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THINGS AN AUDITOR MUST NOT DO, The sperm sequence.

Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by Cat Daddy, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Cat Daddy

    Cat Daddy Silver Meritorious Patron THINGS AN AUDITOR MUST NOT DO.txt


    A lecture given on
    14 July 1950

    Value of the Auditor’s Code

    This lecture covers things that an auditor must not do.

    The main one is that he must not invalidate the preclear’s sense of reality or his confidence in
    his own data. Even if the preclear says it’s dub-in, the auditor must not agree with him. He
    may yet be running perfectly valid engrams out of an engram that said, “It’s invalid.”

    An auditor must never ally himself with any of the dramatic personnel in the preclear’s engram
    bank. If the preclear starts to say, “Well, after all, Mother had her engrams too,” the auditor
    must refrain from saying, “Yes, that’s right, she had her engrams too,” because the person is
    not talking very rationally if he is having a bad time of it. If the auditor suddenly agrees with
    the statement that mother was not guilty, he is actually siding with the person’s engrams, which
    may throw the person into a very deep apathy from which the auditor will have great difficulty
    pulling him. So, if one does anything, be mad at them. This encourages the preclear’s anger.

    The next thing that an auditor must not do is put his hands on the sperm sequence without
    running it out or finding why it isn’t run out. I did some correlation on this recently and found
    that an unrun sperm sequence had marked a difficult point in every case where it had been

    This interesting datum suddenly arrived from a lot of information. I have run it out from time to
    time quite as a matter of course, and in some cases it was so much like a dream to the patient
    that I did not pay much attention to it.

    But when this occurred, the case went into a difficult period soon afterwards. Further, the only
    preclears I know who have become very anxious and upset and eager to get more therapy, or
    who became very irrational about therapy suddenly after being rational about it before, are
    those who have had conception touched but not run out. So, if an auditor gets the preclear into
    conception, he must run it out as the sperm and as the ovum as well as running out any and all
    engrams which precede it, because some engrams apparently precede the sperm and ovum
    sequences. It is not up to us to judge at this time, little as we know of structure and the
    recording mechanism of cells, whether or not these are valid.

    If they are there, their validity seems to be very good. The chances of getting objective reality
    on this matter, however, are not very good, but it is going to be done. It has to be set up as a
    specific project to validate one small section of the engram bank, at which point we will learn
    rather rapidly what the objective reality is.

    But regardless of objective reality, if there is pain there, and if the preclear maintains that it is
    prior to conception, the auditor should by all means run it out. The formula that things which
    will not lift are preceded by engrams which have not been erased might be equally valid in this
    sequence, since it led us all the way from late life operations back down through the engram

    It is difficult to tell, working in that area, whether one is getting preconception or
    postconception material. Very often the engrams are all tangled up with conception. In such
    cases in the past, I have, when I found preconception incidents, considered that probably we
    had a displacement on the time track or the sense of time was out due to the very smallness of
    the organism. The cell, after all, recording as a zygote, is not much bigger than those cells
    which, dividing, created the sperm.

    There are eight generations in the testes from the initial cell to the sperm. So, there is a separate
    chain of mytosis in that sequence which comes down the line.

    These cells are present and are dividing many days before fertilization. In the case of the ovum,
    the ovum may be there for some time before fertilization takes place. So, don’t be surprised at
    an early engram which comes in before conception.

    If one finds pain and words in the engram bank, run them out, or find something earlier to
    erase so that they can be run out.

    But, in this area, what one is running into are little choppy engrams, and by telling the person
    to go back to the earliest moment of pain or unconsciousness one erases them. What such
    engrams say, what they do, or what their aberrative effect is, is unimportant unless one is
    doing research on them.

    One runs out something that is early and erases it, taking note of the fact that one is early on the
    track. One keeps doing this, erasing half a dozen engrams in the early part of the track. One has
    no clue, in most cases, that one is anywhere near conception. If one keeps asking for the
    earliest moment of pain or unconsciousness, one day he will turn up with the sperm sequence,
    which can then be run out. If the preclear thinks he’s a sperm, okay, so he’s a sperm, run it
    out. And every once in a while, if he thinks he’s an ovum, run off the ovum.

