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Narconon of Georgia - State Intends to Revoke its License

Discussion in 'Narconon, Drug Free World, and Other Anti-drug Fro' started by Intelligence, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Intelligence

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  2. Anonycat

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  3. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    The state of Georgia is applying TWTH (The Way to Happiness) They're setting a good example! :coolwink::)
  4. Random guy

    Random guy Patron with Honors

    Damnit, there's not enough "like" options to like this enough!

    Have you guys given Tony a heads up?
  5. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    David Edgar Love has become a Gold* Suppressive Person Meritorius!


    Hip hip hooray!


    *Platinum = Arrowhead closure.
  6. What's It All About

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  7. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron

    Canada NEWS Wire will have a Press Release within about one hour or less? :)

  8. tetloj

    tetloj Silver Meritorious Patron

    It's just been posted in the comments of his latest story...:clap:
  9. Intelligence

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  10. ethercat

    ethercat Cat in flight

    Thanks to David Love for keeping on top of the news!

    The license revocation is largely due to the persistent efforts of TP regular, Social Transparency. He has been hammering the Georgia DCH since April 2012 - sending complaints, evidence, open records requests, and generally hounding them to hold them accountable.

    You can read the most recent part here:,12083.0.html

    The earlier part starts here:,10057.0.html

    The lawyers in the Patrick Desmond wrongful death case, Jeff Harris and team, have also played a significant role by obtaining internal documents produced in discovery. The local media, Pete Combs of WSB Radio, Jodie Fleischer of WSB TV, and Christian Boone of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, have also played a large role.

    Of course, Narconon is going to fight it.
  11. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron

    Posted: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012
    By Pete Combs

  12. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    Um, I don't hear the Fat lady singing... yet... Mimsey
  13. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron

    I agree - - no "Lady" singing,..., YET, but certainly a ***$$$Ching-Ching$$$*** fight for the COS.

    IMO - - these are the exact words that NN TR said before the doors closed: "Narconon of Georgia plans to take all steps allowed under Georgia law to respond to and oppose any sanctions against it as they are unfounded and unwarranted....."

    There are more than 10 Civil Cases against Narconons in North America right now - - ALL, very serious indeed.

    Five in Canada and about Five or so in the USA.

    Nice way to begin 2013 and TONS more work to do by numerous individuals.

    # # #

    Published on Dec 26, 2012

    December 26, 2012 - - 2012 has been a victorious year having Scientology Drug Rehabs investigated and shut down. 2013 will indeed, be a year of reckoning for Narconons around the globe. The public has had enough and the deaths and abuse must stop.

  14. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader


    Scientology kills, even if you change the name.
  15. PTS

    PTS Elliott

  16. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I can appreciate your enthusiasm but, other than posting this story here, David Love has had nothing to do with this or anything related to the Desmond case and complaints to the state. David is just spreading the good news here today, which is much appreciated! :clap:

    Thanks and gratitude should go to Reaching For The Tipping Point forum and in particular a member named SocialTransparency, who has been hounding the state for over 2 years to investigate.

    A little background:
    About 3 years ago, ethercat, SocialTransparency, and shortly later myself and other Tipping Point forum membersbegan researching and or collecting Inspection dox on Narconon of GA. Some go back to 2002. While we all have encouraged victims to file complaints to the Georgia state DCH, SocialTransparancy took on the task of filing complaints about why certain infractions weren't being sanctioned, or truly corrected, why were they allowed to operate when they have violated the law, providing proof, dox, etc. He provided the state Inspector General with the court documents proving Mary Rieser and Narconon of GA filed fraudulent papers with other state drug courts , lying that they were licensed as a residential facility when they weren't. This has gone on for several years his demanding answers. He has been ever persistent.

    DCH investigation of Narconon of Georgia and its own internal investigation

    More history of SocialTransparency getting dox and action from the state of GA
    DCH open records request pertaining to Narconon of Georgia,10057.0.html

    RFTTP forum is dedicated to exposing all Narconon facilities and wrongs committed. Members like ethercat, SocialTransparency, mefree, David Love, Colin Henderson and more recently CoolHand, BMF, quite an few others have been diligently working to expose Narconon programs across the USA. Individually we tend to concentrate specific facilities, while appreciating the efforts of others working to expose other ones. The death of Patrick Desmond was the impetus for the starting of RFTTP. Many have contributed to exposing what happened to Patrick and what is going on in that terrible place bit SocialTransparency is the guy who has never given up in making the state accountable for letting these crooks get through the loopholes. Credit should be given where credit it due. Thanks
  17. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader

    Mary, the Narconon work has been underway since 2008, right? That's when David and some others started, unless my memory is failing.
  18. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron

    Indeed, "The Tipping Point" has been at this - researching and posting Dox for years and thus deserve much credit
    in exposing Narconon in the USA. BRAVO for the excellent HARD, relentless work:eyeroll:

    Although I have been in contact with someone concerning the Desmond Case and provided countless documents,
    I cannot further comment.

    Also, a meeting with the FBI in the USA and another entity, hopefully will produce something "eventually", but
    not holding my breath.

    I think the *KEY* word in this Thread, is *MAY* Revoke Licence - - battle still ahead.

    For this THREAD, I'm just a messenger who receives notifications quite fast from the USA and post ASAP:eyeroll:

    That said, I wish ALL a VERY "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and all the best in 2013.
  19. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Yes, David, you have been behind the scenes on that this year. Sorry I forgot about that. And you promote information as it comes out. A huge help. You are a team member at RFTTP! Your help is much appreciated.
  20. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron