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Featured Scientology Breeds Fanaticism

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Gadfly, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hello Because,

    I read KSW 1. I read the Ethics policies. The vast majority of the Church staff communicated their intention to follow LRH policies, by their words and actions. I was restimulated by this because I disagreed and I wanted to communicate my disagreements but didn't want to be declared SP and disconnected from family and friends. Yes, I was restimulated.

    You are saying the problem is with me. They are just words. Do I understand you correctly?

    Mac Stevens
  2. scooter

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    Gadfly there's a song by The The called "Lonely Planet" - if I knew how to embed it on this thread I would, but I'm a dinosaur when it comes to such tech things - maybe someone else can do it.:duh:

    It expresses many of the ideas you have been talking about in IMO a really nice way.:yes:

    I'm absolutely loving what you are putting on this thread and can't wait for your next installment.:drama:
  3. sallydannce

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  4. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Key Belief Number Three

    Key Belief Number Three

    This can be best stated as:

    Ron Hubbard is always right. Everything he has said or written is true. The worldview Ron has created cannot be disputed or questioned.

    Corollary Belief 3a:

    Since LRH is always right, I must always do only and exactly what he says. If I do what he says I will succeed, and if I don't do what he says, I will fail. And if I fail refer to Key Belief Number One to see what will happen. This is based on the idea that ONLY Hubbard figured out the true nature of life and reality, that the only workable path is comprised of his information (Key Belief Number Two), and therefore, if you want to succeed, at anything, then you must always and only follow Hubbard's exact instructions.

    Here follow numerous quotes taken from Hubbard's writings where he reinforces Key Belief Number Three:

    "Policy works. Just like the tech. If you apply policy, it works and things go well. When you don't, like a case "audited" on out-tech, things go wrong."

    (HCO PL 18 August 1971 ON-POLICY)

    "If it isn't in an HCOB or an HCO PL or recorded on a tape in my voice, it isn't tech or policy.

    (HCO PL 16 April 1965 KSW Series 22 THE "HIDDEN DATA LINE"

    "So if an org's staff, ignorant or neglectful of policy and failing to apply it, is creating a mad scene daily, just realize they are trying to strat a card by welding the trunk shut or polishing the tires!

    The answer is invariably and always, find the policy. apply it and force out the "off-policy" actions, and coolness and prosperity will reign.

    So there is a right way to do it. And that is the way it should be done. And so doing it "on-policy" will result in prosperity.

    So STANDARD ADMIN is rather simple after all."

    (HCO PL 4 June 1971 STANDARD ADMIN)

    "With STANDARD ADMIN known and conscientiously in use on every post, the game is ours."

    (HCO PL 10 July 1986 Issue III ADMIN HIGH CRIME)

    "A 'policy letter' is one which contains one or more policies and their explanation and application. It is issued by the Hubbard Communications Office, is written by L. Ron Hubbard or written (more rarely) for him, has agreement of the International Board and is basic organizational law in organizations.

    The only way policy can be changed is by writing up a policy letter in full and sending it to L. Ron Hubbard for approval or disapproval.

    Policies cover hats, duties, lines, procedures, rules, laws and all other aspects of Scientology activity except technology.

    Technology is covered in HCO Bulletins. HCO Bulletins are written by or (more rarely) for L. Ron Hubbard and are issued by HCO and HCO Secretaries. No one else may issue or authorize an HCO Bulletin.

    If it is not in an HCO Policy Letter, it is not policy."

    (HCO PL 5 March 1965 POLICY: SOURCE OF)

    "Policy is a rule or procedure or a guidance which permits the BASIC PURPOSE to succeed.

    By the process, thereafter, of just removing barriers, distractions and non-compliance, expansion can be accelerated to a point where it overwhelms all hostile efforts to contain it and the result is extremely gratifying in terms of expansion at velocity.

    Expansion Formula:





    "HCO Policy Letters are senior in admin. HCO Bulletins are senior to all other orders in tech.

