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Scientology indoctrination of children at Delphi Academy of Boston?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by CommunicatorIC, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Scientology indoctrination of children at Delphi Academy of Boston?

    HT: Michael Bennitt
  2. Leon-2

    Leon-2 Patron Meritorious

    This is bullshit deluxe. Children get indoctrinated everywhere on earth wherever they are found - and that is everywhere. They get indoctrinated into who their parents are, into the language they speak and how to speak it properly, they get indoctrinated into good manners, how to eat, hos to address older people, how to behave, where to crap and pee, etc etc etc etc. In none of these actions do thy get given any choice at all in doing things they way they themselves want to. And the entire stability of the society they were born into depends on that indoctrination to be done thoroughly - where it fails, there the social order fails.

    These kids above are just having fun. They know damn all about what they are saluting, they just enjoy being part of a group activity where they get nice uniforms and get to do cool things.

    Go and find something else to bleat about in in Scio. Here you have missed the bus entirely.
  3. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Perhaps there is a word or symbol you didn't understand? Perhaps the word or symbol you didn't understand is something referred to as a question mark -- ?

    Word clear that.
  4. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Its their parents that have gone do this to their children.

    I realize they probably don't think so....

    As far as indoctrination....there are degrees of. And this is not proper IMO. These kids may end up completely warped....

    Thanks Communicator IC for this post.
  5. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    I don't know much about Delphi....but realize it is tied to Scientology.

    It is my understanding that if a group uses Scientology....they must license it from the C of $

    So, Delphi must have some sort of agreement with the Sea Org.

    Here are a couple interesting screen shots. #1...Delphi states they are "independent". #2. Boston Herald says they hide their affiliation to Scientology...and don't tell the parents of the students? Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.27.39 AM.png Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.26.55 AM.png
  6. Francois Tremblay

    Francois Tremblay Patron with Honors

    Oh Leon-2. You've pierced the veil of social mores and seen the truth behind the illusion. Good for you dude, but not particularly relevant to this particular piece of asshattery. When people post about Scientology indoctrination, do you come back every time with "but other institutions indoctrinate us too"? We already know that, you really don't need to tell us. Everyone's seen The Matrix/Truman Show/Zeitgeist/whatever new movie is reminding people that society is bullshit. We just go along with it because we've got no other choice.
  7. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Delphi students are happy, happy, happy.. :unsure: What an appreciative crowd. Zzzzzzzz...


  8. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    This is a branch of the Delphi School. The main school is in Oregon.

    Years ago, in the early 1980s, I had been corresponding for some time with one of their faculty, Jay Nunley Ph.D. This correspondence had been initiated by him. It was a cordial exchange with Dr. Nunley and, then, his letters changed in a way that, at first, was baffling.

    Turns out that the "RTC" had appeared and (on Hubbard's orders) removed Delphi founder Martin Samuels, and asserted their authority over the Delphi administrators and staff.

    Hearing something about this, and other recent changes, I asked Nunley, and shortly thereafter received a letter from him, explaining how wonderful things were at Delphi now, and that he had VGIs on the new program, as did everyone there, and it was a relief to finally have LRH Tech back in, etc.

    Nunley's mixture of VGIs and fear left an impression on me.

    Unlike most of the Delphian School staff, and their Head Master Alan Larson, who had obsequiously complied with the RTC, Martin Samuels, who was the person who had begun the first (main) Delphian School in the early 1970s, objected and was declared an SP.

    For a fairly recent look at Alan Larson, see 10:03 -10:10 of this - the "blow your brains out" Scientology Orientation video:


    Delphian School uses all aspects of Scientology tech, including its Ethics tech, and Children's Security Check.

    Here's the Sec Check for Children, written by L Ron Hubbard.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


    HCO WW Security Form 8

    The following is a processing check for use on children.
    Be sure the child can understand the question. Rephrase it so he or she
    can understand it. The first question is the most potent.

    Children's Security Check

    Ages 6 -- 12


    From a 1986 interview of Martin Samuels, former Mission Holder, and founder of the Delphian School, from the 'Reflections' chapter of the book, 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?' :

    Hubbard operated according to a couple of key patterns.

    The first pattern involved basically decent well intentioned people... no one was able to rise in the organization to a point of any real proximity to him, without being attacked and vilified...

    And of course the next person thinks he or she is immune...

