NEW BOOK - Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia

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  1. CommunicatorIC

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    NEW BOOK - Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia, by Steve Cannane

    Harper Collins Publishers Australia - Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia

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    Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia

    by Steve Cannane

    On Sale: 19/09/2016

    Format: Paperback

    About the Book

    As astonishing as it is compelling - Steve Cannane's extraordinary insight into Scientology in Australia is investigative journalism at its very best. From Rugby League players trying to improve their game, to Hollywood superstars and the depressed sons of media moguls, Scientology has recruited its share of famous Australians. Less known is that Australia was the first place to ban Scientology, or that Scientology spies helped expose the Chelmsford Deep Sleep Scandal. Numerous Australians have held senior posts in the organisation only to fall foul of the top brass and lose their families as a result. Based on years of interviews and research, Walkley Award-winning journalist Steve Cannane tells for the first time the fascinating story of Australia's vital involvement with this powerful, secretive and punitive cult.

    Product Details

    ISBN: 9780733331329
    ISBN 10: 0733331327
    Imprint: ABC Books - AU
    On Sale: 09/19/2016
    Pages: 320
    List Price: 32.99 AUD
    BISAC1: Literature & literary studies / Reportage & collected journalism

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  2. Emma

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    Oooooh yeeeaaahhh... :)

    Steve is awesome. Can't wait for this :)
  3. CommunicatorIC

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  4. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Would it be a bad joke to suggest that he is going to get fair gamed over this?
  5. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    Australia has had some scaredy cat publishers. When the Moreton book on Tom Cruise came out in 2008 it was hard to find. Same with later titles. I hope Harper Collins has its 167 lawyers lined up :coolwink:
  6. Glenda

    Glenda Crusader

    My thoughts exactly. I hope they have a good strong legal team because this book will thoroughly piss off the cult.

    There are some real raw nerves about what happened in Melbourne way back and I can guarantee the cult won't want this stuff brought back into the public awareness.

    Also the cult sure as hell won't want the facts about the infiltration tactics (spying) that went on with the Chelmsford/deep sleep episode, exposed. The cult just wants the accolades. The reality of the immoral (and potentially illegal) methods used along the way by the "most ethical group on the planet" (spit) should be kept secret (spit).

    Go Harper Collins and Steve! :)
  7. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    According to this site, the Australian publisher will be ABC Books. That's the publishing arm of the Australian Public Broadcasting Commission. I love this book already :)

    Go Steve Cannane!

  8. Glenda

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  9. CommunicatorIC

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  10. mrtampa2

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    Is it going to be available in US? Or is it only going to get released in Australia?
  11. oneonewasaracecar

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    It will be released in Australia and may be available in the UK as ABC and BBC share material.

    They do have an online store and I suspect it will be on Amazon too.
  12. RogerB

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    As I posted on Karen#1's "Outer Banks" facebook page yesterday:

    This morning I posted . . .

  13. Cherished

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    Can't find a delete function.

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  14. Cherished

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    So, who's going to the Sydney launch?

    I'm going! Nick Xenophon is going! Rohan Wenn is going! Woo hoo!

    View attachment 13019

    From the Harper Collins site, it appears that ABC Books is one of its imprints.

    In response to Roger's comment, I wouldn't characterise Steve as having been behind Bryan Seymour's stories - they were competitors. Bryan did a lot of his reporting both before Steve began to cover the CoS and later based on his own research.

    There were some stories that were covered by both channels, sometimes after media guru to the stars (well, to the Senator at any rate) Rohan Wenn negotiated which program would break the story. The ABC draws the political class and many highly educated viewers. Today Tonight reaches many average Aussies. So both channels/programs were a good strategic fit to get the message out. As people came forward over time, Rohan gave a lot of advice helping select the best outlet for each particular story.
  15. Dulloldfart

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    Click Edit Post, then Go Advanced (scroll down for Additional Options: Manage Attachments). That will allow you to remove the attachment.

  16. RogerB

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    Ahhh, thanks for that insight and correction, Cherished.

    I misunderstood Steve's reference to his having been the/a researcher behind the Scientology stories on "TV" out there . . . I am so out of date on Oz . . . when I left for the world at large, I think we only had two channels . . . the government run equivalent to the BBC and a commercial channel.

    But one thing is for sure, this will be an insightful book . . . the little bit I had to read to OK showed me it is going to be a wonderful read, almost as an adventure story . . . it will not be a boring history of what was :no::no:

    And it will give you stuff youse ain't seen yet!!! :eyeroll: :yes:

  17. Out/Int

    Out/Int Patron with Honors

    This is amazing.

    I am so grateful to those who dared to speak out.

    You are the true Humanitarians .

    You are saving lives and helping people reclaim their lives back from Scientology.

    To think we thought and believed we were part of a group that helped people only to find out that we were betrayed and lied to - is beyond belief.

    Scientology is cruel and inhumane!
  18. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    More truth comes out about how nasty the cult really is .

    Nothing more pleasing than to see the cult ripped yet another new one !
  19. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Steve Canane spoke about his book last year at the Toronto Conference.
    I expect it is going to rock the cult to its foundation.
  20. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Sounds like fun. Good to hear from you again Cherished.