    HCO PLs and HCOBs are proven by time and are the senior data on which we operate.

    This is therefore a HIGH CRIME policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or abolishes anything set up in any HCO Policy Letter or HCOBs".

    (HCO PL 9 August 1972 SENIORITY OF ORDERS)





    "To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations."



    Each staff member is responsible for seeing that the organization policy is carried out."


    "What would Ron do in this situation".

    (HCO PL 12 September 1967 POST, HANDLING OF)

    "Every action that results in a product has a certain tech."

    (HCO PL 22 June 1974 TECH)

    "But ALL policy exists solely to get the job done . . .

    Disagreement with policy is disagreement with getting the job done."


    "I am the source of Dianetics and Scientology tech, know-how and org form."


    "You'll never clear the planet sitting around here worrying. Remember the old maxim? When all else fails, do what Ron said."


    L. Ron Hubbard has written extensively about many aspects of individuals and the functioning of groups, so he often has something to say regarding just about anything. A typical cartoon notion is of some frantic Scientologist standing in front of a bathroom door, shaking and shuffling from side to side, holding in the poop, while leafing quickly through a large LRH book trying to locate the proper reference on how to wipe one's ass. Lord help us if the poor Scientologist did it the wrong way and therefore contributed to an eternity of pain for all Mankind. While this is an exaggeration, a comedic analogy, designed to make a point, similar situations are far more common than one might think.

    For example, I know a few people who were brought up in the Sea Org in Clearwater, Florida at the Flag Land Base. One told told me a few years back, that for at least two years he would actually become frantic when walking down the street looking in windows, because he would see words that he didn't know the meaning of. He was about thirteen or fourteen years old at the time he was describing. In Scientology it is considered a Suppressive Act (High Crime - most severe offense possible) to pass by words without looking up their meanings in a dictionary. He didn't understand the idea fully or properly in the correct context, and he literally thought he was contributing to the end of the world by failing to clear words he encountered while out walking. He told me he spent countless hours wondering whether he was evil or good because of this. "Am I a suppressive person, am I a decent person, am I really a nasty evil being?"

    In fact it is only considered a high crime under specific circumstances. The following high crimes are taken from the recent edition of the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book:

    Any repeated or continued violation of the five points of out study tech listed below, after two Courts of Ethics for violation of these points, subjects the person to a Committee of Evidence on the charge of committing an act or omission undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists, and if found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, the person may be declared suppressive and expelled with full penalties.

    1. A person may be summoned to a Court of Ethics or Executive Court of Ethics if it be found that he has gone past a word he does not understand when receiving, hearing or reading an order, HCOB, policy letter or tape, any and all LRH written or printed materials including books, PABs, despatches, telexes and mimeo issues which resulted in a failure to do duties of his post, without his at once making an effective effort to clear the words on himself, whether he knew he was missing them or not, as the source of his inaction or damaging actions. The charge is neglecting to clarify words not understood.

    2. A staff member who does not use study tech or get it known while studying or instructing may be summoned to a Court of Ethics or an Executive Court of Ethics. The charge is failure to employ study tech.

    3. A student alter-ising or misadvising others on the use of study tech may be summoned before a Court of Ethics. The charge is advocating a misuse or neglect of proper study tech.

    4. An auditor failing to clear each word and every word of every command or list used may be summoned before a Court of Ethics. The charge is out-tech.

    5. Any Public Division person, staff member or Scientologist found using terms, circumstances or data on raw public in public lectures or promotion of in public relations (PR) beyond the public ability to grasp without stressing study tech or at once taking effective measures to clarify, or releasing materials broadly to a wrong public may be summoned to a Court of Ethics id any flap or upset results. The charge is failure to apply study tech in dissemination.

