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Technical error on OT III data

Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by haiqu, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    According to Class VIII lecture #2 "What Standard Tech Does":

    "Now you’ve got to get him on OT2 now to take enough charge off of the bank so he doesn’t plow in when he hits 3, because he starts hitting these things on 3 all he’s got to do is miss and the bank will go into a wing ding. The body thetans of the bank will go into a complete spinning, screaming mess. All you have to do is trip the wrong incident, run incident 2 before incident 1, get the PC wheeling and dealing and he’ll go into a freewheel which could kill the PC. Could kill him. Nothing to monkey with."

    From my reading of the OT III pack, you should run Inc 2 before Inc 1. The above is in error.

  2. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    If it, as LRH says, could kill the pc, I would think that would be a rather large error.

    Has anyone died on OT III since 1968?
  3. Ralph Hilton

    Ralph Hilton Patron Meritorious

    At the time of the lecture Inc2 was run after Inc 1. The procedure was changed and the sequence reversed not long after. I would imagine that it was creating too many problems. Some of the issues were quite confusing for quite a while afterwards.
  4. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    From having run into Inc 1 then some time later Inc 2 in regular auditing, and then not doing OT III for another 25 years, I can assure anyone that his original sequence is incorrect, and that the new sequence as of the revised handwritten instructions of 12 Aug 1969 is much better.

    Cracking some of those clusters and waking them up without then running the awoken BTs through Inc 1 immediately is hell.

  5. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Thank goodness it all worked out...
  6. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Some people were beginning to ridicule Incident 1 and Incident 2, and that needs to nipped in the bud.

    And now that the sequence has been straightened out, well, it'll be one big rocket ride to happyville.
  7. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Running Inc 1 for me always seemed really weird. Like I was in a circus or something. I never ran it seriously. I thought it was a load of hoakie. Never said anything to the C/S about it though.
  8. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Those exiting the Cult of Scientology, after refusing to accept the more blatant abuses of the Cult, next often re-examine the subtle psychological manipulation, and subtle psychological overwhelm, which include (what is informally called) its "Implantology levels."

    Just as the promoted, and more benign, aspects of Scientology shroud its abusive aspects (or are supposed to), so do those (mostly) common-sense-based and (mostly, at first) benign parts of Scientology shroud "Implantology."

    Auditing is presented as asking another to look, and then, once the Implantology portion of the subject is entered, the person is not asked, but told, the contents of his or her own mind and space.

    And the name "Xenu," dreamt up by "Commodore Hubbard," is part of the "deadly serious" and "vital to everyone's survival" collection of Implantology material.

    To have people, recently exiting Scientology, being confronted by a domineering individual, in the "Freezone," in the role a "senior tech terminal," who then does a "Xenu, who?" routine, by using phrasings such as "This so called Xenu," etc. - as recently occurred on this Forum - is an unfortunate situation.

    People, particularly those who have been abused by Scientology, should not be subject to yet more attempted Cult-like "handlings."

    One thing that the Scientology Cult fears the most is that the common-sense parts of what is called "auditing" - which exclude trickery and coercion, and exclude subtle psychological manipulation and overwhelm, such as found in the Auditor-Code-violating "Implantology levels" - be recognized and used in a free fashion by independent counselors.

    Anyone is entitled to their opinion, including Implantologists, but, hopefully, they won't be too upset when their beliefs (that, usually, they deny are "beliefs") are challenged.

    Below link has some redundancy, but some clarification also:
  9. Roadrunner

    Roadrunner Patron with Honors

    When are you going to finish comm cycles with people? You just make up and tell stories, making a lot of claims and as soon as someone asks something pertinent. You are not heard of again. You just show up at another location, another time, another thread and tell stories again. :confused2:

    Start writing fairy books, must be more profitable for you? :thumbsup:

  10. Björkist

    Björkist Silver Meritorious Patron

    As banned as RR is, this is a true statement.

    I can count at least 20 non-personal questions I have asked Veda which he still hasn't answered. And he accuses me of playing dishonest games. :duh:
  11. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    If RR was banned, it would say "banned" where it says "Patron with Honors". So he/she/it is still able to post.
  12. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    It doesn't really make much difference. He's run his script, the same script he runs wherever he shows up already and all that's left is more going around in circles.

    It is funny though to see him whining about people 'disconnecting' from him, when he usually ends his games with 'That's it for you...'

    But, he'll probably be back and start all over again.

  13. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    Sara and Alexis....

    Funny, he plays the same game with me over on ARS....Always pushing his hot button issue, LRH's second (non)wife Sara and daughter Alexis, and then when I ask him a direct question about his involvement with them...Poof! He's gone.

    Funny fellow that "Veda"

  14. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    No effect on self, total effect on others. Ring any bells?

  15. Björkist

    Björkist Silver Meritorious Patron

  16. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Thats Nathan Spencer in the red shirt! I grew up with him (more his sister, Alison).
  17. lionheart

    lionheart Gold Meritorious Patron

    A thread that started off discussing an important 180 degree turnaround by LRH over the tech of OTII seemed to get highjacked by a personal squabble.

    Anybody (Alan maybe?) got anything to add about Hubb's turnaround, the reason for it and the surrounding situation that was being manifested?

    Did this change of running sequence happen during his "research" when he was researching and running it on himself and breaking his limbs, or was it after he had developed it and released it to be run on others? Anybody know?
  18. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    The announcement of OT III was made in 1967, the year before the Class VIII course started in Sep 1968. Dates on some of the original handwritten sheets were 28 Oct 1968. He changed the sequence afterwards, in Aug 1969 according to the date on the modified handwritten running sheet.

  19. beyond_horizons

    beyond_horizons Patron Meritorious

  20. beyond_horizons

    beyond_horizons Patron Meritorious

    By the way ... :laugh: :hysterical: