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Please Help. Need to get back my pc folders back.

Discussion in 'Important documents' started by KnowledgeIsPower, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. renegade

    renegade Silver Meritorious Patron

    If KIP can get a "Field auditor" to call the org with a credit card and say that KIP will be my pc, AND get a willing staff member to go thru the stacks of folders (The hardest part IMO), it might work to get the folders out. If the "Field auditor" says that the org will be the FSM, it could also help.

    As far as I remember, all Enrollment forms state that pc folders are org property. The registrar is required to make you sign this right away. If you disagreed with it then you could not get the service. Hardly anyone ever read the fine print when signing up in our org.
  2. Hi Sally, I havent been very active on ESMB due to my studies (taking up a lot of time and work)... 6 months later I am still trying to get my money back from the CoS.. and its only about 11.500 krs..the other 2000 krs. they are strealing from me as it was a *donation* to the IAS. I have money in account in Aus too (about 6000 krs) but I doubt I will ever see that money (too much headfuck to try and get my money back all the way from Australia)... So as the cycle is ending now (hopefully) I will also ask them to shread my folders...I dont like the fact that anybody can look into my folders...Theyve got nothing on me but I just dont like that anyone can look into these folders...nothing is sacred in there and Ive heard people talking about pc personal data to others..So it's really unconfortable...Even if they do make a copy, I want the folders shreaded...
    Oh btw. have you had any experiences of scientologists taking photos of you in secret or following you?
    The other day I was at a cafe with a friend (ex scientologist known to be critical of scientology)...suddenly an old scientologist *friend* passed by and was talking to my friend for ages in italian... she greeted me with a huge *fake* smile..then another scientologist ex *friend* passed by and quickly said hello and left. Then the girl left and the other guy came back to say hello and leave...But then about 15 min later I find this scientologist standing a few metres away from me and my friend looking at us while playing around with his phone pointing at me(Im assuming he was taking photos)...He was smirking and was just sending wierd vibes... So I figured these old *friends* reported to the Org where I was with my friend... It was pretty freaky.. I was wondering if the same thing happened to you when you left?
  3. Hey thank you for the post. I have been in contact with Dorthe and she did tell me that her folders were shreaded. She has been a very good help on the cycle.
  4. Hi there,

    I am still waiting to get my money back, 6 months later but it should all be over in some days (hopefully) and if not Ive gave them an ultimatum of 3 working days... Am getting so sick and tired of waiting. So I will go to the police very soon with all my evidence if they dont move their asses very soon. When that is done I will get my folders shreaded. My god these guys are a pain in the ass keeping me waiting like this...
    I still have money on account in Australia...but I dont think Ill ever see that money again...
  5. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    But, I also want to bring up again, that there is a phenomenon that occurs in cults where people feel the need to confess and will confess to outrageous things, even though they didn't do them. I thought this was one of the odder things once I got out, and discounted it, until I did start looking back, and there were O/W write-ups that I read where I went... uh, "nope... no for sure that you didn't do that". I was so cultified that I spammed my brain into oblivion to discount the huge discrepancies, but I have no doubt that there is stuff in peoples' folders in their own hand that was BS.

    There were times folks admitted to even stupid BS because they could just get on with their lower condition and perhaps spend a few hours NEXT weekend at home. It was easier than being accused over and over... wtf was one more lower?