Protest of Grand Opening of Orange County Ideal Org, Santa Ana

Discussion in 'North America Pickets and Protests' started by Smurf, Jun 3, 2012.

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    An awesome group of people, which Tory, Paulien Lombard & her daughter protested the Grand Opening of the Orange County Ideal Org today in Santa Ana, CA.

    It was an interesting protest to say the least... I walked up the street and right into the entrance only to be grabbed from behind by PAC security Odo Huber, who called over a smug cop who informed I was not welcome there, and ordered me to leave the same way I came. I spoke to a police sergeant nearby & he politely said I could walk down the street out of the "private area" reserved by the cult.

    Two gruff cops decided we were to be contained in a small area and not be allowed to walk across the street on a public sidewalk... Tory & I took exception to this and she tried to cross only to be physically blocked by police. Later, a very polite police sergeant spoke to us and reversed the orders of the first 2 cops...

    Tory, Casper, and I walked freely across the street... the cop I argued with earlier, Officer Matt Craig, was observably chagrined.

    1 of 3 videos...


    Another ex-Scio posted..

    Epic raid, Scientology opened their "Ideal Morgue" in Santa Ana and protestors were on hand to mark the occasion. Much lulz and enturbulation were had by all and creepy goons were out in full force to try to intimidate and bother, failing miserably all the way.

    We met on the north side of the event, several streets were closed down. The availability of parking meant that many public Scientologists had to pass by our little rebel alliance, where they were treated to the latest news that their "church" isn't telling them, i.e., the closure of Narconon Trois-Rivieres and Lisa Marie blowing the cult among other items.

    The cops met up with us and gave us the ground rules for protesting (no tunes, alas!) and were pretty cool, though apparently they harassed Smurf early on at the direction of the Scilons (fail!).

    Interaction with OSA goons was limited to them filming and attempting (and failing!) to follow us, also had a couple of them attempt to pass themselves off as curious bystanders, but their binders bearing Scientology logos were a dead giveaway, lol!!

    We also had some newbies show up, welcome to the party!!

    Here's some pics, I might post some video of Miscavige's "speech," but I think he even put my camera to sleep. And I won't even mention what their "band" did to the Beach Boys (trying to push the OC theme). Oh, the horror!!



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    From Tory... (on OCMB)

    This is an interview I did after the OC picket, with one of the picketers. Here is John Dries (X-Sea Org, X-Cramming officer, X-Qual Sec at Celebrity Center in the '70's.

    Here's our interview, both about the picket and other views from John:

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    Lurki, Looki, Liki! (I lurked, I looked, I liked!)

    And I Loved what he said about TR's and acting.

    Great video, thanks T-Magoo!
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    Scientology Grand Opening: Walls! Weirdos! Whacking a Weekly Reporter!

    As the Church of Scientology was stalling the opening of their new Ideal Org in downtown Santa Ana, they told me the media would be alerted about the big debut. I never got the memo.

    But if I did, it likely would've said, "You're not welcomed."

    That was the message I got Saturday when I walked three feet into the ceremonies in front of the former Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center at 505 N. Sycamore St.

    Well, after a nice young lady asked for my name and I responded with, "why do you need to know?"

    I told her my name. She stepped away for a moment, returned, and told me it was a private event. Indeed, a private event for the busloads of thetans that had to be shipped into the bowels of a boiling Santa Ana so as to cover for the fact that no one else gave a damn about the opening of what L. Ron Hubbard would refer to as an "island of sanity," otherwise known as an Ideal Org.

    I was then told that a representative would speak with me, which turned out to be their thinly disguised effort to finally put a photo of me on their files. While I spoke with a lady who didn't want her name in the story, a portly fuck-of-a-man decided to stand several feet away and snap photos of the most handsome reporter in Santa Ana. I smoked my cigarette and stared directly into the lens.

    The lady -- let's call her "Miss Anonymous" for ironic shits and giggles -- told me the event was for "parishioners" only, and the new Orange County location was necessary, as the so-called church continues (cough) to grow (cough).

    No longer in the move for sweet seques, I asked about the alleged physical and financial abuses in the organization, including those from former executive Debbie Cook, who told the world that the Church of Scientology is pretty much a fundraising machine. Cook blew the whistle on Scientology after she was confined in "The Hole" at its international base in Hemet.

    The church sued Cook, saying she violated a signed non-disclosure agreement when she left the group. The church settled with Cook and her husband in April. Neither party got money in the settlement, and Cook and her husband agreed to no longer talk crap about the church.