    It is important to understand how these violations of study tech tie in with the basic beliefs. Anything that interferes with Scientology realizing its goals is considered bad, harmful or evil. There are no special considerations given to anything in this regard and nothing falls outside of this statement. In the case with study tech, a student may fail to get results if he or she fails to clear up the meaning of words or a staff member might not do their job as well as they would have if they had properly applied study tech. Failing to do as well as one could have is also looked at as non-optimum, harmful and a crime of sorts. So, again, anything that cuts across Scientology realizing its goals is considered unethical, evil, bad and criminal. That is the basis of their ethics and justice system. Simply, per Hubbard, taken from the same book:

    "Suppressive acts are defined as actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists."

    Anything that effects Scientology in a negative way is viewed as evil. Their system of moral relativity is based upon the basic beliefs outlined in this thread. This becomes vital to take into account when examining the great lengths the dedicated Church staff go to to to silence, harass, intimidate and destroy anyone who presents any sort of problem to them - this includes anybody critical of them, spreading less than wonderful PR about them, investigating them, suing them, writing about them or talking about them in anything less than glowing terms.

    As happened with the person above, endless painful introverted self-questioning is not uncommon at some point in ones life as a Scientologist. I have talked to many Scientologists who, having been so indoctrinated into these ideas about suppression and evil, went through periods of their life highlighted by questions such as, "am I an SP?", "do I get poor gains in auditing?" (per Scientology theories suppressive people can't get real improvement from auditing), "am I a rock-slammer?" (a "rock-slam" is an E-meter reaction that indicates an evil intention), and "do I have harmful intentions?". But, this sort of behavior is useless and unnecessary. It was largely, but entirely, due to misunderstandings about what Hubbard actually said. It was due to taking things out of context and over-simplifying the understanding of what Hubbard said. Sadly, this sort of misunderstanding and misapplication is rampant within the official Church of Scientology and among Scientologists. With all their attention on "standard tech", "tech correction", and "Qual cramming actions" (quick study orders to learn something one has flubbed at), there is still a very high frequency of misunderstanding and misapplication of (what to me are often) fairly simple and straight-forward methods.

    Yet to comment on or criticize such instances of absurd Scientology applications gets one into deep trouble. Just as it is impossible to talk to a bag of hammers or a box of rocks, so it is impossible to talk to many Scientologists, especially Sea Org staff members, who harbor many rigidly fixed ideas based directly on the beliefs addressed here. Ironically, Hubbard seems to understand the nature of and how to address people with fixed ideas. But the handlings are never done and the fixed ideas remain when these fixed ideas involve, Scientology indoctrination. These people can be so amazingly dedicated and nice, but yet at the same time behave so rigidly moronic and unwaveringly stupid.

    It's really crazy because the subject of Scientology does possess the ability to enable someone to improve their study capabilities. Contradictions abound between the Scientology subject materials and the application of these subject materials by the Scientology organization. First, the subject is not as easy to apply consistently as far too many would seem to like to believe. Second, the organization never admits or acknowledges when they are the source and cause of the incorrect understandings and faulty applications. They seem to possess the notion that such an occurrence is utterly impossible for them. Their minds seem unable to even entertain the slightest possibility of such a thing.

    My son told me that the same thing happened in movies. He said that some of his friends would carry a note pad so that they could write down every word they heard that they didn't know the meaning of during the movie so that they could later look up the words in a dictionary. Why? Because it was considered a High Crime of Scientology, in their minds anyway, to pass a word one doesn't know the meaning of without fully clearing the definition in a dictionary, and they were in a state of constant deadly fear that they would be causing the demise of the entire human race for all eternity! This is just one of many examples of what can happen when the use of "ethics" becomes exaggerated and distorted (as it is in the current version of the Church). He told me this sincerely and I have no doubt that he explained it just as it was. The higher up in the Church one goes, the more intense such notions seem to become. This can be written as a mathematical equation:

    LF = YIC x PL

    LF = Lunacy Factor, YIC = Years in the Church, and PL = Position Level within the staff or management hierarchy.

