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Once thriving Church of Scientology faces extinction

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by guanoloco, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Once thriving Church of Scientology faces extinction, says cult tracker

    "With so much criticism of Scientology and so many of its secret documents available either in whole or in part, the impetus for continued membership is greatly diminished," said Kent.

    The curious irony in all of this, he added, is that the trends Hubbard exploited so successfully when he created Scientology in the 1950s—emerging communications technology and the power of popular culture, especially celebrity recruitment—are the very forces conspiring against it now.

    "Celebrities helped boost Scientology’s image in its early days, and now they're helping to diminish its appeal internationally.”

    Scientology: stick a fork in it.
  2. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    If you live by the celebrity - you die by the celebrity.

    They have been calling me for decades and for decades I have never responded but these calls do serve as a little window into the Scientology world. Lately they spoof their calls so the incoming numbers are completely untraceable from anywhere in or out of the country and they rotate constantly - then on their messages they leave a (323) area code call back number which is a boiler room, I suspect somewhere in or very near Big Blue. But what I find interesting is the palpable tone of desperation coming through in their messages compounded with a resentment against people like myself who have been off-lines for so long. They are going through my old files and quoting back enthusiastic things I wrote before I knew better - trying to rekindle old failed purposes.

    Most public Scientologists are not aware of the prejudice that Sea Org members have against other Scientologists who are less dedicated and not making the same sacrifices. They are panty waist dilettantes, have other fish to fry, off-purpose, PTS to the conservatism of society or worse, downstats, no case gain, DBs (Degraded Beings) or SPs. Our reactive minds are struggling to survive and resisting anything having to do with Scientology because only Scientology can erase the reactive mind. We are in a lower condition no higher than liability, probably in treason or confusion since we have betrayed their trust. If I responded the first thing they would want me to do is see an Ethics Officer to find out why I derailed and if I can be trusted - a tribunal.

    I could go on but my point is that usually they are much better at hiding all this contempt but lately the charade, that thin social veneer, has cracked and the accusations and disappointments are leaking into their messaging. I think the biggest factor is Leah and The Aftermath. Not only has she put all their abuse consistently on display for the whole world to see, even in countries where they could still operate and recruit in relative anonymity, but she has utterly destroyed Hubbard's directives on the cultivation of opinion leaders to infiltrate society. One of Scientology's inherent problems is it's fanatical emphasis on indoctrination. They train us relentlessly on how to perpetuate the con until we become experts and then eventually we figure out it is abusive and then turn all that expertise around to prevent others from getting harmed. There are more of us out there now than there are active Scientologists. How can they counteract that when the more pressure we bring to bear the more pressure they place on the dwindling staff and public who remain to keep the stats up and to preserve bubble integrity? They have only two options - they can stop the abuse or do a better job of hiding the abuse. I don't think it is possible for Scientology to stop being abusive simply because it is and always was a lie so that means they are going to be internally conflicted over making their own people experts in perpetuating the con. There was always a lot of internal compartmentalization so the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. Everything was so confidential and need to know, Hubbard used missions and special projects to run things directly. If there is anything we have collectively taught Scientology it is that everything in the minutest detail will eventually be on the internet. We have forced them to try to create an army with only privates.

    Leah has destroyed the celebrity strategy and we have destroyed the special project strategy. It is too risky to let new blood know enough to run things the way Hubbard did. The people we see working for OSA overall look pretty geriatric and manic. The feeling they impart is that it is all unsustainable. After the diehards are gone there will be no one who can be trusted to do what they did. Now their spiel is that they are the victims and criticism evokes violence against them. This has worked to varying degrees for other abusive groups so why not for Scientology? I think because they are too selfish. They consider that everything must be in-exchange with them first for it to be ethical. If you let someone go out-exchange with Scientology it caves them in with guilt because they are harming the only workable technology in the universe that can save your soul for all eternity. No, I don't believe that and I don't think Miscavige does either. Maybe Hubbard was just greedy, AND he believed it. But it is convenient for all other Scientologists to believe it. Other abusive groups are more calculating and realistic. They spend money to lobby politicians, they put billions in banks and businesses, they buy real media companies, they spend millions to create schools and social programs that actually do something while indoctrinating and recruiting followers, they are successful at inserting themselves into governments and institutions because they are pragmatic and have a long view, longer than Thursday by 2:00 pm. Scientology always wanted to do this but only if it was on their terms and on the cheap. There is no middle road with them, they spy on politicians and try to extort them to surrender on things like granting tax free status instead of getting in bed with them to cultivate complicity. Now they are too small. They lost their inertia and all the people who could have helped them become an acceptable abusive organization can smell the despair just like I can.
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  3. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Another thing is that the very thing Miscavige and Scientology are supposed to be marketing such as the Grades, Purif, communication, problems and all that no one knows anything about. The very things that Miscavige and Scientology are supposed to be keeping confidential such as Xenu, the Wall of Fire, Body Thetans and all that is known everywhere by everyone.

    It's a complete and total failure.

    The BPI stuff no one knows anything about and the super secret KFC/Coca Cola recipe sauce is BPI through the public domain.

    What a joke and what a testament to the efficacy of the tech.

    Scientology WORKS!!
  4. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    They spend millions on mystery sandwich ads like this:

    That mean nothing and say nothing when they should be doing 1/2 hour to hour long infomercials on each Grade on the Purif and stuff like that.

    That would flood the place.

    The idea of the "mystery sandwich" ads is a joke. It confuses people and drives them to the internet where they read about Xenu and BTs and run for the hills.

    The books, on the other hand, have proven to be hands down the most effective way to bring in new people and they come pre-sold to do service.

    The same thing would occur with infomercials. People would watch one on, say, Grade 0...or Grade 2 or something and they would be sold and have a reach for it. That's what the books did. The people came in to go Clear and were willing to put up with tons of fucked up stuff because they wanted to go Clear.

    Plus, although they came to go Clear they would then do all the Bridge steps in the way because they wanted to go Clear. Nobody wants to do ARC Straightwire...they do it because they have to in order to go Clear. That's what they want. The state of Clear. It's the same with the OT levels. No one wants OTV...they do it because they all want OT VIII and the only way to do eight is to do the other OT levels that are in the way.

    That's what would happen with the infomercials. The people would learn all about the Grade(s) and get "set up" in their mind and pre-sold and want that. They would then be willing to sit through a ton of stupid bullshit in order to get those services.

    Instead, Scientology does the stupid and confuses everybody. It's why Miscavige should never be replaced. He's like Hitler with the Dunning-Kruger affect and was the best ally for the allies if left in place. If they did away with Miscavige someone with competence may actually take over and reverse the nose dive.