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Seattle emails leaked

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by Pooks, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. DagwoodGum

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    Like how a good fart can clear the room?
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  2. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Could this Ruth Bowen be the one that was married to business man Bill Bowen?

    Bill and Ruth Bowen ran one of those Real Estate Title Re-Conveyance Companies in LA back in the 90’s that made lots of money from Banks and Mortage Loan Servicing Companies.

    100% Scientology staff... Donated loads of $ to the Cult. In arbitration via Wise with another Company that said they had stolen their idea?

    Anyway.... I heard that Bill had died.

    Their daughter was married to that obnoxious FSM that does all the Freewinds get togethers .... can’t remember his name. But he dumped her...?
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  3. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

    i was thinking of Brooke Bowen as Cindy's sister, not ruth.
  4. everfree

    everfree Patron Meritorious

    Correct, Julie Hubbard-Lull. Her husband Mike was guitar tech for many of the "grunge" era guitar players.
  5. everfree

    everfree Patron Meritorious


    I had been on staff at Seattle org where Dianne is now ED last I heard. Diane was previously ED or mission holder or both at Seattle Mission and Kenny had been an exec there too while also house painting on the side to make money I think.

    After I worked on staff in Seattle for eight years including six at the org and had a young family to take care of. I requested to leave to take care of my family the right way instead of the incessant poverty of staff. Instead of telling me "thank you for your hard work and sacrifice on our behalf over the years, good luck in your next venture" and throwing me a goodbye party as I expected, the DSA Ann Pearce, ED at the time Paul Weyn, and HAS Justin Smith colluded with SO members at the CLO WUS to force me to work against my clearly stated will to leave for and additional THREE YEARs without a thought of paying me for my work.

    Instead of routing me off, they shipped me to LA. I had been "Tone 40" about leaving to take care of my young family right. I was forced to study reference after reference designed to get me to cognite that if I left staff I was guilty of the destruction of the entire universe! And forced to confess all of my sins real or imagined, forced to do conditions and repair of past ethics conditions, exchange by dynamics, ethics action after action designed to get me to realize that I was bad for leaving and trying to take care of my family right. No amount of O\W write up or ethics action was ever going to get me to change my mind that raising my family under the crushing poverty of staff was horrible and not going to happen.

    Eventually after endless attempts month after month to "handle" me and matching requests to leave, I was told that I could NOT route off staff. The only way I was going to leave was if they decided to "waste me" as a staff member and declare me. If they declared me, they would try to get my Scientologist wife to divorce me and fuck with her family. My now ex-wife's sister had been on staff and her cousin was in the SO at Bridge and ASHO being forced to abort her babies against her will, so they could really mess with my fam.

    They threatened the very family that I was trying to protect from them - my ED had initially tied to get me to cancel my wedding and abandon my pregnant fiancee for training, he didn't seem to care about his own family let alone mine - in order to force me to work against my will for free for three years.

    When I told one of my only CofSer actual friends (most public just wanted to make use of my free services without a second thought about me in return) Paul Strickler what had happened, he shamed me for protesting it. He told me, "Pshaw! Kenny Gagon did the same thing to me at Seattle Mission, and you don't see me protesting it!" Then Paul never spoke to me again.

    So while Kenny Gagon may seem on the surface to be a decent person, in common with so many other CofSers especially CofS execs, according to my ex-friend Paul who had no reason to lie since he wasn't complaining about it but using it to shame me, Kenny will engage in the most horrific shit like threatening someone with declare and disconnection in order to force someone to work against their will for free on his behalf as their senior. Then he will claim to be a good guy and "highly ethical" instead of a criminal.

    See, Kenny wasn't extorting free labor through threat, he was "getting Paul's ethics in" because Kenny "knows" that if anyone wants to leave it is only because they have overts. Mankind's greatest friend Ron told Kenny so and Ron would never lie to or con anyone. So from what I gather, when Kenny extorts free labor on his behalf he feels highly ethical and doesn't even think twice about. He's making a better world!

    I have to imagine having been with Kenny and now at the org Diane is pretty OK on it too. DSA Ann Pearce at Seattle org sure is. She will enslave her own teammate without blinking. She really helped put an org there! Mark Arnold wrote the book on the use of shills and small children to double one's sales.

    I have to say OTOH that almost alone at Seattle org, David Stedman's wife Suzanne treated my baby as something to be cherished instead of a big inconvenience and block to production. I think she bought my newborn daughter a dress.
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