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New Narconon Site in Maryland. Hearing Tuesday.

Discussion in 'Narconon, Drug Free World, and Other Anti-drug Fro' started by imSPecial, Apr 4, 2015.

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  1. imSPecial

    imSPecial Patron with Honors

  2. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I can't get a comment in there, despite being logged in. I will have to figure out with that's all about. In the mean time, know that this scam had been on our radar.

    We've been following this property purchase and intended program for some time. More info here:

    Narconon Trout Run in Maryland ( marketed as in DC but no where near DC)

    PS: Thank you for posting this, imSPecial !
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  3. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Trout Run Scientology affiliates plan recovery center at historic retreat

    By Bethany Rodgers | 4 comments
    Posted on Apr 4, 2015
    Posted: Saturday, April 4, 2015 2:15 am

    Owners of the storied Trout Run property are seeking a county historical designation so they can convert the Thurmont retreat into a substance abuse center affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

    The 40-acre camp whose stream was once fished by President Herbert Hoover was sold in 2013 to a Los Angeles-based property holdings group. The property’s new owners are looking to renovate the rustic Catoctin Mountain lodges for the opening of a drug treatment center run by the Narconon program. [..]

    If You Go

    What: County Council public hearing on historical designation for Trout Run property

    When: 4:30 p.m. Tuesday

    Where: Winchester Hall, 12 E. Church Street, Frederick

    Read on for more

    Spread the news. Sent complaints to

    4/7/2015 Agenda
    VIII. Public Hearing:
    a. To Consider Designation of ‘Trout Run (Richey Lodge)’ located at 12929 Catoctin Hollow Road, as a Listed Site on the Frederick County Register of Historic Places – Denis Superczynski, Community Development Division
    Public comments will be limited to three (3) minutes for individual speakers.
    The Council may take action following the public hearing.
    IX. Public Comment (Three-Minute Presentation)
    It is the policy of the County Council to permit public comments and/or requests at this time with
    comments being limited three minutes per person. Personnel matters are confidential and cannot
    be received through this kind of forum.
  4. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well, "we" here in Oz have been able to block this toxic cult so far in their efforts to open new NarCONons here - I'm sure the examples set by the citizens of Warburton and Yarramalong would help any concerned folk there in DC in their fight against this abomination.

    The court hearing on Yarramalong was due to continue a few days ago but everything has shut down for four days now over Easter so I won't be able to track anything down easily until Tuesday - but I will say that Wee Davey and His Minions don't stand much of chance getting this appeal go their way.

    Captain Shortarse is facing yet another blow to His towering ego here - I hope the citizens who live near this one can do the same.

    Best of luck, Mary - let me know if you need any help I can give.
  5. chipgallo

    chipgallo Patron Meritorious

    I created an account on the Frederick News Post site but couldn't leave a comment either. Tried with 3 different browsers. Frederick County needs some pointers to other locales that have researched the Narconon scam and countered it successfully.
  6. imSPecial

    imSPecial Patron with Honors

    Unable to make any comments on the article.

    AnonMary do you have any requests for specific action that those of us far away can do between now and Tuesday?
  7. Little David

    Little David Gold Meritorious Patron

    From Tony Ortega:

    ‘West Wing’ set for Camp David scenes trying to become a Narconon center

    Narconon may be struggling in some parts of the country, under siege in dozens of lawsuits resulting from patient deaths and allegations of credit card fraud, but heck, how about a new Scientology drug rehab in the wilds of Maryland?

    The Frederick News-Post reported yesterday that owners of the Trout Run resort — which at one time served as a getaway for President Herbert Hoover and was used as a backdrop when West Wing wanted to film scenes portraying Camp David — are seeking historic designation, which would allow it to be turned into a 12-bed rehab center.

    Just three days ago, we told you that a new class-action lawsuit had been filed in California which accuses all Narconon centers of operating deceitfully. While they advertise themselves as a secular program that gives patients individualized drug counseling, in fact the program delivers only Scientology training.

    But hey, Maryland, if you want to get in on the action of baking addicts in a sauna and having them yell at ashtrays on their way up L. Ron Hubbard’s Bridge to Total Freedom, go for it!
  8. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Thanks to all concerned!!

