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Featured The Story behind the Tom Cruise Video Leak

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by Pooks, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Pooks


    If you are completely uninterested in Old Guard history and drama then skip to the bottom for the tl:dr.

    I’m writing this account of the leak of The Tom Cruise Video to set the historical record straight. I’ve leaked lots of stuff but this one needs to be accurately reported on because this leak was a huge turning point in the
    anti Scientology community and our efforts to expose the cult.

    EDIT: I've corrected the dates and links to my report.

    The event was the 2004 IAS Event not the 2005 event


    Back in 2007 I received a copy of Scientology’s 2004 IAS (International Association of Scientologists) Event DVD featuring that now famous Tom Cruise video clip of him receiving the Medal of Valor from the Scientology dictator and tyrant, David Miscavige. The video that basically set Anonymous into action after Scientology tried to take the video down

    I had originally reported on the 2004 IAS event back in November of 2005. You can see my anonymous post on the event here:

    For 5 years I posted anonymously as Cerridwen on a.r.s (alt.religion.scientology). At that time I was still a trusted Scientologist in good standing and the cult did not know I was attending their events and reporting on them. I used to love to attend Scientology events and make my reports and had fun making OSA nuts that there was a “spai” in their ranks. I was the ultimate troll at that time. They finally outed me but that’s for another story.

    There are actually two videos for the 2004 IAS event, I was only sent part II which is pretty much the Tom Cruise Part of the event. Part I was never sent to me but if you read my report above you can get some of the highlights of this event. Part II of the event is approximately an hour and a half long and I believe there are copies of the entire 1:30 somewhere on the net. If you haven’t seen the full 1:30 video of this event it’s worth the watch, because there’s closer to a half an hour of the Tom Cruise/DM lovefest, not just the 9 minute video you see on the net.

    When I originally watched the leaked 2004 IAS event video I was like, “meh”. Been there, done that. I had no idea of the importance of this at that time. It was just another Scientology event full of bullshit and lies.

    The anonymous Scientologist that originally sent me this video, told me they were pissed off that DM had ordered all Scientologists to watch it 3 times. The anonymous Scientologist thought it was a huge insult to Scientology staff and Sea Org members to make Tom Cruise the # 1 Scientologist because he was rich and famous. Many others had dedicated their life to Scientology and it was a slap in the face to them from both DM and Tom Cruise.

    And for the record, I do not know who this anonymous person is. I deliberately do not ask for names or locations or any information from people who send me stuff as I don’t want to know. I delete all my emails and don’t keep copies. I make sure that whoever sends me stuff has no “data trail” back to them. Having spent 5 years being anonymous and criticizing the cult makes me fully aware of the absolute “terror” that they inflict on people who want to speak out. Also I was concerned that if I am ever involved in a Scientology deposition, I didn’t want to know the names of the people who leak things to me, and over the years people have anonymously sent me quite few emails, magazine and videos from the cult in hopes that I would leak them. I’ve done a lot of work and there’s still more that needs to be done if for no other reason than to just have info available and searchable.

    One other thing, before I talk about the Tom Cruise Video. I was really lucky in that I fell in with a bunch of really loving, wonderful, diverse and sane wogs on my journey out of Scientology, including Kady O’Malley, Tikk, PTSC (muldrake), and Dave Touretzky. These 4 never been cultists were very helpful in getting me out from under the Scientology mindfuck and back into the real world. Except for a few, I pretty much avoided the exes, because there’s always so much drama with them.

    OK back to the TC video.

    So in Aug of 2007 I have the 2nd SP Party. See pix here.

    All of the SP’s at the 2007 Party gather in my living room and I play the Tom Cruise video (after swearing everyone to secrecy). It gets huge LOLs but still none of us really are aware of the potential of this video until I send it to my good friend and accused evil gypsy queen by the moonbat fringe, that friend is Patricia Greenway.

    Patricia had been working closely with Andrew Morton on the Tom Cruise biography “Tom Cruise—An Unauthorized Biography”. She was basically his lead research assistant and whip cracker.

    I sent the entire Part II video to Patricia thinking she’d love it based her work with Andrew Morton and his gathering of info on Tom Cruise for the Bio.

