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The Pilot, Excerpts from his Writings

Discussion in 'Freezone, Independents, and Other Flavors of Scien' started by Antony A Phillips, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Of course, all this nonsense about what is or should be at the OT1 level as a rundown would cease if Hubbard had actually had a correct understanding of and made an honest and correct statement of what "Clear" is and isn't.

    Looking at the history of it, we see his nonsense began with a bullshit statement as to what Clear is when he released DSMSH . . . and we old-timers all did our Grades and/or other actions after being various versions of "Clear" . . . no sweat mate!

    Then Hubbard paddled along to "Real Clear" without revising any comprehension as to what Clear is . . . next we have the drama of the introduced "non-interference zone" when OT3 is released. :melodramatic: And it is to be noted the stated PR reason does not accord with the fact hundreds upon hundreds did many, many actions after attaining various versions of Clear before OT3 was released to gain but no detriment! . . . . then, we have the "innovation" of the "Dianetic Clear" versus the "real Clear" and even the "Natural Clear" . . . .

    :duh::duh: So then the problem becomes all these "Clears," some being "natural" and thus with zero actual case handling on the Bridge line-up, headed into OT Levels :nervous::nervous:

    But what's WORSE those that are "Clear" and not done the CC Course to become "true Clears" . . . what the hell to do with them for OT2 !!??!!:omg: By-pass that "important" level our Terril got so much out of?? . . . those "important" line-plots:melodramatic::melodramatic:

    I tell you, I look at this parade of errors call "The Bridge" and it looks to me like someone got together a bunch of monkeys, kitted them out with needle, thread and some patches, and said: "Now make a bloody quilt, you galoots!"

    The whole parade of it, when you actually look at the history of its development and application, is so insane as to realize on inspection that no sane person person would knowingly set off across that "Bridge" if they were fully informed of a) its development and changes along the way, b) where the Bridge actually takes you and c) if where you are headed on the Bridge was not confidential and you knew the facts of the passage and destination.

    Its secrecy enables the stupidity of its actually to draw good people in.

  2. Dave B.

    Dave B. Maximus Ultimus Mostimus


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  3. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Hubbard said somewhere that some PCs ARE a 'cluster'. Both OT 2 and OT 3 are supposed to be cluster busters and I think the powahs dat be are bringing in New OT 1 on this same agenda.
    You got the effort to break a person away from a mass and dust him off.

    In Inc II its a huge engram culminating in Earth being the dump off point. On OT II you were going for the release and desensitization from programmed scripts telling you the parameters of how it was gonna be from here on out. What we would do to each other once here (indoctrinated) to keep each others' noses stuck in the dirt surely would keep us grounded in this games matrice.

    Yeah, that's a cosmological spew, but I'm looking at the 'clusterbuster' modus operandi used by the C of S. My theory is that the dramatizations acted out against others once we became 'naturalized' and bonafide Earthlings made more clusters. Now if you believe this is possible, ya gotta ask " Who would most likely be stick'n to me?" So maybe spotting the antagonistic people you've been locked in anti-purposes with is a freeing up from one level of games permitting you to move onto the next.
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  4. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Man, I HATE the 30 minute rule. :grouch:

  5. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Well, my Dear Hats . . . . IF the Inc 2 event is real actual and on everyone's case . . . as Alan said to me once: "I don't know where he (Hubbard) got that stuff." And in his Opening Pandora's Box thread he and Dart got into what Hubbard saw on the docks in Span (Alicante?) that paralleled events depicted in OT3.

    Beings can get locked in mortal combat without any implanting at all . . . look at ex-Scn fighting the Cof$ or lovers going through bitter divorces as examples.

    All that kind of stuff you write of above is easily undone with the R/Ds Alan devised. They have been mentioned and linked to many times earlier here on ESMB.

    All that's involved is the either undoing of unwanted fixed, out of control destructive spiritual connections or the undoing of disharmonious activity with wanted spiritual connections and the enhancement of the relationship.

