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The Little Thread Which Grew - the Apollo '73 to Everything But

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by lkwdblds, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Terril park

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    Amen Bro!
  2. Blue Spirit

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    Contact Info ?

    Sorry guys, but I didn't get any contact info, although someone there might

    have. One of those who spoke to him might and I'll see her soon, and ask.

    If he's got a listing, Yahoo People Search often brings it up. Try it.

    (Also I forgot Hector's last name)
  3. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Hector Carmona

    His last name is Carmona. He was really good at what he did. It was always done with high affinity, jokes, light heartedness and really caring and believing in his product. One thing he believed in and used to use to close sales was something I did not feel was true.

    Hector started using the line that, "When you flow money towards "theta" you will always get back 4 times more than you put in. He claimed that this was a fact. If you bought $7,500 worth of services, you would receive $30,000 income immediately afterward as a direct result of your purchase. I would say, "Oh, come on Hector, how can you say that is fact." He would respond that both LRH and Yvonne say this is true and that if I just think about it objectively, I will see that it must be true. He would give an example, saying that if I spent $7,500 on MEST, it will begin to depreciate right away and will lose value, but if I invest money in theta, i.e. invest in myself, that I will increase my abilities, my postulates will work better and I will begin pulling in more money. We bantered it back and forth in a high toned level, GAMES type of atmosphere, all fun and no seriousness.

    Sometimes, I would cover Cashier for Mark Ambrose and sit in the reg office with Hector as various people would come in to be regged. He was really good with celebrities; he felt real comfortable with them and they seemed to like and respect him. He bought that large seascape painting from me and hung it on the wall behind his desk. He also got some new designer furniture and he rigged up a nice coffee serving set and would offer reg prospects a fine cup and saucer coffee service with linen napkins or a tea service.

    Hector's appearance was appropriate to woo celebriteis. He had that classy Latin American look with thick wavy black hair, and a large well groomed latin style mustache. He always wore a shirt and tie but the shirt was always of a dark color such as dark brown with a fairly flashy matching necktie. Yvonne used to light up with delight when Hector began to look like a Celebrity Registrar. She loved the way he was mocking up his office with the painting, the furniture, the coffee and tea service with white linens plus his coiffed hair and designer clothes. This was so important to Yvonne. When this type of image was mocked up in her Org, she was all smiles and always joking with Hector and saying things to build him up. She was at her best in the tone level of Games.

    Hector Carmona, Wow, what a guy! I sure would like to reconnect with him!
  4. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Yvonne and Heber's Wedding


    I don't know the exact date of the wedding but I beileve it was in the latter part of 1972. I don't remember too much but I will write what I do remember. First, it was going to be a big production. There were a lot of rehearsals being held for various songs which were to be sung.

    If I have my story straight, Heber was going to sing, "The Impossible Dream" from the "Man of La Mancha" I heard him rehearsing it in the Centre after hours a couple of times while someone played piano for him, probably Chris Many. Heber had a resonant bass voice and was very good for this song.

    There was one very funny incident at which my brother and I were present.
    One of the veteran execs who was in a leadership capacity at CCLA was a woman named Iris Reaves who sang show tunes. She was a singer, rather a large woman with a rounded face and figure. She looked a lot like Benjamin Franklin and the word was out that she was Ben Franklin's reincarnation. She promoted that reality. If you asked her about it, she would wink as if to say yes but then say that she could not talk about her case.

    Iris was off Org lines on a Medical leave right before the wedding. Heber was going to sing "The Impossible Dream" and Yvonne and the wedding planners were trying to think of more people who could perform at the wedding.
    Suddenly Yvonne blurted out, in her thick Australian accent, "I've got an idea, why don't we ring up Iris and have her sing a little,,,pause...'Pussy on the Rooftop' " My brother, Robert, who was present started twitching and excused himself and went to the restroom. I didn't think anything special about what had just happened. After a while, my brother did not come out of the bathroom and I knocked on the door to see if something was wrong. He opened the door and let me in. He was doubled up on the floor laughing uncontrolably with tears coming down his face. I asked what was so funny and he asked me, "Didn't you hear what Yvonne just said?" I said yeah, you mean about Iris coming over to sing and he said yes and then asked me what song Yvonne wanted Iris to sing. I thought about it and said something about "Pussy on the rooftop?" Robert asked me if I knew that song and I said isn't there a song from a movie that has a similar name and my brother said, "What is the name of that movie?" I said, isn't that "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman and Burl Ives. Robert asked, don't you think that is funny? I then said, you mean she paused and couldn't think of the name "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and came up with the name "Pussy on the Rooftop?" I admitted that it was kind of funny and I saw the humor in it.

    Well from then on Robert and I repeated that phrase over and over and told the story to everyone we knew. Years later, we were still talking about it. Robert likened it to Mel Blanc doing the voice of Porky Pig in the cartoons. In one cartoon, Porky wanted to stop a thief runing away with his dinner and yells out to the thief, "Uh hey, c-come back with my dudin eh dudin ehdudin.... uh lunch!" Porky being a stutterer can not get out the word dinner so changes it mid stream to lunch.

    Rank and file staff such as me were not invited to the wedding but I believe it was held in the Centre at 1809 W. 8th and Heber did sing the song from Man of La Mancha. Iris did not show up to sing a little "Pussy on the Rooftop."

