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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by SirRalliart, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. SirRalliart

    SirRalliart Patron with Honors

    My name is Mike Roiger and I am formally disconnecting from the Church of Scientology after 18 years, 14 or which were on Staff, and 12 of those posted as the Senior Case Supervisor at the Cincinnati Class V Organization. I am a Grad VA C/S (XDN Specialist), CCRD C/S (2006), FPRD C/S, Purif C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, etc (all GAT). I did over 50 courses in various academies from Atlanta to Cincinnati to AOSH UK to Flag.

    BAMFA stands for Bad-Ass MotherF--kin’ Auditor. This originated in the late 90’s when I cracked my first case, read that turned a $700 Life Repair cycle into a 12-Intensive package ($26.4K). I was a bit on the cocky side back then, and we developed a “new” class of auditor when we cracked cases, i.e., BAMFA. There were 4 or 5 of us and we had baseball caps made with the GAT symbol on the front and “BAMFA” on the back.

    I would like to start out the thread by going over the last few months on Staff. I won’t go into too many details at the start here, but fill in later as I go through my timeline.

    In the Fall of 2009, I was ordered Flag, along with all of the other SNR C/S’s in the world, to do some new Apprenticeship dealing with the Grades. Flag had been running a new Grades Pilot. It was supposed to be so secretive, but all you had to do was read Source magazine to get most of the data. Oddly, I was ordered to Flag in 2008 for something dealing with the Grades. At that time, I thought we were going to get data on the “new” Grades that had been secretly piloted. I remembered a video of DM speaking to the OT Ambassadors in 2001 or 2002 where he said that there were new Grades coming out that would allow the common man, as opposed to well-to-do Chiros and Dentists, to afford the Bridge. So, I thought, “hey, we’re going to get the “new” Grades checklists.” Oh, was I wrong! We first had to Method 9 Word Clear the whole of the KSW Series in chronological order, then we “cognite” that all of the Grades that we had been delivering were quickied. I went through it, but really did not abide to these “new” rules of having to audit every single process of every single Grade, and do them over if the pc did not spit out the magical words of the Flows EP’s - exactly.

    With that memory fresh in mind, I blew Flag off as long as I could and finally arrived in March 2010. Of course, upon arriving there was the obligatory Ethics Cycle of all of the “out-Tech” I had been committing since 2008, replete with more Lower Conditions. As part of the Liability formula, I had the arbitrary order to get a set of Advanced Clinical Course Lectures donated to Cincinnati Qual. That’s $5,000. I don’t Reg - never have and never will. I’m a Red-on-white guy and “stupidly” take “no” for an answer. After 3 weeks of daily begging virtually every Scientologist I have ever known in 18 years, I finally got that last $50 donation. 26 different people donated to this cycle. It was one of the worst 3-week stretches of my life. It seemed everyone was maxed out due to Idle org and IAS donations. I swear, if I was making more than $150 per week, I would have paid for it myself!

    In the middle of this 3-week hell, my Dad’s cancer took a turn for the worse, and I had to fly home to Dallas, after getting an “emergency” CSW approved through some terminals. I have to say that everyone was very understanding and gave me immediate approval.

    After spending a couple of weeks in Dallas, I decided that I could not stand being cooped up in the Student Motels, which is where the Outer Org Trainees stay - 8-10 grown men per dive motel room. I flew back to Cincinnati for a day and picked my car and drove to Florida.

    To be continued...
  2. SirRalliart

    SirRalliart Patron with Honors

    Part 2...

    I should mention, that a major part of the Ethics cycle was that I was being forced to program extraneous things on people’s Bridges, such as FPRD on all Grade IV completions and XDN on most NED Case Completions. Every time that I would come back from training at Flag I would attempt to put people up the Bridge only to be creamed by our Chief Reg and CO (married to each other and SO). I would literally receive Cramming Orders and Ethics Chits up to RTC. I was the SNR C/S, yet was continuously told how out-Tech it was not program for FPRD after Exp Grade IV, all based on one sentence from C/S Series 112RA which did not say “must,” but said “can and should.” I did KTL and I know the difference. Suffice it to say I caved in to the Gross Income demands every time, thus, my continual Ethics problem at Flag. It seems I did not have the balls to stand up to them - one was a 39-yr Class VIII SO veteran…and the one who signed my paychecks. So, now I am out-KSW for both programming FPRD and for not programming FPRD - stuck in the middle. I don’t do well in the middle.

    I came back to Flag and lived off-base at a friend’s apartment. I got through the ethics and the cramming having the same “cognitions” that I always had about not applying KSW blah, blah, blah. So, I started to audit on the “new” Grades. My first pc was someone who had not had auditing since the early 1980’s, and who had just bought all three L Rundowns. My mission was to get her through all of the Grades rapidly (75 hours) and then onto L 11. By the way, she was “Clear,“ so we had to give her the Not Clear R-Factor. One big problem: her needle was unresponsive and did not match her indicators at all. I Red-Tagged her 4 times the first week, then 4 times the next week and got kicked off the case after a double Red Tag. During this time I did not have “Cramming OK” because I had not gotten an L1C after getting back to Flag. Being Clear whittles your chances down for a session quite a lot - I can’t imagine what an OT on training lines goes through! I had many undone crams with several mis-called F/Ns. Calling F/Ns is not as black and white as is implied! Oftentimes the Cram Off and the C/S differ in what is an F/N.

