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Please Help. Need to get back my pc folders back.

Discussion in 'Important documents' started by KnowledgeIsPower, Dec 14, 2011.

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  3. @ Free to Shine. I agree with you 100 percent. It is disgusting and more disgusting how Scientology covers it up. I will never cease to speak out about the crimes of Scientology. I will speak and speak and speak untill this cult is OUT!

    @Mick. It is great being out of Scientology. It is such a good feeling to be able to speak out. It's a huge releif.

    And not a problem about the photos :) Absolutely a pleasure. And thank you for the kind words.

    If I feel the need to get back my pc folder I will def. contact the ombudsmand. I know also in Denmark they are quite strict about personal privacy laws.
  4. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    I once read on a.r.s. (another forum, less active now) that the cult will sometimes lie about folders being missing.

    Just be aware that this is a tricky slimy cult and they do lie.
  5. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Many many hugs to you and welcome to the board.
  6. Django

    Django Patron

    You're going to find (if you haven't already) that there's Scientology's published rules and the real rules, i.e. Scientology gives lip service to the UN's Human Rights Declaration, while violating that declaration in hideous fashion, pretty much daily.

    You should walk up to your former org and demand your PC folder. Video this. You're not going to get your folder back. If you do, rest assured that they've copied everything and, should they consider you a threat, will release anything and everything in it.

    Do not worry about this. You haven't done anything, thought anything, imagined anything or fantasized about anything that 99% of the population hasn't done, thought, imagined or fantasized previously. No one cares about your private thoughts, and no one will disparage you for them. The CoS will wield your PC folder like a weapon to stop you from discussing your experiences in the CoS. Discuss your experience. Or not.

    YOU decide. Not them.
  7. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    Inga Nørgaard Jensen, RIP, murdered March 27th, 1993 at Vallensbæk Trainstation?

    Inga is third from the right in this picture.

    I thought I had a post about this in this thread. I don't, but here is the link anyways:!

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  8. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron


    Hi :wave: & :welcome2: KIP !
  9. Ladybird

    Ladybird Silver Meritorious Patron

    Your PC folders could be anywhere. PC folders have been found rotting in the basement of Big Blue in Los Angeles after plumbing problems soaked them with toilet and feces and kitchen waste that drowned them, and also rotting in back yards or attics of small missions or abandoned orgs.

    In the late 90's and 200's, all the staff had to carry computer discs with all the ethics files, PC files and admin files with them. Look at the many posts about INCOMM:

    Look at this teenager laughing about PC folders in Texas:

    There are lots of videos on Youtube and articles on google about the ridiculous lack of privacy for scientology "confessional folders"

    Your information is not protected or private.

    Scientology "ministers" enjoy all the priveldges of being a "religion", but they do not abide by any of the rules or codes.

    The most you can hope for is that they DO use your confessions against you. It only makes them look stupid.

    Anything that you ever tell scientologists is not sacred or private, even if all you do is a stress test on the street.

    Anything a scientologist finds out about you can and WILL be held against you later if you decide to leave.
  10. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    KIP, thank you for your story. It was sad, horrifying -- and unfortunately, all too common. You should congratulate yourself for seeing the truth so soon and, even at a young age, making arrangements to protect yourself. The fact that you're now engaged in the helping professions is a wonderful sign that at the core, you are safe and intact.

    Take care, and have a lovely Christmas. I hope you hook up with your mother and brother soon.
  11. @ SchwimmelPuckel. Now I remember, it was the mother of Adrian and Ivan Munoz. She got raped and murdered in out in the forest in Klampenborg after being kidnapped at a trainstation. Gosh, poor kids :( It was really shocking to hear those comments from Nadia, so mercyless and cold. Both her daughters are like that as well - no sympathy for other human beings. I didnt know of Inga Nørgaard, RIP.
    @ Ladybird. Daaamn, that video...thats, the lack of privacy, thats so wrong... Everyday I see more and wrong things about Scn. It's really a scary cult. I read about operation freakout yesterday and my jaws just DROPPED. Maybe Im just paranoid, but the day after I posted my post on ESMB where I mentioned I was going to nursing school, 2 times I couldnt log on fb even though it was the right password (I had to change it 2 times)...its just a bit too much of a coinsidence...its kinda scary...maybe Im just paranoid... But the things Scn does are outragious...
    But by now Im sure theyve made copies of my folders. It wouldnt surprise me...
    @ Petey C. thank you for your post and may you also have a merry x-mas and new year.
    @Voltairs child. It wouldnt surprise me if they lied that they lost pc folders. And the way that they abuse information from pc folders just goes to prove that they are NOT a religion. What religion does that? Thank you for the warm welcome :)
    @Lurker5. Thank you :)
    @Django. At the moment, Im not ready to do anything about my pc folders just yet. I need to thoroughly think it through.
    Thanks to all who gave good advice on how to get my pc folders back, you guys are great :)
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  12. Oblivion

    Oblivion Patron

    From what I remember they don't have to actually give you the folders. However they do have to destroy them, if you don't want them to keep the information anymore.

    Dorthe (OCMB) had this done some years back, You could contact her, or go through datatilsynet, I'm sure there is someone there who will be willing to help aswell.

    Or last suggestion, Robert Dam. If he can't help you with the actual information you need, I'm almost certain he can point you to some other ex who can.

    Never went through the steps myself since I wouldn't believe them anyways if they said they destroyed them.
  13. Do not worry, they can not do anything regarding your folders. I had mine shredded. (I live in Denmark) It took fucking 1,5 hours. I was asked to stand and look at it, while it was happening. What a show! When we were done, there were six black sacks, very big, and I was thinking: OMG have done so many overts? LOL. :duh: Maybe they copies it, and so what? If they use the info against you, they will have huge problems getting peopel into sessions in the future... it is a violations of the auditors code, which I still practice as an former auditor.
    Leave it. It does NOT matter. Who cares what you were stealing, or how you are mastuabatin. Love Sally Kragh Andersen
  14. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Sally:
    How did you convince them to shred your folders? Just curious, I don't really care that they mine still there. But I know of people who really do care.

