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The Freezone Lie

Discussion in 'Freezone, Independents, and Other Flavors of Scien' started by Steven James, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Steven James

    Steven James Guest

    Recently myself and several friends departed the Freezone.

    I believe that there is a cognition that anyone can have when enrolled in any group where they became ethically and spiritually more advanced than those controlling/processing them. I have experienced this with the Freezone.

    A good example is the lie on which the Freezone has been built. The Freezone is built on "preserving" 'Standard LRH Tech'. The tech was not LRH's to standardise. The 'tech' for the most part came from a much higher source. A PC has given me the OK to mention this and I am sure many other Auditors have run this incident, as I have found it more than once. It is of a cliff where beings are going over the top. Down on the other side is a cave with a bright white light in it. Beings who want to go in are warned about it, but some go in anyway. Once in the white light, the being controlling it on the other side is Hubbard! When withdrawing from the white lights, the beings realised they have something stuck to their backs like a bug and cannot get it off. What is in that cave is evil.

    Caves and hills are connected to the Rosicrucians and those who may have survived the previous (biblical?) catastrophe and hence where many secret societies and white supremacy programs come from. John wrote revelations on a cave on Patmos, Zeus lanched his attack from a cave. Hubbard, was a black magician who channelled his data. That data was given to mankind to release it from the trap. Not to create great wealth and fame for Hubbard or any secret group. The data was channelled from the Akashic record and is not exclusive to Hubbards track- hence it is someone else's data and does not belong to him. Other bits of Scientology are of Hubbards own design or borrowed from fairly popular sources. I am not suprised that Cruise is building a Bunker. Spiritually finding your exit from the trap is of know concern to Cruise and RTC, when you can physically survive a catastrophe and replant the vine once things have settled down! More super race programs I assume and black magic.

    So, I have had this cognition about the Freezone, know longer need it and I am not 'OT7'. The best way to go it, is to go it alone. These groups were built on deceit and lies. The road to freedom is the road to truth. I was not suprised when Michael Moore of the International Freezone Association put the 'Zeitgesit' movie into the qual library which contains it's 'oneness' message (contested by Hubbard actually if you look it up in the tech dictionary) and claimed that the biblical Jesus was only an allegory (the Zeitgeist version is very much like Blavatskys- a woman who pushed a racial doctrine which possibly inspired the holocaust). When you know the true story of jesus- it's amazing the parallels between him and Hubbard, a good side, but a side of betrayal also. Michael Moore refused to have some pro-tech data (from a book) in the Qual Library is it claimed that LRH was not source and that would demolish the whole foundations of his organisation and what he does to put people in doubt about the Church!

    There is definitely a 'oneness' and communistic feel to the Freezone. I was once publicly diminished for not having an 'upstat' haircut by my Auditor. PURE EVIL. Once you get over the 'social tone' pushed out by Teril and the merry little club, you begin to realise there is absolutely no ethics. Definitely a case of 'too many chiefs and not enough indians'.

    I will not persuade people to avoid the Freezone. Someone warned me about her own experiences and I ignored them and found that she was, in the end, correct! My own experiences served me well and I got to finish a cycle I wanted to finish. Own personal observation gave me better judgement at the end.

    I found that the indians in the my Freezone group were all really wise aesthetic people. I was sent a list picking them off one by one explaining why they had blown or were not suitable for study. It was all rubbish and I have spoken to several since and it turns out that one of these reasons on that list is a flat out lie. In the end there was only me and one other student left sat in Teril's front bedroom. I was being asked to bring more people to the group. In 1 and a half years I was the only student to complete any course (Student hat re-tread) and start another one and I had several blocks of auditing and went to switzerland twice for full time training (three weeks). Once I tired of the suppression and no ARC, I decided to go know more. I was twice called to be handled and started receiving emails from the other UK group promoting services by Clive Nicol who had told me to tell my upsets to 'an auditor' (ie my observations were not true by overts and witholds).

