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OSA / Scientology Lawyers attacking German Filmmaker

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by german penguin, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. After my Broadcast Films about The Office of Special Afairs OSA that is now in the
    NEW YORK FILMFESTIVAL and my Film about the "Death of a Scientologist" - OT 8 BIGGI REICHERT. It seems that OSA now has taken on my case.

    Last week I received a Law enforcement document, telling me to not further broadcast the biggi reichert story and to not say several things that where part of the film.

    Sadly the problem is, that only very few Scientologists are aware of what happened to her when she came to FLAG on feb 28th and left on March 1th of 2006 with 28 Brandmark - looking wounds on her head.


    ( The last known photo of OT 8 Biggi Reichert before her death )

    Further more OSA has send her former Boyfriend AXEL R. from Duesseldorf to Bavaria to " silence" the case. To " calm down" the case. Making influence on the family

    Although a couple of People are still investigating this, the sadness is that either Scientologists that know something are not speak out and secondly we have no access to the Ethic Orders, PC Folders and other sources that could tell what happened in Flag.

    I do know by Name who was there and any person that would help can write to me.
    They where OT`s , MAA and case Officers.


    Markus Thoess
    Autor/ Filmmaker
    Berlin - Germany
  2. Gib

    Gib Crusader


    And from Helen O'Brian:

    " I notified the authorities, and the state police found him in the convertible, which he had driven deep into the Brandywinewoods. He bought an inner tube and used it to connect theexhaust with the interior, then waited relaxed in the back seat,with his shoes off, drinking a coke."
  3. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

  4. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    Do you have any evidence that links OSA to what has happened with law enforcement and Axel Rüdel?

    It was clear that OSA took on your case years ago, even if you had been their agent, so it is very odd that you would say that OSA has taken on your case now.

    There are people here who are uncommonly alert to being bamboozled, used or jerked around. I’m hoping that you will respect that fact.

    Can you please post the document from law enforcement.

    If you are able to describe the document in this amount of detail, there should be no legal problem posting it so that affected people can know what is actually going on.

    Everyone is aware that you could be trying here to publicize your film or films to generate interest -- even interest from OSA. People will doubtlessly, however, take you at face value in what you have said, until something else is known.

    There are people here who have dealt with the Scientologists longer than you have, and have a better understanding of OSA and the Scientologists’ other arms and activities. Some of these people could be very helpful to you at this time, and some here have even been Scientologists.

    Also please tell how you received this document from law enforcement. For example, did it arrive by Deutsche Post, did a police officer hand it to you personally, or were you called into a police station and given it?

    Your Biggi Reichert film is still on YouTube, so you should be able to identify what things you say are part of the film that law enforcement has now told you to not say.


    Yes. But how does this problem relate to OSA, or to German law enforcement, or to what was stated in your Biggi Reichert film?

    There have always been only very few Scientologists who were aware of what happened to Ms. Reichert when she went to Flag. How is that now a problem that it was not previously?

    How do you know OSA sent Axel to Bavaria?

    What "case" is there to silence, or to calm down?

    "Making influence on the family" is too vague, especially coming from a documentary filmmaker, to create a picture or understanding. What exactly was said or done to the family? When and where was it said or done, and by whom? What exactly was the family being influenced to do?

    Understood. But you never had access to these things, and could not never have had any reasonable expectation of access to these things. Ms. Reichert’s family could have demanded such things if they had filed some legal action against the Scientologists, but that was never done to my knowledge.

    Nobody outside of certain Scientologists has access to ethics files, pc folders, program files, intelligence files and all sorts of other sources. And yes, it is sad, because the Scientologists comprise a criminal conspiracy against rights and against humanity. But it’s not unique that you do not have access to these sources.

    You have generated an interesting conundrum here. Announcing your desire for the Scientologists’ files relating to Ms. Reichert’s death, stating essentially that these are relevant to a new law enforcement/OSA matter, asserting that her family is being unduly influenced, and lamenting your sadness at not having access to these files, could result in a crucially-placed Scientologist with a conscience reading this, getting his hands on these documents and sending them to you. Such Scientologists are as rare as hen's teeth in any criminal organization. On the other hand, OSA/RTC/Miscavige most definitely will read this. They already have taken their standard security measures to prevent any leak of the Biggi Reichert files, and they will now take extra security measures to prevent any conscienceful person from accessing these files to send them to you. They can, of course, manipulate data you receive in many ways.

    Obviously, you did not think you needed access to these things to create your documentary. You had to have experienced the same sadness at that time. It is hard to understand then that this sadness has continued until now.

    When you say that you know by name who was there, where is there?

    If you know the name of the person or persons who were there when Ms. Reichert received the burn- or brand-looking wounds on her head, please tell what you know, from whom you know it.

    "OT’s " in this context is a meaningless term.

    "MAA " is understood as a Sea Org post.

    "Case Officer " is not to my knowledge a post title in Scientology. "Case officer " is an intelligence position, and is part of the Scientologist intelligence training. The Scientologists use case officers in their intelligence operations, although these persons would not be posted as "Case Officer " on staff org boards. See, for example, L. Ron Hubbard’s 2 December 1969 dispatch to the Guardian World Wide:

    It seems most likely that you meant "Case Supervisor, " or "C/S, " rather than "Case Officer, " because a Case Supervisor is a staff position that would have interacted with Ms. Reichert during her time at Flag and in Scientology.

    If you can provide whatever information you have on the persons involved, it would be very helpful.