    I was just talking yesterday to someone who is still on lines and this person told me that they now have a new system of filing PC folders. They put different color tags according to the status, they have a section and tag for people who are off lines and another tag for those who are declared and so on. They probably have more with the tags of people who have left that those who are still on lines.

  15. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    Well, it has been a 'known' fact ever since I was in, GOEU 1981, that folder culling was happening and that the 'data' was used against the former Scientology member.. Never was a problem for the cult or auditors, since by the time the folders was/are used the former member will be a declared SP and Fair Game.. (Note the phrase 'Fair Game' in exactly the original meaning!)

    Fact is that a LOT of scientologsits and auditors are fully aware of the abuse going on. They think it's neccesary for the defence of their cult.

    Still, I'm quite amazed that they actually shredded your folders.. Maybe the danish scilons aren't as 'warlike' a the US ones.. This seemed so even back in the 1980'es.

  16. Oblivion

    Oblivion Patron

  17. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    What amazes me is that they can actually find any folders. I don't know where they are kept in AOSHEU but there must be a hell of a lot of them, all shuffled up trodden on and covered in mouse droppings. They always used to lose files all the time. AOSHUK was the same. Don't think they keep a lot on DK, COP, or Aarhus so where are they all? Surely they would need a very large warehouse for the millions of scientologists there are?
  18. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    There's a container full of them near the perimiter fence at Saint Hill....
  19. doodledrech

    doodledrech New Member

    I didnt see if you answered the location question. I'm in the US and I asked Rinder that question, he said
    Fromhowdoesitfeel<>hide detailsTodoodledrech<>SentSaturday, February 11, 2012 at 5:05 PMEncryptedYesSignedYes, by howdoesitfeel <> SignedYes, by SignedInvalid signature by Show all headers
    """""You signed away your rights to your folders if you signed anenrollment agreement in the past twenty years. No, nobody hasgotten their folders back.On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 15:26:53 -0600 wrote:>Working on making that move, have to make sure it's safe for>someone>else. Do you know if anyone gotten their folders? Are they>considered propert of COS? And what the hell happened to KTL &>LOC?>I feel like I was one of the last people to finish it, and now>it's>dissappeared.>On Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 1:30 AM,>>wrote:Thanks. Stand up and be counted and you will no longer be>pts ->then watch what happens with all these problems you've laid out>below.>Marty>>On Fri, 10 Feb 2012 18:05:19 -0600 wrote:>>a friend of mine sent me Debbie's email the day after it came>out.>>>>I almost didn't read it (you know how it goes, it's entheta, just>>SPs attacking, blah blah) but it had a lot of truth in it, which>>made it a wake up call. Freaked me out. Started realizing a lot>>of things I'd made excuses for for almost my entire fucking life>>had been nothing but bullshit. But I also started feeling like my>>bridge was gone. Scraped the car the next day. By day three I was>>was experiencing what seemed like freedom from the last bit not>>covered on my PTS RD and ready to tell my org terminals to go>fuck>>off but by day 4 I checked my self because I realized I don't>have>>my folders and there's a lot of "SO Bridge" (why give grades when>>you can just sec check someone?) and other stuff from the buckets>>of repair and finally some real honest to goodness auditing,>>including NED. Even if I weren't a mother now, I don't want my>>OWs>>>>plastered over the internet. Even to tell my story would likely>>identify me, especially as I had written up a kr and sent it to>>what I thought was IJC, after nothing was addressed at org level,>>and the statute of limitations has run out (not that pursuing>>legal>>>>action was ever an option, it would have exposed corporate>>Scientology, a big no-no.) I am willing to take a stand to make>>it>>>>known I believe Debbie Cook and want no part of the little>prick's>>church. I had never heard of the term "independent>Scientologist">>before, but now I really want to be one. I don't ever want to>>deal>>>>with a false red tag at exams because my needle didn't sweep>>enough, or being told on the way to the reg that I need to re-do>>objectives, and then not allowed to protest because there was>>other>>>>public in the area. (???!!)>>>>Has anyone gotten their folders out of the org? From what I've>>read it seems like they're held for reading and publishing>>material. Right now I'm expected to make weekly flows (I've been>>claiming poverty and kept them small) and am afraid to stop>>because>>>>it will raise a flag, which will have my folders scoured for>>material. I've been warned repeatedly not to mention Debbie, but>>I>>>>get so disgusted with all these messages asking for book>>donations,>>>>or donations to help make an org St. Hill size before the little>>prick's arrival, I just don't know how long I can keep my mouth>>shut."You signed away your rights to your folders if you signed an
    enrollment agreement in the past twenty years. No, nobody has
    gotten their folders back."
    But I'm wondering if a class action suit can be brought, especially as the little prick violates the priest/penitantconfidentiality when he publishes confessionals and ethics info? Has anyone tried suing?
  20. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    This thread is worthy of a~~~~~~~~~~

    Any further developments?


    Yes I know there's a tonne of threads on this subject, not exactly a small topic either (Mr. Obvious yeh dats moi), but something that will remain a concern until cultic entities realize it is not ethical (or in many instances even legal) to maintain files on people against their desires.
    CoS has a lonnnnnnnng history of using 'privileged' information to DA, blackmail, and intimidate those who become disaffected, and I think its in everyone's interest to straighten this out and keep the heat turned up.

    :cheers: All!