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The Auditor 334 circa July 2007 Vital Stats

Discussion in 'Completions Lists' started by Cerridwen, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Cerridwen

    Cerridwen Patron

    The Auditor 334 circa July 2007
    ASHO Day and Foundation



    Tucker Quinn Regensburg was born on 24 November, 2006 to the happy
    Regensburg family in Clearwater, Florida. Alicia, Jason and big
    brother Hudson, and all their friends welcome you, Tucker-we love you!

    Ava Jade Hillman was born on 27 April, 2007 in Palm Harbor, Florida to
    Tyffany Hollingsworth and Jimmy Hillman (Tyffany is the daughter of
    Cheryl Miracle and Darcy Hollingsworth)

    Daphne Elle Anderson was born to her proud parents Christine and Jared
    Anderson of Sherwood, Oregon. Her grandparents Paula and James Horton
    and Jeanie and Bill Molt wish her the very best. AMEEIA RHIANNON
    WILLIS was born on 13 April, 2006. Kylie and Mik Willis welcome this
    new member of the family.


    Olivia Dinkel, daughter of Valley Org staff members George
    & Anne Dinkel, and David Seidule, son of Atlanta field auditors Kevin
    & & Diane Seidule, were married on November 18,
    2006 at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida.

    Jean Marie Arnold and Adam David Sigal were married on 10 February,
    2007 at Green Villa Barn, in Independence, Oregon. The Rev. Frank
    Gravitt performed the ceremony. Their parents, Terrie & Dave Arnold of
    Sheridan, Oregon and Joanie & Steve Sigal of Clearwater, Florida wish
    them the best. The happy couple live in Los Angeles with their dog,

    Angelika Pfau and Paul Johnson were married at the Sandcastle at Hag,
    by the Rev., Rick Alexander.

    Martha Meyers and Greg Frost were married in Glendale, California on
    29 April, 2007. The Rev. Ed Renna performed the ceremony, and they
    were joined by many family and friends.


    Amir Gueron, Sea Org Officer, OT V, Class IX auditor dropped his body
    on 25 January, 2007.

    Amir opened up new countries to Scientology and was a successful tech
    terminal for many years.

    Recently he became well known in the Americas for his tour promoting
    the OT levels. Amir helped thousands to go free. He is granted a 21
    year leave from the Sea Org. We look forward to his rapid return.

    James Randolph Weber dropped his body on 16 Feb, 2007. Greatly loved
    by friends and family, Randy will be missed and we hope for his speedy
    return to the game of life that he played so well.

    Ruthie Weissberg Discher Sea Org Officer, mid OT VI, OEC/FEBC, and
    SHSBC student dropped her on 22 April, 2007. Ruthie started in
    Scientology in New York in 1969. Within months she had joined the Sea
    Organization and for the next 37 years served at ASHO Day, working
    tirelessly to disseminate Dianetics and Scientology to all those she
    came in contact with.

    Ruthie was passionate about getting people up the Bridge to Clear and
    OT and through the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. She is
    responsible for having guided thousands in this direction. Ruthie was
    loved by many for her care and kindness. Her family and friends wish
    her the best as she journeys forward. She has been granted a 21 year
    leave of absense from the Sea Org.

    Jason W. Hunt, Cl IV C/S and Sea Org member at ASHO Foundation,
    dropped his body on 14 April, 2007. Jay was a moving force in the
    training of auditors at ASHO Foundation and helped many a student and
    intern. He was also instrumental in booming the staff co-audit in his
    org. His friends and family will miss him, but look forward to his
    return. He is granted a 21 year leave of absence from the Sea Org.


    Alex Walker
    Greg Stende
    AJ Schmals
    Jill Dorn
    Doug Royce
    Katie Fokken
    Gary Glanzman
    Vera Guinan
    Kyle Hagel
    Brad Hagemo
    Jean Hayes
    Brian Murphy
    Harry Nesje
    Scott O'Connor
    Mike Olson
    Kim Otto
    Jim Penman
    Royce Quimby
    Jennifer Scharf
    Lotte Seidler
    Bill Tucker
    Hugh Wegwerth
    Shelly Wiehert
    Angel Woolery
    Nikki Dickerson
    Daniel Dickerson
    Stef Brunner
    Savannah Stearns
    Paul Ganske
    Ludmila Belair
    Myron Mathiason
    Roxanne Mathiason
    Michael Clancy
    Ginger Thomson
    Shelby Gail LaFreniere
    Tasha Miller
    Neda Wood
    Kristen Wegwerth
    Derik Hayes
    Brian Fesler
    Cece Arrigoni
    Mercedes Austin
    Don Brown
    Gail Carruba
    Dennis Cohen
    Rick Dickson
    Deb Drury
    Jim Gaskins
    Natalie Hagemo
    Bert Haglund
    Rob Hodgins
    Denise Larsen
    Arlen Lieberman
    Jeff Mason
    Joe Michaelis
    Ray Michaels
    Judy O'Brien
    Jim Reding
    Nancy Schumacher
    Jan Willem Smeulers
    Tom Tolkkinen
    Joel Tweeten
    Suzanne Working

  2. Cerridwen

    Cerridwen Patron

    Yo Emma!


    I have a whole bunch of 2007 completions to post. I can post it under
    General discussion, or if you'd like you could set up a Scientology stats/mags/completions section.

    I also post these to ars, but not everyone reads ars.

    Please let me know on this.

    I know a lot of ex's like to look at the list to check on people still in.


  3. everfree

    everfree Patron Meritorious

    Doesn't seem like Amir was all that old. Anyone know what happened?
  4. Emma

    Emma Con te partirĂ² Administrator

    Hey Cerri!!!:D

    Long time no see.

    Go ahead and just post them in this section. Maybe just keep the threads with the same heading with just date changes so they are easy to search.

    Hugs back at ya girl!
  5. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Not sure - we did hear about it a couple of months ago on XSO.

    I see Darcy Hollingsworth is a grandfather - good lord. Always liked Darcy.
  6. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    No completions in that Auditor 334? The only names appear to be from people signed up for Academy training anywhere in North and South America.

    In 1975 I was the "Hot Prospect Letter Reg" at Saint Hill, although the name I put on my letters was "Advanced Scheduling Letter Reg". The Auditor Editor would sometimes come by to find people who had pre-paid for the Briefing Course and were scheduled for it (NOT the same as meaning they were actually going to arrive for it as we just scheduled them arbitrarily and told them when they were scheduled for). This then became the published "Coming soon for the SHSBC" list of names in the next Auditor mag.

    Is this list in ASHO's Auditor 334 likely to be similar? In other words, all the orgs get telexed (they still use telex and not e-mail?) to send in the names of anyone who has paid for training and they publish this list as if it means something?

    Are academies really that empty?