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The Auditor, issue #110

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by not_a_co$, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron

    I’m interested in getting a copy of The Auditor, issue #110 (March 1975 I think). A pdf would work.

    At this address!MdAWGSyJ!d2wn3mF9tbBzxbFsM3GvlhhdiOMpXcd8MKhChFipN8E
    you can download a zip file that contains most issues of The Auditor in several dozen pdf files. The issues are generally in groups of ten to a pdf file. The trouble is that the file that has #110
    is empty – its size is 0 KB. It might as well not be there.

    Any idea where I could find a copy of #110?
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  2. Is-Was

    Is-Was New Member

    Try looking further in the files you downloaded to see if you have one labeled "the-auditor-ww-110-1975."

    If not, try this:!RQIFXSKB!Fv162hx3WhlFvq71XWINHQ

    When the matrix of folders comes up, scroll down to the sixteenth row from the top and find "the-auditor-ww-110-1975" at the right margin, and see if double clicking on it works for you. It supposedly contains 4mb, so it must have some kind of content.

    I notice that the file you mentioned, the-auditor-images-110-119 is in the second row of the matrix, second item from right margin, so you could try that one also, although as you mentioned it doesn't seem to occupy any memory.
  3. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron didn't work for me but thanks for the suggestion.

    Someone "messaged" me and kindly sent
    via Google Docs.