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Scn Filmography (Rough)

Discussion in 'Important documents' started by NCSP, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    Scientology Filmography

    NOTE: Titles in quotations are copyrighted by CST and are probably home movies or stock footage. Separate instances are listed together under the year they appear. Textual idiosyncrasies are exactly as in copyright record.)

    1938 – The Secret of Treasure Island (Hubbard-scripted (?) serial, Columbia Pictures)

    1952 - "L. Ron Hubbard Walking on Beach"

    1953 - "LRH Walking on Sidewalk in Phoenix"

    1954 - "LRH Riding Motorcycle on Street"

    1958 – The Clearing Congress Lectures (Wash, DC)

    1963 - "L. Ron Hubbard Taking a Bow"

    1964 - "L.R.H. Walking Out of Saint Hill Manor Entrance", "L.R.H. with Board"

    1964 – The Mastery of GPMs Parts 1 and 2 (“A filmed lecture by L. Ron Hubbard given at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England on December 22, 1964. This film is now part of Grade VI.” - WIS)

    1964 – The Pattern of the Bank, Parts 1 and 2 (“A filmed lecture by L. Ron Hubbard given at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England on December 30, 1964. This film is now part of Grade VI.” – WIS)

    1964 – The Bank and Its Pattern (“A filmed lecture by L. Ron Hubbard given at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England on December 30, 1964. This film is now part of the Clearing Course.” – WIS)

    1965 – The Materials of the R6 Bank (“A filmed lecture by L. Ron Hubbard given at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England on September 3, 1965. This film is now part of the Clearing Course.” – WIS)

    1965 – Classification and Gradation (SHSBC Lectures – Sussex, England - 9 Sep. – “filmed lecture” – WIS)

    1965 - "LRH in Front of White Board Holding Marker"

    1966 – An Introduction to Scientology (filmed in SA? Rhodesia?) (“A one-hour filmed interview with L. Ron Hubbard answering questions commonly asked about Scientology. Filmed in April 1966. Available in a colorized version on video, TRANSLATIONS: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czechoslovakian, Polish, Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Greek, Afrikaans and Arabic.” – WIS) – Tony Hitchman

    1966 – Filmed Lectures (“L. Ron Hubbard gave four filmed lectures at Saint Hill Manor in June 1966, which are now part of the Clearing Course. These films are entitled: Composition of the Bank, The Technical Materials, General Information, Auditing Demonstration.” – WIS)

    1966 - "LRH Arriving at Airport", "LRH Demonstrating a Solo Auditing Session"

    1967 - "L. Ron Hubbard at Apollo Christening", "L. Ron Hubbard on the Bridge of the Avon River", "L. Ron Hubbard on the Bridge of the Avon River (shot from above)", "L. Ron Hubbard on the Bridge of the Avon River, Talking"

    1967 – Affinity (“A twenty-minute film based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, produced at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England in the autumn of 1967.” – WIS)

    1968 - "Crew Applauding and LRH Speaking at Apollo Christening", "LRH Saluting Crew at Apollo Christening"

    1969 – Reality (“A film based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard produced in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1969.” – WIS)

    1969 - "LRH on Deck Wearing Cap and Speaking"

    1970 – Freedom (“Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, this 20-minute film was produced in Los Angeles, California in 1970. The film includes a demonstration of Dianetics auditing.” – WIS) – Theta Communcations:

    1976 – How to Set Up a Session and an E-meter

    1976 – Man the Unfathomable

    1976 – How the E-Meter Works

    1977 – The Secret of Flag Results (“A film written by L. Ron Hubbard, produced by Universal Media Productions and released 9 December 1977. – WIS)

    1978 – (“To give technical training a terrific boost in speed and accuracy, in 1978 LRH wrote scripts for three new technical training films and personally directed six such films. He also directed three new dissemination films to introduce people to Scientology and the Bridge to Total Freedom.” – WIS – These films are not specified.)

