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Rathbun Case and the Squirrelbusters (David Mayo Precedent)

Discussion in 'Monique Rathbun' started by Where_Is_Matt_Choi, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. This is in reference to case C-2013-1082B of the Court of Comal County, Texas (Rathbun v. Miscavige, RTC, CSI, et al).

    Affidavits and Declarations were recently submitted on behalf of Plaintiff Rathbun by Attorney Ray Jeffrey, including one in the name of Mike Rinder dated December 3, 2013.

    In Mike Rinder's declaration, under the subsection titled "Miscavige's "Enemy" Handlings" item number 6, it is stated
    The posts to follow are intended to provide supporting evidence for this contention.

    It is asked that viewers save copies of the images posted in this thread as continuous display may not be offered by image hosting sites. This first image is posted as a test, and its origin is a Scientology characterization from an article about the harassment of David Mayo from the June 29, 1990 Los Angeles Times.


    First post under this new name. It refers to the Sea Orger who holds the real secrets and who no one has been able to find.
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  2. Rathbun Case and the Squirrelbusters (David Mayo Precedent) #2

    The next 2 images are from a submission made on behalf of RTC and CSI, as defendants in the case filed by David Mayo in 1984 requesting a court-ordered inunction against harassment.

    It is important to note that in this document RTC and CSI admit the claimed harassment in this response from early in 1985, and that RTC and CSI are the identical defendants in the Rathbun case of 2013. Also note how they "double curve" their reply per LRH policies, and justify their actions by claiming that the Plaintiffs should be investigated.

    The authenticity of this document could be verified by contacting its author, Attorney Levanas, who is now a Probate Judge at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles County.


  3. Thanks to the moderator for approving these posts and this thread. More will follow later in the week, including document scans from this case file. They describe harassment techniques that were the subject of some news reports but which have never been posted online.
  4. Infinite

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    I guess it comes down to how one defines "hostile confrontrations". I'm willing to bet that the experiences of people like Jim Berry, Paulette Cooper, Gabe Cazares, et al, have lot to teach us about Scientology's hostility and the manner of its confrontations. It should be remembered that Scientology has been seeking to "shatter" its opponents with hostile confrontations since well before David Mayo escaped. One stark example comes from 1979 . . .

  5. The legal context is that the Rathbuns are Plaintiffs in a case filed against specific Scientology corporations CSI and RTC.

    The descriptions indicate a continuity of harassing actions by those corporations CSI and RTC for nearly 30 years.

    CSI and RTC did not exist prior to 1982, so prior actions were by defunct groups speaking strictly in legal terms and procedures.
  6. The next 9 images are from the original filing of the Mayo case in 1984.
    Exhibits which are referenced in this filing will follow, in a separate and re-titled thread.









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    Also see Sunday Times UK

  9. Infinite

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    Isn't that just buying into the corporate shell game? With the harrassment of David Mayo, for example, it was L Ron Hubbard who instructued that Mayo be kidnapped and then made to run around in the desert. It was on L Ron Hubbard's instructions that the book "The Story of a Squirrel" was written and distributed, and it was on L Ron Hubbard's instructions that Mayo was hunted down for disposal without sorrow after his escape from the cult. From a legal perspective, and particularly with Mosey's suit(s) in mind, wouldn't it be better to go back prior to the alphabet soup and show how the construction of the corporate did nothing to stop the actions of Scientology except blur accountability? Its a clear conspiracy and there's no statute of limitations on a conspiracy. By drawing a line in the Scientology timeline, its almost as if to say what happened prior to such'n'such a date is irrelevant. That position distances Scientology from some of its major crimes, at least one of which proves fraud going back to the day L Ron Hubbard said he used Dianetics to cure war injuries.
  10. AnonyMary

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    Why not just send them to Mosey's attorney? He may already have these, or at least those accessable online, but it wouldn't hurt to get them to him. Here is his contact information

    Monique Rathbun attorney:

    Ray B. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey & Mitchell, P.C.

    2631 Bulverde Road, Suite #105
    Bulverde, TX 78163

    Telephone: 830.438.8935
    Fax: 830.438.4958
  11. AnonyMary

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    When you have a chance, please start a thread about this person you refer to and explain what you mean further, what you are referring to about secrets and where he was last seen in the SO. I'm fairly good at finding people if I have some details to work with, like when did he go missing? Where he was last seen? Approx age at time of disappearance? Where was he from originally?

    All I could find on Matt was that he gave $20,000 dono to IAS and was listed on this 1999 Preservation of The Tech Honor Roll posted by Patti Pieniadz aka Pooks aka Cerridwen in 2002!topic/alt.religion.scientology/4RZ_1qTq0v4

    Thank you.
  12. RogerB

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    Where_Is_Matt_Choi and Arnie . . . nice helpful posts.

    ESMB is a good place to make all this known because, when such vital info as this is in the "collective conscious" of a bunch of interested parties as we have here, it can continue to be referred to others in need of it.

    The more that is broadly known about the cult and its deceptive, evil ways and misuse of the systems of "justice" in our Courts of Law, the better.

    Thanks, Mr. "Matt Choi and Arnie . . .

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  13. The answer is "no".

    To paraphrase Lt. Daniel Caffey: In a court of law it's not what you know, but what you can prove.

    What is presented is an actual court record, demonstrating past court proceedings against the same corporate defendants as Rathbun is now filing for relief from. Should the Rathbun legal representatives desire to present them, they now have sufficient information to be able to order certified copies from the archives of the original court.

    That's a higher standard of evidence than comments which amount to "hearsay" and unsupported claims about applicable statute of limitations to the excessively broad term of "conspiracy".

    What would support these would be additional documentation of ties of Miscavige to RTC in the early 1980's. According to online accounts he was an original trustee of RTC in January 1982. Is there a RTC Statement of Officers from 1982-1985 available online?
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  14. Here, the focus should be on precedents and evidentiary support for declarations made in the Rathbun Case.

    What MC knows is a much bigger story. Not the time or place for that now.
  15. AnonyMary

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    I know. That's why I asked you to start a new thread. It was your comment here that I replied to.

  16. Lermanet_com

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    Quite true, however, juries have been known to convict upon circumstantial evidence alone.
  17. Lermanet_com

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    and yes she is good, very good in fact, one of the best.

    Arnie Lerma
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    Was Choi Cantonese or Korean?
  19. Note that in today's hearing in the Rathbun case, CSI/RTC is using the same "constitutionally protected activities" defense for their harassment as they did under #2B of their response back in 1984-1985.
  20. AnonLover

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    Yes. Well almost...

    RTC Articles of Incorporation December 1981

    Miscavige is indeed named. And then there's these...

    RTC Restated and Amended Articles of Incorporation 1982, 1984, 1986, & 1994

    But I don't see DM's name mentioned there.