    I'm in a big rush to get myself educated still so I will post what I can here and do followups as possible

    This covert project, filed under a different "owner" name than the real owner - Social Betterment Properties International - began in 2013 as a preservation, planning and zoning issue. We've been looking for a state license that was not yet applied for with the reg agencies and here they were going through the county zoing, pretending that they would be able to get a group home license without mentioning it was a NArconon , oi a Scientology owned company


    Repost of my comment from Reaching For The Tipping Point Forum:

    I've been reading a bunch of docs on this matter and found that Narconon applied for an exception to the zoning ordinance so they can eventually run a group home there ( under 14 patients). The exceptions are a group home , among others. Taking the route as a registered historical site would aid them in gettig this approval but they have to get exceptions OK'd by the commissioners.

    What is interesting is that they have not yet applied for a license yet and would never qualify as a medically supervised group home nor a substance abuse facility, according to the state regs.

    They also applied for this in the name of a different "owner". The reporter did her homework and outed them in that article. I'm glad she did. I would have never found the docs had she not writen about it and provided doc links that lead to others.

    I wish I had time to upload and link the documents but I am too busy reading and deciphering them and corresponding with people from the area who contacted me for advice on how to approach the meeting.
    Here is one pdf that explains what they plan to do. It's a FREDERICK COUNTY BOARD OF APPEALS
    STAFF REPORT on an appeal the "owners" of Trout Run filed back in 2013. Notice no mention of Narconon or Social Betterment Development Properties International, the actual owner.

    B-13-09 - Frederick County Government

    One can see the ownership info here
    Search using : County is Frederick County and the method is Property Account Identifier
    Here are the two properties they own there :

    District - 15 Account Number - 340851
    District - 15 Account Number - 340878

    Keep in mind that in the Burgess Class Action case out of Georgia, one of the exhibits was the newsletter from the IAS stating that they planned to use this property as an Ideal Narconon and provide treatment and training. So much for pretending to be planning a group home.

    More info on the Ideal Narconons can be found about this here,12855.msg34837.html#msg34837

    The property purchase etc discussion on the forum can be found here
    Narconon Trout Run in Maryland ( marketed as in DC but no where near DC),12793.0.html

    Lots of stuff to slog through and little time but I'm doing what I can so the heart of the approval matter at hand is understood and addressed at the meeting tomorrow. I'll post when I can and with updates.

    There are 2 running threads about this facility with some good infomation. I don't have time to report them but please do look them over.

    Narconon Trout Run in Maryland ( marketed as in DC but no where near DC),12793.msg35239/topicseen.html#new

    Narconon trying to move into Maryland,12888.msg35240/topicseen.html#new
  9. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Board of Appeals 8/22/2013 meeting held, videoed and audio taped

    Audio mp3
    Board of Appeals meeting held on 8/22/2013

    See see the televised hearing, do to link below and find Archived Meetings, then look for Board of Appeals section, then locate 8/22/2013 - see next to date links to video agenda and audio

    Quick notes:
    Names the applicant as West Coast Property Investments, Inc c/o Bruce Dean, Esq. Per attorney, they want up to up to 23 patients in group home. Does name Narconon and introduce Clark Carr, who also speaks the usual malarkey. Attorney Dean starts at 16:20 Clark Carr starts at 24:mins


    Social Betterment Properties, the owner, is not mentioned once. They state in this that the owner of the property is West Coast Property Investments, Inc but the property deeds and assessment records state Social Betterment Properties International, whose California corporation registration address is listed in CA corp records as 6331 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. STE 1200 but whose property records shows an Ivar St address. Gurss they don't want people to know that it is a Scientology entity.

    BTW, There is </strike>no</strike> US active corporation called West Coast Property Investments, Inc, except one I found active in Delaware corp records index. Not able to get officer info at this time. Only buying hard copies by phone will get them mailed to you.

    it's NOT a Canadian entity I searched. But this is the same entity name that was used in the attempt to get approval on the most recent Canadian facility which I believe was was turned down.

    These people are quite tha scammers
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  10. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron

    Social Betterment Properties International" is pushing to open new Narconons in Ontario, Australia, and Trout Run with millions
    backed by IAS Whale donations.

    This entity is also connected to political influence in DC like I never imagined until I was filled in yesterday by an IAS member. I SMILED when I saw that
    the Former director and president was Thomas (Tom) De Vocht. This entity (Ownership - Shareholder) is Church of Scientology International (CSI).

    IRS 990 Filing here:

    "Social Betterment Properties International was formed to acquire, develop and maintain buildings and other real estate utilized by social
    betterment organizations carrying out programs that utilize technology and methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard and that are associated
    with and supported by the Scientology religion."

    Social Betterment Properties International is a Church of Scientology entity that holds properties for the Church’s so-called “social betterment” groups.