    I tired of the bullshit. i was only being flowed ARC because the amount of time and money I was willing to contribute, none of the other guys seem to have been called back, despite them all being bright intelligent people. They too spotted the tone level and out ethics and realised that this was not a priority.

    The audacity of Clive Nicol is unreal. I was actually shouted at 'you look fucking ridiculous' by my Auditor. Well, I am a young man and I love music and art and I can have any damn haircut I choose. The Auditor (Dominic O'Brien) also broke PC confidentiality by blurting out session details of mine from my back track that disagreed with LRH as souce. He turned up for a session unshaved with his belly hanging out and wearing sandals. Maybe he looks fucking ridiculous.

    To think I thought this group had some great knowledge or higher level of beingness and could help me? I trusted these people with the most confidential data.

    I would like to thank Emma, Bea Kiddo and all the others for putting their stories on here and being there for me to read. I feel so bright and so much stronger and have far more compassion for people now I have left this evil lot behind. To anyone on michael moore's list, if you want to read OT stuff, you don't have to wait to get to the level to have the 'privilege' of being given access to the data in his qual library. You can google it and get it all or read L.Kins book. Keeping it private is all about control and suppressing that cognition I had.

    So Teril, what happened to the money we all paid for study?
  2. Steven James

    Steven James Guest

    Also, Ralph sorry for posting MP's account from the 80's. That Teril confirmed it was true and then tried to defend it was just an attempy to nullify the abuses. I can see from your posts that you have moved on and found a better game, shame that Teril & Pierre cannot do the same. From chatting to Teril week-in week-out, it seems he is perpetually stuck in two incidents and they mosly involve forum demolition, one is of Virginia & Mike destroying a forum and another is of you destroying a forum. Heard him talk about it about ten times.

    I believe what you state about Teril in another post is true. You have looked into his eyes and seen the covertness. One of the people in our group said that she felt he was involved in black magic, another felt that he was quite simple and kept dismissing her reality and knowledge she had learnt from outside the Scientology box. Mind control does happen in the Freezone.

    Having said all this, i did get excellent training in Switzerland, although i was lied to there as well. That one I did not expect, and it nearly knocked me cold.
  3. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader


    I'm sorry to read that the FZ isn't what you hoped it would be and I'm glad you shared your viewpoint. I've recently been inspecting and dealing with my own (colossal) disappointments concerning the apparent inefficacy of spiritual "tech".

    However, I think the quote above is something best kept off the forum, at least until the matter is clear.


  4. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    I disagree, Taansy.

    Let the Freezone be the place where it is all worked out, warts and all, for everyone to see.

    ESMB's #2 Crime-Fighting Superhero
  5. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    But this is ESMB, Mr. Also-Ran. It isn't the Freezone.

  6. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    I can see that viewpoint. Here's mine:

    I have no problem with the bulk of Steven's post. It's interesting.

    However, what is alleged about others will color our viewpoint of them and therefore we are responsible to be sure data presented is complete, accurate and given in its proper context.

    My concern is that a statement such as: "So Teril, what happened to the money we all paid for study?" is creating a certain impression. Now, for all I know, that impression may be a fair reflection of reality. Nevertheless, Steven would do better IMO to take up the matter with Terril. Then, if he is dissatisfied, he can report the facts, but not before. This statement insinuates whether it was intended to or not.

    If I had a major issue with you, Alanzo, I would be sure that I had made every effort to ensure that we duplicated each other's viewpoints and that our respective viewpoints were clear before making any private matters public business.

    BTW, that Colombian Gold you sent me was shite and I want my $50 back! :angry: :D
  7. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa


    I can see what the 2 Englishmen are saying.

