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Paris trial : Revelations from a key witness formerly known as Jean Tox

Discussion in 'Important documents' started by JBTrendy, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    R factor:(Quoted from Jonny Jacobsen, a Scottish independant journalist)

    On the third day of the Paris trial of Scientology, the judge told a former plaintiff’s story (Eric Aubry) – and questioned another of the defendants (Didier Michaux), one of the movement’s top salesmen.

    Three out of the five people who originally filed as plaintiffs in the Paris case against Scientology eventually withdrew their complaints. But details of what they told investigators remained on file.

    On Wednesday May 27, the third day of the trial, President of the Court Judge Sophie-Hélène Château read out details of Eric Aubry’s story.

    Aubry had got involved with Scientology after buying a copy of Dianetics from a Scientologist touring France in a bus to promote the movement.

    During a 19-month period – from September 1997 to April 1999 – Aubry had spent a little over 324,000 francs (nearly 50,000 euros) on Scientology and had finished up heavily in debt.

    He filed his complaint in September 2000, but in December 2007 wrote to withdraw it, saying he had resolved his differences with those concerned. Aubry had received a refund of some 34,000 euros.

    Judge Château read extracts from a detailed 12-page letter Aubry had written in May 1998 to the Celebrity Centre Paris, complaining bitterly about the way he was being treated.

    The letter, which appeared to use Scientology’s own terminology against the centre’s staff, denounced the centre’s “suppressive” pressure and accused them of restimulating his mentale réactive – his reactive mind.

    I hereby testify that Didier Michaux bookstore Manager at Celebrity Centre Paris lied in front of the Paris court of justice by stating he didn't harras Eric Aubry or made indiscreet comments on him at the centre.

    Having been the scientologist who first got in contact with Eric Aubry on the French Dianetics bus tour in summer 97, I interviewed him, sold him the book and sent him to Celebrity Centre Paris (CCP) for services. Under the name of Jean Tox at the time I was a very active and known Scientologist operating as public at CCP and spokes person for the "Say no to drug" campaign of the Church of Scientology with Honarary title of L. Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relation Officer.

    Eric was a neat and clever guy and I had a very good contact with him. I briefed him quite intensively on the subject of Dianetic and Scientology as he had familiarity in the field of mental and spiritual improvement undertaking trenscendental meditation at the time. He got very enlightened but stated to me he was afraid of being abused financially. I was very aware of the fact that pressure to pay was always very high in Scientology so I advised him to go to CCP and to specify he was sent there personally by me. I thought honestly that this would protect him from harrasement.

    When I got back from tour a month later I found out that he had paid a lot of money for books and services up to Clear. Didier Michaux who sold him the whole package was very happy about it and from his bookstore office sold me and e-meter and some more materials for an amount of 19,000 Francs (+/- 3,000 Euros) with the 15% FSM (Fiels staff member) commission I got out from Eric Aubry's purchase. I saw Eric who was very happy and enthousiastic about it all. From a totally new public this showed great involvement and trust and everyone in the CCP were greatfull to both of us. Eric was making good progress and all went fine for a while.

    But three weeks to a month later, as I got in the CCP for services, Eric came to me in shock stating that he had the day before paid much more money due to Didier Michaux urge to pay for books and material he didn't need as very well obseved by the president of the Paris court of Justice as he already had lot's of services paid for in advance and not yet delivered. This situation was putting him at great financial stress and over night he had realised he has been acting stupidely and wanted this last payement back. He was asking me for help but It was far too late as I knew that asking for refund ment that he would not be accepted on Scientology activities anymore. I felt so sorry for him and went to Didier Michaux very upset about his obvious misconduct and total violation of Church Policies. But Didier brushed me off very rudely stating that it came out in Auditing session that the reason of Eric's upsets were coming from the fact that Eric had been engaged with homosexual activities in the past. I thought that this was irrelevant. On the top of it Didier Michaut refused to pay me any commission on this new purchase stating that It wasn't of my business. For sure I would have been totally against all of this if I only had been informed about it. On this I totally fell short on my responsibility as Eric's FSM and betrayed him though he didn't inform me of the pressure he had been getting before hand from Didier Michaux who by the way stoll me as regard to the commission I would normally have gotten from his second payement. But now that the bookstore office was registerd independantly from the Church I felt there was no real stand point for me to operate from. To my big shame it all discouraged me from taking further actions to correct the situation.

    I felt sorry for Eric, myself, the CCP and Scientology at large but advised him to get over it by continuing on his services that I thought was the best he could do to help him sorting things out. I was myself undertaking a big step in my Scientology commitments and thought I would have to take it up at some point and did put it all aside as I was supposed to move up to saint Hill in England for other Church activities as a Staff of the Sea Organisation. I didn't hear much about Eric after that though I spoke to him twice over the phone and he seemed pretty disafected but somehow willing to get over it. I heard later on he had filed a complaint and I decided that this wasn't of my concern anymore as Eric didn't let me know of his intentions and nobody was holding me responsible for this matter anyhow at CCP or on legal affairs that usually are dealing witn these kind of matters.

