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news from Tony and Sue

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by Krautfag, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Thank-You both for the all makes more sense to me now. And is great news! :yes::happydance:
  2. FinallyMe

    FinallyMe Silver Meritorious Patron

    Anyone know Tony well enough to ask him to stop smacking his lips when he talks? I couldn't listen to the tape because of it.
  3. stc

    stc Patron with Honors

    The notion that David Fryer has left Scientology is extraordinary. (I do know that extraordinary things happen).

    This is Joe Fryer speaking :

    It was filmed by the guy making the Scientology documentary. (Hey! Whatever happened to him? Has he vanished?)

    You can bet RTC has a dossier of PTS/SP Handling reports for Joe & Vera Fryer, not to mention Tony & Sue. Here is a little taster of the level of detail indoctrinated victims collect - that massive block of text is just from three or four days.

    If I was an investigator, with unlimited resources, I'd try to attain a subpoena for these reports from {But obviously, that's crazy-talk and will never happen.}


    • Is there an 'org watch' thread for Manchester? What's going on there these days? With people like: Sam Butler, Lee Celeste Fairbanks, Dermot Doherty, Ian Saunderson, Yvonne Springthorpe, Varinder & Raj Bhabuta
  4. stc

    stc Patron with Honors

  5. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Are you fucking serious? Nerves leads to dry mouth. Get over it.
  6. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    I agree. That comment wasn't needed.
  7. stc

    stc Patron with Honors


    I was thinking what Smurf said, but was trying to think of a way to sugar-coat it so it didn't sound 'rude' or 'aggressive'. But I couldn't think of a fluffy way to say it, without causing offence
  8. getbeckyout

    getbeckyout New Member

    No one has said David Fryer has left, he is still a strong wana be.
  9. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Some thoughts are better left unsaid.
  10. Much Love to the family!

    Either way,'s all good. Out is out. Once you're out, you can really being to "look", heal and recover. It's a long process for most. Everyone who is making this transition needs our love and support.

    We don't need to know the details of what happened and why.

    I would hope a next step for her would be to ask for a refund of all monies spent on COS. That would give her something to make a fresh start in life with, go to school, start a business, get a home, etc., whatever she needs or wants most to create a flourishing and thriving life for herself outside the cult. I wish this for everyone who makes the difficult decision to leave.

    God bless Tony and Sue and Becky, and all their family and friends. May they all know peace! :happydance:
  11. Obviously, a very emotional task for him to create that vid

    It is something that humans are hard-wired to do when attempting to hold in or control strong emotion (both negative and positive). I read it as an attempt not to cry, on his part, and to keep his voice level and facial muscles under control.

    Dear Finally Me, that you had such a strong aversion (negative reaction) to watching it, to the point of commenting on it here, leads me to gently suggest that you might benefit from looking at this response in yourself more closely.

    This might also be true for anyone else who found this vid hard to watch, or tuned out or shut down.
  12. Thank you for sharing your great news with us, and for clarifying David's status. Wishing you and your family all the best! :happydance:
  13. stc

    stc Patron with Honors

    Official Co$ denial in February 2009

    Graeme Wilson wrote to some MP to strongly refute the claims that Rebecca had ever been held against her will:

    Front page of letter:

    Back Page of letter:

    I suspect Tony was only ever alluding to mental kidnap (which is not illegal in the UK - there was a great Times article about this exact issue - but it's now lost behind the Murdoch paywall. If anyone has a Times sub, the article is called something like 'It's grim up north, as the $cns move in")

    David Fryer

    Someone may have gone down to a rural theme park, for a fun day out:

    Photos uploaded by Scientologists, for the media


    Photo uploaded by David Fryer to the interwebs

    Nameless person(s) who work and/or live in that area seem to be under the impression that:
    • David Fryer stopped working there around April
    • He is still involved with Scientology.

    It's possible that they are misinformed and/or just have out-of-date information. From what Tony has said, I come to this conclusion.


    Suppose Becky and/or David have left; there's always a risk that they'll return. This may be why this is not considered a 'win'. Undoing all that hypnosis/brainwashing is, apparently, not straightforward.

    Random anecdote:
    • I've been told about a lass recruited to the cult in Manchester, just after her brother died. Apparently her personality changed, she 'died inside'. After a long struggle, they got her out. Her personality changed, radically. Even though she had some sort of exit-counselling, she went back after a relatively short period.
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  14. stc

    stc Patron with Honors

    ooooh, I should read stuff more carefully. That makes sense now.
  15. New Guy

    New Guy Patron with Honors

    Thanks for the info.
  16. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Graehme Wilson doesn't have a history of telling the truth when it comes to Scientology and I got a big LOL in the letter where he refers to Antony Brinkman having a long conversation with Tony & Sue and trying to "allay" thier concerns. There's a huge difference in trying to allay concerns with facts versus rationalizing bullshit and trying to manipulate & deceive.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2010
  17. stc

    stc Patron with Honors

    $cientology loves money. It's odd that David would stop working at Apple Jacks Farm. Surely, summer is the time rural theme parks would get the most foot traffic?

    Conjecture & speculation:
    • I hope he hasn't gone to Flag or something, that would be very sad.
    • Also, hope he hasn't just disappeared and told people that they better stop criticising $cn. Would the people pulling the puppet strings manipulate him in such a vile manner? You betcha!

    I should stop being so curious, you know what they say about the cat.


    Graeme Wilson's letter is really something; he's so slimy, duplicitous & mendacious.

  18. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Where did you hear he quit? He co-founded Apple Jacks & Spooky World with his father. Kinda difficult to believe that the cult would allow David to quit what would be a huge cash cow for him in the Fall.
  19. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Are you done yet? You seemed to have missed the boat on all your posts here on this thread.
  20. stc

    stc Patron with Honors


    tony & sue acknoweldge that David Fryer is still a Scientologist. I dun goofed when I misunderstood... and thought he also claimed he'd left the cult. I don't always read all the text as that would take forever.

    I am amazed, that the fanatical David Fryer would choose to remain with someone, who no longer shares his passion for the Scientology movement. The elephant in the room is that Tony & Sue are, perhaps, being deceived, for the purposes of PR. The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics etc.

    The context of Graeme Wilson's letter to the House of Commons is relevant; it relates to this specific issue. The stuff about the documentary film maker is also relevant, I reckon/ There was a TV documentary by BBC Panoroma, you should watch it, for context.