    Miss Anonymous called the allegations "bologne," and said Scientology apostates are looking for money and "should move on with their lives." She's been a Scientologist since 1977.

    So, not being allowed to mingle with the Scientologists and give a fair-and-balanced report of the day, I moseyed around until I found a group of protesters who were more than willing to talk about their former lives inside Scientology. Along the way, several Santa Ana Police Department officers reminded me that I wasn't allowed inside the event, nor in the surrounding buildings.

    The protesters taught me a lot about the church. What I learned from their picket signs:

    "(President David) Miscaviage lies about expansion."

    "Your org is not the only one that's empty."

    "2 Deaths at Narconon Arrowhead in ½ year."

    "Lisa Marie Presley Ex-Scientologist."

    At this point, I noticed the portly man was back at it, this time, across the street, shooting photographs of the protesters and moi. Naturally, I fired back with the phone camera. Smile!

    Apparently I wasn't the only one to get the boot. Garry Scarff, a 47-year-old man from Hollywood, who said he used to run spy operations for the church, said a henchman grabbed him by the back of the shirt and told him "you're not coming in."

    He also said he was in a nearby Starbucks earlier, when another Xenu cronie told a Santa Ana Police officer that he was "one of them."

    According to Scarff, the officer then asked for his identification.

    "A lot of Scientologists believe anybody who criticizes them is a criminal," Scarff said.

    He said he showed the officer his identification, and even spelled his last name for him.

    As the crowd began to hoot and holler inside, two young bimbos scurried by, mocking the protesters by blowing kisses at them and asking if they were going to join the partitioned-off party.

    Tory Christman, a 65-year-old former Scientologist from Burbank, said the group harassed her from coast to coast when she finally broke free after 30 years.

    "They are 100 percent not a religion," Christman said. "They are a cult. Look at both sides. They can't say look at both sides."
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    Scientology: A bizarre Cargo Cult that worships empty buildings.

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    This needs to be on protest signs!
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    "Among those on hand to welcome Orange County’s new Church were Anaheim City Council Member Lorri Galloway; Garden Grove Mayor William Dalton; Santa Ana Preservation Society Board Director, Ms. Maxine Schmidl; Orange County’s Faith in Youth Project Director of the Community Service Program, Ms. Lourdes Gutierrez; and Orange County Interfaith Network Board Member Mike Penn.

    Anaheim City Council Member Lorri Galloway acknowledged the significance of this new Church of Scientology in light of its leadership in community partnerships: “It is wonderful that such a massive international church such as yours is making its home in such a beautiful venue and iconic building. It is a perfect partnership. Reaching out to the community is a trademark of yours.”

    Garden Grove Mayor William Dalton spoke of the Church’s community education programs: “One of our greatest champions of education in California and the nation, Cesar Chavez, once said, ‘The end of all education should surely be service to others.’ You are all fantastic examples of Cesar Chavez’ ideals in action. Because you all put what you have learned, and what you know, right back into the community.”

    Santa Ana Historic Preservation Society Board Director, Maxine Schmidl addressed the Church’s preservation work: “The Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society is thrilled that you invested so much care in staying faithful to this original landmark. In doing so, you stayed true to its historical significance to Santa Ana. So, thank you for your respect and your commitment.”

    Orange County’s Faith in Youth Project Director of the Community Service Program, Ms. Lourdes Gutierrez, highlighted the Church’s drug education work: “I would like to congratulate you for doing so much to help us create healthy and safe communities in Orange County, and helping us to save lives. I look at this new Church as a place from which we will finally be able to work together on a much grander scale to save many more lives.”

    Orange County Interfaith Network Board Member Mike Penn spoke of the Church’s role in the interfaith community. “What better example of common spiritual understandings is there than this statement from your founder, L. Ron Hubbard: ‘Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.’ When we realize your sacred scriptures say the same things mine do, we have these ‘ah ha’ moments, and our future is brighter with possibilities of greatness!”
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    What does the CoS know about "common spiritual understandings"....?


    I also wonder what would become of the CoS if we simply ignored them.
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    Just like an annoying, irritating, painful body rash, if ignored the C of S would not go away IMO. Aggressively treating the rash that is the C of S by spreading the truth about it is the only way to at least make it stop spreading and ruining lives.
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    You mean like everyone else seems to be doing these days? They'd probably wither and die, which is what seems to be happening anyway.
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  15. Did anybody remember to yell out, "where is Shelly Miscaviage?", or "What are your crimes?" while Dave was speaking? :biggrin:
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