    In year 2000 I got back to France and really didn't want to get in a conflict with CCP having enough with my own financial duress I was getting from them. I was falling short of money myself though I had paid all I got from the inheritance of the selling of a familly flat (+/- 60,000 Euros). Still I could'nt get through my program that was originally supposed to have cost less then 10% of this amount. So I eventually got back to Saint Hill UK on a desperate state and totally broke.

    As I was struggling there to get things handled for me and out of the pitfall I was in, I had to report as witness about Eric Aubry's complaint in front of the judiciary police investgators at the begining of 2001. They had found out in the accountings of Didier Michaux about the commission I got in relation to Eric Aubry's case but needed clarification on it. I had spent the whole day before intensively briefed and drilled in CCP by the office of special affairs and a lawyer of them on how not to have to state that this money was effectively a commission that would make the activity appear as commercial which as far as FSMing is concerned actually was. They didn't order me to lie which they knew I wouldn’t accept as being contrary to the tenets of the Church of Scientology. They wanted me to give the investigators what they call "an acceptable truth" that somehow wouldn't give them ground to find any evidence of what they were trying to assert : Scientology not being a non-profitable activity.

    Well, I got in theyr office with five of the investigators around me and for over an hour they gave me the big per the book show on how one is being nice an the other ruthless in order to pull data out of you. But you know what, I wasn't at all impressed by them and felt so convinced of the validity of my creed and practice of Scientology at the time that I managed to spin theyr heads around with my strong assertions and statements. When finally they got to the point about the commission I've been asked the question "what this money was for in relation to Eric Aubry". I stayed silent for a short while thinking : well, I did my best to avoid it but will have to tell them the truth now. But the investigator reformulated the question by asking - Did you get this commission for having brought Eric Aubry to the Celebrity Centre? and there I could answer a so affirmative NO that to my big surprise they took it for granted and let me out. This NO wasn't a lie at all. I didn't get the money for having brought the guy in. It's because he bought services while I was being his FSM that I got a commission. They could have just ask me - So what did you get this money for? and I would have had to tell exactly what they wanted to hear. So was it that they were poor investigators or because of my mental and spiritual skills that I got away with this one? I leave it for you to decide but nevertheless that's how I haven't been anymore convened as a witness on Eric Aubry's case though I had been up to my ears involved in it.

    Jean-Baptiste Michaut alias JB Trendy
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  2. Tim Skog

    Tim Skog Silver Meritorious Patron

    They were poor investigators for not asking why you were paid. You answered the question that was asked.

    In looking back, do you feel okay about what happened with the case?
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  3. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Maybe I read it wrong but I would say you told an acceptable truth to hide the truth that was being searched for. And you learned to do it through the Success through Communications course, delivered by the cult of Lies.

    Scientologists are taught to lie to protect the cult that enslaves them.

    Someone could make a religion out of that.:whistling:
  4. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    Thanks for caring

    Fucking no and I never did.

    I avoided the confrontation then but now time has come to get these bastards handled :fencing:
  5. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    You read perfectly right

    As Pro-Trs graduate wasn't I suppose to be able to handle anything through communication?

    I succeeded to do so with 5 highly trained French Police investigators but utterly failed internally with a staff who was very good at caving you in.

    One sees only what one want to see.

    Selected truth is religious you're right buddy:clap:
  6. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    jbTrendy ex JeanTox Labelled Suppressive Person by CC Paris !!!


    Touch my French Touch !!!
    Live in the Train september 2011​

    According to a KR (Knowledge Report) to a friend of mine from deputy Chaplain Celibrity Centre Paris, They, I mean the Church of Scientology just officially called me an SP!!!

    So they finally got it made !!!

    Yes, they did themselves in by labelling Suppressive Person Ron's best ever Honorary LRH Personal Public Relation Officer and this shows how crazy they became or have always been and that's for each of us to determine !!!

    How to make this story short ??? :eyeroll::eyeroll::eyeroll:

    jbLM (Jean-Baptiste Lockhart Michaut) 27 03 2011
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2012
  7. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    Victory Song on Lyon's Town-Hall Stairs - $cientology Trial 1997


    Center : jbTrendy Ex JeanTox as Spokes Person for "Say No To Drugs" French Campaign & Honorary LRH PPRO[/CENTER]


    Remember, We never Forget anymore !!!

    We are Back as Anonymous and We are Free from $cientology !!!

    I tell you who I am but it is for You to See !!!

    Hey, Now just Call me Trendy !!!

    You know the "French Scot" who incarnated all major L.Ron Hubbard Fiction Characters and Piloted the "Mission Earth" Project from France !!!

    Rings a Bell to Today's Church Management ?

    They kill Themselves for the sake of Faked Statistics and don't even look at a Bloody Production Record of Highests ever never gotten elsewhere in the history of this Damned Cult !!!

    All my Love to ignorant $cientology victims of an Infamous Tragedy !!!

    Once again, Free Heber Now !!!

  8. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent Silver Meritorious Patron

    Congratulations, JB.
    I know some where that title as a badge of honor.

