretty darn sad to be that age and what are you doing, handing out cards in a subway.
  12. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    She was an ultimate BITCH! but one with a sense of humor I did notice.

    She asked me one day: "Do you know what a DB is?"

    I said in my SCN naivete at that point: "A Dead Beat."

    She laughed and had a wonderful smile at that point.

    I knew she was referring to me, but I wasn't going to give it to her easily.

    She was tough, SCN through and through!

    If she were an Ex I would love to have a week long chat about the Renos. I bet she is still INT and would not be free to let go though, even now 20 years later.
  13. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    I have seen a recent INT crewlist with a few, James Goodison and Dave Henderson are still at INT.

    Fuck Mr. Goodison, he showed up at CLO EUS as the lead for the "Command channels" mission fired in there. He tore assholes for everyone but me! I was a newbie, not even staff status yet despite the year that I had been Security Chief (Hah, I stalled every bit of coursework they ever tried to put me on, that time it paid off big, he left me alone!)

    Mr. Goodison returned after the mission to be CO CMO EUS for a bit. Hard ass!

    Dave Henderson who was CO CLO EUS when I was there was a great person in contrast. He had great presence and I thought he did the best job he could with all the fuck ups that place had going for it, but then again wait, I AM AN SP! what good is my oppinion? I see he is some kind of "Stamps I/C" at Gold.

    He called me into his office a few days before I left. I thought he was going to yell at me to get back on post.
    Actually, he just asked me a few questions about my current thoughts. I told him what if the person who broke in for the VCR was someone with a bomb instead, I couldn't handle the responsibility of that threat on the crew and that was why I was starving myself and refusing to do the formulas to get back on post. He was sure yelling at the Comm chief, Robert Radsliff, the next day when he found out I had hacked the 2 passwords needed to process the telexes I did.
    I guess he knew when to yell, and when not to.
  14. AngeloV

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    Thanks for the story, ML. Every time I read a story like yours it makes me smile. It makes me smile because I blew from the Flag EPF after just six months and not 6 years. The execs were always putting people on posts for which they had zero training. Any push back was greeted by a resounding 'make it go right'.

    I made it go right for me, my family and my mental health when I blew.
  15. Rene Descartes

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    The only names I remember from CLO EUS are

    Richardson (formerly of CCNY)

    Was before your time though. But who knows? They could have still been there when you were there.

  16. Mest Lover

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    Pedro Bossio had his TR's in like they were the only thing that mattered in the Universe. How sad!
  17. Mest Lover

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    I was in for 2.5 years. Thank God I wasn't there longer. I really could have blown at anytime but they scared the shit out of me about that aspect. I wanted to, I had the power, I should have, but I also was learning computer skills (self taught) that I thought I could use on the outside if I had nothing else to work with.

    By the time I was a few months into the Sea Org I was utterly broke, I was getting absolutely no income and I had nothing left of my former assetts to draw from.

    I felt I needed to hone my computer skills that I had complete access to on their system. I traded freedom for self taught knowledge. My dad was completely self taught in the skills he used, I admired him greatly.
  18. CarmeloOrchards

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    thanks. I'm sorry. That isn't like the Laurie I knew. The SO has not been good for her.

    She is currently Flag Crew Captain or something close to that. Sometimes I don't listen well. She's been in the SO for 38 years. I feel like such a schmuck for doing that to her.

    FWIW her father, Allan Noonan, was a billboard painter before they printed and pasted the signs. At some point, he divorced Laurie's mom, and he became the Messiah. He had a good sized following in Berkeley, CA. We, Laurie and I visited him at their restaurant on Telegraph Ave in Berzerkley. I think it was called The Mustard Seed. It was very nice, big, and got lots of customers.

    Her brother, Steve recorded one album in 1969 for Electra. He palled around with Jackson Browne and Steve Martin.
  19. Mest Lover

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    I am sure there was something nice in her.
    The only part I knew of her was as mission lead and she had a job to do to get that building renovated.

    What it was when I showed up was something that should have been condemned. After the renos it was an amazing transformation, a completely different place.

    She did her job well.
    There was an "Ensurance" mission sent in at the end to get it finished. I believe it was Mr. Ito as the missioner.
  20. Dulloldfart

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    Per Dr. Michael Newton's Life-Between-Lives research on over 7,000 cases (thread here) you didn't do it to her at all. Major life decisions like spending 38 years in the SO are made just *before* a particular lifetime starts, according to his research. This is the hardest part of his work to wrap one's wits around, I found.

    But it solved a personal mystery for me, on almost the same subject. Something that came up in my CofS auditing several times was that seeing the huge picture of Hubbard (like 6 foot tall) in the window of London Org was a "trigger" to me, to prompt me to go into the org and get into Scn. My purpose in life involved learning and using Scn tech, and had been from birth. This didn't make any sense to me at the time, as how on Earth could I know *ahead of time* that the photograph would be there? And when I was born the whole Scn org structure and related tech was not in place — how could it all be predicted in such detail? It was completely unreal, like the Arisians' minutely accurate predictions in the Lensman Series.

    Anyway, Newton explains it all, using the commonalities from his research results with other people, not his own ideas of how things might be.