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Scientology Service Completions - Advance 200 [circa March 2009 ]

Discussion in 'Completions Lists' started by Pooks, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Pooks


    If you compare this list to Advance 197 and 198 you will see that in this issue, they lumped all the BASICS course completions together rather than list them separately.

    Scientology Service Completions - Advance 200 [circa March 2009 ]

    TAS : Scientology Statistics : Advance : Advance 200

    Advance 200 [ circa March 2009 ]

    Quick Stats:
    242 completions
    209 individuals
    11 different services

    CLEAR [ 11 ]

    Omar Boustani
    Jeff Kathrein
    Wenshao (Sue) Lien
    Marie Pace
    Mori Shaw
    Gilliam Anderson
    Glen McCullough
    Stu Rosenbaum
    Bob Desimone
    Larry Leong
    Jeff McGinnis


    Marianne Ditko
    Mary Anne Langenfeld
    Sandy Lattimore
    Jim Marrash
    Sarah McCrink
    Arin Morfopoulos
    Jamie Sorrentini


    Jodi Leesley
    Jim Marrash
    Trent Morrill


    Trent Morrill
    Sabina Nowlin


    Alexa Alborzi
    Tom Bristol
    Carol Horton
    Ben Ranson
    Morri Shaw

    NEW OT I [ 9 ]

    Gillian Anderson
    Marcus Coloma
    Bob Desimone
    Katie Johnston
    Larry Leong
    Jeff McGinnis
    Iris Ohnhauser
    Laura Quintero
    Marilyn Totten

    OT II [ 13 ]

    Gillian Anderson
    Stefanie Bauman
    Marcus Coloma
    James Goudy
    Brett Gow
    Jim Groesbeck
    Katie Johnston
    Iris Ohnhauser
    Laura Quintero
    Kara Sherman
    Doreen Tom
    Marilyn Totten
    Simon Wakley

    OT III [ 10 ]

    Shawna Brakefield
    Katelyn Finn
    James Goudy
    Brett Gow
    Ciara MacMahon
    Rita Michaels
    Rosemarie Paquette
    Roberta Perry
    Michael Sullivan
    Russ Tom

    NEW OT IV [ 7 ]

    Shawna Brakefield
    Brett Gow
    Ciara MacMahon
    Rita Michaels
    Mark Owen
    Roberta Perry
    Susan Shinneman


    Sally Abril
    Cindy Bamforth
    Mike Boyle
    Tom Davie
    Eva Fairman
    Michael Gallagher
    Ciara MacMahon
    Rita Michaels
    Sara Ochoa
    Ron Piccione
    Erick Salmon
    Jon Stachelrodt
    Pat Stojak
    Nancy Turner-Alvet


    Gillian Anderson
    Will Andrews
    Norbert Bacsko
    Sue Bader
    Gordon Baird
    Joanie Barnes
    Carolyn Berger
    Magdolna Boustani
    Omar Boustani
    Jan Brennecke
    Mark Brewster
    Michael Budnick
    Maricarmen Burger
    Alberto Cabilan III
    Norma Cadena
    Vic Caldwell
    Isabel Carl
    Jill Carraher
    Keith Clark
    Hillah Cohen
    Carol Cross
    Dana Del Gizzi
    Bob Desimone
    Mary Jane Deyette
    Cheri Didear-Loomis
    Amy Dockery
    Shawn Doudna
    David Douthat
    Peter Dunev
    David Evans
    Kay Farkas
    Jack Farland
    Bob Fell
    Anne Fell
    Carl Fish
    Suki Ford
    Szaffi Forillo
    John Frencher
    Kyle Frencher
    Patricia Frey
    James Gaines
    Denise Georgius
    Victor Gimenez
    Andrea Gimenez
    Joni Ginsburg
    Margarita Gonzalez
    Margarette Gowert
    Hope Gravelly
    Braulio Guerrero
    John Haigney
    David Hall
    Lynne Hanson
    Albertina Harvey
    Doug Hay
    Reed Hazen
    Jill Higgins
    Sally Hooper
    Arnold Huber
    Dane Jespersen
    Hansa Johnson
    Philip Johnston
    Holly Jonsson
    Gary Jordan
    Lee Jordan
    Kauko Kaariainen
    Dawn Kaehn
    Terri Kan
    Jeff Kathrein
    Ray Khachatorian
    Mike Kirkland
    Alicia Knight
    Ashlee Koston
    Cameron Lali
    Jerry Langenfeld
    Brian Lannon
    David Lantz
    Bruce Larsen
    Terry Laster
    Sandy Lattimore
    Dean Lavoie
    Larry Leong
    Eleze Littlejohns
    Janet Lonon
    Benton Luedecke
    Mike Madden
    Therese Magnani
    Tracey Marashlian
    Jim Marquiss
    Jim Marrash
    Charlie Maselli
    Glen McCullough
    Jeff McGinnis
    David Merrill
    Christine Meyer
    Armando Moncada
    Justin Mooney
    Richard Moriak
    Walter Muha
    Hazel Nasu
    Richard Neumeyer
    Gene Nowlin
    Brett Oliver
    Sandy O’Neil
    Mike Ontiveros
    Marie Pace
    Dave Petzold
    Bob Pitts
    Nancy Pollack
    Stephen Price
    Eric Pumphrey
    Sisu Raiken
    Ben Ranson
    Lindsey Reckis
    Susan Reich
    Fred Reno
    Gil Richard
    Stuart Rosenbaum
    Ruth Russell
    Pargol Russell
    Joe Sala
    Marcy Sanders
    Deb Schreib
    Robert Schuerger
    Misha Segal
    Linda Sereda
    P.J. Severtson
    Morri Shaw
    David Shumway
    David Silberstein
    Dan Simonds
    Louise Simonds
    Sara Jane Smith
    Tom Soracco
    Ronit Soracco
    Jenny Stasser
    Bonnie Steele
    Janet Stein
    Stuart Steinberg
    Bill Stempke
    Damien Stolarz
    Laurie Sutherland
    Marshall Swerman
    Jeff Talbert
    Flavia Taylor
    William Thames
    Charlene Thorburn
    Grace Ting
    Jody Toole
    Marilyn Totten
    Susan Ulik
    Luis Valdes
    Leona Valencich
    Jeff Valliere
    Karla Vice
    Raymond Von Hollen
    Mary Watts
    Cartney Wearn
    Francis Weilgart
    Carol Worthey
    Yoshikawa Wright
    Steve Zirinsky
  2. Guero