    From their tiny $10 a week stipend, the staff chipped in for a present which was to send the newlyweds on a one week all expenses paid trip to Tahiti. I think some of the public and celebrity public chipped in and contributed to the wedding present.

    Yvonne and Heber left as scheduled for a 7 day trip to Tahiti but on the evening of the 3rd day, the Org received a phone call from LAX to come and pick Yvonne and Heber up. They were back at the airport in L.A.. The next day, Yvonne gave a briefing to the whole staff telling us that after only one day of vacation in Tahiti, Yvonne felt restless and was thinking about nothing but getting back home and doing her job so she told Heber that they should cut the trip short and fly back home on the next available flight.

    Now I ask you, how else would anyone ever know of this isolated event if little old me hadn't remembered it and written it here so that it is now part of the public record?
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  5. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Appendiix-A capsule report - Every Celeb I Remember

    Appendix Addition - Every Celebrity I can Remember from the Old Days

    I am going to write a little capsule report on every old Celebrity I remember from old Celebrity Centre. They will be in roughly chronological order as I encountered them.

    Stephen Boyd - Major actor, well known as top supporting actor in huge Hollywood hit, "Ben Hur". Boyd was the narrator of the film promoting Scientology which was shown at my intro lecture. By the time I got to CCLA in late 1970, he was gone from Scientology. On the film he promotes heavily the wins he got on Grades 0 to IV.

    Karen Black Major actress also shown on intro film. She was audited by a woman named Candy who I believe was a Class VIII. When I was brand new my first week I was cleaning in the kitchen and Candy and Karen came out of session and asked me if I could get them some tea. I obliged them and this happened several times afterwards. Karen went on to a big film career and a long career in Scientology. I understand she is now out.

    Candice Bergen Her Father was a famous ventooquist. Edgar Bergen, with his 2 famous puppets, Charley Mc Carthy and Mortimer Snerd. Candy was also her auditor. She had blown Scientology just before I arrived. Yvonne called her personally to give her a free ARC break session and she agreed to come but then did not show up. I was filing pc folders in the attic and came across her folder. It was not very thick so she was not around for very long.

    Chick Correa He was there from the beginning and is still around. He is a great musical talent, no doubt of that.

    Robert F. Lyons He had just starred in a hit movie, Down Hill Racer, about skiers, and was a hot property at that time. He emceed events at the Centre a couple of times. He brought a lot of young actors and actresses down to the Centre, especially young attractive actresses. He had a fairly successful acting career and as far as I know is still in C of S.

    Geoffry Lewis He was there from the beginning. He was never a leading man but was getting top roles in the movies and on TV as a supporting actor. He would talk to people who were just rank and file. Once I told him I saw him on a Mission Impossible TV episode and he was glad to hear it had come out and thanked me for letting him know. He was and is a very cool guy.

    Mario Feninger The first time I ever came to the Centre, he was performing as solo classical piano virtuoso. He would always play a piece or two by the Italian Baroque composers, Dominico and Alessandro Scarlatti (a Father and Son) and then he would finish with Chopin. He played about as good as humanly possible. I am surprised he was not better known than he was. He was right up there with the top pianists but not as famous. He usually wore a black cape to the Centre, the nights he played. I think he is still alive, if he is, he must be pushing 100. He is an amazing guy!

    Amanda Ambrose She was an African American singer and performer and Jazz was her specialty. She was in a lot of shows put on by CCLA and in some non Scientology musical productions. She had a bit of a run in with Yvonne in 1973 and the two were at odds with each other. I read that she just died, I believe earlier this year.

    Milton Katselas He was a movie director and ran a very successful acting school in Hollywood. He did a lot of FSM work, bringing a lot of aspiring actors and actresses to intro lectures. He was a good personal friend of Yvonne's and ate a lot of meals as a guest at the exec table. He visited LRH on the Apollo in late 1972 and made friends with him. I read that he just died earlier this year I believe, the same as Amanda.

    Ernest Lehman He was a big name Hollywood Director who had won many awards for major film productions. He was a private man and just came in for his auditing, chatted briefly with a couple of people and left. He showed up regularly maybe 5 days a week for a long time, maybe as long as a year and a half. He never spoke and did not want it broadcast that he was a Scientologist but apparently he was wining with his auditing because he kept coming in and buying intensive after intensive.

    Flo Allen and Flo Barnett - These were behind the scenes people, I believe, who were very important in Hollywood and knew all the big names. Flo Barnett became David Miscavige's Mother In Law. When Yvonne was in her terminal disease of brain cancer, I believe Flo Barnett accompanied her to Flag in Clearwater. In the early 80's she left the Church and started going to David Mayo's Advanced Ability Centre in Santa Barbara. This was a big thorn in the side of David Miscavige. Not too long afterward she was found dead by gunshot wounds, the death was ruled a suicide.

    Beverly Carter Bev and I became very close friends. She was not a big star but she was an actress and had bit parts in a few movies. In one of the Love Bug Movies, I think the second one, She is dressed in something like a cheerleaders uniform and is standing up on a ladder and yells out, "Let the Race Begin" and then she drops the starter's flag. That was her entire part. She once appeared on the Johnny Carson show and also in a Jimmy Stewart show where she played a cigarette girl. She and a friend wrote an episode of Fantasy Island which was accepted and they received $7,000. Bev's biggest claim to fame was that when she was 25, before Scientology, she was dating Rod Serling, the originator of the Twilight Zone. He was much older than her, maybe around 45 and she said he proposed to her to marry him but she turned him down because of the age difference. Yvonne and the execs targeted the celebrities they wanted to be brought on lines and Bev was targeted to bring in Rod Serling. She made an effort to contact him but nothing ever came of it.

    Shelly Winters An aging Hollywood icon at the time, similar in fame to Judy Garland. One of the Flo's brought her in and she ate dinner with the staff one night. I was there in the mess hall and she gave a little speech. That was it, she never came back.

    Anne Frances She was a well established actress, leading lady type, and at that time had a hit TV series going about a lady cop. Again, one of the Flo's brought her in and she actually routed on to the Communication's Course. One time she needed a person to bullbait her and someone was sent to get me because I was well educated and had worked for IBM. They felt I would be more real to her than one of the younger kids in the course room. I bull baited her for a short time, maybe 10 minutes and she got a pass. We chatted about two minutes about some movies she had been in and that was it. She did graduate the course and gave a success speech which I saw but she was too busy and they could never get her back to do the HQS Course.

    Richard Kiel - Jaws - Before I was in Scientology, in the late 1960's, I was working for IBM and we were on site at Jet Propulsion Labs in Altadena, CA very near the Rose Bowl. This guy, Larry whom I knew said he went looking at Ford cars at a dealership in a district of Los Angeles called Highland Park and his car salesman was a guy who was 7'2" tall and was a talkative and friendly guy. Much to my surprise, this guy showed up at Celebrity Centre about 3 years later when I was on staff and I think he had just done his first James Bond movie where he played an evil henchman working for the main bad guy in the movie and his name was Jaws since he had been fitted with metal teeth to play his role in the movie. He went through the comm course and graduated and routed onto HQS and was wining there and it looked like he was going all the way with Scientology and then one day he was not there and he was gone for good. I never found out what happened and could only guess that he might have divulged that he was dealing drugs or engaging in some squirrel practice or something and was ordered to immediately route out. He was there one day and gone the next and nothing was ever said about what happened.

    Two Rock Bands - David Bowie and Edwin Bear - First David Bowie's band showed up in a bus probably in 1971 when I was new in Treasury. The band members were the strangest looking people I had ever seen. They were all male, so to speak but some of them were wearing stilleto type heeled shoes which made them about 4" taller than they were. Some were wearing women's clothes and some kind of Gothic clothes and the hair styling was more toward a feminine look. They did some study, just sitting down at the tables and studying some LRH books and doing little demo's and after dinner they began rehearsing their music. I did not care for their sound nor their looks but I was not very hip. They were all polite and respectful of the people there. The next morning they were around for the 9:00 to 12:00 study period and then they packed up and left on their bus after lunch, never to return.

    Edwin Bear - I remember about a year later, in 1972, a bus pulled up with Canadian license plates and with all kinds of painting done by hand on the sides of the bus, proclaiming this was the singing group, Edwin Bear or Edward Bear or whatever it was. They were more conventional lookding than the Bowie Group. They also stayed for about one day and then left. They rehearsed and I believe a couple of them went on study. Next day, the bus drove off never to return.

    Wings Hauser AKA Wings Livingryte WIngs came on lines as a yougster around 22 in around 1972. He performed regularly at events at CCLA and was really a character. His real name was Gerald Hauser and his Father was Dwight Hauser who had some fame or sorts, but it was not in the entertainment business but was in land development or local politics or something like that. Wings had a lot of personality and charisma and he was a very macho guy but behind it all, he had a good heart. Yvonne kept telling us that he would be the next Elvis, or maybe even bigger. He did launch a fairly successful movie career where he starred in B movies where he usually played the bad guy in inner city police type dramas. He also made a lot of appearances on TV specials. I remember a TV movie starrring Cybil Shephard, where he was playing her lover. Also, he was the bad guy on Walker, Texas Ranger in one episode as was Geoffrey Lewis, for that matter. I understand that he is retired now and is no longer in C of S to my understanding.

    Diana Canova Her mom was Judy Canova, a well established actress and comedian who did many movies and had a Nation Wide radio show for years when I was a little kid. Yvonne asked me to come to an opinion leaders meeting in late 1975 when the Centre was on La Brea Blvd. in Hollywood. I believe I had a session at ASHO that day, doing Grade V, Power, and I was totally blown out. My good friend Bev Carter was supposed to be there but she didn't show and I happened to sit next to Diana Canova. She was young, around 23, and beautiful. I found out Judy Canova was her Mom and we had an animated lively discussion before the meeting started - don't forget, I just came from a Power Processing session and was totally blown out. After the meeting, I sought her out and we talked some more. I even asked her for a date but she told me she was seeing somebody and was practically engaged. I've read that she stayed in C of S for a couple of years and then left the Church and currently she doesn't have much to say that's good about her time there.