    So, now I am back in Ethics for mis-called F/Ns (Doubt). At least I didn’t have the RTFN pressure (Right the F--k Now, a favorite saying by those running the Flag HGCs). I limped through the Ethics, then Cramming and I was ready to take on another pc. I gave one of the best sessions I’ve ever given at Flag and went to lunch. Unfortunately, during lunch, I found out that my Dad died that morning, so I had to get another “emergency” CSW approved and I was out the door. I was supposed to directly return to Flag following the funeral. Obviously, when a parent dies, you can’t just fly off to Flag after the funeral, and I was home for about 3 weeks. What really pissed me off though, was that the Board I/C texted me on the day of Dad’s funeral wanting me to audit somebody. Not good. I cut all communication off.

    In the meantime, I had been in communication with my CO back in Cincinnati. There were some problems back there and she wanted me to go there for a couple of weeks before returning to Flag. Since I was pissed off at Flag, it was quite an easy choice.

    At this time, I still had undone C/S crams at Flag, which did not even enter my mind. I went back to Cincinnati, and, of course, I C/Sed folders for them. Not many, because I was needed on a “special project” to “handle” 3 or 4 Tech Staff who were trying to Route Off Staff. Usually a pretty easy project, only, the I/C was the Chief Reg who is about half nuts and thinks he’s the second coming of LRH. His method of handling is to inflict as much mental pain as possible with threats, invalidation and evaluation. For some odd reason, I thought we could work together, even though I’ve never been able to work with him. His orders range from arbitrary to insane. Anyway, the current order was for me to make them guilty and “rub their noses in it” via Metered Ethics Interviews with the assumption they were all SP, then work them all through lower conditions. I was to stay in constant telephone communication with him as he was not in the org and on some medical LOA that had nothing with doctors or medicine. Apparently, I did not respond to a question right or said something (I don’t know), but the tables got turned on me and I was the Who behind virtually every bad statistic in the org. Now I’m being invalidated and evaluated for and being giving wrong indications galore! Enough of that, I refused to take his calls. I didn’t have to hide much because he was never in the org. At this point, I was thinking, “what do I need this shit for?”

    I don’t know when it was that I first made the decision to break away from the insane asylum. I’ve had fleeting thoughts for quite some time. But, after this latest BS, I knew I was a short-timer.
  3. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire


  4. SirRalliart

    SirRalliart Patron with Honors

    Part 3...

    By now, it is probably August and Flag finally put enough pressure on the line to get me back there. It was determined by going directly to the D/Capt for Training by my CO, that I was to go down there and get through my C/S Crams and the CCRD Crams with our CCRD Auditor. It was unfortunate that this data never made it from Div 7 Flag to Div 5 Flag. When I arrived, I was sent directly to the MAA who was really beside herself that I went to Cincinnati and C/Sed folders instead of returning directly to Flag. Added to that was another dog cussing that I don’t have the gonads to keep Scientology working and how much of a disappointment I was as a Senior C/S. At this point I quit giving a shit.

    Somehow, the CCRD Auditor and I made it through Ethics having the same “cognitions” as usual and we were given retreads on the CCRD course. We completed that in a few days, then it was time for C/S Cramming. As I wanted to hurry this along, I mistakenly went the SHSBC course room to have a student fly my Ruds. THIS WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST SESSION OF MY LIFE! 5-½ hours on pulling MWHs. I have to say that the Clearwater weather and my Scandinavian body don’t mix - I’m sure my needle was crap, but it wasn’t from me withholding things! I had ONE F/N in that overlong session and F/Ned right away at Exams. Obviously, F/Ns were missed. I vowed to myself then that if I get out of Flag, I ain’t comin’ back.

    The C/S Crams went fine, then it was time to leave. Oops, nobody told the Qual terminals that was only there for Cramming and they were attempting to make me stay for the rest of the Grades Apprenticeship (4-6 more weeks).

    So, I got on the phone to my CO, who called the D/Capt who “OKed” me to leave. I my way out the door, I was to take some folders by hook or by crook. So, I marched around the HGCs and found two of them and packed them in an empty e-meter case and put them in my trunk, effectively stealing folders under orders of my CO. At this point, I just wanted to leave, I didn’t care.

    A few hours later, I still had not been OK’ed to leave from Qual/HCO and my CO ordered me to walk out the door (blow) because we had 3 CCRDs scheduled that weekend. So I did. A couple of days later I received this blazing message from the MAA calling me suppressive and cussing up a storm. Again, I was stuck in the middle. I blew it off.

    Come to find out, there were no CCRDs scheduled. I was lied to again for what could only be PR reasons to schedule people. All I’m thinking at that point is “Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive.” Now I’m in serious trouble with Flag for leaving under false pretenses. What a mess. So I block it out of my mind and start to work.

