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Paris critics savegely attacked by Scientologists

Discussion in 'Europe Pickets and Protests' started by Zhent, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron

    The parent demonstrated to his child that when someone says something you don't like, attack them, hit them and kick them. And you agree with him.

    This is criminal behavior and you condone it. Pathetic.

    A proper response would have been to ignore the protester and tell your child: "That man does not like our church and he can say so because of freedom of speech. We should ignore him and get to church now because we like our church. Let's go."
  2. TEoS

    TEoS Patron with Honors

  3. intrepido34

    intrepido34 Patron

    Ha ha! if that would had been done you will be here denigrating him because "that is a cult member indoctrinating his children into ignoring peoiple taht can show him the true nature of his cult!

    There is no wining with a cult mentality-inclined person as many "ex-scn" are.

    At this point I think 50% of the cult phenomena is the cult organization and 50% is the cult inclinated mentality person.

    Cultist can be found everywhere, here in esmb there is quite a lot that belong to the new cult "everything in scientology is bad".
  4. intrepido34

    intrepido34 Patron

    yes, this is MY PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY.

    Unlike you, I do not go around quoting LRH for every decision that I make in my life.

    Cult members only can parrot their lider and are unable of self generated thougth.

    This is my very own thinking.

    I would support a muslim father if he were to beat somebody insulting him in front of his children while entering a mosque.

    ditto with a christain eneterin a church, or a jew entering a sinagoge.

    I would personaly beat somebody who try to insult me in front of my children while going to church.

    Ron has nothing to do here.

    This is only my latin american temperament speaking.

    I do salute this man as a father to another father. VERY, VERY WELL DONE.

    That will teach him.

    (again, that is my own thinking, do not lose time finding LRH quotes)
  5. julenissen222

    julenissen222 Patron

    I am not sure if you are delibretly derailing this thread, but if you are or not you should be ashamed of yourself..
    I hope you rot in prison, because YOU a promoting violence. A**HOLE!!! :angry:
    And because of your kind of belif, Jeff is hurt. I hope you rot in prison SIR!! :angry:
    This is the kind of behavoir both corporate scientology and your own scientology is promoting. I HOPE YOU ROT IN PRISON SIR!!!!!! :angry:

  6. rhansrider

    rhansrider Patron with Honors

    Why is it that cult members can't spell? Or even think to use the spellcheck function on the computer?

    As soon as I see a misspelled, badly punctuated post (often without paragraphs) I am pretty sure it is from a scilon even before I read it. So much for the cult that teaches "communication".
  7. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron

    You have made it perfectly clear that you condone violence against persons who say things you don't like. I completely reject that idea. In free societies, this is criminal behavior, and thank goodness it is. I wonder what society would be like if we were free to beat the crap out of people we disagreed with? Hmmm. I completely disagree with the scientology disconnection policy. Perhaps I should go beat up some sea org staff.
  8. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    It may be your temperament showing, but most Latin Americans do not share that temperament.
  9. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Well here is an example of a "personal philosophy" that not only condones violence but encourages it. If this is "self generated thought" then this is also a good example of the end result of cult thinking.

    There is no excuse for violence. Period.
  10. smartone

    smartone My Own Boss

    Just shut the fuck up. :)
  11. intrepido34

    intrepido34 Patron

    Or you gonna beat me?
  12. intrepido34

    intrepido34 Patron

    or a cult that teaches so good study tech that allowes a person that it is not native lenguaje speaking to communicate workably to persons native to other lenguaje.

    My native lenguaje is spanish.

    So, many other lenguajes do you speak?
  13. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

  14. BC1

    BC1 Patron with Honors

    If CoS taught you to write like this you should demand repayment. You write like an illiterate fool.
  15. intrepido34

    intrepido34 Patron

    Any chance of you writing to me in spanish?
  16. Dukat

    Dukat Patron with Honors

    So, it's obvious the cult ship is sinking and desperate rat-bastards like the $cilon Mr. Lemaire was enturbulated and had a psychotic break.

    In front of his "church", in front of his children (!!!) and now in front of the world. For all to see.

    Get well soon Nono and best wishes to all the French critics. Thank you for getting this story out. I've seen it on many, many internet sites.
  17. Emma

    Emma Con te partirĂ² Administrator

    What a fabulous advertisement for Scientology you are.

    You not only condone violence, you suggest it.

  18. shanic89

    shanic89 Patron Meritorious

  19. intrepido34

    intrepido34 Patron

    There ya go boy! And you got the spelling right!
  20. BC1

    BC1 Patron with Honors

    Si pero no hay mucho tiempo por idiotas.