    That's easy meat :yes:

  6. Re: Cosmic History [was: Re: The Pilot, Excerpts from his Writings]

    Dear Hatshepsut (and any one else passing by),

    While I regard the Pilot's Cosmic History as having been a great help to me in understanding (or perhaps just "making a bit of sense out of") the transition from Static to the enormous complexity of "present time" there is a lot there which I reject (and some things which give me a big laugh - now). And I got "this far" studying the Pilot's Cosmic History over maybe ten years, where I have sent it out in installments maybe eight times (and getting a sort of "revelation" after months of wondering/curiosity about what happened just before we mocked this universe up).

    From that I have come to a conclusion as to what this universe is, and who created it. I also do not think your question very important. But what may be useful to you in your speculations is may be looking at the idea (possibility) that the Magic Universe is still going strong, and from there there is a guiding control over this universe (more particularly to us, Earth). Whether they have a different time than ours does not seem to be important. There is the possibility that they want to keep the game going in this universe (earth particularly), just as when I was playing Monopoly years ago with my brother and five cousins (hours on end, in the summer holidays), when somebody appeared to be losing, we "broke the rules" and had the banker hand out extra money to every one!

    I suppose I will run through the Pilot's Cosmic History again in installments. There is (my opinion) some kernals of truth in it, and it is a marvelous exercise in choosing which parts of the "incredible" one throws out, and which, despite their incredibility, make sense.

    All best wishes,

  7. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Re: Cosmic History [was: Re: The Pilot, Excerpts from his Writings]

    Great post :thumbsup: Eloquent last lines!

    I asked the question referring to the beings with threads of control because I have an unresolved problem regarding them. I speculate that I may be using them to help keep me in this universe because otherwise I would keep popping right back out.

    Regarding the Magic Universe still being in use;

    When I got into my first case trouble I was actually felt 'hit' or attacked from the 'outside' of this matrix. I wasn't being overly expansive or exterior so I couldn't figure out 'what' I did to be punished or to be made to experience another 'treatment' VIA an autorun, on and on. But, I'll tell you that it was an education......I paid attention to all the psychic sensations and realized we did not all enter this universe at the same exact time. I know I've had my ass knocked back in here several times....and I took care to notice the methods. I believe that without teammates' or aspects' upsets acknowledged I could not get to the charge

    Roger said something a while back that there was an ARCX just prior to the this universe cycle. I agree. Most spirals and cycles seem to somehow be solutions to the one before it. Those that came from the magic universe may be finding some solutions in being here. Those still trying to influence 'from' the outside usually has a 'leg' of their efforts inside too. An example I believe was last come to discovery during a cosmic war on the Nile.

    When I was assigned my grades auditor who was an 'agent' of black ops during the Nile campaign the SHIT hit the fan. It was all over .....I became unglued. A revivification of the implants, dark energies directed at the mental field, human experiments, construction projects, transfiguations, sticky electronic entities commanded from elsewhere, moldy wheat (ergot), syphillis....a fiasco. A few players looked human but weren't. They could pass. To my mind, this episode was like a Dumbo Drop from another universe.....come in....helicopters and all.

    I have been amused at my vehement posturing that 'that' person has no RIGHT to still be here, but I on the other hand have been given 'special' dispensation to remain on. Hrrrmmph.

    This war connected to a line of intention and it's same people linked to incidents of putting one IN universes etc. So when I came unglued and looked at the pieces they were all just different levels of the same game. Hoards of incidents ending in death, PDH , or traps. The different stratospheres, having newer costumes but true to the same lineage of purposes.

    However, I do not still feel connected to the magic universe. They became debauched and I believe many have fled that group and tried to escape repercussion from breaking any oaths once given.
  8. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Ant, in clarifying the reference quoted above:

    We all know the not-so-recent ESMB rule which causes a lockout of your ability to delete or edit a post after the passage of 30 min. :yes:

    I wanted to edit out a piece of my previous post above that eraser image and lost my chance.
  9. Re: Cosmic History [was: Re: The Pilot, Excerpts from his Writings]

    Dear dear Hatshepsut,

    Thanks for the thanks in the first line.