    John Travolta There was a big Convention of Scientologists at the Anaheim Convention Centre in mid 1976. Quentin and Diana Hubbard both came and spoke there. It was a one of a kind event. Each person was given a name tag and wrote in their name, their Org and the last service they had completed. I had just barely heard of John Travolta at the time. There was a rave TV series, Welcome Back Kotter, which co-starred Travolta but I never watched it. Travolta was getting a lot of press and I decided to watch it. It also starred Gabe Kaplan who I knew and liked very much from the old Steve Allen show which I watched regularly. Travolta was young, handsome, had charisma and told jokes well. Anyway, he was the featured speaker at this 1976 event and spoke for a long time on the stage how Scientology had helped him both in life and with his career. He was not much like the Travolta which emerged as a smooth mature star just a year or two later. He was very much like his character Tony Manero in his huge hit film, "Saturday Night Fever" which came out a year or so later. A LINK WITH AN OLDER GENERATION - Once Travolta became Scientology's biggest celebrity, I read a lot of articles on him and found out that before he hooked on with Welcome Back Kotter he had been doing some dancing and singing work in a musical on Broadway in New York City. He described working with Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters, America's biggest singing group during all of the 1940's. I'm sure some of you remember the song, "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B", the number one song from 1941. Anyway, I was and am a great fan of the old Andrews Sisters and John mentioned that he had been working with Patty Andrews and she gave him some real good advice which helped him get the Welcome Back Kotter job. Patty Andrews is still living and is well into her 90's.

    I could go on for ever with this stuff but I am going to knock it off right now to go to bed. I woke up at 5:00 AM and just added the Wings Hauser, Diana Canova and John Travolta segments and am now going back to bed. I may have a little more of this in me, maybe a few more nationally known Celebrities plust some local Scientology celebrites such as Dick Glass, the Eloquent Elephant or even Ray Mithoff, who with his brother Bob, had a hill-billy guitar struming comedy team. There is also Omar Garrison, the author, a non Scientologist who wrote many pro Scientology books.
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  6. janisgrady

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    You have done it again! What a joy to read your story and start the day off with a good laugh about Yvonne and how she couldn't remember the correct name of something, such as a song so would alter it to her own reality- this was not a one time occurance - my kids accuse me of doing the samething, so I guess it runs in the family. Janis
  7. lkwdblds

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    Great hearing from you!

    Janis - Great hearing from you! I am glad I brought a smile to start your day. I've been reading the summaries of the daily posts on XSO. I see you are posting a lot. The only other person whom I know is Rebecca Jessup. My brother was on staff in 1975 at the Denver Org and I went to visit him and stayed at Mike Goldstein's house while I was there and of course Rebecca was his wife. I have posted a couple of times on the XSO but its hard for me to find topics I am interested in there. Do you have any suggestions?

    As far as your Mom goes, I think the well has nearly run dry on the anecdotes from old CCLA. My entire involvement there was from 1970 to 1979 with the first 5 years being intensive and the last 4 being just occasional visits or courses because I was concentrating on my upper level training at ASHO and AOLA. Its pretty amazing how much I do remember about your Mom and her entourage. Glad you like that "Pussy on the Rooftop" play on words. I just told it to my non Scientology friend Ken, whom I've known since the mid 1950's and who I mention in my story. Ken said that Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was only a movie and did not have a soundtrack so how could Iris have sung tunes from it. I Googled it yesterday and there was an earlier musical of the same title which ran on Broadway around 1956. Therefore, there were some songs connected with the title.

    There is a couple more things I could put in. Right about the time of the Shelly Winter's visit in 1972, Yvonne took the entire staff to see a special screening of the movie, "That's Entertainment" We all loved this movie and it was supposed to give us reality about what we were all about and who our public was.
  8. Blue Spirit

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    A Couple of Details

    Interesting post on the stars.

    Mario Fenninger still does occasional piano events at his Hollywood home.

    Karen Black was the best actress ever in Scientology IMHO.

    There is some movie where she is attracted to some guy who is oblivious to

    that attraction and the look on her face of agonizing suppressed horniness

    can't be put into words, but was amazing to behold. It might have been

    "Five Easy Pieces" with Jack Nicholson, but I'm not sure.

    I often wondered what out-tech from who caused her disappearance. :grouch:

    Flo Barnett was probably the only person in history to commit "suicide" with

    a full-sized rifle (Ruger 10-22) with five shots, 3 to the chest, 2 to the head.

    Either that was very damn OT or she was murdered.

    Guess who had full motive ?
  9. smartone

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    Hi lkwdblds, thanks for your story. Why am I not surprised that you got no product from WISE. :eyeroll:
  10. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Nice hearing from you.

    Its amazing that Mario is still performing. Well a lot of great pianists have played into their 90's. I think that Arthur Rubinstein performed at 95 shortly before his death that year.

    It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what caused Karen Black to blow. She was an upper level OT and was getting most of her services at Flag. That place is a looney bin!! at least the last time I was there back in 1999 and it is probably much more insane by now. Just the thought of being there makes me think of falling down that long hole and coming out and having to play croquet against the psychotic Queen of Hearts, you know if you beat the Queen on one of the obstacles, she yells out, "Off with her head!". I mean Alice in Wonderland is totally sane complared to the Flag Land Base - give me a break that place is a lunatic bin! Karen has a good head on her shoulders and is strong willed. She was poobably not going to allow herself to be bossed around by a teenage, uniformed robot barking some insane and irrational orders to her.