    1978 - "L.R.H. with Cine Crew", "LRH on Film Set with Megaphone," "LRH Wearing Brown Suit and Filming Crew", "LRH on Film Set, Wearing Blue Cap and Looking into Camera", "LRH Wearing Blue Cap, with Film Crew", "LRH Wearing White Cap and Headphones, on Film Set"

    1978 – An Afternoon at Saint Hill

    1980 – The Problems of Life (copyright record: 23 min. color, super 8mm. Script, original music, direction: L. Ron Hubbard)

    1981 – The Case He Couldn’t Crack (copyright record: 70 min. color, super 8mm. Cast: Richard Nunalee, Mary Jane Shippen, Bob Musak, Denise Blanke. Script, original music, composition of score, direction: L. Ron Hubbard)

    1981 – The Cycle of Communication

    1981 – The Auditor’s Code

    1983 – The Professional TR Course (“Directed and narrated by L. Ron Hubbard, this film shows why TRs are vital in auditing and depicts all aspects of professional TR training. The TRs themselves are covered in detail, portraying exactly how each is done, TRANSLATIONS: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Swedish and Japanese.” – WIS)

    1984 – Current International Production Strategy Briefing (Staff Circulation only)

    1985 – The Tone Scale and The Tone Scale Drill Film (“The first film, narrated by L. Ron Hubbard, goes through the different tone levels, giving a dramatic representation of each. The viewer is then instructed to watch the accompanying drill film to review the tone levels until he knows them fully. Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hebrew. Produced by Golden Era Productions.” – WIS)

    1985 – E-Meter Reads Drill Film (“This film goes through all the various reactions of the needle on the E-Meter, enabling the audience to drill recognizing them many times. Produced by Golden Era Productions in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.” – WIS)

    1985 – The Battle of Portland

    1985 – L. Ron Hubbard’s To the Stars (copyright record; tv show? “shows 1-9, 11-16”) (producer, Frank Widder ; director, David Schaeffer – host: Fred Harris)

    1986 – The Road to Freedom (concert)

    1986 – What Happened to These Civilizations? (“A film that tells why numerous civilizations have failed and the answer to a new civilization that will bring hope to mankind. Produced in English, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Brazilian, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish and Swedish. Released on May 9, 1986.” – WIS)

    1986 – LRH Death Event

    1987 – The Story of Book One (“The story of the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in May 1950 and the grassroots movement it sparked. Released by Golden Era Productions on 9 May 1987 in English. Rereleased in 1991 in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.” – WIS)

    1987 – New Year’s Eve Event

    1987 – My Philosophy

    1988 – Dianetics: Evolution of a Science (“Based on true incidents in the early history of Dianetics, the story of a promising young football player paralyzed from the waist down in an accident, and his road back through Dianetics. Produced in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.” – WIS)

    1988 – The History of the E-Meter (“A technical film covering the development of the E-Meter, produced by Golden Era Productions in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.” – WIS)

    1988 – Man, the Unfathomable (“An hour-long film, narrated by L. Ron Hubbard, that takes the viewer through various times in the history of man in which he has been trying to cure his fellows of nonoptimum conditions. The film establishes man's need for Scientology and the E-Meter. Produced by Golden Era Productions in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.” – WIS)

    1988 – The Married Couple (“The story of a once-happy couple whose relationship deteriorates to the verge of divorce. They receive marriage counseling at a church of Scientology, find the source of their problems and begin to build an honest and lasting relationship. Produced by Golden Era Productions in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Swedish and Spanish.” – WIS)

    1989 – Assists (“This film supplements Dianetics and Scientology written materials and lectures about assists. It includes representation of some of the theory of why they work and accurate demonstrations of how they are done. Produced by Golden Era Productions in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.” – WIS)

    1989 – TRs in Life (“Written and narrated by L. Ron Hubbard, this film shows how— without TRs—life is a struggle instead of a game. It depicts the common denominator of all failures to confront and handle life, why each TR exists and what each is designed to handle. Produced by Golden Era Productions. TRANSLATIONS: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Hebrew and Japanese.” – WIS)

    1989 - PC Indicators Drill Film

    1990 – Dianetics: The Dynamics of Life (“A film showing the true story of how L. Ron Hubbard embarked on the most daring exploration in all human history—a journey to confront and answer the riddle of life itself. Produced by Golden Era Productions in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.” – WIS)

    1990 – Upper Indoc TRs (“This film, released by Golden Era Productions, shows exactly how Upper Indoc TRs are done and their results.” – WIS)

    1990 – We Stand Tall (music video, two versions)

    1992 – One Man (music video)

    1992 – How to Use Dianetics: A Visual Guidebook to the Human Mind

    1993 – IAS Event – IRS Victory

    1993 – A Tribute to L. Ron Hubbard: The Road to Truth (copyright record: “For the attendees of the honorary LRH PRO conference, October 1993.”)