    The next pattern: It's reap and rape. Hubbard would let the reins loose. He'd let people believe they really could get on with it... He'd let people believe they really could prosper to the full extent of their own ability, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    And, with that kind of freedom, prosperity does occur, Inevitably, though, he'd come along and rape and pillage and rip off and take what had been produced. The most dramatic example of this was '82, '83, when he 'raped' his most decent people in management along with the mission holders, and looted the entire mission network.

    And look at this pattern... He surrounded himself with absolute hooligans as 'managers'; guys who beat the shit out of people. This man, who 'is this OT, the author of Science of Survival, completely able to predict human behavior', surrounded himself with ruthless people - like Miscavige - who got there because they emulated Hubbard's savagery. They emulated his total willingness to completely break, use, and discard another person.

    And then after their hands were so bloody - and the only reason their hands were bloody was that they were doing what Hubbard wanted - when it finally started to get to the point where it couldn't be tolerated by people anymore, Hubbard wiped them out. Then he said. 'My God! I didn't know!' Scapegoat. He even did that to his own wife, who went to jail in his place...

    But the thing that's amazing, and to me terrifying, is the characteristic of the mind, my mind, your mind, and apparently many other people's minds, where I could buy this horseshit, where I could participate in it.​
  9. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    I noticed at the bottom left of the Delphi Boston web says " A Milton Independent K-9 School." I tried to find out some info about "Milton" but was not able to. Just curious about it, if anyone has info. The Oregon Delphi web site does not have that Milton notice.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2014
  10. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    These are depictions of normal, healthy, activities, and I'm sure most the parents are enjoying seeing their children, as any parents would.

    These two videos are not an example of what is wrong with Delphi.

    What's wrong with Delphi is kept mostly behind the scenes.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2014
  11. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    It is true that LRH tech is used in Delphi schools.

    Delphi classes are based on checksheets, just like Scn academies. Each level has a checksheet and each child learns at their own speed. I am not sure if they have any classroom method of teaching as well. I could not say. I did not go to Delphi school, BUT all Sea Org children (children of Sea Org members) in the 90's were studying at the ATA (Apollo training academy at the Big Blue PAC Base) on Delphi checksheets.

    Anyone know what happened to Apple School? It was around when I was a child and went down hard. I was too young to understand what was going on.
  12. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Wonder how Delphi balances being a college prep school with being an obvious source of recruits for staff and Sea Org?

    Dr. Alan Larson, Headmaster, demonstrated Tone 40 propitiation when the fit hit the shan in 1982 and Martin Samuels was Declared an SP and officially erased from Delphi's history.

    Could this man still be kissing Miscavige's ass after...what has it been... 32 years? Is that possible?
  13. George Layton

    George Layton Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yeah children are being taken advantage of all the time. Best thing to do is throw them to the scientologists that way they won't be children for very long and then no one will ever take advantage of them again.

    They took the child away
    In those young years when every sight is made of wonder. With that Freedom to look where your wandering might lead you and the Serendipity in each discovery and a parents smiling face comforting and encouraging in each and every one.

    But this one is led down narrow halls, with no smiling parent near, with no comforting hand or gentle word to say. They took the child away.

    On that sunny beach with friends to chase through the salty waves. Then back up to wrap in fluffy towels to dry the cold away and instantly forget the cold when you see Dad has begun to build a sandcastle! Of course you and your friends need

    to show him just how it must be done. But this one must kneel in the sand to pull the weeds out by the roots. No sandcastles here real or imagined, having been forsaken by that “greater good “, that one and only way. They took the child away.

    Those camping trips of tracking through the fern filled forest. Those calling birds and squirrels chattering down from lofty trees. Those pungent smells kicked up by tiny feet tromping through the fallen leaves. Or sitting quietly watching, waiting,

    laughing when that chipmunk finally skitters down to the bread crusts left by you and Dad. But this one is fed on this day, not but crusts and water, for wistfully looking at the forest when she should be carrying the stones that here in the

    bottom of the creek bed lay. They took the child away.

    And oh those wondrous camping nights! When suppers over and we get to watch the camp fire flames lick the darkness, knowing that soon will be the time for smores! So hard to decide which is more delicious, making them or eating them!

    And just to own that knowledge that the best dirty hands are smore hands. But this one knows no campfire songs, no treats that can be made thereby, has no recall of flames licking the night time. After the evening dinner comes the repetition

    of the only worthwhile speaking one needs learn to say. They took the child away.

    Oh what fun to be had with the four colored cans of play doh Mom bought today, just because she saw them there. To make any multi colored art that comes to mind. He’s made that and it makes me think of this and mine makes him think of

    something even more fantastic. On and on in our laughing delight we’ve made up every sort of, out of this world, art. But this one is given another’s idea and told to form that and only that idea from clay. They took the child away.

    Those hikes along the foothill trail to the boulder field that seems to run for miles to the granite cliffs towering above. With the tickle of fear and excitement as you begin your clime upon and through the strewn boulders. Mom of course above

    to lend a helping hand if needed. Dad of course below in case you slip downwards. The scraped knee from one such slip that Mom and Dad are both so concerned about but you consider a battle scar in your triumphant conquer of a mountain.

    But this one’s scrapes and scars come from the rock walls needing building, and no sense of accomplishment comes with the drudgery in the labor that she does every day. They took the child away.

    Even in the night when fitful dreams might come to frighten you. Those tree branch fingers at your window on those stormy nights, scratching there to scare the happy dreams away. Mom is there to shoo those scary specters off with a story

    from your favorite book or a nighttime lullaby and send you back to sleep. But this one’s parents can’t be there for her to keep the fears at bay. They took the child away.

    Schools out and summer vacation has begun! With all your friends on bikes you pedal fast as the wind down to the swimming hole. With a large rock to dive off of and a real rope swing that carries you all the way to the middle of the pond! To

    spend an entire lazy hot day swimming and swinging. A sack lunch, Mom insisted you take, is so delicious because she put in a cream filled sponge cake! So many perfect days each summer simply filled with kid fun. Any fun idea you can come

    up with is yours for the making. But for this one there in no summer break, barely any school time. Too much to be done to clear the way. They took the child away.

    To never see the child, to never be the child. To take away the wonderment that each and every one of them is born to. To lose your chance at those incredible incites the children have to share. To take out of the world our salvation in the

    childlike act, in the childlike thought, in the childlike experience, in the childlike trust, in the childlike love. To give the childlike world away in exchange for…

    Whatever else you work for. Whatever else you pay for. Whatever else you look for. Whatever else you strive for. Whatever else you shout for. Whatever else you believe in. Don’t take the child away.
  14. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Delphi is actually in Milton MA & is an independent (private) school, not affiliated with the Boston Public Schools district.
  15. Leon-2

    Leon-2 Patron Meritorious

    George - I have absolutely no support for the Scientology method of raising children. I have seen myself since the early 1970s that the more dedicated the parents are the more buggered up the children are. (I knew of only a single exception to this rule, ever) I was also on the Apollo in 1971 and saw kids growing up there getting no adequate education nor play-time nor anything decent happening in the line of getting them to be aware of and participate in the wider world. There was a moronic attitude among people there that an education in Scientology is the best possible education anyone could have to prepare themselves for life. I saw it all.

    But this does not mean that one needs to go ape shit about it and reject every single aspect of what one sees there. Kids will turn just about anything they come across into fun, and it sure looks to me as if those kids in the picture on the OP are having just that kind of fun.

    There is a lot of both good and bad in Scientology. And there is enough bad to not need to try and paint the good things black. And there is certainly enough good in it to not need to justify the bad.
  16. prosecco

    prosecco Patron Meritorious

    The point is that kids learn at an early age about behaviour and what's acceptable and not by the reaction of adults and their peers.Those kids on stage got a collective, 'oh how cute!' which roughly translates as approval. You think if they all put on anonymous masks it would have been so well received? Probably would not have been in the org promo.

    This is not just, 'dressing up.' This is absolutely manufactured by some Delphi teacher for a purpose, and that's what's so obnoxious about it; it's using children for ulterior purposes.
  17. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Yes totally agree....your last sentence.....What the kids were asked/told to IS brainwashing.

    There is a difference between learning your ABCs and perhaps later, (as an example ) Table manners and how to use a knife and fork.......and BRAINWASHING.

    There is a difference between going to school and learning about the world we all live in...and....going to school and being inculcated with scientology bull shit. One prepares youth for does not. (and what is education and school for, if not to prepare one for life? )
  18. Leon-2

    Leon-2 Patron Meritorious

    So, I was indoctrinated into Christianity from an early age.

    Did it "prepare me for life? I doubt it.

    Did it harm me? Not at all.
  19. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    do you believe critical thinking should be taught?
  20. Leon-2

    Leon-2 Patron Meritorious

    Gosh! I got a Like for a post I made ! ! !

    Thank you Miss Ellie !

    and yes, I think critical thinking should be taught.