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    TOM CRUISE PEDOPHILE ALLEGATIONS. Please watch this video from 29:46 for the allegation.

    Ben Fellows, who has since vanished from the face of the earth, alledges that at 14 when he was a child actor, went to a casting followed by a private casting for Mr Cruise where COCAINE and alcohol were in the room and offered to him and his child actor colleague. The colleague was taken into another room by Mr. Crusie and....well you make up your own mind.
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    Pie amd Mash films have exposed a lot, before it started coming out mainstream. I have no way of knowing if this is really true. But watch some of his other films, they are creepy and unbelievable, later the accusations turned out to be true.

    This particular abberation runs deep, and is extremely difficult for a normal person to believe.

    Have you seen his other films?

    I never wanted to believe any of this. But a friend sent me the book: "The franklin scandal". I wish it hadn't been so well documented.
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  3. La La Lou Lou

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    Buggery, buggery bollocks!

    That guy's got balls of steel coming out with those names.

    I hope they get them all of them!
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    I have that book too. It couldn't have been written by a more credible guy, which made it all the more disturbing.
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  6. JohnMccMaster

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    Cruise you lose
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    And I think after he made his allegations he really should stay out of the limelight, or be live all day and night on TV. There are some big names and rich people with a lot to loose if the police were to look properly into this. There would be less faces in the houses of parliament too. People with wealth and power seem to like weak powerless innocent victims, so why should Tom be any different? That really would be something the cult would like to keep quiet, if it's true.

    The trouble is that Bill Maloney is really on a mission, people like that can exaggerate and lie to get their points across. I don't blame him for his zeal, I admire him for wanting to do something, but he comes across as scary and antagonistic when he's trying to get MPs to talk to him. He takes that as a snub, and sees too much into it. Also they are connected somehow to David Icke and there they loose all credibility. However I don't disbelieve what Ben Fellows says, there have been rings of paedophiles operating for a long time, the Catholic church and the Anglican one have both covered up. I believe this pope has said there is a 'gay' mafia in the church. There is often a confusion between gay and paedophile that really is simple to clarify. Gay people are not attracted to children, but adults.

    I have not verified it, but on one video Bill says that the Vatican has only recently raised the age of consent to 14 from 12. Meaning that kiddy fliddling was legal till recently with 12 year olds within Vatican City. That does not surprise me.
  9. Enthetan

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    If you are primarily attracted to people of your own sex, then you are homosexual by definition. If you are primarily attracted to prepubescent boys, then you are a homosexual pedophile.

    Pedophilia is defined as a condition where adults are sexually attracted towards prepubescent children (ie, children 11 or younger). The child in this thread was 14. It is not unusual for adult heterosexual men to be attracted to teenage girls. This is why fathers keep an eye on who their teen daughters are allowed to associate with.

    Homosexual men tend to be more attracted to young men (20's and under) than older men. The molestation problem in the Catholic Church primarily involved adult priests molesting teenage boys. Cases of priests having gay sex with young men over 18 didn't make the news because there was no illegal conduct involved.
  10. La La Lou Lou

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    Yes I agree mostly with what you say, except that I do know young men who find older men attractive, it's not unusual.

    Of course priests having sex with adults is not illegal, though it does go against their own rules.
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    Allegations are just that. Without proof, this is rumor.

    I have no doubt that pedophilia is more common than people think, and I have no doubt that people in positions of power often abuse it to satisfy their sexual desires. BTW, Kidman is STILL hott.
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  13. Anonycat

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    Thank you for sharing that, although it was very disturbing. Recommended watching if you are an adult, and ready to hear about this horrible situation in a 1990's expose on pedo politicians and their powerful friends, who had a child sex crime ring for themselves.
  14. La La Lou Lou

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    Actually a very good point. Not the one about Kidman, who is still very pretty, yes. It is a dangerous thing to make allegations. Posting allegations can leave someone liable to prosecution. Especially if the accused is able to afford better lawyer than the accuser.
  15. Lurker5

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    And you'd better believe, TC will come down with a lawsuit, like an avalanche, and bury people, finish them off.

    These are allegations. Be careful - with this.

    Show me the money . . . .
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    For those who poo-poo the whole idea of long-lasting conspiracies, just point them at this video, and at accounts of Jerry Sandusky, Jimmy Savile, and others.

    Somebody connected to sufficiently powerful and ruthless people can make the "mainsteam" media back off, leaving only the Internet sites, which can be dismissed as "unsubstantiated conspiracy theorists"
  17. Enthetan

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    Adding to what I said, a quick check of the news shows a number of pedophile rings broken over the years.

    Portugal's high-society paedophile ring :

    To most people Portugal's state-run orphanages seemed like a safe haven for thousands of children who had been robbed of their parents. They were called the Casa Pia, or Houses of the Pious.