    1995 - My Only Defense for Having Lived

    1995 – Confessional TRs

    1995 – The Art of Communication

    1995 - Assists

    1996 – Orientation

    1996 – The Cycle of Communication

    1997 – Body Motion Reads

    1997 – The Auditor’s Code

    1998 – The Different TR Courses and Their Criticism

    2000 – Battlefield Earth (dir. Roger Christian – theatrical motion picture poss. unofficially supervised by Miscavige)

    2001 – IAS Event

    2001 – L. Ron Hubbard’s Hymn of Asia: The Musical Opera (copyright 12-30-2001) “Some text prev. pub. & prev. reg. 1988”

    2002 - The Soul - Good or Evil?

    2004 – Flag World Tour

    2004 – This is Scientology

    2004 – Dianetics: A Visual Guidebook

    2004 – Tom Cruise IAS Event

    2006 – IAS – Reshaping the Destiny of Earth

    2006 – Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (CCHR)

    2007 – OT Summit - The Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity

    2007 – IAS – Global Salvage

    2008 – United (music video)

    2008 – Making a Killing (CCHR)

    2009 – IAS Commercial

    2009 – Ideal Org Campaign Video

    2009 – Birthday Video

    2009 – The Way to Happiness

    2009 – NYE Event: The Golden Age of Knowledge Accomplished

    2009 – How to Use Dianetics

    2010 – Problems of Work

    2010 – Freedom Magazine on Anderson Cooper

    2010 – BBC Secrets of Scientology Response

    2011 – Various Ideal Org fundraising videos (individual org productions)

    2011 – LRH 100th Birthday Event

    2006? – Youth for Human Rights videos

    ? – African American Artists Tribute
  2. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    There were two meter reads films - the "theory" and the "test" and also, the Solo Auditors movie. Not to mention the Scn. commercials that showed before the different films - there was one hawking tapes that was filmed at AOLA, another with some old guy in a tomb, I know there were some more - I just can't recall them. And I think there were two different versions of the use of a doll film

  3. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    I gathered from the copyright records that the doll movie was part of a series on TRs and the E-Meter training movies were also numbered as a series. I wasn't 100% sure whether these were totally separate films or segments from the more general training films that were sometimes viewed alone. And the multiple versions, oy. This would be difficult to put together even with access to Scn's archives. :O

    Thanks for your help!
  4. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Some details:

    Clearing Congress 1958 (Washington DC):

    The Fact of Clearing - 4 July 1958
    The Factors of Clearing - 4 July 1958
    The Freedoms of Clear - 4 July 1958
    Prerequisites of Auditing - 5 July 1958
    Clear Procedure (CCH 0, Help) - 5 July 1958
    Clear Procedure (Creativeness) - 5 July 1958

    An Introduction to Scientology 1966

    - Was filmed in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
    - Was filmed in May 1966 (not April)

    Source: Guide to Materials of Dianetics and Scientology (2009)
  5. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    Thanks! I'm actually watching and taking notes on the Clearing Congress lectures now. I've written some good stuff, but I can tell already I'll have to tone down some of the snark when I revise; I really am serious about being as neutral as possible since I'm just trying to document what's there rather than comment on it, but it's hard!

    Is the 2009 guide online? I've tried to find something like it on one of Scn's websites, but no success so far. I'd love to be able to refer to a more recent source. It's interesting that yours says May; the April date was a direct quote from the 1992 What Is Scientology? I hope someone got RPF'ed for that inaccuracy! ;)
  6. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Hard copy only, and hasn't been leaked online as far as I am aware. You are not missing much though, it only lists 3 video releases, the two I mentioned + Classification and Gradation which you already have.

  7. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    Cool, thanks. I'm being very careful with copyright on this project, for obvious reasons, so I wouldn't want to use a leaked copy anyway; I was hoping it was from a Scn website or something. It's interesting that they were so thorough in 1992 and so not in 2009!
  8. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. All that spew, spew and more spew and none of it true, valid or worth a cold fart on a toothpick.
  9. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    Well, of course it's bullshit! One thing I've learned is that unless you're talking to crazy people you don't have to keep reminding them that Scientology is garbage. Scientology does a great job of that by itself.

    Regardless, I think it's pretty important to know what's there and have some idea of how it works. I'm not studying it to learn more about Scientology. Nobody (other than a few obsessives like me!) is really interested in learning about Scientology in that kind of detail. I'm studying it to learn more about film & how groups can use or misuse it. Establishing an accurate history is an important step.

    I've put some pretty serious work into this project. I wouldn't do that if I thought it was trivial.
  10. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    Ya. Not trivial at all. Film is a very powerful media and very yes, the very substance of Scientology is structured so that it kills itself. Is just too anti-life.
  11. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    This could be a fascinating study if you can identify the patterns and techniques of deception employed by Hubbard and Scientologists and the CoS. I have been watching this for years from the inside and outside.

    I may have referenced this to you before, but just in case I didn't--there is a good example of what i am talking about in the thread about Hubbard admitting that DMSMH does not produce a clear. It is a filmed "congress" from ca 1958 (also on that thread).

    Here is the link.

    Hubbard "confesses" that the famous breakthrough book that was bigger than the discovery of fire doesn't work. When he then does with his captive audience is quite remarkable and it is one of his most famous deception/deflection techniques.

    If you find this relevant to your study, I would be curious what you observe Hubbard to do at that point. We can compare notes if it is helpful or interesting.
  12. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    An Afternoon at Saint Hill is listed as 1978, same date on the Int Movie Database too, but was actually filmed in 1963 per

    I imagine they remastered it and released it in a different format in 1978 so the date may be technically accurate, but if the only information being provided is the title and a date then 1963 would be more accurate.

  13. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    I was thinking about that very thing last night as I watched the lectures. I wrote a few paragraphs on Hubbard's rhetorical slipperiness in this and his other lectures, but I don't know if I'll end up using it. For this project, I'm mostly interested in just documenting what's there without getting too much into "debunking." (Which is important, just not so much for this.)

    I think there's a lot going on in the moments you mentioned. In a way, it's very typical. Of course, he never admits to a shortcoming without announcing a corresponding "breakthrough" in the next breath. (I think it's interesting that, even though he's always saying that this or that is "finally solved," he never ever says before that, "This is something we don't know yet.") And he's always trying to frame himself as the honest dealer, willing to admit mistakes unlike the "other" scientific disciplines. (This this is not at all true needs hardly to be said.) And he manages to perform these admissions in a way that comes off as charmingly self-deprecating so that people don't look at the content and say, "Wait a minute!"

    I think with Hubbard's lectures, it's the tone and not the content that's important. This is part of what I wrote last night. Needless to say, it's not polished:

  14. Miss Pert

    Miss Pert Silver Meritorious Patron

    There are 2 other training films that I can think of right now, one is called Beingness (I think) and it's about handling previuolsy trained auditors and retraining them to get their "auditor beingness in." The other I can't remember the name of but it was set on a spaceship and Jason Beghe was in it, along with several of the regular film faces, and it was about handling Jason's characters upsets and overts. It was originally on the Level IV line up but when I was at Flag they had changed it to Level V.
  15. JackStraw

    JackStraw Silver Meritorious Patron

    I think the Jason Beghe film was called "The Session" and introduced some, as yet, unseen "tech."

  16. chuckbeatty

    chuckbeatty Patron with Honors

    Email me, and I'll put you in touch with people who a couple years ago made up a list of the tech training films.

    While we were on the Int RPF, we made the sets for all the final tech films.

    There's a whole long list of those films, and your list above looks incomplete.

    The different versions, and details of how the emeter reads were produced by a machine, rather than a human being, is also interesting to hear from the ex Gold staff who witnessed that firsthand.
  17. NCSP

    NCSP Patron Meritorious

    Oh man, that would be fantastic. This is going to be my grad school application piece, and that would be a great piece of original research to have access to! Of course, if it turns out good enough, presentation at a conference or even publication down the road isn't out of the question. (I'm going to put it up on Scribd when I'm done anyway so anyone who's interested can read it. And I'll acknowledge or keep anonymous anyone who helps, depending on what they want, of course.)

    Emailing you now.
  18. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    I like it...I really do like it. :thumbsup:

    Face :)