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SO Policy "Targets, Defence"

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    This is a cross post from WWP regarding CoS future plans and how to deal with SP's, critics, the media, and governments. A must read for critics and apologists alike imho.
    Suppressive Person Defense League

    Anonymous Poster~

    This is similar to a thread started here on the 3rd of June > If this is a redundant post could Emma or another mod please correct/merge?
  2. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    "Winning overwhelming public support."

    Well, they've got a teensy-weensy way to go on that one.

  3. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    More LRH PR Comedy Tech. They are so totally clueless that they are hilarious. The probability of them achieving any of those goals is zero :)
  4. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    well here I am posting again, against my will. I vowed to myself to bow out. :)

    This list is in actuality the goal of all the rest of us versus Scientology.
  5. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    Well I'm certainly glad to see you back :)
  6. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    This is a confidential Hubbard Communication office Policy Letter, written on the same day as three other Confidential HCOPLs. These (total) four PLs are for use by anyone authorized to read them, not only by Sea Org.

    It's part of a collection of Confidential HCOPLs and other Confidential writings by Hubbard, as well as Highly Confidential writings.

    Some of this is in a kind of code - As a protective measure, for example, sometimes Tech for doing various things is described as someone else doing it to Scientology. (Not in this particular issue however.)

    Please note that Hubbard does instruct, in this HCOPL, that Scientology "use enemy tactics."

    This is one of many tricks used by Hubbard as a protective measure, in addition to the use of Confidential and Highly Confidential categories, with the Highly Confidential often not having any author attribution.

    (See last page or two of the 'Bolivar PL' for a little sampling of Hubbard's "tight conspiracy" [organized crime] model for Scientology.)

    One trick used in this particular Confidential HCOPL is the use of the word "defense."

    It may not seem important, but if you were to hand this HCOPL to someone and ask him or her to read it, the person would eventually read that Hubbard instructs, "Our best defense is that... we commit no crimes."

    It continues, "Our next best defense line... we are a Church."

    That is deliberately misleading.

    Anyone who is familiar with Hubbard's Confidential and Highly Confidential writings knows that Hubbard used "defense" as a euphemism for "PR" or "cover" or "smoke screen," and "defense line" for "PR line."

    So Hubbard's actually saying "Our best PR line (smoke screen) is that we commit no crimes," "are a Church," etc.

    Despite the damning nature of much of this material, these little tricks sometimes get in the way of fully understanding the content.
  7. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    Hi Ogsonofgroo, and everyone,
    First, I want to thank Emma and everyone here for making this board such a terrific resource and community. I appreciate the insights, the humor and the dox.

    I agree, "Targets, Defense" is a must-read for everyone involved in the Scientology problem.

    Someone asked for a pdf,so there you go. This policy was studied on the Guardian Office Information Full Hat (Intelligence Course) at D-12.

    "Targets, Defense" was reissued with updated distribution on 24 September 1987. Here's a pdf of the reissued version. It is studied on OSA's Investigations Officer Full Hat (Intelligence Officer Course) at K-15.

    For those who don't know, I'm married to Gerry Armstrong, and we created the Suppressive Person Defense League site.
  8. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Welcome aboard Caroline :)

  9. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    This cult of distortion, lies and cover-up hubbard-thing spewed into existence cannot be defended successfully as it IS, the whole of it, a spiritually criminal activity and the universe simply will not tolerate such. Only for a while so you and I can take a look at some of the machinations these darkcreeps try to pull off. The end game of this cult is presently on-going.
  10. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    :welcome2: Caroline! :heartflower:
    Its so good of you to be here, and thank you so much for all you and Gerry have done and still do :bighug: to you both! (the SPDL site is awesome, dunno how I missed it!)
    Also thanks for post the links to the PDF's requested, these policy letters certainly shine a light on the true intentions of ol' Mother Flubbard and his merry gang of henchmen.
    @ Veda, thank you for the insight between the lines :thumbsup:
  11. altruistichedonist

    altruistichedonist Patron with Honors

    Must be some wierd energy floating about. I too made a decision back in March to "rest on my laurels" and I'm back posting again.

    Any 12 step groups for ex-scientologists about ?:blush:
  12. JBTrendy

    JBTrendy Patron with Honors

    Target Defense

    Thanks Caroline for these valuable confidential data.

    Great to have you here.

    ALL2U :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  13. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    Glad you're back :)