Super Power Will Open Only When FLB Has 1,000 New Staff Members!

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  1. J. Swift

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    A recent issue of FLB Expansion News authoritatively informs us of COB's latest delay in opening Super Power. It's not the interior design, the carpets, or the building itself. What COB is now using to stop/slow/withhold/impede the release of Super Power is a manpower issue! Specifically, FLB has to have 1,000 additional staff members before Super Power becomes a reality! And Scilons thought the money was the issue! Nope! Hand over your kids or grab a sword and join SO yourself!


  2. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors

  3. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors

    If Scilons thought that the Quickie Grades to Clear and OT and the 45% off training packages at Flag were for their benefit, they may have been WRONG!!! It looks like it was all about getting Scilons into Flag, giving them a big Head-Buzzing Win on the cans, and then recruiting them for one billion years!!! If they are not from America, do they really need their passport or return ticket home at Flag? Not when COB needs 1000 additional staff they don't! What they need as thetans is to serve as volunteers for $36 a week. These people get to volunteer for 80-100 hours per week! That's why CoS calls it the SEA ORG: Many are called; 1,000 are needed now. Sign those contracts and releases! BTW, you don't need copies of any of this, uhh, paperwork.


  4. J. Swift

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    Names of SO Recruits. There does appear to be a definite Delphi Academy and International flavor to the list. Are they teenagers and foreigners? No. They are merely one billion year tourists at Flag!


  5. Dulloldfart

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    "The New Mecca." Great piece of positioning, DM. Bound to endear the CofS to a billion Muslims.

  6. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Oh geeeeez. :yawn: :whatever: :eyeroll:
  7. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    My thoughts turned a bit darker Paul. With all of this talk of Mecca, he may start attracting an even more extremist crowd, if you think it is possible.

    I hope they are installing metal detectors....
  8. scooter

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    There's at least three in that list that won't be able to stay in the US legally that I know of.

    So what are they gonna do - trade them for SO members somewhere else?

    Where they will also be staying illegally?

    The whole thing is a farce.
  9. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I don't know' bout but :omg:he's going after school kids (Delphian)! :angry:
  10. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Yeh...that was the way it was when the Third Reich went down....14 yr olds on the front lines.....
  11. GoNuclear

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    Quota ...

    If the building gets finished, and if the number of recruits are made, there will be some other arbitrary that prevents the release. If that doesn't do it, then anyone who qualified to take Super Power will find that, in the course of an SP eligibility intensive, they are really not eligible and have to redo some previous grade or level, at their own expense, of course. The intent is to milk this indefinitely.

  12. tessa

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    Super Powerwill open only when FLB has 1,000 New staff members

    Can someone send this list of the new recruits to the U.S.A immigration to be cheked and followed up as their Visas goes and inform them as to how the S.O.intends to use them.As well inform the apropriate agencies for human traffic and exploration.
  13. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    The COS is a centipede. They have many archilles heels, and getting "superpower" up and running without disaster
    is going to be difficult. Lots of pressure. This coolaid has to work better than all the coolaid in the past. Conditions are different now. It's not business as usual anymore. The unusual is standing out like dogs balls, so the tiny one better get it right.
  14. thetanic

    thetanic Gold Meritorious Patron

    Might wish to write US immigration about that. :)

    Also, wasn't FLB's SO count above 1,000 at some point?
  15. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    In the mid- to late 80s I think the staff levels were that high - I doubt it's been that high for a while now.:no:

    As for letting Uncle Sam know, I just may fit that in in the next few days or so.:coolwink:
  16. X4Life

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    super power building still on? them bitches be fucked up! :thumbsup:
  17. Axiom142

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    Thanks for this J. It seems that the cult is incapable of putting out any communication that doesn’t contain a gross exaggeration or outright lies. In the leaflet it says: “…in the blink of an eye, construction will be done on the Mecca.” and “…the workers going full-bore inside, and all the perceptic equipment currently under rapid construction and assembly…”

    What a joke, construction started over 10 years ago. Hardly suggests a sense of urgency.

    This is just another example of the way the CoS extorts money and resources from its followers. OT9 and 10 won’t be released until all orgs are St Hill-sized, so if you want that do these, you’d better give us all you money to buy bigger buildings or join staff. Want to do your OT levels? Then make sure you had made enough ‘contributions’. Want Super Power? Then join staff or give us your kids. It’s never ending.

    Well, if they need another 1,000 staff before Super Power can be delivered, then it’s never going to happen. They can’t recruit enough to replace those that are leaving in a steady stream.

    They parade a list of “over 100” who have signed up, but from my experiences, the vast majority will never make it onto post. When I was on the EPF, only about 20% actually made it through the program. Of these, probably half left within a couple of years because they realised that the Sea Org wasn’t what they thought it was and then maybe 5% or so of the original left within 10 years because they wanted to have kids, earn some money or even just have a life.

    Just one more example of the cult promising something they can never deliver.

  18. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

  19. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron


    Nicely put. The percentages you quote for the EPF jive with my experience 30 years ago...some things never change.

    That the building has remained vacant for all of these years is a testament to the fact that scio is not doing well at all.
  20. RolandRB

    RolandRB Rest in Peace

    The SuperPower completion rate will still be limited by the space ride rundown at the end. How many rooms to deliver this do they have and what will be the average completeion time per PC? If they have two rooms and the completion rate is 12 hours average per PC then only 4 people can graduate SuperPower per day and then only if it runs 24 hours a day. In practice it won't and you can't run a system like that at 100% capacity due to queueing theory (70% is normal) so that limits the completon rate to 2 per day. I don't think that will be enough to keep it running.