    Patricia and I discussed it and we decided it would be great to release this video at the same time Andrew’s biography on Tom Cruise was released. That way, we could do a slam dunk and get the book promoted and show the video to back up Andrew’s assertions on Tom Cruise’s relationship with the cult.

    Andrew Morton’s book was scheduled for release on January 15th of 2008. The idea was to have someone from Andrew’s staff hand over the Tom Cruise/IAS event DVD to Dateline NBC or the Today Show so that when Andrew went on his PR Book Tour, NBC would have the Tom Cruise Event DVD to show.

    The DVD was handed over to NBC a few days before Andrew’s scheduled interview and they (NBC) freaked out a bit and said they could not show this DVD due to copyright laws, however, if the DVD was on the internet, they could download it and use it, as it was then public information and a news story.

    So I’m like, WTF!!!

    I had no idea how to get this done. While I knew how to post anonymously I had no idea how to upload a file to the internet.

    Anywayz, I decide to have a pow wow on irc with a few hard core critics one of them being Xenubarb, on what to do about getting this video up on the net for NBC to download.

    It was decided that I would contact Mark Bunker of Xenu TV and ask him to get this up on a Megauploader or Mediafire type site and then have NBC and other media download the videos for use.

    I Fedex’d Bunker a copy of the entire Tom Cruise DVD and emailed my request as above. Bunker agreed to do it.

    Mark Bunker and I really didn’t have any kind of working relationship as he and Patricia Greenway have massive drama between them and I’m a friend of Patricia’s. So things have always been tense between Bunker and I. He basically never trusted me as he thought I was one of Patricia’s evil clones, or something like that. Patricia’s face twists up at the mention of Bunker’s name.

    But I digress, in an attempt to explain some of the personal dynamics of this situation.

    Instead of doing what I asked, Bunker uploaded the TC video clips to his Youtube account and sent out a message to his various media contacts, and pointed them to his Youtube account. This was not what I wanted. I didn’t want them posted on Youtube, I wanted them posted to a place where others could just download the file, but Bunker for some reason decided to put them on his Youtube account.

    What happened after that was sort of a blur for me. Within hours of Bunker putting the links up, he took them right back down. Bunker wrote to me that he took down the links as he was scared of what the cult would do to him for posting the links. I was like WTF! Why did he post it to youtube, why not just upload it quietly and let the media grab it. Why was he backing off after saying he’d do it?

    This put me in a really tight spot because time was running out and I need the video to get on the net so NBC could grab it, before the scheduled Andrew Morton interviews. Timing was everything.

    You have to understand that no one in this little circle of SP’s knew anything about uploading videos or files to the internet.

    The one person who did know was my friend Emma of ESMB, who at the time was royally pissed off at me because I acted like a hard core asshole toward her, so I couldn’t ask her

    There were a trusted handful of critics with a copy of the DVD and Emma was one of them.

    Even though she was beyond pissed off at me, I wrote to her and asked for her help. I needed the TC videos clips uploaded and anonymously mailed to media outlets. She did it. Emma’s always been like a sister to me. We have fought a few battles and our love and friendship has been stronger each time. So she gets to work on it while continuing to chew me out for my retardedness.

    I also contact xenubarb who also had a copy of Tom Cruise DVD gifted to her, and asked her to help me get the TC video clips up on the net.

    Xenubarb is a woman of action, and she jumped on her motorcycle and drove it to LA so that Mark Ebner could upload them to his site and direct Gawker, Radar, NBC etc. to go get them.

    In fact, Barbz and Ebner stayed up all night and edited a few 9 minute clips with paragraphs of written info and marking time codes.

    Despite Bunker, I now had a few different people uploading it and getting the word out. At that time, I honestly didn’t give a rat’s ass WHO got it on the web for NBC to grab, I just wanted it done. It’s pretty sure, after looking at all the details that xenubarb and Mark Ebner are the ones that finally made it happen, not that it matters because Emma, Patricia and a few others were all working to make it happen as a team effort all while dealing with massive OG drama in the mix. It was crazy wild, but we got it done.