    Crazy cult is crazy.

    You still have Paris! (big sigh)
  9. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    Meeting with Chaplain CCP with jbTrendy Ex JeanTox !!!

    That is so True Arthur and I'm glad you noticed it !!!

    This all to me still is a question of Honor but for the sake of $cientology Exteriorisation Program that is so Urgent, Vital and Key to Complete.

    What I realized when I recently spoke to CC Paris Chaplain André Djemmad at a Friend's Fine Art Exhibit is how poorly hatted the staffs - even when old timer as he is and on a post specially designed to know about the exterior scene - are on true data about LRH and $cientology.

    He told me as a big scoop that they officially now discovered Alister Crowley as major influence to LRH in a booklet that they distribute in HCO from an historian.

    Does anyone know about this publication ???

    Anyhow they are so ignorant that it is shameless to realize and so completely deshearted having to obey blindfully to the state of war they have all caved-in since Micavidge officialized the IRS total control of the Church in 1995 !!!

    When I asked the guy what was the cause of the death of former DSA PR CCP who I just heard had died in her 30s and had been kicked out of staff with major CCP terminals as Senior CS. A catastrofic handling to cover a huge PR flap known as the Boublil case. She had a stoke he told me. How was I concern, well this Alexandra had once chosen me as her 2D and was handled in ethics to remain with theyr staff that she was dating with. She would have been my wife and she was lovely and sweet on the top of being more than competant.

    He didn't know about that though he was Ethics Officer CCP at the time.

    He couldn't reach sensibility. Much too far gone !!!

    Sad :bigcry::bigcry::bigcry:
  10. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    jbTrendy Ex JeanTox and Sceneouverte Showcase CC Paris only contact 2 years ago !!!

    Originally Posted by JBTrendy on a specific thead but is very relevant in this one as this shows how totally they not-ised me and the degree of theyr incompetancy !!!

    "Voici un scoop : J’ai reçu sur facebook une invit de la scène ouverte Showcase que j’ai acceptée comme ami et s’est avérée en fait être le Centre de Célébrité de Paris. Voici notre échange épistolaire qui s’en est suivit :

    Trendy et Sceneouverte Showcase sont maintenant amis. · Commenter · J’aime

    Jb Trendy: Qui m'a invité ici? Savez-vous qui je suis? Je pensais que c'était le Showcase pont Alexandre3 où j'aime prendre un verre et danser à l'occasion. Mais c'est le Celebrity Centre de l'Eglise de Scientologie. My God have mercy on me. Jbtrendy
    Hier, à 17:23 ·

    Sceneouverte Showcase 24 avril, à 23:49
    hé oui le celebrity centre de l' eglise de scientologie organise aussi des supers showcases.
    Et je vois que parmi vos amis sur facebook vous avez aussi de nombreux scientologues.

    Jb Trendy 25 avril, à 02:45
    Stop the bullshit. Qui es-tu et quel est ton poste? Manifestement tu ne sais pas qui je suis sinon tu ne me parlerais pas d'une façon aussi niaise et naïve. J'ai aussi beaucoup d'ex scientologues et non des moindres parmi mes amis et au nom de Ron je te demande de bien surveiller les escrocs en bande organisée que tu soutiens manifestement. Le règne de Miscavidge touche à sa fin. Il est encore temps pour toi de rallier la réforme.

    Depuis plus de nouvelles et ils m’ont radié de leur liste d’amis. "

    "Here's the scoop: I received an invitation on facebook to Showcase open mic that I accepted as a friend and in fact proved to be the Celebrity Center in Paris. Here is our exchange of correspondence that it is followed:

    Trendy and Sceneouverte Showcase are now friends. · Comments · I

    Trendy Jb: Who invited me here? Do you know who I am? I thought it was the Showcase Alexandre3 bridge where I like a drink and dance occasionally. But the Celebrity Centre Church of Scientology. My God have mercy on me. Jbtrendy
    Yesterday at 17:23 ·

    Sceneouverte Showcase April 24, at 23:49
    ah yes the celebrity center of the Church of Scientology also holds great showcases.
    And I see that among your friends on facebook you also have many Scientologists.

    Jb Trendy April 25 at 2:45
    Stop the bullshit. Who are you and what is your position? Obviously you do not know who I am if you do not talk to me in an as foolish and naive. I also have many former Scientologists and not least among my friends and on behalf of Ron I'm asking you to properly monitor the crooks in an organized that you obviously support. The reign of Miscavidge nearing completion. There is still time for you to join the reform.

    For more news and they removed me from their list of friends."

    lol (translated to English by Anon Mary)

    Merci jbTrendy
  11. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Good to you back, JB, we must talk on skype some time, when are you around?

  12. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    Hi John, nice to hear from you as well. I don't have skype here but I can call you by phone if you give me your number.

    All2U jb
  13. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Sorry I missed your replay JB. Am on mobile and skype only, so it would be far too expensive to call me! We can stay in touch here and I will be in and around Carnac, Brittany in June, so maybe we can meet up then?