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The Opposite of Christmas: C of S's Disconnection

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Free to shine, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I am sure Tory won't mind me posting this link here, as we near Christmas. Sending hugs to those amongst us who are disowned from loved ones by disconnection this year and in years past.


    Disconnection is the practice used by a group calling themselves a church: Scientology.

    This practice, for anyone who is not familiar, is one that MAKES Scientologists disconnect, or stop talking to, or seeing anyone considered a critic of Scientology.

    This may include cutting off children from seeing their families (and I'm talking never to see or speak to them again, ever again!)

    This may include,as in my case, my husband divorcing me. This may include kids taking their lives, as now I've found out I know 5 young men who have, each with one person "in" and one out, or they themselves wanting out as the common denominator.

    Of course in Scientology they have the double edged sword: They convince you it is YOU deciding this...that YOU are "Thinking for yourself, doing what is the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics" (Hubbard's theory of various forms of survival one works at) etc.

    As part of this package, "on your own', you will stop seeing or talking to the people you love most: your mother or father or brother, sister, or family or friend, all in the guise of it is the most "ethical".

    Now come on, who REALLY, honestly will, on their own, refuse to talk to or see people they love? "Love is all there is" and when you look around the world today and you see all the troubles we on Earth have, people responsible for insisting on separating families and friends deserve prison at best.

    However, since they (C of S/OSA) lurk (so far) under the guise of "religion" they won't see jail time, just yet. But one thing I know is true....Karma is there, no matter what religion or non-religion you believe in. What you put out, you will get back, and often way worse than you ever thought, or way better if it shall be good.

    Christmas IS a time for goodness, sharing, loving, family and friends joining and helping each other and many they never even knew.

    How utterly Un-Christmas like to enforce this ignorant, hateful, un-religious concept of "Disconnection" on people under the guise of religion.

    Think for yourself? If they cannot even read this (which most can not, and even if they can -- they won't hear it -- you are kidding yourself if you believe (as I know the OSA ops do) that you are 'thinking for yourself'.

    Connect up with your family and friends. May Freedom and Peace be spread throughout the world as far and wide as possible. It is Christmas, and if each person just does one random act of kindness with their family and friends each day, the world will be a happier place.

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Tory/Magoo~dancing in the moonlight~
    X-Scientologist after 30 years "in"
  2. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    I feel sad for you, Free to Shine. I hope you can still find love and happiness this Christmas season. You know you have it from the board here, for sure.

    It took me alot of time and patience to reconnect with my family. But slowly and surely, it has been happening.

    My father was patient with me for 25 years. He knew, despite the religions insanity, that my brother and I were in a semi safe place where we would not end up on drugs, in prison, or any such thing. And in that way, he was right. I have not spoken too much about why he did not come to find us, or demand his right to see us. He has explained it to me, and I am ok with it. He is with me now.

    And I hope that you can find love this Christmas season. Even though I am not religious, I will still pray for you (if that makes sense).

    Peace be with you. Love you. :) :) :)
  3. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Awwww Bea... :bigcry: Thankyou.

    I am surrounded by love, don't worry, and believe me I appreciate it. But when a family member who was part of that (ie not away in the SO or anything) so suddenly decides to disconnect, there are ripples...ummm, no, probably more like tidal waves that affect the whole family.

    My Mum recently had a stroke and can't talk properly and she sent me a message today that my Dad typed out for her: "Forgive ***** ,she is only doing what she believes is right! we are all doing this ,which is why we can ALL forgive each other!"

    Well we are all doing what we think is right, that's true. I don't particularly like the word "forgive" though, I much prefer "understand". I do understand, because I once walked in those shoes. And knowing I eventually saw the truth, I can only hope my family member will too.

    It is my Xmas wish that the paranoia and lies that lead to the whole subject of disconnection see the light of day - and soon!

    That those who suffer the consequences of disconnection now and have for decades find a way to reconnect, and the 'disconnectees' see the truth about the love and support possible in families when open communication happens rather than the insane secrecy and blinkers. :thumbsup:

    Love to the other people here I know who have had their families ripped apart this way!