    Once it hit the net. All hell broke loose!

    The result was that within a few days, Anonymous decided that they were going to take Scientology on for trying to censor the internet and stop the free flow of information. Within a month there were over 9000 anonymous protesters outside the different Scientology buildings and bringing world wide attention to the our favorite crazy cult.

    And hilarity ensued.

    I don’t take credit for anything other than having the DVD anonymously sent to me and then working with a small group of not retarded and dedicated OG so we could get the information to the web. What happened after that was not my doing. I just sat and watched and smiled and laughed a whole lot more.

    The real hero is the anonymous Scientologist that sent me the video.

    Hugs to you all for being part of the dismantling of this dangerous cult.


    TL;DR It was a group effort.


    TL;DR I am the Evil Queen and Anonymous is my Spawn. ;-)
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  2. Cherished

    Cherished Silver Meritorious Patron

    Oh, Patty, that post is SO delicious.

  3. Cherished

    Cherished Silver Meritorious Patron

    I recall seeing the whole thing back when, but can't locate it now. If anyone has the links, it'd be great if they'd post them... thanks.
  4. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Thanks, Pooks. I've heard many differing stories about this pivotal moment. Your story is the one version that makes perfect sense. Thank you. :)
  5. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks Patty for that story and what each of the participants did in that chain of events.

    I received an email around Jan 24th about computers and clicked on a link about the DDOS of the Cults websites. Link after link, day and night the curtain was drawn back and I was completely outraged at the multiple harms of the cult over the decades.

    I can honestly say what was done by the "hive" enabled me to commence on the path to recovery of my life. Thanks to each and all. :thumbsup:
  6. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation


    What a fantastic story ... I love it!

    You really did earn your SP status Pooks, well done.
  7. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    :bighug: & :biglove: to you, Queen Pooks.:clap::clap::clap::clap:

    Oh, and thanks for the :hysterical: - I :lol: a lot reading your OP.:thumbsup:
  8. Mystic

    Mystic Crusader

    I actually read the whole of the tl;dr. Good story. Thanks Pooksie.
  9. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    I'm glad you are telling this story Pooks. It also cleared up some mysteries for me.

    As I said in my post on WWP, at the time of my arrest when the cops were searching all through my stuff & confiscating the PCs & drives, I wasn't at all worried about he ddosing because I'd had nothing to do with it, but I was shit scared that they'd find the Tom Cruise video that you'd sent me 3 years earlier that I still had in my drawer & on my PC. They did actually find it and skipped right past it!

    What happened afterwards was more than bizarre. 9000 Anons arrived on ESMB and scared the crap out of me. The rest is history. :)
  10. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    Great story! You did a good thing :)
  11. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    The video didn't just provide the proof that Tom Cruise has been a Scientologist.

    It also shows how screwed up and detached from reality Scientologist's mindset is (from a viewpoint of non-scientologist, "wog"). - And that is delivered to you straight from the mouth of The Top Scientologist on the planet.

    Can't help but post here parody by TEoS:

  12. KissMyStats

    KissMyStats Patron with Honors

    I was public at the time of the 2005 event and did see it. I sat in my chair embarassed to be a Scn. When DM said TC was the most dedicated Scio he had ever known I cringed in disbelief.

    Anyway, a few days later the phone calls began. The public were being asked to come watch the event AGAIN. I don't remember if they said it was mandatory or ordered by COB, but it was along those lines. It made no sense. I had already been to the event at the church.

    Then another public friend of mine told me that she was told that the IAS didn't get the response $$$$$$$ that they were expecting and so that was why they wanted us to watch it again. (I did not go !)

    They thought that the Tom Cruise event was so incredible that it would make people donate over-the-top and when it didn't happen, obviously we didn't really get it, so were being asked to see it again. Such arrogance. Such childishness. It's like your five-year-old wanting to show you her dance one more time because you didn't clap enough the first time !
  13. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you for giving us the full story, Pooks.

    Just a small point of order, Tom Cruise was presented with the ‘IAS Freedom Medal of Valor’ at the IAS 20th Anniversary celebration in October 2004, not in 2005.

    I had the ‘privilege’ of being in the audience that day, to witness this in person.

    I well remember the excitement that we all felt during the video presentation of Cruise’s ‘achievements’ in promoting Scientology. And, like the other thousands present, I clapped and cheered wildly when TC came up on stage to receive his medal.

    When the event was over, I came out of the marquee and I thought, “Yes, this is it! Scientology is really going to take off now.”

    But of course, it didn’t.

    At the time I was elated, but when the euphoria wore off, a couple of things started to trouble me. Miscavige referred to Cruise as “The most dedicated Scientologist I know.” The more I thought about this, the more offended I felt. Yes sure, Cruise had apparently done a lot of good work in promoting Scientology in the media, but this was only part-time, perhaps a few hours each week. The majority of his time was spent making movies, or living the high life. Certainly it was nothing compared to the 50, 60 or even 100 hours per week that many staff members were routinely putting in – basically their whole lives, dedicated towards one thing. Miscavige must know hundreds of Scientologists that were putting far more of themselves into helping their church, so for him to say that TC was the ‘most dedicated’ was a massive insult as far as I was concerned. Also, Cruise had only really been so outspoken for the preceding couple of years. A few years before that, he was asked by a chat show host on TV, what he attributed his success to, and instead of saying “Scientology”, he just said “I really don’t know.” Most of the time, he just refused to talk about his involvement in Scientology.

    The other thing that troubled me was the fact that Cruise was awarded this new, super-dooper level of IAS Freedom Medal. Why did he merit a special category? The obvious conclusion was that Miscavige wanted to make his celebrity buddy look and feel extra special. Since when was Scientology all about looking after the celebrities?

    Of course, when the video was released on the web in 2008, and I had a chance to really look at what Cruise was saying in a new light, I cringed at the thought that I once believed that this was the best thing ever to happen to Scientology. It was patently obvious that far from being an asset, Cruise was in fact a liability. The interaction between BFFs Cruise and Miscavige is rather nauseating. Take this quote, from Cruise speaking to Miscavige,

    “I have never met a more competent, a more intelligent, a more tolerant, a more compassionate being outside of what I have experienced from LRH. And I’ve met the leaders of leaders. I’ve met them all.

    So I say to you Sir, COB. We are lucky to have you. Thank you.”

    Of course, we can now see that Miscavige’s strategy of using mega-celebrities as his primary PR weapon has backfired. Yes, Cruise got people talking about Scientology, but for all the wrong (not for us, for the cult) reasons. Scientology was a weird, secretive cult based on a bad Science Fiction story about an evil dictator called Xenu.

    With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that the writing was already on the wall, but the release of this video and the subsequent rise of Anonymous was the beginning of the end for the cult.

  14. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for the back story, Pooks!
    I was already boycotting so didn't see the event when it was shown. I saw it on the internet and my brain still hurts from my cringing. Shortly after the event was leaked anonymous was on the evening news protesting many orgs at once. I remember jumping and screaming and shouting joy and hallalujah! The thought of payback time for the church was certainly exhilarating!

    This was definitely a turning point for me and was probably what finally pushed me off that fence that was hurting my ass something fierce. The brainwashing loosened up upon seeing that complete strangers to scientology could be up in arms at the insanity that is the church vs. the insiders thinking they have only to endure it forever.

    Thanks to all who had any thing to do with leaking the vid and sooo many thanks to the knights who are anonymous! I'm sure you have freed many!
  15. Hey I have a question for all of you OSA fuckbags who are lurking out there,

    Come on be honest now, this thread has to make you jealous, knowing that you put countless effect into your ops and get zero results, however with a single upload of a video Pooks bitch-slapped your entire organization right across the face so hard, that not only is the imprint of the back of her hand still embedded in your faces, but you even shot off all your fucking toes trying to remove it.

    So my question is, don't you wish the critics of Scientology you are going after were as stupid as Scientologists are?
  16. Type4_PTS

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  17. Smurf

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  18. VaD

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  19. VaD

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    I LOVE how you put words together. - It's an art. Fine art.
  20. The_Fixer

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