    But for an elite paedophile ring, which included a former ambassador and a prominent television celebrity, Casa Pia orphanages were something entirely different. They were supermarkets stocked with children to abuse. Yesterday, at the conclusion of the longest trial in Portugal's history, seven defendants were convicted of using the orphanages to rape and abuse scores of teenage boys in a case that has sent shockwaves through the country's political elite and raised serious concerns over the efficiency of Portugal's judiciary. Six of the seven were given jail terms of between five and 18 years.

    Massive online pedophile ring busted by cops ;

    "It attempted to operate as a 'discussion–only' forum where people could share their sexual interest in young boys without committing any specific offences, thus operating 'below the radar' of police attention," Europol said.

    French Minister accused of molesting boys in Morocco:, which seems to have been a popular destination for sex tourism involving low-income Moroccan boys:

    If the abuse did indeed happen, it wasn’t an isolated case. A 2008 report by Don't Touch My Child alleged that Morocco has emerged in recent years as a preferred destination for pedophiles because of lenient sentences handed out to offenders. Foreigners are often released quickly, the report said, accusing authorities of preferring the tourists' hard currency to the protection of child victims, who are often street children or marginalized house servants.
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    Anyone seen that 2010 movie, Whistleblower, with Rachel Weisz? About the various nations UN agencies/police, the corruption and sex trafficking of under-aged girls (and murder), in post-war torn Bosnia . . . . Seriously disturbing, and this woman's story is from 1999. :unsure:

    I once thought the world was a good place. It's just that I live in a relatively 'good' country. And even that is going to hell with corruption. Glad I am old, ya know, and won't see what happens a few decades down the line. Sorry, I am soooo burned out on the bad guys. Scno/co$ is the tip of the iceberg(s).

    What then must we do? :unsure:
    What we can. Thank you, Whistleblowers.
    I dare not use any names . . . :nervous:
  19. Smurf

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    It wasn't Tom Cruise doing the molesting.. it was an imposter. Just ask rich aka dallasgoldbug.. who has an active tinfoily thread here.
  20. Gadfly

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    There have been some very good movies made on this subject. It is VERY difficult to confront such things, and it is too strong of a subject to appear on prime time news. Stealing your stuff is bad enough, but these total human scum STEAL PEOPLE, and sell them to rich people to use (and often then kill) as "sex toys". The age is irrelevant, whether 6 or 16. It is horrible that we live on a planet where such things can occur. Also, they videotape it so that they then make more money by selling the sex snuff films. 8MM with Nick Cage was all about THAT subject (excellent movie, but it leaves you . . . empty feeling).

    I am a guy, and sometimes I think the world would be far better place if the entire male population were castrated! :confused2:

    Without the sexual urge, there would be nothing to fuel the sick imaginations of these depraved souls. Who are almost always male. Rape, wars, fights, arguments, macho posturing, pushy egos, and more, all fueled by a dumb hormone (testosterone) produced in a little sac of flesh dangling between their legs. Guys want young girls, and guys want young boys, and some will pay any amount of money to act out some sick demented fantasy they have contrived in their perverted imaginations. Sadly, THAT is NOT an exaggeration.

    I recently watched two movies that dealt with child abductions with two totally different scenarios. The first one I watched was Trade, staring Kevin Kline and dealt with the abduction of a Mexican 13 year old who was destined for the US as a sex slave. I never realized that even today the sex trade in this country is worse than I thought. What's worse is that it really isn't much of a priority with the law. The problem is that it's much worse outside the US and it's huge money so the government prefers to go after the "big dealers" rather than helping out any single victims.

    The other was Human Trafficking with Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland.

    The movie Taken, with Liam Neeson, touches also on the subject, but is more a vehicle for a really good action movie. But it gets real. You can't watch the movie and leave feeling some sense of disgust that such things go on - and on a regular basis.

    If you really want to push the limits of what may exist in these depraved worlds and minds, where people are stolen, bought and sold for ANY sort of pleasure by the very rich and insane, watch the "Hostel" movies. WARNING: They are graphic, violent and bloody. The second one does have a great (appropriate, just) ending where the abducted woman, who just barely makes it out alive, cuts off the genitals of her tormentor with a pair of shears, and then tosses them to a dog to gobble up (as he bleeds to death)!

    Anyway, sometimes I wish that I could "go exterior with full perception, with all sorts of abilities", because I would put the body to sleep each night, track these fuckers down, and blow up their heads one by one! Or, at least intend blood clots or aneurisms that result in instant death. To me, these people who steal and sell human beings, have far crossed the line and have long since left the human race. They deserve to be treated like rabid animals (put down quickly).

    It is difficult for many of us to comprehend the pain and suffering that some will happily inflict on others to satisfy some twisted urge or desire. Hubbard said somewhere that the nature of promotion and service is to "locate a demand and then satisfy it". Well these monsters sure do THAT exactly - without any sort of human conscience at all.
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