    The chances of Flo Barnett death being a suicide was approximately equal to that of LRH's signing a new will one day before he died from a massive stroke which had occured about a week earlier, a stroke that inhibited his brain function and his ability to speak and to reason, at least through his body. Let me see, the odds of him dictating a new will, just giving token payments to his wife and some of his children and giving 99.9% of his fortune to RTC, well you would take the mean and the standard deviation and multiply by Pi and then cube the answer, extract the square root and divide that into 1 and oh yes it comes out about .00000000000001 per cent.
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  11. lkwdblds

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    Smart One - I would not say, no product but they tackled the wrong area of the business. They concentrated on creating a nice Org Board and writing Hat Packs for the various hats whch were very well done products. The problem was that there was an ethics condition more fundamental than that which needed handling. My Dad, a non Scientologist, who owned the Company refused to participate in the WISE program and so did a couple of the employees because they had heard bad things about SCN. That should have been handled first.

    TR3 - I repeated my question, in your photo, are you runing track and field in England and are those your runing shoes you are carrying in your right hand?
    Come on Smart One, I deserve an answer for writing this entertaining story which you are enjoying.
  12. janisgrady

    janisgrady Patron

    Interesting that the last post mentions only Mario and Karen. I have often thought about Mario and wanted to know what became of him - so am happy to hear he is still performing. Last time I saw him was 29 years ago at my wedding, (which happened to be in Karen Blacks back yard) and I thought he was already in his 70s then - could he be that close to 100? What a magnificent performer he was. Janis
  13. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    re: Mario

    Janis - I just Googled Mario Feninger and they have a bio but do not give his age. His Mother Teresa de Rogatas who was both a pianist and a composer died in 1979 and was born in the late 1800's so he has to be pushing 100! Mario is actually puting on a live concert in a week on November 21 at someone's private home in the L.A. area. Tickets are for sale and to buy one, you have to contact Tom Solari of Solari and Carr fame, you know, the old comedy team at the Centre. Tom Solari's phone number is given. It all comes up when you Googol Mario's name. You have a thing going with very old people, don't you. I watched the video of that 92 year old woman doing Salsa dancing as if she were 30 and now Mario still giving concerts as he approaches 100. Oh yes, his website has videos of Mario performing.

    I was thinking about keeping my thread going and I have enough for one or two more stories and then I am going to have to leave CCLA and your Mom behind and change the material to something else. Still, my story seems to have a fairly large following. I went from 2200 hits before I started my prequel up to 7200 in one month. 5000 hits in one month is pretty hot for a guy who was just a Director of Disbursements some 36 years ago. There are an awful lot of people who really like to hear about the old days and about CCLA and Celebrities. I'm trying to think how I can keep the thread going after I run out of material on the main topic which is about to happen. I can start a new thread or form some sort of transition and move this thread to some related topic. If you or any one else have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks,
  14. Anonycat

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    Thank you! This is powerful stuff ... please keep it coming!
  15. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    By Popular Demand - Some more stuff

    By Popular demand - This thread has legs! Everytime I post a new chapter I get a lot of positive feedback and no negative comments so I am going to proceed on with another chapter and see where it leads. After talking about nationally known celebrities in my last installment, I am going to continue with one of those but instead of playing music, he was an author, an investigative author with international fame under his belt. His name was Omar Garrison.

    Garrison was never a Scientologist but he had won some level of fame by doing investigative reporting. He heard about the federal government conducting raids on a church, The Church of Scientology. and confiscating their religious scriptures, books, and their religious artifacts, e-meters. As any sharp mind might do, his mind sent up a red flag, i.e., What is the Federal government doing raiding a church, a house of God? He spent a long time investigating the federal break in and who was behind the Church of Scientology and what Scientology was all about. Believe it or not, he strongly sided with the Church and felt that the people in Scientology had been wronged and persecuted by bureaus within the government. He published a pro Scientology book on the subject.

    A pro Scientology book by a non Scientologist with excellent credentials was like finding an ice cream cone in hell for Ron Hubbard and the upper echelon management of Scientology. Hubbard was alerted, read the book and reacted extremely favorably. He initially thought it was a major turning point in the history of his movement. He thought that from that point, approximately 1972, forward the press from the media about Scientology would change from totally negative to good positive press. It did not actually turn out that way but in the meantime, Hubbard ordered the red carpet rolled out for Omar Garrison, and he was put on a speaking tour with certain Scientology executives, where he told about his investigations into Scientology and about his book.

    Since he was a writer of some repute, he was a celebrity and who else but Yvonne was chosen to host him when he came to L.A.. An event was hastily called where all staff in PAC had to attend and it was emceed by Yvonne with Omar Garrison was the featured speaker. I attended but I do not remember where it was held. It was not the Shrine Auditorium. There was a stage and podium and a pretty good sized crowd of perhaps 1000 people and Garrison was introduced and spoke. He was very similar to Ralph Nader, another even more famous investigative reporter who has made a big name for himself. Garrison was just a charming fellow, very bright, very honest, very sane and he began to be charmed and impressed by the people he was meeting in Scientology, including Yvonne in particular and CCLA staff and public in general.

    He went on to write at least two more books favorable to Scientology and all of his books about Scientology were sold in the Scientology bookstores. He never did join the Church. He never did join the Church or take any services that I know of but he was one of Scientology's biggest allies for many years.
    I read all his books concerning Scientology and then lost touch with his career. I wasn't until I started reading about Scientology on the internet that I found out that he was dead but before dying, he had been commissioned to write a biography on LRH and he was teamed up with Gerry Armstrong to write it. The file given to Armstrong had many truths about LRH which had been hidden from the public and Armstrong and Garrison found out that all throughout his life, LRH had embellished and lied about his achievements.

    Garrison completed his book on LRH in his usual honest and forthright manner and RTC was not happy with the outcome of the book and did not want it published. They bought out Garrison's contract with them for a large sum of money and received the original manuscript and immediately destroyed it so that it could never be printed. Garrison signed a gag order that he would never reveal the contents of the book and that was it, the book never came out and no one, except Gerry Armstrong perhaps, knows what was in the book. That book, if ever printed, would have probably answered all the questions about LRH which were left hanging after his death. Garrison was an excellent investigative reporter and always dug very deeply to the root of a person's life or whatever it was he was writing about. It is really too bad his manuscript was thrown into the fire as soon as it was completed. What a document that would be! Much of the data is undoubtedly now available on the internet but just imagine how much missing data about LRH that manuscript must have had before it was thrown into the fire. Anyway, it was nice and quite unique that for several years in the 1970's the Church of Scientology had a staunch ally in the non Scientology press. Of course with the advent of the Miscavige regime clamping down on the activities of the Church in the early 1980's, Garrison's books on Scientology as well as all the other non Hubbard books being sold in the Org by authors such as as Ruth Minshull and Peter Gilham were all withdrawn from Scientology bookstores.
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    Another Chapter - Local Celebrities

    Time to crank up the memory and now that the more famous celebrities have been mentioned, I am going to add some of the key local celebrities that hung out at the Centre and performed a lot. Every single night, seven days a week, the Centre was open and entertainment shows were put on. I think the evenings entertainment was called "Poetry by Candlelight". The top local talents were:

    Dick Glass the Eloquent Elephant - He was extremely heavy, maybe about 5'8" and at least 300 pounds. He wrote some of his own songs, the best of which was "Beautiful Day, Beautiful People" and also usually sang "Danny's Song" He did one I liked called "Piccolomini" which featured a clever play on the syllables of the title word.

    Richard Forbes - He was a great person and an actor. He was friendy with Rober Lyons and married my auditor Soo Ribisi after she left Al. His Father was actually a brother of Frank Sinatra but Richard dropped his original surname of Sinatra to make it on his own. This guy was a totally class act plus he had a lot of style, character and charisma. He died of cancer in 1979.

    Paul Shapiro - He billled himself as "a Jewish kid from New York". He wrote his own songs and sang pretty much only his own stuff. He was an outstanding singer, good enough to make it nationally but as far as I know, he never made it big anywhere other than CCLA. The three songs I remember best are "Kathryn", "I think you are the Lord" and "I saw the light Shine." He was going with the dancer Kathy Moore for a while and everyone thought the song was written for her, but later on, I was told that it wasn't. Paul was in the mold of a Jewish version of John Lennon and he was pretty good!

    Kathy Moore An extremely attractive young woman, the first time I saw her perform was in 1971 and we were told she was 19. She danced ballet and wore these skimpy tutu's and tights and she was an incredible dancer. She was a friendly girl and one time when I was walking down 8th street from the Centre back to the staff house, she was coming the other way and we stopped to say hello and she put her arms around me and gave me a big "soul hug" and told me I was beautiful. Well, I took it that she might like me on the 2D and I got two more of these hugs when I passed her over the next couple of weeks. I then saw her doing it to other guys and realized that Kathy was just expressing her appreciation for certain people, the hugs had no 2D implications. Later on in 1978 was I was hanging out with Susan and Joan Todhunter, Kathy, who was a good friend of Joan actually went with us to go for coffee or food on several occasions. Also around 1975 and 76 she did a photo shoot for Penthouse magazine and in the 80's I saw her all the time waiting for sessions in the AOLA waiting room. In 1981 she was 29, which she said was ancient for a ballet dancer and she was trying to make a comeback.

    Sharon Gregg She was married to Robert Lyons and was a singer. Her signature song was "The Son of a Preacher Man." After Bobby Lyons hit it big in the movie, Downhill Racers, he had a different beautiful starlet with him every time you would see him. Young actresses were throwing themselves at him, trying to get him to help them get started in the movies. Unfortunately, Sharon took the brunt of this and was divorced by Lyons.

    Stephen Ambrose - He was the brother of the out Ethics guy Mark Ambrose who was CCLA's Cashier. Stephen was the opposite of Mark, just a very sweet guy, very ethical and with an amazingly beautiful voice. His voice was good enough to make it big, but the odds were against him. He did not have a lot of charisma and would have needed big money behind him and a lot of connections to make it big on his voice alone. He did have one record which made it into the top 20 on the pop chars in 1973. I forgot the name of the song but it was on the "Barnaby Records" label. How's that for trivia.

    Andrik Schappers He was from Holland and had a very thick Dutch Accent and was a singer of popular music. When he first came on lines he was posted as Chaplain. He had a lot of soul, but I did not think his voice was good enough to take him anywhere in singing. I see that he is still in the Church and leading rallies in Europe for Scientology's religious freedom.

    Rick Aboa He flew in from Las Vegas as so many entertainers did and settled at CCLA. He sang popular music, had a good voice and a nice style but not enough talent to make it big. He was the type of guy who was perfect to entertain in the lounge of a big Vegas hotel.