    Obviously, the lunacy factor increases as the number of years in the Church or position in the hierarchy increase.

    Note: This equation is a parody joke reminiscent of Hubbard's equation in Dianetics relating to a person's ability potential.

    By the way, there is absolutely no kidding or joking allowed in Scientology about Scientology. It is a commonly known truth that healthy people, who are mentally and emotionally stable, have the ability to laugh at themselves, to see themselves as the goofs that they are at times, and to laugh at ones foibles. You can be thrown out of the Church of Scientology for joking or laughing at a "Scientology" joke or speaking humorously about Scientology activities or staff members. Here are Hubbard's orders on the matter:

    "It is an old principle that people who do not understand something occasionally make fun of it.

    In some cultural areas, wit and humor are looked upon as a healthy release. However, in the case of orgs, this was not found to be the vase. Intentional destruction of the org and fellow staff members was the direct purpose.

    The joker is advertising his symptoms.

    Humor is one thing. Destroyed orgs and human beings are quite something else.

    It is our business to get the show on the road and get the job done".

    (HCOB 5 February 1977 JOKERS AND DEGRADERS)

    It is not accepted at all, and this ultra-seriousness is rampant within the Church. It's interesting that Hubbard actually frowned upon a "serious" state of mind, and correctly described "serious" as:

    " . . . when interest is important because of penalty". (LRH, PDC 59)

    That is a very accurate description of one of the many problems with the modern Church of Scientology - there is an ever present threat of danger and penalties and the resultant widespread state of mind is VERY "serious".

    Here is an interesting analysis of Hubbard's schizophrenic attitude about humor:

    The reader, and Scientology staff members themselves, have no idea how insane this sort of thing gets in actual life. Of course, if you mention it to them they view you as critical and begin attacking YOU. These examples hopefully enable the reader to get some elementary idea of just how wacky individual Scientology public and staff can get about the subject of ethics, justice, and right and wrong. And some get very insane, as far as their own ethical behavior is concerned and also as far as the behavior of others is concerned who they have control over.

    I think that there could possibly be a sensible use of Ethics and Justice for the benefit of all decent people. I would venture to state that Ethics and Justice are necessary for any social situation. But the recurring theme here is that the current organization in control at the Church of Scientology misinterprets and misapplies it so stupidly and so consistently stupidly, that it gives these subjects a bad name. Don't make the mistake of viewing the subject in a completely negative light because certain imbeciles in the current organization have applied it so stupidly for so long. But, it is a difficult road, trying to makes ones way through the sensible and the not-so-sensible aspects of Hubbard's wiritngs and statements.

    Of course, from the strict unthinking Church organization stance, if you don't do what Ron says then it reverts back to Key Belief Number One, because if you fail to do what Ron says then you in effect are consigning every man, woman and child to an eternity of pain and despair. In a very real sense, everything in Scientology reverts back to Key Belief Number One, and this notion is used to support and justify endless despicable actions that nobody would ever tolerate otherwise.

    This is the underlying potential fanatic factor, Key Belief Number, that can be used to pervert what, in some ways, started out to be a pretty good religious philosophy. But, honestly, it takes a genius to seperate the good stuff from the crap in Scientology - and there is quite a bit of BOTH. As far as organizational policy, and how the organization operates, it is almost entirely crap.
  5. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Summary & Conclusion

    It is important to understand that a legitimate and sensible understanding and application of LRH materials does not necessarily have to lead to such crazy behavior. But it does lead to such behavior under the auspices of the current Scientology leaders directing the alterations, misinterpretations and misapplications of the LRH subject materials. My view is that some of the unadulterated subject materials of Scientology, if left untouched by the RTC hooligans, might be useful if honestly and carefully applied. And, there are some LRH ideas that I do not agree with, especially in the realm of Public Relations (i.e. lying, molding opinions), ethics, justice and handling antagonists (i.e. attack and destroy tactics), but overall I find much of the pure "self-help" stuff to be based on accurate observations, applicable, relevant and helpful to anyone who approaches the subject honestly and sincerely. But, doing that is nearly impossible within the organization Hubbard also created.