    Guero Patron

    Rather hoping the "Gillian Anderson" in that list isn't the one from The X-Files!!!
  3. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    :omg: :no: :begging: :nooo:

    I'm gonna go tap my sources an' get back on this! :blink:
  4. Challenge

    Challenge Silver Meritorious Patron

    Dear Director of Processing,

    I see a whole lot of people on this list whom I have audited. You'd better get your FESers ( Folder error summaries people) busy culling those folders. I can see millions of dollars being made by you in doing QARLs ( Questionable Auditor Repair Lists) on 'em.
    Hope this helps you getchur stats up.

  5. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Hey, I saw some names of people I'm in regular touch with. Excellent! Keep moling!
  6. 8-8008

    8-8008 Patron with Honors

    My god, those are the same names over and over for the last 10 years. They can't get much people up the bridge those days. :lol: :clap: :clap:
  7. FinallyMe

    FinallyMe Silver Meritorious Patron

    Wow - I see Stephen Price is STILL in! He was my chiropractor for many years, having started with Steven Shaw when they had their 2-person office on Robertson, and then when Denk, Price and Steve Shaw's widow opened the Shaw Health Center. Stephen shared that Center with Denk for a LONG time -- wonder what he knows about Lubbard's "treatment."
  8. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    Scientology Completion List (May 1974)

    Winston Smith, triumphantly walking out the door of 2125 "S" Street, Washington DC 20009, having attained the impossibly high status of "Go Fuck Yourself"

    He states that upon completion, he no longer got colds, could make ashtrays break in half at 20 feet, have every single traffic signal change to green expressly for him, could see shit from three feet behind the registrar, could watch his bank account grow again, and no longer had to ask to go to the bathroom.
  9. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron

    What Time Period

    Pooks, do you know what time period that issue covers ?

    Certainly much more than a month.
  10. Pooks


    Advance 197 circa March 2008
    Advance 198 circa Sept 2008
    Advance 199 missing
    Advance 200 circa March 2009

    I don't know the exact time period as the publication of the issues is sort
    of sporatic. But I would guess it's a few months worth of comps.

  11. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    Best success story ever.
  12. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    Wonderful. I recognize but one name on the March 2009 list, Carl Fish. Knew Carl on staff at FCDC. Poor guy. Still in there trying.

    Good luck, Carl. May you eventually see the Light.
  13. looker

    looker Patron Meritorious

    I dunnow But a lifetime friend said essentially the EP of OT 8 is "Knowing who you are and knowing who you are not"

    Well after 3000+ hrs of auditing BTs from OT3 to OT8 how could you not?

    I have another friend who made OT8+. But paid after "adjusted for inflation" nearly 1.6 Million dollars over 30 years. He was, I think, 9 times a Patron and Scn investor in historical tech vols had 12 or so, limited edition E-meters leather bound vols etc. And his Kids went to Scn schools etc In Lost Gladys CA.

    He Qualified for OT8 but in review said had to do more quals. Did OT7 twice and OT3 twice.

    He was declared SP I believe, 4 times for complaining about donation prices. And, for "failing to move up the bridge" (Just like me)

    He was really bummed to do OT7 again, , He was on the ship with Travolta and Tom Cruz several times. He said something is screwy 12 years ago (when OT7) but he would tough it through to make OT8.

    Well I saw he finally made it, to OT8 (2-3 years ago) but, immediately there after he fell off the RADAR, changed his phone moved cant find him any more. I always told him I'll ask you someday when you've made it (to OT7 OT8 or 9) what it was like and was it worth what we paid. off the record, just between you and me.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2009
  14. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    I am saddened to break the news. L Ron Hubbard died.
  15. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    Oh yes, I forgot. I know who I am and who I am not. It cost me nothing to figure that out, other than getting old. And guess what, my teeth have not rotted like Ron's. I think all that "bridge" stuff leads to rotting teeth and nothing else.
  16. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    Seems to have lead to vistaril in the butt for some.
  17. Dying curled up in a fetal position wearing a soiled diaper and all jacked up with vistaril in the butt, is considered researching Upper OT levels beyond OT VIII.