    Back Pocket Pat Robinson and Pat Maroschek had sort of country / hillbilly muscial duet where they both played guitars.

    The Mithoff brothers, Bob and Ray They were an Ozark mountain hillbilly duet playing hillbilly songs and cracking stupid jokes. They had a name for their group but I don't exactly remember it - it was something like the Blue Ridge Mountain Boys or Ozark Mountain Boys or similar. Bob Mithoff was a super guy to work with, one of the best.

    Black Hawk This was one of the better groups, it was an instrumental combo, 4 or 5 guys with our Qual Sec, Sam Loria on drums. Sam Loria of Blackhawk and Pat Maroschek of Back Pocket were two of the greatest drummers I have ever heard. They were simply world class.

    Baaska and Scavelli - They were a 2nd Dynamic and he was a Class VIII auditor and she was in the Qual division. He played piano and she sang and the format was jazz, sort of like cool jazz from the 1940"s and 1950's. They were not just CCLA locals but they were booked in gigs around L.A. One time I was eating lunch at the Quiet Cannon in Long Beach near the queen Mary and I saw a billboard up on the wall with their pictures stating they were performing there that entire week. The were of professional quality level.

    Reuben Hart Reuben was a very strange person but very talented. He spoke pretty fluent German and Japanese and had lived in those countries and he could get by in Spanish, French and Yiddish. He was very talented in dialects and he could do excellent dialects from all over the world. He was also a writer of Children's Stories but I don't believe he was ever published. He was an excellent stand up comedian and emcee and emceed a couple of CCLA events. On one memorable emcee outing, he introduced Jimmy Spheeris, and gave his accolades, such as OT3, Class 4 and then introduced the next guy and said he was Clear, Class 4 and OEC Volume 1 and then he said, I suppose you want to know my credits and he said I am Reuben Hart, PTS 3. The audience broke up including Richard Forbes. On that same night he said they were expecting a couple of major old time Celebrities coming in to see the show and then get their cases handled after the show, he said he was talking about Talulah Bankhead and Raymond Massy. These were old Hollywood icons who were still alive. Bankhead and Massy as in having a lot of mass. Anyway, that line brought down the house.

    Michael Mallen A guitar playing young guy who sang. He did a decent job but was not a great talent. A couple of times he surprised us and changed genres and began playing Flamenco guitar. He would start off strong and play with a delicate touch and good feeling but then he would eventually stumble and lose his place in the song or make some mistakes. He would keep his TR's in, always smiling, and recover and play some more passages quite well. I think he was in Division IV as a Course Admin and may have tried his hand at Supervising a Course.

    Comedy Group X I forgot the name of this comedy team, I think there were two guys and two girls and the lead guy had curly hair and was slightly on the heavy side and about 5'9". They were the number two comedy team behind Solari and Carr. Their main skits always brought in a food product called Mama Lama's prune Danish. Also, their funniest skits were supposed to be taking place at the L.A. Airport and they pretended they were Hari Krishna members. The lead guy with the curly hair took the roll of Harry Krishna and the lead girl took the role of Mary Krishna and the skit would always concern strange discussions which occurred when they tried to recruit someone into Hari Krishna.

    Jimmy Spheeris - He would come in from New York City from time to time and perform. He was quite talented as a rock singer, approaching professional quality levels. He pretty much kept to himself and just performed, didn't really smile much or say much but he had a good voice and played an excellent guitar.

    Bobby Shue, Jom Cowger and the Vegas trumpet combo What's a Celebrity Centre without a little combo of trumpet, sax and clarinet players? Bobby and Jim came in from Vegas and John Murakami, the husband of Betty Murakami from Div II was also in the band and had played with them in Las Vegas. They were a sort of Celebrity Centre version of the Lawrence Welk band but much much hipper!

    I have to go now, but I've got more items to add to this list. If any of you have any more to ad to this or any updates on these people, please let me know.
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    Robots do robotic handlings. Expected.

    I've had too many to look at.

    Only in the last couple of days has my scene been duplicated, after 30+ years.
  18. Blue Spirit

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    Three Old Timers

    I am working on three old timers now to get them to tell their stories. Two knew LRH.
  19. Blue Spirit

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    Karen Black Update

    From a knowing source I just got the late bulletin that Karen Black is doing

    very well and has been acting on Broadway.

    She is still nominally "In" the "Church".
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    What's Good & Bad about CC, How would you run it?

    I've finally run out of things to tell you about the old CCLA under Yvonne Jentzsch. Oh, I might have some person or incident come to mind and if I do, I will add it to my Appendix. I was thinking of trying something new and letting you guys do most of the thinking and come up with some new ideas. I was thinking of analyzing what a Celebrity Centre should have been or should be now or if you feel they have done well for themselves then voice that.

    If you recall,when I arrived at the Apollo in late 1973, I was ordered to do an Evaluation of why CCLA was more of an upstat Class IV Org rather than a true Celebrity Centre. I was ordered to do this without ever having done the data Evaluator's Course but I felt that I knew the correct "why" already without even doing the eval steps. CCLA was using the stat, "New Bodies in the Shop" as a Division 6 stat just like every other Org in the world. Therfore, no one in the Org had a stat which consisted of getting new celebrities into the Org. Ergo!, eval solved! A new Gross Divisional Statistic is created, "New Celebrities in the Shop" which replaces the old GDS and the "Why" is quickly corrected. Part of the handling would be to actually insist that the people who come on CC lines are real celebrities in the fields of entertainment,the Arts, business, sports and,entrpenures of any kind who are truly celebrated in their fields.