    I consider that the LRH subject materials may be the largest and most valuable compilation of information on Man and his relationship to the universe ever put together in one place. I consider the Philadelphia Doctorate Course Tape Lectures to be an amazing description of the way a spiritual being creates, maintains and relates to any universe. I have read much in the fields of philosophy, science, psychology, eastern religions, esoteric subjects, magic, and more, and I have never personally seen anything approaching the raw truth in the PDC Tape lectures. I can pretty much even, at times, when I take a certain viewpoint, agree with the beliefs above, but I do not at all agree with the pitiful severe fanatical manner in which those currently in control of the subject and organization twist and misapply the subject while pretending and claiming to be doing the opposite.

    My argument is generally not with the LRH materials, but with the poor manner in which they are understood, enforced and applied by the members of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) and the current International Church leaders. The rest of the Church and Mission staff largely go along with it because they have no other choice or don't know any better. The truth is that most Scientology staff and public are very nice, well-meaning people. In the end, that makes the endless deception and manipulation by the leaders even worse.

    In some ways, I agree with almost everything any Scientology public or staff member believes. I agree with the goals. Who wouldn't want a world without crime, insanity and war? I often agree with the purposes as stated. I have no problem with people using the subject of Scientology to better themselves and others. I view the subject as extremely useful in many ways. I encourage others to understand and apply the many useful aspects of the subject because I have the view that it may be able to benefit them.

    I differ primarily in my strong assertion and firm view that the current Church organization is altering, distorting and basically wrecking the subject of Scientology through poor understanding, real or imagined legal factors, internal politics, pressure from imposing personalities (i.e. key leaders), rampant stupidity, and other widespread bureaucratic nonsense. I also differ in that even if everything Hubbard says is true, there can NEVER be an excuse to lie, deceive, manipulate, and harm others to realize ones goals. THAT aspect of Scientology is so very NOT okay with me. And, THAT aspect is rampant and common. Sadly, THAT is very much based on exact LRH policies!

    Getting back to the basic beliefs, the practicing active Scientologist truly believes, based on numerous LRH statements, that 1) they are saving Mankind, 2) they possess the only workable methods able to rehabilitate spiritual beings and are the only group on Earth able to bring about peace and sanity to society, and 3) LRH is always right about everything he ever said or wrote. They accept and believe these far above almost anything else.

    These must be understood as their core beliefs upon which much of everything else rests in Scientology.

    To them there is no other social betterment group, self-help group, religion or philosophy even remotely close to what they believe they are solely capable of achieving. In fact, they often view the rest of society and its accomplishments with disdain. Theirs is viewed as the ONLY path to salvation. All other paths are considered useless and worthless. To think otherwise is not tolerated. Reread the above LRH quotes if you have any doubts about this.

    Of course, for promotional reasons they routinely claim and state things to the media and various publics contrary to these true beliefs. All of their actions taken to network with and form alliances with other religious groups completely hide their true intentions, attitudes and beliefs.

    LRH stated somewhere that as long as you support the goals and help other people with Scientology that you are welcome in the group. That is no longer true (if there was a time where it ever actually was). You can be flawless in your understanding of the subject and assist many others with the subject through correct application, but if you disagree with the Church management in any way, then your actions are twisted and misrepresented, and you are eventually expelled from the Church. Those in the Ethics and Justice sectors of the Church are masters at twisting and misrepresenting facts to appear as something else. They usually do this to contrive evidence in support of guilty verdicts for Suppressive Acts. These staff members are like Houdini, and they can bend anything into anything else. The concatenations of logic and mental gymnastics used are often a sight to see!