    I wondered if your question was just idle curiosity, and I see now that it isn't. It raises questions which I don't really have time to go into, sitting at a keyboard and trying to format a reasonable message. It is ... well I suppose it is not off topic. It is more a topic I don't particularly want to go into on public lines. (Perhaps more off my intention line on this thread at this moment)

    All best wishes,

  10. Pilot'sPost Z27 -- Entity Handling -- From Post 52 – March 1999

    Pilot'sPost Z27

    Entity Handling

    From Post 52 – March 1999

    Entities of whatever sort are not the basic why.

    They do, however, intensify one's aberrations and reduce one's horsepower.

    One can get into finding them at the bottom of every rundown. This is a mistake. It actually distracts from the effectiveness of the rundowns because one is busily spotting other sources instead of handling one's own causation in the area.

    Let's take something as simple as the basic rudiments used at the beginning of every standard tech session - these are ARC Breaks, PTPs (present time problems), and Missed Withholds.

    At lower levels, they just handle these rudiments. At upper levels (OT 3 and above), they establish ownership (is the out-rud your's, a BT's, or a cluster's).

    If the person is being the effect of entities, you will find that a lot of his out ruds are coming from entities on this ownership step.

    And yet, the entities are not basic on the PC's out-ruds, and you will not get basics on these things while you are continually directing the PC's attention to other sources than himself.

    The PC seems to hit bands or layers of entity created charge as he works down through the "bank". I'm talking here about the entire band of accessibility rather than working through the charge in a particular topic. The entire band of accessibility suddenly jumps by an order of magnitude due to something like having the clear cog (for real, not just knowing it abstractly) and the next thing accessible is hoards of entities.

    But these entities are a surface layer, the last thing his case was buried under before some aspect of his case went totally solid and out of his control. Basically, he's blown the case factors that were in the accessible band and the next thing that happens is that entities are leaking off of the next layer down. And they are in the way. He did a total handing off of control to outside influences and his own real basics are to some degree obscured and out of reach because of this.

    When he is in this state, one does need to establish ownership because mostly he is misowning things coming from entities. Instead of having his own out ruds (which still do exist), he's copying entity's out-ruds and living those instead.

    And yet it is just a smoke screen. Think of it as a cloud of fog which is now in the way of seeing the real sources that he has deeper down.

    If entities are popping up in all directions, then the thing to do is to run entities instead of something else. And the best way is not to do high powered case handling rundowns while checking for ownership. Instead you want to run entities on a gradient until the pc ceases to be at effect in this area.

    One of our biggest early mistakes was in looking for the engram necessary to resolve the case (and therefore trying to run the heaviest engrams first) instead of running engrams on a gradient with the intention of raising the pc's confront of engrams in general.

    The same goes for entity handling.

    What you really want is the easiest ones first rather than the most difficult ones.

    As is the case with engrams, these things are endless if you stay down at a low level of confront. And so it is much more important to raise the pc's confront rather than to handle some specific ones.

    Best is to leave this be until the pc starts spotting them himself. Then handle the Nots case in the sequence that he finds them rather than getting exotic about using other rundowns.

    Easiest at first is to find pressures and masses that are being mocked up by BTs and then to find the BTs that are mocking them up and blow them. During this stage you will find that he is being the effect of pictures and somatics that BTs are mocking up and which he is misowning as his own.

    But as he as wins on this and gets a bit bigger and smarter in this area, their impingement ceases to be so solid and they mainly just push his attention around, pulling it onto things or pushing it off of things.

    At this point you want to start using the basic solo nots C/S which is to look for and blow BTs wherever your attention is drawn to and on whatever your attention avoids.

    You do this until you stop being affected by BT think.

    Actually, what we have here is a scale of thought / emotion / effort. At first they are still capable of impinging with effort, then that falls away and they only jerk one around emotionally, and finally they are only impinging on a thought level. This raises the possibility of doing an emotional handling (check for BTs inspiring emotions that you are feeling) in between handling the masses and their effect on your attention.