    The way one does an erasure is to say to the preclear, “Let us go to the earliest moment of pain
    or unconsciousness which can now be reached. The somatic strip will go to the first part of this
    engram, the first phrase will flash into your mind, let’s roll it.”

    These engrams normally look like plain coitus engrams or another part of the fight chain. In the
    early part of the track it is most difficult to tell the exact time of the engram. An age flash is no
    good at this part of the track, but if one finds a sequence in the basic area where the preclear is a
    sperm and then maybe he is an ovum, or a little bit further ahead he has pain because of cell
    division, one should run these things as engrams.

    In the normal course of erasing a case to clear, one would pick up this material. On a closer
    inspection of it, it seems possible that some of these might have been preconception engrams.

    Simply get the earliest engrams and keep running them, and if he suddenly comes up with the
    datum that this is before conception, don’t immediately challenge his data, because that would
    invalidate it and be a very serious breach of the Auditor’s Code.

    As far as I was concerned it was a dream, because it was so often accompanied by one, such as
    10,000 angels flying down to attend a fish fry, or, “Here I am, a great eagle flying up above
    this huge cliff and down below are these countless millions of people. But I have made it, I
    have triumphed, I have succeeded.” That is a sperm dream. Naturally this is not an engram, but
    lying right under that dream there is an engram.

    Nobody’s case ever improved in Dianetics by running anything which was imaginary. Take a
    patient and run innumerable engrams which are fully imaginary and the patient will not get
    better, he will actually get worse.

    Patients get better when one simply keeps rolling out the earliest engram on the track,
    regardless of content. If his mother is being raped by the Sphinx, roll it.

    The only real damage that one can do is to avoid the rolling of it. Go for it with this technique
    of stabilizing the preclear in an emotional incident by putting him in a moment of sexual
    pleasure. He need not tell the auditor anything about it, what he is doing, where he is, or who
    he is with. One can merely say, “Are you there?”


    “All right. You know all about this. You needn’t tell me anything about it, but let’s go over it
    and let’s re-experience it.”

    Get him to do this two or three times, and sometimes he will wind up there, and when he does,
    and the auditor gets conception to run, he will have the preclear down in the basic area where
    he wants him to be.

    If it is found to be stuck and the words won’t come up on it, ask the file clerk for what it
    requires to resolve this sequence. If the file clerk isn’t working too well, one simply pushes
    him a little bit earlier, and he is liable to pick up an engram.

    The best way to solve circuits is to get unconsciousness off the bottom of the case, and then
    later engrams could safely be touched. So it is a good try.

    The sperm sequence is, of course, a very early sequence in a case and it is very worthwhile to
    be in that area. That is the area one is trying to get into. There is where the erasure starts.

    There is no reason to sweat backwards all the way down the bank if there is a neat way of
    skipping the whole bank and getting into the sperm sequence. Standard procedure is to get as
    early in the case as possible and start erasing as soon as possible. That is the first and last goal
    of an auditor who is clearing a preclear.

    Don’t worry whether the incidents are imaginary or not. If one has what one knows to be bad
    circuitry problems in a case, the file clerk is not giving up the engrams that will resolve the
    case. If one is getting prenatal visio, and so forth, one is liable to be running incidents which
    are partly imaginary. But don’t worry about evaluating it. A person knows when his case has
    been cleaned out whether or not something is imaginary or real.

    There are two ways of repairing this damage. One is to shoot for the circuitry that causes him to
    believe everything is unreal, and the other is just by straight memory, rehabilitating his sense of
    yesterday’s reality.

    I resolved a case recently simply by asking the file clerk, “Give us the incident which will
    resolve the remaining content of this sequence,” and he promptly shuffled me a couple of
    engrams. Whether they occurred five years before conception or eight years after it I wouldn’t
    have known, but when I went right back to the sperm sequence,-out it went and on came the
    lady’s sonic in full.

    Working in the basic area, a person usually will shift into his own valence unless he has a
    serious problem in circuitry, or is seriously latched up on the track somewhere up the line in
    somebody’s death—a coffin case.

    Get him early and quite often one can run this material and find in it much that affects his sonic
    and other perceptics computatiorially. He can settle into his own valence at this point, because
    things are erasing.