    These make up the three points of the Scientology Belief Triangle (SBT):

    1) All eternity, all life, my own future, and the future of my friends depends entirely and only on the success of Scientology.


    3) LRH is always right, and the Scientologist MUST do what he says, exactly and completely.


    Any person or group of people has a belief system. This includes all ideas, opinions, and concepts, but especially involves the ideals and beliefs held with conviction. The actions of any person or group can only be understood when you examine and understand the underlying beliefs. When one cannot verify or link beliefs to observable events, then FAITH enters in. There is MUCH of that in Scientology, though few members can see or admit that in his or herself.

    In Scientology there is a trilogy of beliefs that form the basic foundation of agreement upon which everything else operates. In non-Scientology terms, these could be described as:

    1) The world and universe are in eternal turmoil. The spirit of Man will deteriorate unless something is done to reverse the decline. The world is only pain, suffering, failure and death. That is your future for all eternity unless you do something now to reverse the pattern. There is NOTHING more important than reversing the pattern of pain, suffering, failure and death, and thereby bring SALVATION to all people everywhere forever.

    2) Only our group has the exact understanding and methods to reverse the decline and bring about SALVATION. Only OUR PATH is the right way. There is no other right way, and in fact, all other ways are wrong ways. To do anything else but follow our Path to Salvation, with complete conviction, determination and every moment of your life, is evil and wrong. Anything that detracts in any way from bringing about Salvation is evil and must be stopped.

    3) Our Path comes for a perfect source. The writings and spoken words making up our Path are beyond error. Everything described is accurate and true. There can never be any mistakes in our motivations, beliefs, purposes, goals or actions.

    You can take these three points and apply them to any fundamentalist group. These can be closely correlated to secular and religious activities. Any intelligent person could sit down and examine the behavior of Nazism, Muslim terrorism, Christian fundamentalism, early Chinese and Russian Communism, the Jim Jones People's Temple and many others from a framework of these three areas of belief.

    In Scientology this belief trilogy can be expressed as:

    1) Your life, everyone's life, the world and universe will fail for all eternity unless you succeed with Scientology. You will endure eternal pain and suffering and eventual extinction as a spiritual being UNLESS Scientology wins.

    2) Scientology has the ONLY correct understanding of life and the effective methods able to assist in handling life. Scientology is the ONLY subject and activity capable of reversing the pain and suffering described in Key Belief Number One. Scientology possesses the ONLY effective Path to Salvation (Scientology's Road to Freedom, "The Bridge").

    3) The author and creator of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, is beyond error. Everything he says about anything perfectly describes that reality and the related situations. It is only necessary to understand what he says and to do it. To do otherwise is to interfere with the path to salvation (Scientology's Road to Freedom) mentioned in Key Belief Number Two and works to ensure the pain and suffering described in Key Belief Number One.
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  6. Operating DB

    Operating DB Truman Show Dropout

    Great thread Gadfly! Will you be publishing your posts in a book?
  7. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    I have actually written a great deal on examining Scientology. I may look around for an existing (critical) website, which might be willing to place my writings there. I have quite a bit, organized quite well.
  8. because

    because Patron

    Hi Megalo,

    It seems the restimulation you have mentioned IMO is due to the threat imposed on you by someone, not by the written word.
    It doesn't seem the words made you a fanatic, which is my point.

    Merry Christmas,all!
  9. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Disclaimer and Correction

    I made a few mistakes in the later posts on this thread. I said some things that I no longer consider to be true.

    This essay on the Three Beliefs was written quite a few years ago (maybe 6 or 7 years ago). At the time I still suffered to some degree with that characteristic of so many other recent ex-Scientologists, where one obviously and clearly sees the insanity of the operation of the group and management, yet still holds onto various ideas of the Scientology system. At the time, back in the PAST, I had the incorrect notion that there was still a great deal of validity to some of Hubbard's data. Obviously, if I could have examined and written about the basic beliefs of Scientology Church members, I must have been more "out" than "in". But, at that time, I still had some of my own bias left over from involvement with the Scientology group and related ideas.