    Within a few days, I am ordered out to North Ohio on a Reg cycle. The plan was for me to audit a pc, whose folder was supposed to be at Flag under OSA review, then Reg her for several thousand. We had a good session, then the Reg shows up at 10:00PM. The cycle is unsuccessful, but we are under orders that we cannot leave until we get the money. We are stuck in northern Ohio for the whole next day until she finishes her patients (7:30PM). What in the hell is the Snr C/S doing this for? We are eventually successful and leave for Cincinnati at about midnight and drive all the way home arriving at about 4:30 AM. Crazy.

    Then the following week, Wednesday again, I am ordered at 10:00 PM to drive to Louisville, KY on another Reg cycle. It turns out that the Staff member who is being regged, has been regged by the Idle Org people for 3 days straight and they got $50K out of him. The CO orders us to get $20K for services - this is a Staff auditor for Christ sakes! We get there about midnight and he is not real happy to see us, but he is a good guy and puts a pot of coffee on. We are not there very long before he realizes that it is a Reg cycle. We are there under orders of not leaving until the money is gotten. At about 2:30 AM he gets pissed and drives off leaving us holding are you-know-whats. Only after this happens, are we “allowed” to go home. By this time it is definite that I am not going to be part of this organization in the future. Disgusting.

    A few days later, the shit has really hit the fan on my having “blown flag.” It’s shot all through CLO EUS and up into Int land. I was in my office with the LC, the HAS and the HES on the speaker phone talking to the CO who was in California for something or other and we started talking about when I would head back to Flag. Suddenly, the LC jumped up and threw me out of my own office for about 20 minutes while she had a “private” conversation with the CO. I was finally allowed back into my office, and the CO ordered me to fly to Flag on the next flight out. I was in shock. Everybody said OK. I had no plans to follow through with the order. I was nervous as hell.

    Luckily, I was smart enough to tell the HES that I would drive down and not to get me an airplane ticket. I went home, packed my things, winterized my motorcycle and drove West, not South. The farther away I get, the happier I was. I drove all the way to Illinois, then called Mom. She was completely relieved that I was leaving the cult (I didn’t know she thought it was a cult!). I knew she was in Minnesota visiting relatives and she invited me up there, so I drove North.

    I arrived at my Aunt’s Lakehouse near Bemidji and rested for several days.

    More to come later (HAS & Qual Sec driving all over Texas and Minnesota on the hunt)...
  5. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    You got set up to take the fall.

    Multiple tech staff routing off at the same time, in an org which presumably doesn't have huge numbers of tech staff, is a Very Bad Indicator necessitating a search for a Who. A Who MUST be found, so the game becomes finding somebody who can be set up as the sacrificial Who this time.
  6. CarmeloOrchards

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    I like this!
  7. EP - Ethics Particle

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    Me too - splurge on it!:thumbsup:

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    Is the Interne Sup still Christine? I was the ONLY public person on the Flag Class IV Interneship in 2004! What a shit hell hole.
  9. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Welcome out Ralliart. Even a winter in Minnesota has to be warmer than high summer in the Cult :)

    And, welcome aboard too.

  10. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    What a great story! Keep it up.
  11. Happy Days

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    This is great ...moarrrrrrrrrrrrrr please :)
  12. SirRalliart

    SirRalliart Patron with Honors

    That's Mr. Owens to you :) She's the Intern Sup and Alex something (German chick) is the Snr Intern Sup. She used to be head Pro Metering Supe.
  13. SirRalliart

    SirRalliart Patron with Honors

    My blood has thinned out since I lived in the Great White North. I'm in Texas now -- Big D. How 'bout them Cowboys!

    I can only tolerate snow and crappy roads for 2 weeks at the most now.
  14. Zinjifar

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    Well, if you get back to Ohio sometime feel free to drop by :)

    It's OK if you wait till spring

  15. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Thanks for telling your story... what a shitfight.

    I get where your Mom is coming from, I had the same experience with mine.
    She asked me why I left after 34 years and I said, "It's become more and more like a cult".
    She sighed and said, "It's ALWAYS been a cult, dear."
    Smart girl. :)
  16. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    and me...
  17. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Thanks for posting your story. Glad you got to see your parents. Many don't.

    Looking forward to more of your adventures! You may want to link in your other related posts as you go along. They are very informative, as well.

  18. Infinite

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    Gidday and welcome SirRalliart.

    Dumb wog question # 346,875,931,268,763,546: why steal folders? What's in them of value?
  19. Arthur Dent

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    Hello SirRalliart,
    Your story amused me so much I couldn't stop smiling. Not because its funny but because it is so familiarly bat-shit crazy!! I've been there and can very much relate. You try to work with it and then it gets nuttier and nuttier and then it starts to just be funny because you realize how nuts it all is. So glad you cut loose!! Its the only choice! :yes:
  20. EP - Ethics Particle

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    How a Scientologist is made and lost - FYI...