    Now this could actually be very fast and easy if you don't make the mistake of attributing your case to these guys, but simply handle what is in your way until you get back to being at cause instead of effect.

    What you want to aim for is to be primarily handling by inspection rather than needing any elaborate tools. And you will find that you get huge automatic blows of these things as you move up to the point where you become cause instead of effect.

    Once you get past this first layer of entities and cease to mistake their thoughts for your own, you should stop bothering to establish ownership (mine, BT's, cluster's) as a formal step in handling. Instead, you just know in those rare cases where some entities still show up on something.

    Past this point, you will occasionally run into deeper layers of entitiy type case. The thing is that when you can spot it, you know immediately that it is not yours because you are past this foolishness of misowning case.

    Eventually you will run into machine entities and control entities (watchers, monitors, etc.) of various sorts. Sometimes you have to go through a brief period of getting evangelistic about these and hunting them down until the particular kind of thing falls away completely and ceases to affect you.

    For these you often need an additional type of question which is in the form of:

    a) spot being made into a ... b) spot making others into a ...

    You can get into much more complex handlings. I certainly have (there are some real complex handlings in Super Scio) and I see others doing this too. And there are all sorts of tricks you can use like spotting early entry points (such as incident 1) or running power on them or whatever. Sometimes these are a big help.

    But looking at this from hindsight, it is mostly due to picking up things out gradient, which is encouraged by overrun and by mistakenly thinking that these things are the why.

    Whenever you get past a layer of this stuff, you always find out that it was a minor factor and that they could only really use your own case against you.

    In general, when you bump into some sort of entity your basic handlings are:
    0. Blow by inspection / acknowledgement
    1. The simple Nots what/who
    2. Point to the being you divided from
    3. Spot being made into / making others into a ... ​
    Note that cluster forming incidents, mass implants, etc., are really just specific cases of number 3 above.

    The limitation is that this is dependent on having enough confront, itsa, and willingness to grant beingness that all the stops fall out of the way.

    That gets messed up by stirring these things up out gradient in a mistaken search for whys.

    So have an easy time of it by handling your own case until you bump into a layer of this stuff. And then handle that layer as itself instead of as a source for other things. And then get back to handling your own case again.


    The Pilot
  11. Do not evaluate was: Pilot'sPost Z27 -- Entity Handling

    Dear reader of this thread,

    Others select the Pilot's fortnightly posts I send each week, and there was a little back log which I had not read.

    The one I just sent out, Entity Handling, had been waiting for a little time unread by me. Looking at the date stamp I felt I ought to send it now. When I looked at the contents I had a strong aversion to sending it, although I felt I ought to - there is certainly a fair amount of mention of BTs, etc. in the things that reach me on exScn channels, so it is a subject that probably would be of interest to the list.
    But I did not want to have anything to do with it, and I have been thinking it over in the last 24 hours both directly and as I got on with other things.

    At Easter 1967, I sat in a hotel room in Alicanti, Spain, (I expect with the door locked) and opened a packet of papers concerning how I should solo audit myself on OT III. In that packet I was told something in the direction of my body being crowded with entities. That was evaluation, which goes against the auditor's code. (It also scared me stiff!!!)

    I was to find them one by one, and audit them on a certain pair of incidents. I was to audit them whether they liked it or not (overcoming self determination) and I was to audit them on a definite incident, which meant I was evaluating for them*.

    Something similar has happened to a number of other Scientologists, and a common reality has built up that these things exist, which I think is verified, to some degree by sources such as (I believe) Gurdjief and the Tibeten Book of the Dead. A fairly common reality has built up as to how one should "handle" them, which probably is not shared by anyone outside of Scientology. The Pilot was caught up in that reality, accepted it, and worked to make it more workable, as shown by the post I just sent out.

    But it was and is based on a violation of one of the most basic things in Scientology, part of what made it so effective as a therapy. Do not evaluate for the preclear. It is also based on another violations of an extremely vital part of Scientology as a therapy, granting beingness, in that in what I was taught, one pushed these entities through incidents whether they liked it or not.

    But a host of well intentioned individuals believe in it and practice it and quite possibly regard me as a heretic (sort of) for expressing here disagreement to it, especially as I base my disagreement to it on Scientology principles, which we share, and a sort of loyalty to much of what Ron did and sought after.

    I have heard that auditors have come across preclears who originated a concern or problem with an entity, and that concern or problem was handled with conventional (or perhaps we should say common or garden) Scientology processes, with out the need to go into the melodrama which is also part of the standard OT III belief.

    Personally, I decided to stop struggling with Solo NOTs about fifteen years ago, and moved to handling directly a mass of unwanted conditions I had. With that procedure (done nearly entirely with co-auditing and auditing from others, very little self auditing) I have, to use a rather overused phrase, become a new person.

    A further thought of mine a little later. Looking at this again, it seems to me to be a particularly vicious treacherous act. You build up trust and confidence by receiving common sense which works (much data in Scientology), you are given auditing which produces good, sometimes miraculous, results and you are lead to expect something even more marvelous, which however is secret - you have not a clue as to what it is. Having paid a fortune, expecting something really fantastic, you come into this secret area which you must not discuss with any one. Your judgement could be somewhat lessened by this background. You get this weird stuff about entities and their supposed history, who are living beings (or are they? - questions arise which could create a bit of confusion). You try it out, and, either through expectation, fluke or yourself unknowingly postulating it, you get an actual result. You are caught in the web, and you cannot discuss with any one, as that would get you in trouble, and if you are not careful, cost you your relationship with one or more beings really close to you possibly including business associates and perhaps income sources. So you work on, trusting despite the glaring outpoints I mentioned earlier, it has become part of your life, and you are not very interested in reading the sort of comment I made. You have possibly become part of the fairly large body of people outside of the official "Church" who continue with NOTs and OT III material as part of your stable data. Any other course involves confronting a confusion (stable data and confusion theory). And if you are delivering this stuff it involves you in confronting people who have paid you good money, and explaining to them your predicament. That requires guts!

    All best wishes,


    *This, that happened in the hotel room in Alicanti, happened while I had an enormous respect for all that L.Ron Hubbard wrote, a fact which caused me not to think for myself, and see the unreality of it, and the break with Scientology fundamentals.
  12. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Thank you, Anthony. This needed to be said.
  13. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Thanks Ant,

    Thanks for BOTH :biggrin: of the above posts. :thumbsup:

    I needed both of those today. :yes:

    I like the Pilot's post Z27! It indicates when you leave out the very asserted incident from 75 Million yrs ago as a 'must have'. It in itself is probably never a first hand incident if it ever really existed. I'm with ya on the protest of it. :clap:

    That post 52 feels more of David Mayo than it does of Pilot, and not just content wise. Was The Pilot ever in comm with David?

    I am going to give a little of my own experience with both viewpoints being right.

    On the entity handling above, I have found that there is an entire spectrum of 'stuff' that doesn't quite resonate as being truly yourself.. I have also found at times that a LOT of the time, the answer I received on Solo NOTs to the valence question was dual: "I'm YOU__I'm ME" :yes: This seemed to be the correct item. I pondered this. :p

    It has often been cited that "A thetan when threatened with unmocking mocks up compulsively". I believed that is quoted from the Class VIII course. :unsure:
    What I found on my own case was this...and I often likened it to watching a seahorse emitting its' young, who are small copies of itself. I have found that I, sometimes on an involuntary procreate, issue forth many many many theta bodies, compulsively. Whether these are vehicles of escape or building materials is dependent on their 'purpose'. Their function or 'use' would probably dictate that. I have known one other person who get's that same dual answer when addressing a mass that at first seems to have 'other' animated consciousness. And I think there have been implanters that made a person do 'just that' (emit/procreate) as a defensive mechanism in order to mold or command that life force in 'what' to be. I think Pilot's getting the entity to 'spot' being made into something and then the reverse is spot on. :p

    I think The Pilot is 100% correct in saying that the entities become available at certain levels of accessibility. I have found that they make barriers and encase one in 'shells' if necessary, or push one away from unsafe areas, or occlude places or identities. Maybe one of the reasons one was advised to ask for an earlier Incident I was because one was encased IN something that came after. That casing may be composed of the auto-create which exuded in fear or protest in order to get away from or escape the condition. It might be that similar mechanics are employed to keep lives distinctly separate and in a new unit of time.

    I was once feeling degraded, mortified to be stuck inside a shell BT for three years. I felt like that little worm trapped inside a Mexican jumping bean. My perceptions were dulled and I had an increase of electricity in my space. It was so bad I had to have a copper contraceptive device removed, which did help. It was a complex problem resulting from some insurmountable antagonism. The ''shell' was my own theta that went into the valence of an antagonist. It was as if an enemy had 'swallowed' me and I was in the belly of the whale. :nervous: I could not take this apart on lower levels. :no: It was 'not me'. But on the other hand, if one ever needed protection from annihilation I could see where he might don the guise of the biggest, baddest, bad boy he ever knew.

    Now, how many severely abused individuals go into the valence of SATAN? They become 'evil' because they're looking for a winning valence?

    From 'my' perspective, I HAVE run into real OTHERS who were 'with' me in more or less some kind of mutual agreement. Also, I have horridly run into forced unions with some beings I found deplorable. I once found that I was 'sold' into a union (exterior), to be ridden around, wherever.. And my feeling is that in space opera it is like remotely controlled entities are beaten out of ridges 'elsewhwere'. Or in In an electronified state with a standing wave pattern it can seem almost eternal. I've had occasion to see my own charge on a ridge/beam of which its' other end is monitored by controllers. My (theta bodies in the valence of) past identities embedded on that ridge seemed like entities too. One good yank or extraction using hypnotism (black dianetics) can send your own traumatized life force back atcha. You get whatever you get with entities.

    Ant, you hit me where I sit posting BOTH articles in sequitur. :clap:
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  14. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    The violation of what should be audited by a person was CONSTANT in both DMSMH and the rest of Scientology. There was the auditors code, which said you don't evaluate, etc., and then there was DMSMH that said you were looking for a birth incident, an attempted abortion, etc., or Scientology stuff that says you're looking for a specific implant, specific entity, etc.

    This was a central point, to me, and one which made it very clear to me that Scientology was terminally flawed.

    I don't look for specific incidents. I ask questions to find out what the person HAS, and then other questions designed to get them to look at it until they "cognite". In this way, I probably share much with Mike Goldstein, but given that I don't really know Idenics, I can't say that with certainty.

    These days I'm taking less and less clients/students. I enjoy the work, and they get a lot out of it, but frankly, it cuts into my time playing Skyrim.
  15. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    I just was following a link and ended up at a free zone america site.

    I found The Pilot's postings to ACT. I never was part of ACT or ARS or alt.religion scientology etc. I never read there unless an item was placed in an ESMB post here. But The posts go all the way up to 1999. That is two years past my floppy discs date of writings.

    I was reading a post from 1999 and just about passed out. He's 'singin my life with his words' as the song goes. :ohmy: Unbelievable. I cannot believe this. :nervous: I just 'knew' I was being re-implanted in 'real tiime' back in 1981. I'm floored. Really floored. Matter-o-fact I think I'll just pass out now. nite.
  16. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    I was posting there from 1997 forward, under ARC_KRC, Discipline and Rockslam and Gomorrhan (at different times). I migrated from ars and act in 2006 or so. Ken and I were in touch as far back as 1996, though never directly until after his cover was blown. I miss him.
  17. Is Ken Ogger still alive?
  18. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Read the opening post of this thread. :eyeroll:
  19. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    No. Ken died. LA Coroner called it suicide. I still don't believe that. Cement blocks on your feet in a swimming pool?
  20. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Tied to his feet, not solidified around them. It's easy enough to wire cement blocks to your own feet, not so easy to unwire them within a minute or two, especially if you left the pliers topside.