    I basically cut and pasted sections of the essay, obviously without the required attention and care that would have brought it completely into alignment with my current views in the area. I should have edited and removed certain lines.

    First, I do NOT think that there is any way for the Scientology ethics and justice system to "work". I no longer have that opinion and it should have been removed before I posted. It is almost entirely a tool to make Scientology "expand". Any honest reading of Scn ethics and justice shows it for what it is - a self-serving system designed to SERVE the organization of Scientology. The concept of the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics" has ONLY to do with trying to make things survive and persist through time. Each dynamic involves something surviving. To me, real ethics involves being loving to all that is. The highest spiritual awareness of ethics involves:

    Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

    That idea is so completely foreign to Scientology ethics and justice. This rule or maxim has nothing to do with survival of any form or thing, and involves the notion that you actually ARE part of and closely related to everything you see as separate to yourself. The Scientology mindset creates, nurtures and promotes separation, division and divisiveness. It encourages conflict. To me, a legitimate system of personal ethics would bring one into better harmony with all of creation. For me, ethics involves an approach to dealing with others. How to treat others? How to view others? How to get along with others? The maxim stated above currently best describes how I view this.

    Second, I do NOT any longer think that "the LRH subject materials may be the largest and most valuable compilation of information on Man and his relationship to the universe ever put together in one place". I find value in certain isolated fragments of information. I especially liked the PDC lectures, BUT my comment was based in a great part to my own selective removal of all the CRAP in Scientology data. The nuggets are there, and they do have some value (to me), but they need to be evaluated and removed from all the endless BS Hubbard wrote. Again, I should have edited this comment OUT from the original essay before posting.

    Last, I posted this, and it is NOT in alignment with my current view on Scientology:

    "My argument is generally not with the LRH materials, but with the poor manner in which they are understood, enforced and applied by the members of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) and the current International Church leaders."

    In fact, as I have posted more than a few times, much of the problem IS with, and exactly with, the Hubbard materials that the Church's behavior is based upon. While I have found that even simple, useful LRH materials are often misunderstood and misapplied by Church members, and that the Scientology organization, both past and present, is very much an exercise in extreme bureaucratic lunacy, a large part of the problem IS VERY MUCH with the LRH materials that the edifice of Scientology rests upon (ethics data, justice data, declares, disconnection, fair game, noisy investigations of critics, the use of overwhelming lawsuits to silence enemies, lying, manipulation of agreement, endless PR, etc).

    I want to thank a board member for taking the time to mail me and point out these flaws and inconsistencies in the later part of my posts on this subject. If I had taken the time to review it better before posting, I surely would NOT have included those lines and comments. Please ignore entirely those comments when reading the above. I could have gone back and edited them out, and possibly I should, but this is more "honest".

    The analysis of the Key Three Beliefs stands, and I think it examines well what goes on in the minds of active Scientologists, and also well explains HOW and WHY the Church and Church members DO WHAT THEY DO in the name of their "religion". Please do not disregard the analysis of the three beliefs because of these few dumb comments of my own. As I explained, those comments were based upon an old, no longer existent version of myself.

    I am going to edit the entire essay, bringing it completely into alignment with my current view, and if anyone would like a copy, mail me through the board, supply an e-mail address, and I will send you a copy. Actually, I will send both copies, if you'd like. You are free to do with it/them whatever you like. Of course, use an entirely anonymous e-mail account, as I have no interest or need to know who you are.
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    That's your service facsimile. Merry Christmas

  11. because

    because Patron


    ? :unsure:
  12. because

    because Patron

    Flunk for comm lag, Zin, and your earlier GAT stimulus response ("That's your service fac"), yet you see no ser-fac in Gadflys' post. Wow.

    Re read your Level 4 materials. Get checked out by someone who has gotten good results with ser-facs.