    No 990-T’s are available at present. However, the stated 2008 asset value stated for Social Betterment Properties International was $39,647,311.

    I will be phoning Ontario tomorrow morning to see if the Narconon variance By-Law was approved after 4 days of Appeal Hearings.
    Just spoke to Quebec City Anon and one in the USA and we are digging and ready for battle if one of the 3 is approved. Social Betterment Properties International
    has spent several million already to purchase the THREE properties to open Narconons.


    This image above was screen captued today of a fire-sale price reduction of Narconon books. And if you buy THREE boxes of books,
    it's only $299.00 per box. I sent the image and link to a couple IAS members who confirmed they were and will be Regged more
    to buy boxes of these books and donate to Narconons and rehab centers that are now using generic names, but still are Narconons.

    When the student arrives, thay are billed about $500.00 for each box of books.

    With DM pushing his 'Clearing the Planet' of crime and drugs, it's an easy pitch to IAS Whales.

    In my opinion, the Ontario, Canada and Australia new Narconon push will fail ... unless DM and his Shill thugs have dug up dirt on the
    authorities and/or their families ... or even greased some palms with brown envelopes? We'll see soon enough.

    My concern is more directed at the Trout Run Narconon proposal and opening.

    Here is the Trout Run regging flyer sent to IAS Whales and will post more as, or if it comes in:




    In the above image about Bruce Wiseman he is the U.S. national president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights


    The following is even more concening in reference to the political influence in DC:

    Dr. John H. Marburger -
    Hello, I'm John Marburger, Science Advisor to the President and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Earlier today I had the pleasure of attending the bill signing ceremony where President Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act. This Act authorizes federal investments in the National Nanotechnology Initiative, currently a $850 million program involving 10 federal agencies. It will help to ensure America's leadership in this exciting new set of technologies. I look forward to answering your questions this afternoon.

    Intel from IAS source:

    Dr Marburger died a few years ago.

    Dr Marburger PAID for his grandson Ian's scientology schooling.

    John Jr is an auditor. His FATHER is who the article is about.

    The president's science advisor's son is a staff member at DC org.

    John Jr is an auditor in DC and his wife the membership officer.

    John H Marburger was bushes science advisor and was high enough up that Maryanne and John both scientologists visited the White House.

    According to one credible IAS source at DC Org, there have been meetings at the Office of Special Affairs by high up politicians close to the
    White House for special presentations. << I have not confirmed this with a second source yet, but I do believe it to be true.

    When one stands back and looks at the whole picture, IAS Whales appear to be who DM needs for this Narconon push, and influence
    from people who can turn keys and open doors. With membership in decline, new Narconons are a cash cow in the hundreds of millions.
    It is a ready made 'Market of Addicts' where desperate family and loved ones will pay the $35,000.00 for a 70-80% success rate to save
    their son or daughter.

    With the HBO 'Going Clear' expose, fewer public will walk in, thus less $$$. The IAS Whales donating and desperate addicts entering
    new Narconons, especially many that don't use the Name Narconon, but are Narconons, is indeed, what I see DM trying to accomplish now.
    By avoiding using the Name Narconon, it eliminates the chance that an addict or family/sponsor will see what Narconon is if they Google it.

    Scientology has no choice but to begin using drug rehab center names other than "Narconon."
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  11. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Jeezus, I just saw this. I have cousins in Fredneck. I will alert them.
  12. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

  13. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron

    Called three times ... only a recording saying ALL Zoning staff are busy. So, I sent an email.

  14. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for your post - it is especially important now (post the Going Clear documentary) and will be very effective to make the connection in the public mind of Narconon with Scientology.
  15. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron

    I sent the following 205 page document and did receive a reply back already from an MD who is involved
    in this matter.

    Email reply 5 minutes ago:

  16. imSPecial

    imSPecial Patron with Honors

  17. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

  18. Intelligence

    Intelligence Silver Meritorious Patron


    Now have the 2.5 hour video of the Trout Run video and will have YouTube clips up
    of important parts tomorrow evening or next morning.

  19. imSPecial

    imSPecial Patron with Honors

    The News Tribune

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  20. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    "DC". What a laugh. Another line to feed the Whales. Frederick is about 45 - 55 minutes and two MD counties away from DC. It's in DC the same way White Plains NY is in NYC or Worcester MA is in Boston.

    I grew up across the river from there.

    These fuckers are not going to get a foothold on my home turf! :angry:
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