Ron the Sickie (1975)

Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by Caroline, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Caroline

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    Hubbard’s hospitalization in Willemstad, Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles has been known about for many years. Tony Ortega just mentioned it in his obituary for Kima Douglas:
    These three documents that someone sent Gerry some time ago contain useful dates and other data relating to this incident.

    The Scientologists have for years claimed that Lisa McPherson died of a pulmonary embolism. (Wikipedia: Death of Lisa McPherson) Note the difference in standard care. They didn’t lock Hubbard up, strap him down, deny him medical care, and turkey baster and chloral hydrate him. He got the best wog medical care in a wog hospital the Scientologists’ money could buy. The Scientologists’ care killed Lisa, not the embolism.



  2. Xenu's Boyfriend

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    Thank you for posting this!
  3. Idle Morgue

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    Well, who was it? Who was suppressing El Con??? Come on...fess up! You all know an ES PEE was keeping him from his goals - get your data series out and find the WHO!! We already know the WHY he got sick!! :coolwink:

    Basically, :whocares:
  4. JBWriter

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    So... If Hubbard's DOB was 3/13/1913, the 100-yr birthday would be...:melodramatic:.

    Just checked Mr. Ortega's blog and didn't see anything posted today which mentioned a 'grand celebration'. Is CO$ hosting a bash/shindig/regging festival? More importantly, is this a day to encourage protest(s) or is it best to let it pass unobserved?

    And the physician's initials were T.A.J.? :coolwink:

  5. Caroline

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    Re: Ron the Sickie (1975): Sickie-ness

    Here's how Hubbard used "sickie" in 1965.

    The label "sickie" is just as pejorative as the label "Potential Trouble Source." Here's the standard tech on "Handle or Disconnect" for sick people:

    Scientologists' standard tech treatment of sick people with the SP doctrine is disgusting. Hubbard knew the problem was with his tech.

    Note Hubbard's use of the term "chronic sickies." It's not a redundancy. Anyone who got sick in Scientology could be labeled a "sickie," and that label was universally known and thrown around in Scientology. If Scientologists were sick more than once in a blue moon Hubbard labeled them "chronic sickies." What greatness is that.
  6. when did kima die?

    she seems like an intriguing character...
  7. mischief

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    I always thought he was inflicted on the world in 1911,so he lied about that too?
  8. Mick Wenlock

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    Kima died about 3 weeks ago
  9. she was sorta young for punching out wasn't she? everyone seems to write well of her.

    she had been out close to thirty years. what was she doing all those years?
  10. also a member PM'd me a couple days ago ladybird is no longer amongst us

    beautiful woman...

    i visited her in modesto a couple times and she'd send me off with an armload of oranges from their tree that i'd kick down fresh and sweet to hippies on haight...

    would that i were a painter to capture on canvas a vision of her with a broomstick shaking the fruit free of the branch; timeless woman, provident and generous and graceful...
  11. aegerprimo

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    This was fun to look at.

    Some side effects of taking an anticoagulant drug are abdominal pain and lower back pain. Didn't he complain about those symptoms often? He was a fat smoker with rotting teeth - certainly not the poster boy for good health. (Slap me with a Way to Happiness book!)

    His creatinine is high indicating poor kidney function, and he has a pre-diabetic blood sugar level. In the hematocrit (complete blood test) - don't know what the thrombotest 24% means, but must have something to do with his blood coagulation after taking the sitrom (anticoagulant drug). It would probably relate to the PTT (prothrombin time) a test of how fast blood coagulates. I suppose it would have to be a certain percentage so clots don't form and create an embolism (obstruction of a blood vessel).

    Is there a doctor in the house?
  12. AnonKat

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    Wasn't that the Horror year on The Appolo?

    Scientology seems to be in love with our Dutch antilles
  13. afaceinthecrowd

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    That was the year the Photo Shoot Org started, the RPF began to mushroom in size and El Ron began consolidating power in the CMO amongst other things, which I've covered in some of my El Ron stories from that era. EVERY year was an Horror Year on the Apollo, IMO. :ohmy:

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  14. FlunkYou

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    This is the stuff that always annoyed me.

    "2. That getting rid of the condition requires three basic actions: (A) Discover; (B) Handle or disconnect."

    I see 2 motherloving actions - Discover and Handle OR Disconnect. That's 2!

    We, as loyal sheep, had to take his work so literal, but it rarely made sense.
    That's my .02¢
  15. La La Lou Lou

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    I wonder which Herpes virus he had, and where he picked it up from. However if it was being manifested it means he was stressed which would go along with the filling of the RPF and the general fun that was going on on the ship.
  16. aegerprimo

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    I know! WTF? Good thing the port is on the leeward side of the island so the residents did not get a wiff of the blue asbestos.

    When I was on the Freewinds, it was boasted how photos LRH took of Curacao were still used on postcards for tourists, though no-one could ever show me one of those postcards. :puke2:

    He must've taken them when his blood was flowing better. :medical:
  17. Out-Ethics

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    What is more amazing is how many people do you know who has never been sick. When you get down to it just about every person on this planet has gotten sick. The SPs are everywhere. Here is my handling:

    1. Discover. They are everywhere like the Zombies in World War Z which was a fun movie to watch.

    2. Handle. There is too damn many of them to handle. Like Zombies!

    3. Disconnect. Move to an island where nobody lives. Zombies can't swim. Now I'm totally de-pts.


    I can take care of my body with proper rest, medication if needed or a medical doctor if really sick. Recover and carry on with my life just like rest of the people on this planet generally do. If Hubbard doesn't follow his own writings then why should anybody else?
  18. Udarnik

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    Likely Zoster. His poor health might have triggered a reactivation. Does anyone know if he ever had shingles?
  19. Caroline

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    Childhood illnesses included varicella, according to Hubbard's navy medical record (p. 22). But I haven't read anything relevant about Hubbard and shingles, Udarnik.
  20. La La Lou Lou

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    As far as my understanding has it all the lovely Herpes viruses (I don't do Latin plurals) are too strong for immune systems to permanently destroy, they can only quarantine them and if stressed the immune system is weakened and the virus prospers for a bit till the immune system gets the upper hand again.

    Thus you can get cold sores time and time again with one theory that it hides away in nerve ganglions and that it can end up as Alzheimers, likewise genital sores though the nearest nerve ganglions would probably be the spinal column, chicken pox shows up again as Shingles, Glandular Fever or Mononucleosis or Epstein Barr Virus depending on where you are from can morph into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, there's also a special one for wrestlers from skin contact and in all most human beings have been infected by at least one of these viruses. I don't think the doctor would mention it if it was just a cold sore, but Herpes is quite a generality being a whole family of viruses that can be anywhere from unnoticed to giving a patient recurring fever and exhaustion.