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OC Weekly - Excellent article on Paulien Lombard

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Reports from Newspapers, Blogs, and ' started by mnql1, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. mnql1

    mnql1 Patron Meritorious

    Lombard was a Spyentologist
    A former spy for Scientology came clean on abuses. Now, she says, the church is chasing her

    Friday, Feb 24 2012

    Much more in the article. Thank you to the person who provided the tip about this article.

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  2. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Re: OC WEEKLY: "Paulien Lombard Is a Spyentologist"

    Holy shit.

    Boy, Scientology is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?
  3. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Re: OC WEEKLY: "Paulien Lombard Is a Spyentologist"

    So nice to see ya still active Mnql! You frikken rock!

    I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few more stories such as this as more and more become dis-illusioned (re-humanized?) with Ron's con job.
    It is unfortunate that many of the folk leaving end up becoming thusly harassed, but this isn't a new thing, just easier to get the info out there into the public eye.
    I feel the 'unfortunate' aspect, it will never be easy for any of these folks to wake up enough to leave and not have their worlds shattered, I don't think you can really prepare any of them for the rudness of it all, but loving-helping hands are so very important.
    Hence it becomes up to the individual to find their inner strengths, and places like ESMB etc., to find outside help and support, to help ease the transition back into
    the 'outside world'. Never an easy go, but so essential to those needing/wanting true freedom of mind and room for spritual growth.
    The real 'basics', understanding, love, compassion/caring, independence of mind~ things that really should be a part of bringing up a family (or just growing up), things that many never had or found, should be reconstructed by each person in their own time, and with the help of those who give a damn, bring successful realizations that will carry one through the storms of abstactions that each have faced.
    I probably haven't said what I wanted to in a concise manner, but I hope enough of the gist of it is here, it is also~ just how I feel.

  4. LA SCN

    LA SCN NOT drinking the kool-aid

    Good article. Same tired story of scilon shitheads up to no good.

    Dear God let there be a reckoning.
  5. mnql1

    mnql1 Patron Meritorious

  6. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Quote "...... Friday, Feb 24 2012..."

    Isn't it Wednesday the 22nd in Riverside right now?