    Talk about Fanatics!
  13. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    I remember reading these poloicies and thinking about the awsome responsibility I was carrying. I was sooo proud! What an idiot!

    Possible the only right thig DM did (and I am sure it was accidental) was getting the no kids policy into the SO. Can you imagine being indoctrinated at an early age in KSW?
  14. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    I know children who were brought up in the Sea Org from a very early age, and even from birth. Most of them had a VERY hard time extricating themselves from the extensive brain-washing after leaving staff and the Church. Many invalidated themselves for YEARS, having accepted all the trash about "we are the good guys", "we are freeing people", "anyone who leaves the Sea Org is a DB", "there must be something wrong with YOU for leaving", and so forth.:angry:

    Also GreyWolf, when one believes that he or she is helping Mankind using the best techniques available, of course, one would and possibly even should feel proud. While you were tricked in some regards, there was a part of it that was valid - because YOU felt it. You connected with your own concern for all other beings. You existed in a space where you were willing to go to incredible (honest and decent) measures to HELP others. THAT is admirable. Don't invalidate it too much.

    Remember the scene in Matrix (the first), where Cypher asks Neo, "Did he tell you why you're here?" (referring to Morpheus) "You are here to save the universe. What a mind job. How do you deal with that?" I am paraphrasing, as I am too lazy to find the DVD, locate the scene and watch it. But, the idea is similar. How does one accept and think with having the ways and means to "save the universe and all beings in it"?

    For me, the reality of Scientology is some strange and often complicated combination of total nonsense and total truth. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your motivations were good, even if Hubbard tricked us all in many other ways.
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  15. FinallyMe

    FinallyMe Silver Meritorious Patron

    You are aware, of course, that Zin has never been a Scientologist.
  16. because

    because Patron


    Oh, so the jokes on me. I got it now. I think. :duh:


  17. because

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    Oh, so the jokes on me. I got it now. I think. :duh:


  18. Me, too!

    Me, too, Gaddy! :thumbsup: With some minor editorial additions merely to help explain the lingo to outsiders, for clarity...(like adding a glossary inserted into the text.) Only I, unlike Alanzo, will give you full credit, along with a plug for this board. :thumbsup:

    I think this information will greatly help those human rights and community activists who are questioning, why protest Scientology, isn't it a religion? Don't they have a right to believe what they want? Yes, but...they don't have the right to try and make the whole world belive what THEY want, which is their admitted goal... and as Senator Xenophan pointed out, they can believe anyway they want to, but that doesn't mean they have the right to act anyway they want to, especially when harming others...

    Thanks, Gaddy, great posts and wonderful thread! :clap: :)

    I will put your words to VERY good use! :yes:
  19. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    For anyone who is interested, I have completey edited, and rewrote this all into a single essay.

    Is there a way to upload a small word file to this web site? Making it available for others to download?

    I have sent the completed essay to a few who asked for it. You can PM me, supply an anonymous e-mail address, and I will happily send you a copy. It is less than 500KB in size, under 30 pages of MS WORD text).
  20. Historical Accuracy!

    Dear Gadfly,

    Thank you for not editing or altering this thread, but adding corrections. This is very valuable for outsiders to see and understand how it takes Ex's time and self-examination to overcome the indoctrination, following leaving Corporate Scientology. Both your original thoughts, and your latter recanting and clarifications of them, are REALLY VALUABLE from a sociological point of view. It demonstrates how a formerly dedicated and active church member's thoughts on the subject can and do shift and change over time, once they get free of the cult. Thank you for being more honest than perfectionistic here. It serves the common good very well. One thing I have always admired about you is your capacity for honest self-examination and disclosure.

    People's views do shift over time and with different exposure to ideas and experiences. This should give hope to the families and loved ones of those who are still very indoctrinated, and seem hoplessly lost in a destructive cult. Viewpoints and circumstances can, and will change. :)
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