    But I like to watch mud-wrestling and cat fights. You are taking all the fun out of it for me!
  8. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Perhaps I should change my tag line to "Destroyer of Games", my young apprentice. :D
  9. Ralph Hilton

    Ralph Hilton Patron Meritorious

    I see that the CofS has no right to hide its abuses and say the same for the FZ.
    Steven posted the MP write up and it was full of BS. I provided documented evidence of that.
    According to Steven, Terril asserted that it was true. If that is true then Terril is in serious need of a kick up his treachorous ass.
    Yes, Alonzo, the FZ needs to be open to criticism, warts and all otherwise it stands the risk of becoming a new CofS run by an elitist "Council of the arrogant Class 3's" (I've demoted them to Class 3 as they get too ser facy)
  10. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    I don't remember being asked what my 'title' should be when I hit 'gold', but, I'd go for 'Master of Inval and Eval' (thanks Div6!)

    I think the two valuable tools get a bad rap in Scientology.

    (Maybe you should be 'Super Kibbitzer')

  11. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Thanks - that inspired my new sig line. :)
  12. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    Sorry Zinj,

    When you "went Gold" this whole silliness was still evolving.

    You now have your title.

  13. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    I just call it as I see it Zinj.
    You comport it with acumen.
    You are welcome,
  14. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa



    Your use of the Yiddish term "kibbitzer" is telling!!

    "Kibbitzer" = "sidewalk supervisor"
  15. nw2394

    nw2394 Silver Meritorious Patron

    Ah, I finally figured it out. MP = that Marc Percy idiot. Alles Klar.

    Not sure I'd be trusting info from anyone that voluntarily communicated with that individual.

  16. beyond_horizons

    beyond_horizons Patron Meritorious

    I totally get where you are coming from! :D :D :D

    "Oneness in a box" is my personal definition of a cult. My church is the WWW! The light shines brightly in and out from many, many sources. And you're right it is the embodyment of much greater source.
  17. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    From STEVEN
    "Also, Ralph sorry for posting MP's account from the 80's. That Teril confirmed it was true and then tried to defend it was just an attempy to nullify the abuses."

    Not really sure what Steven is saying here.

    I first met Mark Percy when he picketed a UK FZ conference alongside OSA and Ex London Org staff that I used to work with. At the time Ralph was my C/S and Mark took delight in attacking Ralph and the FZ. Ralph in fact warned me to not get involved with Mark as he could be violent.

    I questioned Mark and the OSA Volunteers, found quite a few outpoints and fairly successfully D/Aed his and OSA's comments on ACT.

    Previously Virginia McClaurghrey had posted Mark's long attack on the FZ and Ralph on act. This also later appeared on the OSA FZ survivors website.

    I know several of Mark's previous FZ friends. They went through his OSA post and pointed out much disinformation, lies and inconsistencies. One thing that emerged is that he was given upper data materials or comments on them, not sure which, prematurely, and was one of the few people who was adversely affected by this.

    The next time I met Mark was a few months ago with Steven. We also met his girlfriend, a very nice person. I was hoping Mark wouldn't be there. Mark
    said OSA had made him write the material for the D/A website. He was desparate to get his case handled as Ralph had said he could no longer help him, so he went back to OSA and COS.

    Mark kept asking me if I could trust him. Kept asking me if I would stop him getting auditing from Pierre. I tried to keep the comm in areas of neutrality
    and calm, but he just kept on persisting with such questions. In the end I asked why I should trust him when last I'd seen him he'd been picketing with
    OSA. He then threatened me and grabbed his girlfriend and left the pub.

    If you don't have a problem with this Steve, I can post your mail where you acknowledged his threatening me.

    I posted earlier on another thread that myself and Ralph had the same low opinion of Mark Percy. One of the few things we agree about.
  18. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    As you know I didn't get any of it.

    Steven paid £20 per day for studying. We met every two weeks. He
    had an Ex Flag course Sup.

    Others provided the premises, tea coffee snacks and so on. It was only
    one meeting held at my place.

    Incidentally I drove Steve and others a 100 mile round trip on each occasion totally at my own expense and time. I didn't want or ask for any exchange for this.

    So Steve, you clearly have upsets, and you ever want to meet for lunch,
    coffee whatever you know where to find me.

    You want a refund I 'm sure that could be arranged.
  19. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Jeez, Terril.

    I think you are handling this very professionally.

    Way to go.
  20. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Nah. No money; no 'professionally'.