    This psychotic lunkhead senior of mine tore up my eval after reading it for about 10 seconds and ordered me to cramming but to this day I know I had the correct why. She ultimately did the eval herself and it was pages of complexity with a "why" which I could not even understand and pages of handlings, which if done, would have disrupted all the working flow lines of the Org. In fact, her eval was put into action at CCLA and did nothing. I do not think a serious effort was made to implement it fully but I do not know because I was no longer on staff when her eval arrived at the Org.

    Of course, if I , only Grade 4 and un- interned Dianetic auditor, at the time, would have figured out the correct why through only common sense and familiarity with the local scene, without going through all the lengthy steps of a formal eval, that could not have been tolerated as it would have belittled LRH tech and that could not be allowed to happen. When I got out of the Sea Org, I continued to write to LRH on the S.O.line but it never occured to me to tell him about the "why' which I believed was the "why" for the lack of celebrities.

    From today's perspective, 36 years later, I see that I should have sent LRH my observations up on the S.O. 1 line to change the stat to "New Celebrities in the Shop" and I think he would have seen to it that the stat was changed! He probably would have claimed that he noticed that the stat was improper for a Celebrity Centre and taken credit for the change. There is a case where he did just that. Agnus Hadley, a Saint Hill registrar purchased the book "Big League Sales Closing Techniques" by Les Dane and hid the fact from her seniors and then her stats took off like a rocket. LRH ordered her to report her successful actions and she mentioned her purchase and study of the Les Dane book and felt she was going to be off loaded for squirreling when a letter from LRH arrived. Instead, the letter congratulated her for discovering the book and LRH said he read it and that it was an excellent sales book and that he was going to incorporate it into policy. Agnus was never mentioned as a contributor to "Big League" but she didn't care, she was just happy that she contributed something to LRH and Scientology.

    With John Travolta joining around 1975, that did usher in an era of really big name celebrities coming on their lines and now with Tom Cruise and so many others, they are loaded up with real celebrities. Still, as late as 2001, I was able to route my 13 year old daughter on lines to do her Student Hat course and she and I are not celebrities by any stretch of the imagination. Even now, we get letters for her to return to Course.

    Yvonne had attended a meeting with some other top execs on the Apollo where LRH had mentioned a need for a Scientology Celebrity Centre. He told some of his philosophy on celebrities, using the concept of "opinion leaders" and people the public turn to for information on what the latest trends will be.

    Yvonne was sent to AOLA in Los Angeles on a misstion to run that Org and on her own initiative possibly from just being in the Hollywood district, decided to open up a Celebrity Centre for Los Angeles.

    I was required to hear a follow up tape to this first tape when I was CCLA Programs Chief on the Apollo. In the follow up tape LRH praises Yvonne for taking the ball and runing with it.

    CCLA started sometime in 1969, Does anyone know what month? I did not show up there until October of 1970 so I am missing from 1 to 1 1/2 years of the history of the Org. Can anyone fill me in on how it all started in 1969? The only eyewitness account I had was from the owners and landlords of the Centre on 1809 W. 8th street. I paid the rent on the Centre and it was $800 per month. When we were on time, I mailed it in but when we were late, I had to drive it over to them. The landlords were a married couple, probably in their late 60's named Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Freistadt. We were only late 2 times in the two years I was paying the bills. I definitely remember going to their house twice and maybe a third time. Rent was one of our top priorities and extreme efforts were made to pay it on time. However, one time when we were late and I drove the check to their house, Mr. and Mrs. Freistadt asked me to sit down for tea and chat and Mr. F told me that he was in the upstairs office at the Centre trying to find a tenant for his building when one day Yvonne showed up. The Freistadt's were asking maybe $1,200 a month and Yvonne told them that this was for a Church and all they could afford was $800. I asked Mr. F why he accepted such a low offer as hers and he asked, "You know Yvonne don't you?" and I said that I did and Mr. F. said, "Well then you know the way she is, nobody can say no to Yvonne." The second time I saw them, maybe a year later when the rent was late again, Mr F. asked me if I would ask Yvonne to drop over and visit them because they would really like to talk to her about how the Church is doing. When I got back to the Org, I passed the message to Yvonne and even offered to drive her over if she needed a ride. She gave me a scowl and glowered at me and said, "Why on Earth would I ever want to see those people?"

    I think that if Yvonne had not started CCLA, RTC and the Church might not exist right now and that the only Scientology being done would be in something like the Freezone.

    YVONNE DID A LOT OF THINGS RIGHT IN THE START UP PHASE AND EARLY GROWTH DAYS OF CCLA. If you were running CCLA at that time is there anything you would have done differently? Are there any major things you feel were done wrong and that you would have done differently if you had been runing CCLA?

    What about the network of CC's, any feelings about that?

    After Yvonne passsed on, what things do you feel were done right so that the CC network continued to grow? What things were done wrong?

    I'd really like to hear your ideas and also if I could be filled in on the first year and a half of CCLA, that would be nice.
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