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Riverside County, April 6, 2010

Discussion in 'Gold Base, Freewinds, and FLAG' started by mnql1, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. mnql1

    mnql1 Patron Meritorious

  2. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  3. dianaclass8

    dianaclass8 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Anybody truly believes that the Riverside County Board of Supervisors cares at all that Marty Rathbun was beaten by DM? He looked pretty bored actually.

    I just wish that MR stops talking about being beaten and give vital info to prosecute and incarcerate DM.
  4. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    I would like to personally thank AnonOrange for officially presenting this to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and getting it into the record.

    Another fantastic product by AnonOrange, the hardest working man in show business!

    Absolutely fabulous, AO :thumbsup: