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Scientology makes the lame walk..according to Debbie Cook's new letter

Discussion in 'Debbie Cook' started by BunnySkull, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. BunnySkull

    BunnySkull Silver Meritorious Patron

    Debbie is addressing publics via a letter on Martys blog. She certainly still writes like the Capt of FSO to a public she expects to reg.

    I probably should have posted this in Martyland, and I have a feeling any more threads about Cook will be there.

    She is reassuring everyone of her lifelong commitment to the glory of LRH and spewing the miracles his tech works like a cheap revival tent preacher.

    Of course, Martybots can't praise her enough. If anyone ever thought their ass kissing and flattery knew any boundaries, reading these comments will cure you of the notion immediately.

    The letter is posted in full below, bold emphasis mine, for anyone who wants to read it but can't stomach visiting Marty's fan club.
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  2. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Hmmm... well... there you go.

    Edit: Just had a quick look at the comments - yes, she sure has a large fan base. That's why this thing has only just started, and despite personal disagreements, I'm glad of that.
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  3. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    Lord I am blind. I have now seen the light. For now I can see that I was in the dark as a sinner and amongst sinners.

    Yea, I have seen the light. But I am still blind. Lord have mercy on me.

  4. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    New Debbie Cook letter

    It doesn't look like anyone else has posted this yet, so here it is. The latest letter from Debbie Cook posted on Martyworld this afternoon:

    Dear Friends,
    On 31 Dec 2011 I sent an email that I hoped would help Scientologists around the world to involve themselves in the direction of the Scientology Religion and also to remind them that LRH empowered all Scientologists to do all they can to keep things strictly to LRH tech and policy.
    I never spoke to the press and asked that it be kept from them. I also made it clearly known to the Office of Special Affairs that I had no plans for any further action and asking that our family, friends and business associates not be pressured to “disconnect” from us.
    In response I received no communication from the Church at all, but rather every one of my Scientology clients was instructed to disconnect from me and my company was tanked. Further, my Scientology friends and family were contacted and ordered to disconnect.
    Further still the Church of Scientology filed suit against me, demanding a legal injunction requiring complete silence on the subject of Scientology and $300,000 in damages.
    The first part of that legal action occurred on 9 Feb, where the Church’s legal counsel asked of the Texas courts to legally silence me. They withdrew that filing the very next day after the court heard a very small sample of the physical abuse committed behind the closed doors of the International Scientology Base. But that was thanks to the 100% support of Marty and Mike and a few others very dear friends who were there to help guide us through this. It was especially due to an attorney and his team who came from the very heavens.
    I have since done some press interviews, only with the intention of making it clear that these issues of duress and confinement are not based on the scriptures of the Scientology religion or the works of L. Ron Hubbard. They are the doings of an individual or a few individuals. And that Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are kind and caring and good.
    Before me now is the damages case, where DM will demand millions of dollars in damages from me.
    But for now, the first battle was won.
    And for this, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart each and every one of you who supported me through this time, my true friends. From the well over one thousand people who sent emails and letters of support to the hundreds of people who donated to my legal defense, thank you!
    In my moment of need, many stepped forward. People I knew and people I didn’t. Scientologists in “good standing” and those who aren’t. And Scientologists with some real heart-wrenching stories to tell. And not just Scientologists, but people from all faiths and all walks of life who saw that a great injustice was afoot and stepped forward to help prevent it. And together in this first round, we prevailed.
    However, this fight is far from over and if truth is to prevail, your positive support and help will make all the difference.
    Please know who I am. I support L Ron Hubbard. I have seen L Ron Hubbard’s technology create many miracles. There is no question in my mind that Scientology books and lectures as written by L Ron Hubbard hold tremendous benefit for anyone who just takes the writings as they are and applies them. I have seen the lame walk. I have seen emotionally broken people renewed. I have seen relationships healed. And I have seen these things over and over and over again. Nothing could ever shake my belief in the value of L Ron Hubbard’s philosophical writings.
    I will do whatever is needed to ensure that the Scientology religion moves forward into the 21st Century in the spirit of love, compassion and kindness.
    So that is who I am.
    At this time, I have more friends than I had before I made this stand, far more. And we have our integrity. And it feels damn good.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
    Debbie Cook
  5. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    How is that possible? The ideas of "love, compassion and kindness" do not exist anywhere in the entire subject of Scientology. :confused2: :ohmy:

    Hubbard setup Scientology so that it could NEVER be altered or added to. "Love, compassion and kindness" are alterations and additives to Scientology.

    I thought Debbie Cook was a dumbass when she was my senior at the FSO. I still have the view that she is a dumbass. Love and compassion in Scientology?

    This sounds like Public Relations BULLSHIT to me. One has to REALLY be nuts (delusional, hallucinatory, out-to-lunch) to find any similarity between Scientology and THOSE admirable concepts and qualities. :duh:

    One thing that trained Scientologists are VERY good at is "spinning a web of lies and deceit". They excel at making things appear to be something other than they actually ARE. They are often masters of misdirection and misrepresentation. Per Debbie:

    "Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are kind and caring and good".

    Really????!!!!! In what alternate universe? In what fictional version of total make-believe?

    I am sorry, but these people are NUTS! (Debbie Cook, Rathbun, Rinder, etc.)
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  6. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Re: New Debbie Cook letter

    It was already posted here:

    Scientology makes the lame walk..according to Debbie Cook's new letter
  7. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

  8. shanic89

    shanic89 Patron Meritorious

    My initial thoughts of marty collecting for Debbie was he was trying to set her up and possible make himself look like a hero in the process. Well it seems that I was quite wrong, now it seems the strange and the odd are forming a partnership to save us all.

    On the other hand it is possible that the m, m & d show may provide some people with some cringe worthy entertainment.

    As a side note, I was wondering if Debbie could come to the paraplegic word near me and cure the patients. I will donate $200,000 dollars to a charity of her choice if she can cure just one of its long time guests.
  9. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    She's entitled to her opinion, of course. But I just don't understand how someone can't see that in fact, the root of all Scientology is Hubbard. There are very few things done today that aren't sanctioned by Hubbard. Perhaps not the detail -- he probably never wrote about standing people in a barrel and pouring water over them and slapping them for hours. But he did conceive the so-called "ethics tech" which is at the basis of this particular punishment, and he certainly put his imprimatur on fair game.

    I guess she is so invested in Scientology that she can't yet admit she was so wrong for so long.

    Alternatively, maybe she's planning a second career in Scn Mk II.

    I have no hard feelings and bear her no ill will. But the longer it takes, the harder the realisation is when it comes.
  10. BunnySkull

    BunnySkull Silver Meritorious Patron

    FIFY Debbie!
  11. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    Re: New Debbie Cook letter

    ooooops. My bad. Emma feel free to delete this thread.
  12. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    Praise Glory!! May the Source be with you!
  13. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    "Please know who I am. I support L Ron Hubbard".

    I noticed that she never called herself a Scientologist in the letter. She must have read the Church's recent statement which ordered her not to call herself a Scientologist.
  14. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    One of the PR lines pushed by Scientology has been:

    L. Ron Hubbard... Such Compassion

    I wonder if Marty Rathbun will be using this approach in his upcoming book?


    I can be addressed
    But in our temples best
    Address me and you address
    Lord Buddha.
    Address Lord Buddha
    And you then address

    L. Ron Hubbard, from 'Hymn of Asia'

    And the question is, just how far do the outside the CofS Hubbardites want to push this PR line?

    Will it "work"?

    "RON, the misunderstood compassionate World-Teacher."

  15. mich

    mich Patron

    I can understand where she's coming from... 17 years as Capt FSO must be very hard to look at all that time and energy given, and have to admit it was all for nothing - or worse that it was for the greater "bad". :duh: I still have a hard time figuring out what to keep and what to throw away. Just because Ron spoke about confront doesn't mean it too is BS. Just like we shouldn't believe everything he said was right, so we can't afford to dump everything he said 'cause he was wrong. We are all both right and wrong - and let's face it, he borrowed from a lot of places so not all the data originated with him. I think Debbie is doing what she can confront - time and practice may help her do more. And we can always stand on the side of what works for us - and if we're wrong, we can change our minds.
  16. Joe Mannix

    Joe Mannix New Member

    Re: New Debbie Cook letter


    The letter is twaddle. I don’t feel sympathy for this woman. She was a hi-up racketeer as David Miscavige is. There is much reason to investigate her under RICO. I'm for that. In fact, I want to know what she knows about Lisa McPherson and start from there.

    She never gave a crap about any one else but herself. Now her ox is gored and she wants an internet army. So she's become a fundamentalist back-to-basics true believer who ratted her mates out? Great! Let’s take advantage of her, jail her after she spills her guts if we can, and not praise her.

    I can't believe so many indies think now Debbie Cook's the bee's knees! It makes my stomach churn. They flat won't answer this question: would you break bread, give a smiling warm handclasp & offer good will & friendship to stone killers like Kid Twist, Joe Valachi, & Sammy Gravano just because they flipped?
  17. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    She has seen the lame walk.

    I have seen the lame walk as well. As a matter of fact I have seen Rob Gronkowski of The New England Patriots play a Supperbowl just two weeks after suffering high ankle sprain.

    It appears these miracles can be achieved outside the tech of Scientology, or perhaps the lame walking is not a miracle.

    Interesting that she chose that as an example of the miracle of Scientology technology.
  18. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    Re: New Debbie Cook letter

    Interesting first post.
  19. TheRealNoUser

    TheRealNoUser Patron with Honors

    It's deeply upsetting to see you all being so cynical about Debbie ...

    ... after all, she has now "moved on up a little higher".

  20. TEoS

    TEoS Patron with Honors

    Re: New Debbie Cook letter

    I hope she gets well soon.