    One tries to coax the person into his own valence, and into feeling other perceptics. If the
    auditor says, “Shift into your own valence now,” he’s liable to go into Papa’s. He might be a
    Junior case. So, what the auditor does is to coax his perceptics into being.

    “Let’s see if we can hear some of these sounds. Let’s see if we can feel the moisture. Let’s see
    if we can get a little more tactile.” And in that way the auditor shifts the preclear actively into his
    own valence, if he doesn’t reply on the blunt command “Get into your own valence.” If the
    auditor can get a person into any emotional situation in the lock area of a case and run him
    through that emotional situation until he turns on the preclear’s emotion, he can tell him to go
    back to the first time this emotion was felt, and not only with the sexual experience with the
    sperm dream, but also with other emotions. He may get into the fight sequence first and he

    might get early into most anything because the dramatization is lying there as a lock on top of
    the engram.

    If the auditor can find the dramatization and run it until it matches the emotional content of the
    engram, he will be able to run out an engram that he would not otherwise have picked up.

    Locks are conscious level incidents which approximate engrams. A tailor-made engram out of
    somebody else’s bank could sometimes get into the auditor’s bank, or even just a listener’s

    He should not at this moment say, “Oh, the whole thing must be imagination because here I am
    running somebody else’s engram. That’s terrible, everybody must have dub-in.” That is a
    wrong conclusion. That’s a lock. Run it as a lock and as one is running it very innocently one
    simply whips the person into the engram on which it is sitting. What has happened is that the
    auditor or listener has had impinged upon him a brand-new lock on this one engram, and it
    won’t sit in his bank unless it has an engram to sit on which might be visible as a lock but
    hidden as an engram.

    There comes a time in a case when one has erased the bank prenatally. There are still more
    engrams on this case, perhaps 40, 50, 60, but he has completed the main erasure. The preclear,
    by this time, feels fine. Sometimes he is very difficult to interest in completing his therapy. He
    has gone over the hump as far his mental health is concerned. He has no somatics, he has
    enormous energy, he is feeling good.

    So, the auditor will find himself sometimes in the position of wanting somebody to be cleared
    but the preclear is no longer anxious about this. If he gets the preclear working but the preclear
    isn’t finding anything but has still got engrams, certain things are wrong.

    One of the ways the auditor can handle this is with single word repeater. 1 There will be some
    word in the English language which is going to be contained in one of his engrams, so the
    auditor simply takes a dictionary and starts in with A, picking up these various words and
    covering the dictionary with the preclear on repeater technique. And the preclear will start
    turning up engrams. Of course by this time anything in his case will erase, just as anything in
    the case in its intermediate stage will reduce after basic-basic and a few other engrams are
    erased at the bottom.

    After the auditor has obtained an overall superficial erasure, anything will erase. It doesn’t have
    to be done in sequence, one can go to any part of the bank one wants to and run through the
    words once, then start through them again and they will erase with yawns. It doesn’t take very
    long. One can run 15, 20 engrams out of a person one right after the other, but try to find them
    in a person who is no longer interested and they now have insufficient force because the
    following equation is taking place: The less engrams the person has, the more activity and the
    more strength his attention units have. As a consequence, his mind is able to buck these things.
    The auditor has something working on his side, and every time he takes an engram out he has
    some more of it working for him.

    In the last end of the case if one has done a good job, one can ask, “Who used to tell you to
    control yourself?”

    “Ha-ha-ha, my father.” Or the person will say, “Why, the time I was run over by the truck, ha!
    Yeah, boy, was that cop mad,” yet in this incident he had been unconscious for two days with
    a brain concussion.

    He becomes very hard to handle in reverie. The auditor is working with the file clerk face to
    face, and the file clerk has so much self-determinism he doesn’t take much to guiding. He
    knows what to do.

    This is real self-control. For instance, when a person gets up along this level, with a little bit of
    practice he can start regulating his pulse rate.

    A lot of basic engrams can be tangled up with the sperm sequence. Very often they will be all
    twisted up and overlaying or lying under it.

    In some cases this is so remarkable and so twisted that the auditor keeps trying to run the sperm
    engram, but each time he tries for it, he gets another engram that erases.

