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The Auditor UK 335 circa June 2007 Vital Statistics

Discussion in 'Completions Lists' started by Cerridwen, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Cerridwen

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    The Auditor UK 335 circa June 2007
    Magazine of AOSH UK



    Alessandra was born on the 6th September 2006 in Madrid. She weighed
    2,930 kg and is the daughter of Felix Rodriguez, ED of Madrid Mission
    and Raquel Marin, lead auditor of the Madrid Mission. Alessandra's
    parents and sister, Arianna, welcome her to the family. Her naming
    ceremony was delivered by Maria Luisa Perez, New OT VIII, C/S of the
    Madrid Mission and Alessandra's grandmother on the 3rd December 2006
    in the Madrid Org Chapel.

    Sara Iona Durrant was born on the 6th March 07 at Norwich, Norfolk.
    She weighed 61 lb 50oz. [sic] Her parents Mandy and Paul Durrant are
    very happy to welcome her into their family and look forward to
    helping her up The Bridge.


    David Hodkin and Ivette Kubullis were married on the 17th March 2007.
    Their wedding was held at HAPI Org in Edinburgh and many
    Scientologists turned out for the special occasion. The minister was
    Rev. Craig Mathieson.


    Ann Roberts left her body on 8th April 2007 and her funeral was held
    at Saint Hill in the Great Hall on 13th April. Ann had been working
    since the '70's to deliver Study Tech to the world. It started with a
    Study Tech group established by Ann and Sarah Hewitt in Brixton.
    Together they compiled the first Children's Study Course, Reading
    Course and Dictionary Course. In Zimbabwe in the '90's Ann introduced
    826 schools to Study Technology and trained 18,500 teachers. As a
    result, over one million students benefited. For this, Ann became an
    I.A.S. Freedom Medal winner. Ann was also responsible for training
    6,500 teachers in Study Technology in The Gambia. We thank her for
    what she has done for all of us and most of all we thank her for
    setting such a star high standard for us all to follow and for doing
    it with such courage, grace and humour!

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