    Standard procedure a couple of years back was to ram the preclear back into the time he was
    conceived, somehow, and one knew he would pick up a new engram. One just kept doing it
    and peeling engrams off. In this way one nevertheless was able to work the case and get

    An auditor can do the following: “Let’s go to the beginning of track. All right, let’s go to the
    time you were a sperm. Now let’s go forward to the first moment of pain.” And he can keep
    doing this with a preclear, taking him to the beginning of track and then going forward to the
    first moment of pain, until the preclear is finally peeled back to the moment when he can get
    something around basic-basic and run it.

    Then there is the emotional bounce method which is a process of settling the patient in any
    emotional incident when he was dramatizing the emotion, or when he was observing it being
    dramatized, and then taking him from there back to the earliest moment in the bank which
    contains this emotion. This can be done with any emotion, but it’s peculiarly apt with sex
    because it often ends up with the sperm sequence. Erase that and the case makes fast progress.

    It is phenomenal with the valences and demon circuitry and other things that have been
    suddenly consolidated, how many basic-basics are being erased. The proportion has gone way
    up, and knocking out some of these dub-in circuits is going to bring the average time of clear
    way down. A phrase one must watch is “against me.” One can find this as a part of the engram
    bank. It is the phrase which causes paranoia. There are many things which can be said in a
    roundabout way about Rorschach and other such tests, but there is one that coordinates them
    and that is the phrase “against me.”

    Any time one has “against me” in a case, it moves the engram bank up against “I” and makes a
    rather nasty situation. Such people are very unhappy. This paranoia, which of course is
    pathological and everybody knows it’s pathological, happens to be the phrase “against me.”

    When one runs into such a case, one knows he has a classification of paranoia, or somebody
    who feels that the world is against him, and one should just run “against me” as repeater. It will
    be found in the bank. In this way, the case can generally be deintensified somewhat.

    The auditor in this case could have asked for whether or not either of Mama’s parents were
    around because it is a certainty that one of them had “The whole world is against me.” The
    phrase out of that mouth might have been much more aberrative than the phrase out of the
    mouth of Mama, because Mama got it someplace, and she had a mama, and she had a papa.
    So, the odds are very much in favor of the grandparents of the preclear having said the words.

    An auditor, by knowing his Dianetics, and by putting to work what he has learned, by using it,
    by practicing, by observing what it does, by paying attention to a few of these admonitions,
    can produce excellent results with Dianetics. It takes experience.

    This lecture started with some information about the Auditor’s Code and I’m going to finish it
    with some more information about the Auditor’s Code. The Auditor’s Code is not there
    because it is a good idea or because we must all be knights errant. It is there to protect the
    auditor as much as it is to protect the preclear

    The auditor can cause himself an enormous amount of work by becoming impatient, by
    becoming angry, by departing from what is considered to be a course of decent human conduct
    toward the preclear And he can add up for himself scores of hours of extra work.

    So, the data should be held to himself. He should never by any slightest movement or show
    appear to question the truth or accuracy of data which the preclear is giving him. He should
    never assign the word “imagination” to anything the preclear is doing or saying.

    The factors which most aberrate people in this society are the phrases which destroy reality,
    such as, “That’s just your imagination. You didn’t see it. You’re wrong,” and phrases which
    tell a person that he must control himself, and the idea that pleasure is sinful.

    This trio flowing down the time line is inherited in the form of disturbed lives, crammed
    asylums and a criminal populace which, according to the figures of Hoover, shouldn’t happen.
    Therefore, the auditor must not break the Auditor’s Code, because he may severely injure the
    mental health of the patient he is auditing. He may also cause himself a great deal of trouble and
    have to go to much more effort to bring this person’s case back into line than he would care to
    go to. So, it is not just a nice idea that the Auditor’s Code should be there.
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  2. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    He said "patient". Sounds like unlicensed medical practice?
  3. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    The time track is a hypnotic construct as is the entire reactive mind . Period . end sentence . FOREVER .

    The data cannot be invalidated as it is fragile as the idea that it is dub in is true - ALL the material is dub in . In the sense that there is no bank ,engrams secondaries , overts , witholds etc. etc . ALL FAKE .

    Your mind is not made that way and does not work that way . The auditor's code is there for one reason : to make the auditor an effective hypnotist COVERTLY .

    SO covertly the auditor is unaware - and stays unaware . Sorry this is ALL harmful and dishonest technology .

    If anyone PMs me I can give you MANY references and videos and websites and books - including some LRH stole from to back up my views .

    Not to mention the Anderson Report , the Affirmations and on . I walked this road for a long time before I found ANY of this info .

    It is the road to ruin and damnation , sorry .
  4. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor


    What about this ?:

    [STRIKE]The [/STRIKE]time [STRIKE]track[/STRIKE] is a hypnotic construct as is the entire reactive mind . Period . end sentence . FOREVER .
  5. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian

    Ugly. Let me translate...
    "When mind control stage X is finished, ugh, you'll, ugh, ... er,... have the problem of getting them hooked again. See, I, ugh, discovered in *scientific experiments*, how can be proceeded, so, er, ugh, me genius has found something new, to get them hooked all the more. I recommend to do the following, they're surely get *totally hooked* by it, I've witnessed it, tested it........."

    The basterd certainly knew. This is all made up very cognitively. I think he was more sadist and narcissist/sociopath than unknowing quacko / crackpot "scientist". It was all about gaining control. His way to set up that grinning... for example in that pic with him at a lecture plus the tone scale in a bubble (sic), which Lerma sometimes posts... totally evil. Because, they don't check it anyways, right?!

    And it wasn't only about personally, directly, taking control, but if others used his methods, imitated him - I suppose that also made him incredibly proud. And I think it was because of knowing how they got trapped by every application and practise of it, while HE was the CONDUCTOR of the whole game. Of this he was aware as a fact; no matter how much or little he believed of what he made up. He MUST have enjoyed this.

    With him, it was a mixture of knowing of his lies and traps (with the mentioned sadistic satisfaction), and on the other hand, the narcisstic factor, a certain degree of considering himself as great, genius etc. He certainly believed that, BUT, I think that was more because of his obvious success in directing and controlling people, and NOT because of having invented a "healing therapy of great importance". That was more his thinking in the beginning, I think... And then the "fun" began for him. And this was his "success story". As a bad person in need of that games (deficits, disappointment) and with little restraint (sociopath), he simply got ever more hooked up with that great opportunity to abuse and exploit others.

    His "success", then, feeded his narcissism, his impression of greatness, and this gave him, on some level, the ever more strong excuse to play with others, to abuse them, and to exploit people financially. "Great people have the right to play with others; and fucking BECAUSE: every shit they (= I) make up, will still be of endless more value than an arduous attempt of average people." All, ofcourse, feeded by and mixed up with his early "academic failures", and now this was his reassuring excuse to himself. He badly needed this "success", right. That made him very lucky. He got addicted to that. "So, suckers, I (= OTs) am actually for more value to humankind even while playing senseless sadistic games, so FUCKOFF with your criticism." These messages about "the right of great people to exploit/abuse/play" were ever more distinct in the later teachings, about OTs etc. He "became aware of being super human, superior", made the OT levels, and so on. It fits together...

    "Making games" was high on the tone scale, I now understand why. I don't think that the "floating around as a lucky sheep" factor was the main reason for this. It was more like one of the "almost/secretly boasting with the ugly truth" things, which gave him satisfaction as a pathologic liar. "I do games. I am superior. Get superior too. See, how I am helping humankind? I am actually teaching you greatness."

    Getting through Hubbard texts is still like reading pre-NS essays or (bad) conspiracy shit or bible freak rant for me... :unsure: Too much shit too concentrated... :unsure:

    Even more the lectures. I'm thankful for every written-down text version...
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  6. Cat Daddy

    Cat Daddy Silver Meritorious Patron

    An auditor must never ally himself with any of the dramatic personnel in the preclear’s engram
    bank. If the preclear starts to say, “Well, after all, Mother had her engrams too,” the auditor
    must refrain from saying, “Yes, that’s right, she had her engrams too,” because the person is
    not talking very rationally if he is having a bad time of it. If the auditor suddenly agrees with
    the statement that mother was not guilty, he is actually siding with the person’s engrams, which
    may throw the person into a very deep apathy from which the auditor will have great difficulty
    pulling him. So, if one does anything, be mad at them. This encourages the preclear’s anger.
  7. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian