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Transcript: Farrakhan Defends Dianetics

Discussion in 'Nation of Islam and Related Groups' started by mnql1, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Cross-posted from WWP:

    Here is a transcript based on an .mp3 audio file of a Louis Farrakhan speech which was delivered at the Maryam Mosque in Chicago, probably on Tues. Sept. 14, 2010 (the speech contains a reference to Ava Muhammad's Sunday Sept. 12 sermon, at the end of which Louis Farrakhan's Sept. 14 address was announced).

    The speakers are Timothy (last name not stated), Jeffrey Muhammad, Berve Muhammad, Ishmael Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan. The segments featuring Berve Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan reveal issues and problems encountered during the first weeks of the Nation of Islam's Dianetics study program.

    Link to audio file (EDIT: RuTube video with audio only):
    Louis Farrakhan Defends Dianetics (audio only) - RuTube

    EDIT: The videos in which Louis Farrakhan and Munir Muhammad talk about Dianetics and Scientology are now on RuTube:

    Louis Farrakhan Espousing Dianetics and Scientology Beliefs
    (Final 15 minutes of Louis Farrakhan's Sun. Aug. 22,2010 address)

    Louis Farrakhan Defends Dianetics (audio only)
    (Probable date: Tues. Sept. 14, 2010)

    Munir Muhammad (1/2) Warning about L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology
    (Sun. Sept. 19, 2010 edition of the CROE TV program "The Time")

    Munir Muhammad (2/2) Warning about L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology
    (Sun. Sept. 19, 2010 edition of the CROE TV program "The Time")


    0:00:00 Timothy: ... my time is short. But, briefly, who all here is familiar with, and has a profile of the Nation's program? Please raise your hand. All praise due to Allah.

    Briefly, if you don't have a profile and you are a registered member of the Nation of Islam, make sure you see the Secretary Department, for we do believe in having documented workers in the Nation of Islam.

    Now, for those who know, the Nation's program took us from nothing to something, it seems like overnight. We didn't have any centralized repository system, and then overnight, we did. We thank those who helped us to get this far, for there was an outside development team that helped us to produce the Nation's program and maintain it. But just like anyone who's riding a bike on training wheels, at a certain point, you gotta pull those training wheels off, is that right?

    0:00:58 Audience: <voices>

    0:00:59 Timothy: All praise is due to Allah. So, we intend to take the full development of the Nation's program and the maintenance of the Nation's program in-house with our own team. So, in order to do that, briefly, we're puttin' a call out. Now, this call, many brothers and sisters are working in the Nation of Islam, in the Technical Department, but we're asking specifically for Nation of ... the ... the Nation's program development ... team. So, if you, across the nation, and here in Chicago, have experience working with Adobe Flex development, if you have experience working with Adobe AIR development, MySQL development, and web HTML and PHP development, and you would like to be a part of the tech team that's gonna take over the development and maintenance relations program, please go to and go down to the bottom of the page, and please click on the PDF document. Once again, that's and we will welcome you, inshallah, to the wonderful team that plans on takin' the Nation's program from where it is to where it's gonna be, inshallah. With that, that's it. I thank you all for your time. Al Salaam Alaikum.

    0:02:29 Timothy: Bring back Brother Jeffrey. May I have a round of applause?

    0:02:32 Audience: <applause>

    0:02:38 Jeffrey Muhammad: Can we get Brother Timothy another round of applause, please?

    0:02:40 Audience: <applause>

    0:02:49 Jeffrey Muhammad: Brothers and sisters, regardless of the situations and illnesses, whatever. There's another side of us that should really be happy. Each of us has been blessed that God would choose us to allow Himself to come to us. We didn't know him. He knew us. And to allow us, each of us, one day to wake up and allow us to recognize the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. That's a blessing for us. We didn't know him, but he knew us.

    0:03:25 Audience: <applause>

    0:03:27 Jeffrey Muhammad: And in the various mosques and study groups, wherever you are, you all passed brothers and sisters plenty times and didn't know who they were. But one day, all of a sudden, that clicked, but that was God sayin', "It's time!" We've been in that time moment for some time and we have to boost our spirits where whenever we're together, we have to express joy to one another.

    Now I have a big brother here. It's Brother Ishmael. Brother Ishmael's always in a joyful spirit, even in the moments where he might have to go off for a minute at the end of it. There's gonna be some joy there, because he's happy laboring in the vineyard of Almighty God, Allah. All of us are laboring in the vineyard, and we have to express some joy when we come around the joyful believers. We cannot allow ourselves to bring the funk and mire, whatever we were in, in the world, it's gotta stop at the door, wipe our feet off, dust our hands off, brush your shoulders off, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, but when you're sittin' in the assembly of the people of God, smiles should be on everybody's faces, not some of the looks that we have, like "What is gettin' ready to happen?" God is gettin' ready to happen! God is happenin' our life, each and every day. And every time we come to hear one of the students of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, we know that God is gonna talk through them to us for a particular reason.

    Brothers and sisters, please help me to welcome to the roster, Student National Secretary of the Nation of Islam, Brother Berve Muhammad.

    0:04:54 Audience: <applause>

    0:05:00 Berve Muhammad: Give Brother Jeffrey a round of applause.

    0:05:02 Audience: <applause>

    0:05:05 Berve Muhammad: All praise is due to Allah. In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, who intervened in our affairs in the person of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad, and I further bear witness that he raised one that we know to be the exalted Christ, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And then he raised one, with the help of Allah, that we now know to be our Divine Reminder, Servant and Warner among us. I'm speaking of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. It's in their Holy and Righteous names that I would like to greet the believers of the Nation of Islam with the greeting words of peace of Al Salaam Alaikum.

    0:05:41 Audience: <voices>

    0:05:43 Berve Muhammad: Now, first, I want to re-acknowledge Brother Timothy. Can we give Brother Timothy another round of applause?

    0:05:49 Audience: <applause>

    0:05:55 Berve Muhammad: Because I gotta tell you, Brother Timothy didn't know he was goin' to be up here until a couple of hours ago. And we need to give him the award of how to keep the best poker face when you are, like, crumblin' inside, because I saw him before he got up here. So, I thank Brother Timothy for that presentation. And I won't be long this evening, because, you know, when the Servant of Allah is due to speak, you don't really want to take up a whole lot of time.

    So, a few things that I would like to go over tonight, just a few old policies that we've talked about, and go through some new things before we close out.

    And the first thing that we want to talk about is some things that we talked about some time ago. And we mentioned once before that mosque meetings should end somewhere around noon, or two hours after they begin. Well, we're gettin' some reports that some mosque meetings are stretching out back to way they used to be. And so we're gonna ask the student ministers and the student coordinator, or student ministers, really, to do your best to try and package that message. We know, every now and then, that the spirit will grab you, and the time will kinda get away from you. Understandable. We don't want to cut the spirit off. But if the spirit is still grabbin' you thirty minutes after, and forty-five minutes after, we're gonna need to work on trying to curtail that spirit and save some for the next Sunday. And so, if we could, make sure that we respect the believers' time, so that they have an idea as to when they can make it back home, after the mosque meeting.

    But then, there's somethin' else. And we haven't talked about it a lot, because a lot of the cities really did a great job in putting things together. And that was these hold-back meetings. Now, hold-back meetings are creeping back into the community. And what makes it even worse, is that the last time the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was out, a city had a hold-back meeting after the Minister spoke. Right. Right. Not a good move. Right? Because there is really nothing to say after the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has spoken.

    0:08:21 Audience: <applause>

    0:08:29 Berve Muhammad: And it's really unfortunate that the believers come out to hear the Servant and the Word, and then they get held up, because you want to say somethin' to them or try and raise money from the believers, because they showed up, to the mosque meeting. And so, we don't want to do that, but I want to cite two scriptures tonight, one for the believers, and one for those who have a little difficulty following instructions.

    To the believers: Surah 40, Ayat 77. And in this ayat, Allah is talking to the believers and He's sayin', in so many words, and I'm paraphrasing, 'cause it's not written on my paper here ... Allah says: don't be concerned, in so many words, about whether or not YOU see the chastisement come down on the believers. Whether you see it, or whether you die before you see it, just know that they have bought their well-earned doom by disobeying the Messenger of Allah. And so, to the believers, if you're in a city where you're noticin' sometimes the, you know, maybe a person or two is goin' astray. Don't let that affect your faith. You hold fast to the handle of Allah, which will not break off, and preserve your faith.

    But to those who have a little difficulty followin' the instructions, Surah 3, Ayat 177: Allah says in tho... the disbelievers are engagin' in misbehavior and Allah says that the disbeliever and the hypocrite is respited, and that emboldens the disbeliever to keep on doin' what they been doin', but it's only to add to their sins, so that, when the Judgment comes down, there's absolutely nothin' left to say. Because you continue to engage in this activity and so, we're not callin' anyone hypocrites tonight. All we're sayin' is that we want to do our best to follow the instructions that have been put down, which is: to not have any hold-back meetings ever after the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has spoken.

    0:10:36 Audience: <applause>

    0:10:38 Berve Muhammad: All praise is due to Allah.

    0:10:39 Audience: <applause>

    0:10:43 Berve Muhammad: Thank you.

    0:10:43 Audience: <applause>

    0:10:47 Berve Muhammad: Yes. The next thing we want to talk about is ... We want to revisit this issue of amnesty, 'cause there's been some confusion about amnesty, though it seemed to be really clear, and we do intend to put it in writing, so that all the believers are clear. And this is how this works. If someone was charged with an offense, or put out of the mosque, at that time the minister granted the amnesty, that believer is allowed to come back to the mosque. If a student laborer believes that this believer should not be back in the mosque, for whatever reason. You might have that belief. But that believer is to be allowed to come to the mosque until the student laborer gets clarity. So as to not get in the way of someone seeking to turn over a new leaf, since they have been granted this amnesty for a past offense. Now, "past" is the key word, because to those who may be listening, who were out for a particular offense, it does not mean that you can stay in that same lifestyle after amnesty has been granted. So, for example, if you were given ninety days for slack talk, and you got amnesty, you came back to the mosque, you can't say that I intend to keep on slack talkin' and be allowed to stay in the mosque. If there's some folk who were doin' some illicit activity, and you were given time out the mosque, if you come back, you got to say that you're willin' to give up that illicit activity. So, you are not granted a pass to come into the mosque and bring back into the mosque that which you were put out for. You were given this second chance, or for some folk, a third and forth chance, to get it right. And so, we want to make sure that we leave behind that which had us get put out in the first place. Okay?

    Now, the ... movin' on very quickly to the Holy Day of Atonement. You all ready for the Day of Atonement in Tampa, Florida?

    0:13:02 Audience: <applause>

    0:13:03 Berve Muhammad: All praise is due to Allah. This year commemorates the fifteenth anniversary of the Million Man March, and now it is in Tampa, Florida, and, Allah willing, tomorrow morning, by 9 A.M. Central Standard Time, you'll be able to go to and click on the link that will get you right into the pertinent information for the Day of Atonement. We have hotels already secured. Brother Adama, [phonetic spelling] who is our coordinator for the Day of Atonement, let's give Brother Adama [phonetic spelling] a round of applause for doin' an excellent job.

    0:13:39 Audience: <applause>

    0:13:43 Berve Muhammad: Brother Adama [phonetic spelling] makes tremendous sacrifices on behalf of our Nation, doin' the advance work. And so, we have hotels already secured. Some great rates. We have a location that has a single or a double bed for fifty-five dollars a night. We have a resort that is a two bedroom with a living rooom and full kitchen for less than one hundred dollars a night, as well as a few other hotels. Well, we only have so many. So, tomorrow morning, you gonna be sittin' in front of your computer, ready to push "go" at 9 A.M. Central Standard Time, to make sure you can get to the hotels to get one of these good rooms. So, make your accommodations as soon as possible. In addition, the schedule will be up and, just so you know, the schedule is only a Saturday and Sunday. Sunday, of course, is the main address, Saturday will be workshops, Allah willing, there in Tampa. And so, right now, we do not have any progams and activities scheduled for Friday, though we know some people intend to stretch it out and take a few extra days in sunny Tampa with the family, and that's fine. But the programming begins Saturday morning for workshops.

    Now, moving on to Dianetics. First, I want to thank Allah for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan guiding us to the Dianetics study and training that we've undertaken. All praise is due to Allah.

    0:15:14 Audience: <applause>

    0:15:22 Berve Muhammad: Because of all of those who have experienced the co-auditing and auditing, I believe that you will bear witness that that has been a tremendous experience for you, the likes of which you didn't even know, that you were carrying around that kind of pain, that kind of anguish, that kind of emotion, that has been burdening all of us. And so, we thank Allah for Minister Farrakhan guiding us to that process.

    Now, there have been a number of announcements made previously, and we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page, with respect to Dianetics. And you have heard mention, multiple times, that the goal was to have a thousand auditors by the Day of Atonement. Well, the goal is to have a thousand auditors, period. So, whenever Allah blesses us to get to that number, we thank Allah for blessing us to get to that number. And I'm saying that because a number of believers, you know how we are. When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan says that he wants somethin', we move hell and high water to make it happen. What we don't want ... What we don't want are believers over-extending themselves, trying to make that goal happen. If that auditor's training affects your job, we don't want you to lose your job, because of this auditor training. Because, once you become an auditor, you still need to eat, and your job helps you eat. And so, we don't want you saying, "I became an auditor, Brother Minister. Is there some place I can stay, because I just got put out of house, because we couldn't pay the rent or the mortgage."

    And so, we don't want that. We want to use wisdom, with what it is, everything that we're undertaking. And there are some believers who are travelling, and we are very concerned and very cautious about any believer that has to get on the road, for any particular length of time in one direction. So, for all the believers who have to travel, we're asking that you moderate your course work, so that you're not on the road, every day, for hours and hours, just travelling, because we want to make sure that you stay safe as we undergo this course of study.

    So, we want to make sure that nobody is under the belief that you have to be an auditor by October, because, at the Day of Atonement, we do not have any co-auditing scheduled at all. Having said that, it is the goal and desire of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that every single city in our Nation has co-auditing taking place before the Day of Atonement. And so, for every city that does not even have an auditor in your city, the Executive Council is working towards putting together a schedule and a map, so that the auditors that we do have can travel to your city and conduct co-auditing sessions in your city. So, everyone, inshallah, will have the opportunity, to engage in co-auditing, prior to the Day of Atonement.

    In addition, there are a number of cities that have opened up ... additional cities, if I can rattle a few off the top of my head. Chicago has opened up, Saint Louis, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, and a few other ones that I can't think of right now. But believers in those cities, laborers or non-laborers, active or inactive believers, can avail themselves of the Dianetics training in those cities, and the student laborers in those cities should be making announcements very soon.

    Now, one thing that's very important, and that is: the Qur'an talks about, for every nation, Allah raised a Messenger, to show that nation their way of devotion. And Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, has shown the Nation of Islam our way of devotion, which includes certain meetings on certain days at certain hours. Now is Monday night FOI class, Wednesday night mosque meeting, Friday night study group, Saturday morning MGT class, Sunday morning mosque meeting. Why is that important? Because, in a lot of believers' zeal, they are foresaking our way of devotion, in an attempt to become an auditor, because of someone else's way of devotion. And so, we should not be found foresaking that which Allah gave us as our own course of study, so as to become an auditor in someone else's program. And so, if you find yourself away from your mosque meetings, with the explanation that you're undergoing course work, you want to readjust your schedule. Because anything that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has exposed us to, it's in addition to what it is that we are already participating in, not in place of what it is we are already participating.

    0:20:25 Audience: <applause>

    0:20:27 Berve Muhammad: And then, there's ... there's a scripture in Mark, the Book of Mark, the eighth chapter, the thirty-sixth verse. "What good is it for a man to profit the whole world and lose his soul?" We can translate that: what good is it to become an auditor and lose your Islam? And so, our soul is nourished when we come to the mosque and hear the Word and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And so, it is no good for us, to become an auditor and foresake the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. So, we want to make sure that we keep that in the forefront of our minds.

    0:20:59 Audience: <applause>

    0:21:03 Berve Muhammad: And the last point is this, and that is, under no uncertain circumstances is any aspect of the teachings that we have been given changed. Under no uncertain circumstances, are we accepting the doctrine or philosophies of anyone else that is not in harmony with what it is we have already been taught, and believe. So then, if you come across somethin' in the study of Dianetics or anyone else, for that matter, you need not ask us whether or not the teachings have changed, because the answer is, absolutely and emphatically, no. The teachings have not changed. And so ...

    0:21:49 Audience: <applause>

    0:21:50 Berve Muhammad: All praise is due to Allah. You need not ask us. You need not ask us whether or not Minister Farrakhan is now teaching something different, because you have read somethin' else. Because the Minister said he wants us to be like the bee. The bee goes to multiple flowers, and takes what the bee needs to produce the honey that the bee wants to make. The bee don't swallow the whole flower. The bee gets a little bit here, flies to the next one, gets a little bit there, and puts it all together for the bee's benefit, and for the colony's benefit. And so, we are not, in any way, accepting anything that anyone teaches that is contrary to what it is we teach.

    And so, I wanted to say that. And if, by chance, you come across and you are told something that is contrary to what it is we believe, you don't have to get into debates, but you can let the person know that that's not what we believe in.

    I had a situation occur, you know, and ... and someone brought something to myself, "Well, that's not what we teach. We teach somethin' different. So, don't accept anything, not just ... I'm ... I'm not talking about Scientology, I'm talkin' about at any point in your life. You come into contact with anybody, because you want your roots to be firmly grounded in what it is you have committed your life to, and not let any old wind come by and take you off your deen. Is that all right?

    0:23:16 Audience: <voices>

    0:23:17 Berve Muhammad: All praise is due to Allah.

    0:23:20 Audience: <applause>

    0:23:21 Voice: Oh, shucks.

    0:23:21 Audience: <applause>

    0:23:24 Berve Muhammad: And ... And as a final note, if there is a mosque meeting going on, there should not be any laborers or officers meetings taking place during mosque meetings.

    So let me close out on a very brief spiritual note. And I want to start by saying this. I am not qualified, authorized, or certified to interpret scripture. If you ever hear me talkin' about scriptures, I'm telling you what looks interesting to me. So, let's talk about somethin' that looks real interestin' in the scriptures.

    You know, the Book of Deuteronomy, eighteen and eighteen. Allah talks to Moses and says, "I'm gonna raise up one like unto thee, Moses." And Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has told us, over and over and over again, that that one that would be raised up like Moses, is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And so, every time I read the Qur'an in particular, I see the word "Moses", I'm thinkin' of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And so, when I look at the second surah, the fifty-third ayat, it says, ... This is Allah talkin' to the children of Israel, remindin' them of the favor that Allah has bestowed upon the children of Israel. And He says one of the favors: "And when we gave Moses the Book and the discrimination that you might walk aright." And so, when I think of the discrimination, I think of the twenty-fifth surah, and we know the twenty-fifth surah is called "Al-Furqan".

    And we've heard Minister Farrakhan teach on the twenty-fifth surah and the discrimination. And when you discriminate, it's defined as to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing, to distinguish accurately. And so, we heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say about the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, everywhere you see him, look at him. Everywhere he tell you to go, go. Everywhere he tell you to stay from, stay from. Now, that's turnin' into a little cliché in the Nation, but you got to think about that, because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told you that this man was going to be able to discriminate. Where we needed to go and where we needed to stay from. And so, when I look at the second surah, the fifty-third ayat, if we just look at what it could also mean, and superimpose a few words that we know about and where it says "Moses", we put the name, "the Honorable Elijah Muhammad". And we know that the Messenger was given the Supreme Wisdom by Master Fard Muhammad. So, when it says, we gave Moses the book and the discrimination that you might walk aright, we could also say that we gave the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Supreme Wisdom, and Minister Farrakhan, that you could walk aright.

    And so, when we see Minister Farrakhan tonight, know that this is a man that was written of in the scriptures thousands of years ago. When you hear the words comin' forth from his voice, know that that's not him speakin' as a man, know that that is Allah speaking through him. And that's why, if you missed this past Sunday's address by Minister Ishmael, you might want to go on the website and look the archives, because Brother ... Minister Ishmael taught profoundly on how there is none worthy of worship but Allah. But he talked about how the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is guided by Allah. In that which came forth from him, he has already discriminated, and given us that which is good, and has not given us that which is not good for us. Is that alright with you all?

    0:26:50 Audience: <voices>

    0:26:51 Berve Muhammad: Please help me introduce and welcome to the rostrum, my big brother, Brother Ishmael Muhammad.

    0:26:51 Audience: <applause>

    0:27:03 Ishmael Muhammad: Al Salaam Alaikum. In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. I bear witness that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is his Messiah, the exalted Christ, and I bear witness that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is their Divine Reminder, Servant, and Warner among us.

    Brothers and sisters, I had something that I wanted to share, but the hour is upon us, and I think Brother Berve laid out a wonderful scripture and reminded us of who is in front of us. And when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad instructed us to follow his Servant, and when he told us to look at him, it was a lot that he was saying in that. Look at him, and then he said to us: continue to hear from who? Our Minister Farrakhan. Why? Because where he is, he will be speaking to us through him. No prophet, no messenger, no servant of God in the scriptures is more personal in his relationship with God and refers to him as Father more than Jesus.

    So, as we prepare to hear from our beloved Minister, I'll just read this, from the Book of John, the twelfth chapter. This is Jesus speaking. He said, "For I did not speak of my own accord. But the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it."

    That's profound!

    "I know that his command leads to eternal light, so whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say."

    When you see him, you see the Father. For he is in the Father, and the Father is in him. When we hear him speak, as Allah is my witness, the more I listen and when I'm in his presence, I know that I am in the presence of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and I know when he speaks, I hear the voice of the Father. Let us receive His anointed servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

    0:30:28 Audience: <applause>

    0:30:34 Ishmael Muhammad: Allahu akbar!

    0:30:36 Audience: Allahu akbar!

    0:30:37 Ishmael Muhammad: Allahu akbar!

    0:30:39 Audience: Allahu akbar!

    0:30:40 Ishmael Muhammad: Allahu akbar!

    0:30:42 Audience: Allahu akbar!

    0:30:43 Ishmael Muhammad: All praise is due to Allah.

    0:30:45 Audience: <applause>

    0:31:04 Louis Farrakhan (LF): In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful, Who came among us in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, to whom praise is due forever. We could never thank Allah enough for the wise choice that He made. A man that was destined to be the one through whom God would bring in a new Heaven and a new Earth. I am honored to be one of his students. And I thank Allah for the day that He instilled faith in my heart that the man that I was looking at and had decided to give my life to and for was the right man for the rise, the eternal rise, of our people.

    0:32:22 Audience: <inaudible>

    0:32:24 LF: Thank you. First, I want to greet all of you with the greeting words of peace. Al Salaam Alaikum.

    0:32:34 Audience: <voices>

    0:32:37 LF: I wanted to say to Brother Nuri Muhammad, who taught a few weeks ago, how much I enjoyed his presentation. I ...

    0:32:57 Audience: <applause>

    0:33:06 LF: He is such a beautiful young man and I can only hope and pray that Allah will continue to watch over him and protect him in
    his development, because I believe that in him, we may have, and I hope we do have, a very wonderful helper of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    0:33:42 Audience: <applause>

    0:33:54 LF: Last Sunday, we were blessed to hear from our beloved sister, Ava Muhammad.

    0:34:05 Audience: <applause>

    0:34:13 LF: I so thoroughly enjoy Sister Ava and I want her to know that ... Don't put up any excuses. Get out of Columbus and come to Chicago, where you belong.

    0:34:35 Audience: <applause>

    0:34:55 LF: She will be a great addition ...

    0:34:57 Audience: Yes, sir!

    0:35:01 LF: ... to the staff here and we will grow exponentially under her tutelage.

    Two weeks ago, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad spoke, followed by her son, Brother Ishmael Muhammad, and as I sat and listened to Mother Tynnetta, in the few moments that she spoke, she took us so high, and I said to myself, "Lord, what will Ishmael say after that?" And I listened and I wept with joy because, in my mind, it was one of the most perfect lectures that I have heard taught ...

    0:36:26 Audience: <applause>

    0:36:29 LF: ... in Mosque Maryam.

    0:36:29 Audience: <applause>

    0:36:49 LF: I would desire that every student in the ministry get that tape and study it. And any believer who would like to be guided aright should get that DVD and study it. After the lecture, Mother Tynnetta and Brother Ishmael came to the farm and they will bear me witness I was overcome with emotion, because I heard a perfect witness. And the thing that made me so joyous was that a teaching like that will deliver us from personality and cult worship. I know that the believer has love for the minister and I deeply appreciate that. But the minister is not an object of worship, and anyone who will worship the minister will be lost indeed. For no one is an associate of God and no one is equal with God and no one is worthy to be praised, served or worshipped more than He who originated the heavens and the Earth and who is the author of our existence.

    Brother Ishmael put the Nation on a right course that you will not stumble and fall when those whom you admire go, die, fall away, mess up ... Every human being is prone to that. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me that he needed Allah every fraction of a second in the day. And he said that if Allah left him for a fraction of a second, you would see a walking fool. He likened himself to a filthy worm in the presence of Master Fard Muhammad. I used to feel so terrible when he would say things like that, because in my eyes, he was the greatest human being that these eyes have ever gazed upon.


    So how could he say such a word and use such a word: "a filthy worm"?

    He was trying desperately to bring himself down in our eyes and exalt Allah, the Great Mahdi, in our eyes, so that when he was gone, we would not go. Because Allah has not gone anywhere. So if it is Allah that you worship, you are on solid ground. But if it is his messengers, his prophets, that you worship, what will you do when the prophet dies? What will you do when there is no more messenger?

    So the Qur'an is very clear. Muhammad is but a messenger. Indeed, messengers have passed away before him, so if he dies, all is killed. Either one could happen. Will you turn back on your heels? This bold challenge of brother Farrakhan, directed by Allah and his Messiah to the wicked Synagogue of Satan will cause repercussions ... IS causing repercussions. It could cost me my life. But if Muhammad is but a messenger, then how could Farrakhan be any more when he's less than the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

    So if it is Allah that you worship, you're safe! But if it is I or Elijah Muhammad or anyone else, then the Nation will fall again, because our object of worship is off ... is off.

    The other day, I was thinking of the prayer that Master Fard Muhammad put together as a morning prayer for us. And we were not at that time making salat, we were making a dowa at five o'clock in the morning. And just to get a Black person to forsake the bed, oh what a feat that is. And not only to foresake the bed, but to wash up and turn our faces toward the East and spread our hands in this manner and say these words: "Surely, I have turned myself to Thee, Oh Allah." And Elijah Muhammad puts this word, rather than "be upright", as the Qur'an has it, he says "striving to be upright to Him who originated the heavens and the Earth, and I am not of the polytheists."


    In those few words alone, is salvation. So I am so grateful for Mother Tynnetta and Brother Ishmael's lecture and the passion and beauty of that lecture. I hope that you will not allow any personal thoughts, negative thoughts, to keep you away from such perfect representation of our Islam.

    Surely, my prayer, my sacrifice, my life, and my death, they are all for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Now he keeps getting you more to see the God. "No associate has He. And of this am I commanded. And I am of those who submit." Isn't that beautiful?

    So don't fail to say that prayer, because Master Fard and Honorable Elijah Muhammad put that together for us. "Oh, Allah, Thou art the King." I don't have no other king. There is no king but Allah. "Oh, Allah thou art the King. There is no God but Thee. Thou art my Lord and I am thy servant." Isn't that beautiful?

    One day I was in the car, blessed. He had a Cadillac ... gold Cadillac two-seater and he took me out for a ride. And I felt so special, you know. And he drove very fast. He had no light foot, you know. But he was a excellent driver. And while he was driving, I was telling him about some of my experiences. And there was a man who was a musician in Boston who was ... his name was Jimmy Martin and he had become a follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and was his minister in Atlanta. And all of a sudden, one day, he just got up and left the flock. And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me, "No matter what happens, you never abandon the sheep. No matter what your problem may be, you cannot quit your post until you are properly relieved. Otherwise, if you just walk off the post, you've left a post unguarded. That is treasonous!"

    So the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "That man will never minister for me again." He was a mentor to me in music in Boston and I was so hurt that he had left the post and I asked the Messenger, "Why ... why do people who say they love you do things like this?" That's a good question in a hour like this, you know. Why do people who say they love you ... and then something comes up and they abandon you. Why do they do that?


    And Elijah Muhammad said, "Oh, brother, in their hearts is a disease."

    Now sometimes, we look so good on the surface. Our words are pleasing, our facial expression is pleasing, but Allah sees the inner person. And he said he ... he had a disease in his heart. So he went again to that prayer. He said, "This is why we say, 'Oh, Allah, I have been greatly unjust to myself and I confess my faults.'"

    You know, in this Dianetics, when you're being audited sometimes in a co-auditing session with someone who's just learning, but there's something valuable in it, even if you're just learning, if you apply yourself to it, there may be some benefit from it.

    Now some have written me and said, "Oh, I didn't get nothin' out of it." Well, I understand.

    0:52:12 Audience: <voices>

    0:52:15 LF: No, I do, you know. A doctor can tell you that ... "Try this medicine." And you try it and it doesn't work. Well, they got others. Go back and tell the doctor and he'll prescribe something else and he'll keep prescribing until you say, "Ah! I feel better now."

    But in this auditing, listen carefully now, you are free to say the things that have hurt you from past experiences of pain and hurt. Nothin' wrong with saying it. But if it ever comes to any transgression that you have made, no one is qualified to hear your sins, but He who came and forgave us of all our sins and promised us that if we served him and did his will, He would wipe away all ours sins and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness.

    0:53:49 Audience: <applause and voices>

    0:54:04 LF: So I told some of the people in Scientology that ... "Do you know that all the people that are around me ... I don't know their transgressions. It's none of my business. I'm not here to spy on Muslims. 'What did you do last night? What did you do today? Ah, aha! Let me watch now.'" <Laughter>

    This Qur'an says, "Let not Muslims spy on one another." No, sir! No, ma'am!

    0:54:47 Audience: <applause>

    0:54:56 LF: The job of the Messenger is a clear delivery of the message. That's all. From that point on, your sins are wiped clean, your slate is clean, but if YOU mess up, it's between you and the God that you've been talking to. Not you and an auditor. Not you and your minister. Can you imagine in the Church, people confessing to a pervert?

    0:55:37 Audience: <applause and voices>

    0:55:48 LF: You don't confess to another sinner. Unless you want to. "I have been greatly unjust to myself and I confess my fault." To who? To who?

    0:56:16 Audience: Allah!

    0:56:18 LF: Don't you think He already knows?

    0:56:20 Audience: <voices>

    0:56:24 LF: So confession is good for whose soul?

    0:56:27 Audience: <voices>

    0:56:35 LF: I just love that teaching, Ishmael. And I was so proud. Because if you stick to that teaching, you won't fall. Because you'll see all of us in front of you as we should be seen. "How do you see men?" "I see them as trees." "Oh, we know they don't see right."

    0:57:00 Audience: <voices>

    0:57:06 LF: Put a little spittle on his eye, 'cause he ain't seein' right. Tell him to go wash in the pool of Siloam. And then when ... the man came back, how do you see them now? <Coughs> I see men as they are. I see men as they are.

    So when the Saviour said, "No big I's, no little you" ... Do you see men as they are? Or do you see some men like trees and others like shrubs? See us as we are.

    The Qur'an says, if Allah were to punish Man for his sins, not one soul would be left alive on our planet.

    So, if the Prophet is told to confess ... This is the Prophet. This is God talking to his Servant and through him telling us.

    You mean the Prophet had sin? Well, I ... I ... I'm not knowledgeable of anything like that, but I can only tell you what the Book said.

    Well, if he didn't have sin, why would he keep having to say, "Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem"? If he is sinless, he is not in need of mercy.

    I have been unjust and I confess my faults. So grant me protection against all my faults.

    Then the Messenger looked at me and he said, "Brother, that don't mean the fault that you know about. That means the ones that you don't know that may come up in the future. You askin' protection for that."

    Then look at the answer. For none grants protection against faults, but Thee.

    One auditor told me, "Minister, you know, I'm a certified minister. I can forgive some sins." And I laughed. I said, "You ... you ... you need to study this book, because this book will inform you of the belief system of a Muslim. You don't have no power to forgive nothin'." Even when somebody does you wrong, you can forgive, but you yet don't know whether Allah will forgive.

    So Allah says through Muhammad, "You may forgive them, but I will never forgive them." So all forgiveness comes from Allah. All protection from sin and fault comes from Allah! And there's none that can protect us but Allah!

    1:01:23 Audience: <applause>

    1:01:43 LF: Guide me ... to the best of morals. And Dianetics can guide me to the best of morals? That's not what this prayer says. None guides to the best of morals but Thee. And turn away from me the evil and indecent morals. Because there's nobody that can turn that away from me but Allah. This is your prayer and mine. I told you the last time I talked to you, I believe that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad never wanted, even when a charge comes up against any believer ... we sittin' in a room with a tape recorder ... What do you want to do with it? You want to leave it around somewhere carelessly? You take notes? What do you do with it? The Messenger said he did not want the enemy, when our history is being written, to come in and hear or read things about us that, in our days of ignorance when we were other than ourselves, we did. So even when you confess, when you come back, it's a "Form 4" that says "a misunderstanding". See how beautiful the Messenger is? To protect us.

    You know, beloved believers, I wish that we were better, in terms of the way we followed, you know, before I really go deeper. You know, we follow the Messenger with doubt and suspicion <clears his throat> and, you know, it's something when you apply teachings to a people and they become so wise in their own eyes that they begin to become your judge. On that note, I'd like to open the Qur'an, because I'm going somewhere, and I'd like you to travel with me.


    In the eighteenth chapter, the sixty-fifth verse says, "Then they" - Moses and his servant - "found one of our servants whom we had granted mercy from us and whom we had taught knowledge from ourselves." Let's stop there a minute.

    Now, Moses and his servant ... travelling and they meet this man, a man whom the Qur'an says he had granted mercy from us and whom we had taught knowledge from ourselves. Now, it don't tell you what he was taught, but let's assume that if God taught him ... just an assumption ... what knowledge do you have to judge one who was taught by God?

    Look, you ... you ... you think ... Take ALL that you know ... and is a lot of knowledge in this room, okay? And put it ... Ah, let me see where we can put it.

    1:06:37 Audience: <laughter>

    1:06:38 LF: Oh, on the head of a common pin. I'm not belittling our knowledge, but if we are wise in our own eyes, then we have become a fool right then.

    The Bible says - and I heard one of the ministers teach it - he said, "My thoughts are not your thoughts. My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are from above. Yours are ... from where?" Well, that's heavy in itself.

    Now, if your thoughts are from beneath, beneath what? How can you judge anything or anybody if you can't see the comprehensive picture? So, Moses said to the man <coughs>, "May I follow you that you may teach me of the good YOU have been taught?" Well, that's intelligent. You meet a man that's been taught of God. Well, what would you say? "May ... may I please follow you that you may teach me of the good that you have been taught?" Now, the good that he has been taught, the servant ... Moses and his servant don't see the depth, the breadth, the height of it. They just know it's something good there. That's how we were when we met the Messenger. We knew there was something heavy here ... that we didn't know before. Now we're in his class. And the Messenger said, "My God! I start teaching you and then you ... you turn around and try to teach me."

    1:09:11 Audience: <voices>

    1:09:13 LF: Now, you know that's a fool showing a <inaudible>

    1:09:16 Audience: <voices>

    1:09:17 LF: Now, look. 'cause we are all wise, you know. When you hear wisdom, you ... you like the wisdom and, automatically, the wisdom makes you SEE what you think you see.

    1:09:31 Audience: <voices and laughter>

    1:09:40 LF: See? You're looking at something and you perceive it. And in your own eyes, you perceive it rightly.

    "But this Qur'an says we take Allah's coloring and Allah is best at coloring."

    See? Most of us are guided by an emotional reaction to something that we perceive that we've already misperceived. <clears his throat>

    1:10:13 Audience: <voices>

    1:10:16 LF: I'm ... I'm ...

    1:10:17 Audience: <voices>

    1:10:19 LF: Now, just ...

    1:10:20 Audience: <voices>

    1:10:21 LF: Just follow this with me, you know. Most of us, you know, are so emotional, when we feel we know something, we've been hurt by something, and we believe we perceive it correctly. But now look at God, who's our example. He calls Moses to Him out of a burning bush. Now, the bush is burning, but it's not being consumed. The Messenger said the fire in the bush was the anger of God against Pharaoh. But the bush didn't burn because it was a controlled anger. So that God is not moving off of emotion.

    1:11:32 Audience: <voices>

    1:11:40 LF: So he calls his servant and sends him to Pharoah, knowing all the time what the end result is gonna be, but he don't start off with the end result. "You go and tell him, 'Let my people go.'"

    Well, now, so the wise man said, "You cannot have patience with me." And you come in the Nation, all filled with zeal, you know, and you love the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and you're fired up. But some of us are ninety-day wonders, you know. That's why the Bible said the race is not to the swift nor to the strong, but to the one that can endure to the end. This is not a sprint.

    1:12:44 Audience: <voices>

    1:12:48 LF: So when you come into this, you didn't come into a hundred yard dash, brother. In fact, you came into something that you can't see the tail. You don't know where the end is. You just gotta keep goin' ...

    1:13:07 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:13:08 LF: ... hopin' that your strength will allow you to endure to the end!

    1:13:12 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:13:14 LF: Listen ...

    1:13:15 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:13:20 LF: So Moses is hearing the wise man. He said, "But you can't have patience with me." And then he gives him the reason. He said, "How could you have patience in that whereof thou hast not a comprehensive knowledge?" See, if you don't have a comprehensive knowledge of things, you don't have patience. But worse than that ... see? When you meet a man that you like ... He's teaching you the truth. But all that came before him were thieves and robbers. When you're listening to him, you're listening with the ear.

    1:14:08 Audience: <voices>

    1:14:12 LF: Here it comes. Ahh, I knew it, I knew it. See? It's like you, sister, you married a man and he just messed over you. You can call it a engram ... I don't know what the heck you call it.

    1:14:30 Audience: <voices>

    1:14:34 LF: But that mess is all up inside your head. Now, you come to the mosque. "Oh, I see these handsome brothers. Ooh, look at them! Ooh, look at that shine on his face! He's so handsome! Ooh, he's so sharp!

    1:14:46 Audience: <voices and laughter>

    1:14:50 LF: And, uh ...

    1:14:51 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:14:54 LF: Now you're talkin'. You're talking. "He been married before too." But you're talkin'.

    You know, if you met a man and he had a big scar all the way down his face, would you act like it ain't there?

    1:15:16 Audience: <voices>

    1:15:21 LF: Wouldn't you want to know uh ...

    1:15:22 Audience: <voices>

    1:15:25 LF: "Brother, what happened to your face?"

    1:15:27 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:15:38 LF: When you see people been married, there's a crackup. And any time there's a divorce, there's a crackup. Somebody cracked up. Somebody messed up. Now, you comin' into a crackup!

    1:15:53 Audience: <voices>

    1:15:59 LF: What caused the accident? Were you driving while under the influence?

    1:16:06 Audience: <voices>

    1:16:11 LF: See, that's what courting is all about. 'cause, see, you don't get into marriage and just get out of it. And then you see a pretty face or a handsome brother and jump into some mess. Find out what happened to the last one!

    1:16:25 Audience: <applause>

    1:16:26 LF: Find out what caused the crackup! See if any lesson was learned!

    1:16:31 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:16:44 LF: That's why there's always a police on the scene to say whose fault it was. "Oh, no! It's not my fault. No! I was comin' out of my driveway and BAM!"

    1:16:55 Audience: <voices>

    1:17:02 LF: "Who had the right of way?" "Well, I b- b- b- b- I uh ..." "What?" <laughter>

    1:17:08 Audience: <voices>

    1:17:10 LF: The point is: when there's an accident, somebody's always at fault. So when we find out what caused the breakup ... You know brothers, I don't care how pretty the woman is, go ask her husband, the ex-husband. "What happened? She's so fine. How could you leave a woman fine like that?" Say, yeah, right!

    1:17:49 Audience: <voices and laughter>

    1:17:58 LF: Brother and sister, there is no breakup without fault, and the fault is always in the persons and their inability to reconcile differences and forgive and amend and attempt to change. But if, hell, I'm tired of you, I'm not interested in no change. I'm outta here.

    1:18:39 Audience: <voices>

    1:18:43 LF: But wait a minute, Miss Twisting and Turning.

    1:18:48 Audience: <voices and laughter>

    1:18:52 LF: Wai- wai- wai- wai- ... Wait a minute. But didn't you all say, six months ago ...

    1:19:00 Audience: <voices and laughter>

    1:19:08 LF: "Till death us do part"? Does that mean you dead now?

    1:19:14 Audience: <voices>

    1:19:21 LF: Or does it mean that the marriage is dead ... because your word has no value? You got into somethin' and didn't look at what you were gettin' into? Because you wanted to get into bed before you got in her head to find out what kind of person this is?

    1:19:43 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:19:53 LF: By the way, that was not my subject tonight, but ...

    1:19:58 Audience: <voices>

    1:20:01 LF: No, I ... Allah know why he guides me to say things, and so if what I said has any bearing on your life, I'm telling you that your faults are with you and God. The hurt that you have suffered from others, that has given you pain and created impediments, that you need relief from, that's what you talk about. If somebody want to ask you about how many sins you committed, well, really, that ain't none of your damn business.

    1:20:38 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:20:44 LF: Well, then, you can't be healed. Well, the hell with you! Who the hell said you was the healer anyway?

    1:20:52 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:20:57 LF: Allah is the Healer! And if I confess my fault to my God and atone for my wrong, He forgives, and when He forgives, I can go forward, and I am clear, because I am clean!

    1:21:16 Audience: <applause>

    1:21:27 LF: Now,let's not get it twisted.

    1:21:30 Audience: <voices>

    1:21:39 LF: We are Muslims.

    1:21:41 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:21:43 LF: And with us, there is no God but Allah. So look ... look at this. Oh, man! They set out until, when they embarked in a boat, he made a hole in the boat. Moses says, "Has you made a hole in it to drown its occupants? You have surely done a grievous thing." He start right off judgin', because he saw a boat with a hole. Well, that's his perception. It wasn't wrong in what he saw: he saw a boat, he saw some people in it, he saw a man put a hole in the boat, then he went to judge it.

    1:22:26 Audience: <voices>

    1:22:31 LF: So the wise said, "Did I not say that you could not have patience with me?" And Moses said, "Well, blame me not for what I forgot, and ... and please don't be hard upon me for what I said, you know what I mean? I ... I damn sure said that you ... you did a grievous thing."

    1:22:50 Audience: <voices>

    1:22:57 LF: Well, it gets worse.

    1:22:58 Audience: <voices>

    1:23:01 LF: So they went on until, when they met a boy, the wise man slew him. Moses said ...

    1:23:10 A woman in the audience: What!?

    1:23:11 LF: Yeah, that's right!

    1:23:12 Audience: <laughter and applause>

    1:23:15 LF: <coughing> Excuse me. Moses said, <in a high-pitched voice> "What!?"

    1:23:24 Audience: <laughter>

    1:23:29 LF: "Have you slain an innocent person not guilty of slaying another? You have indeed done a horrible thing!"

    Now, the first thing was grievous. Now, this one is horrible.

    1:23:43 Audience: <voices>

    1:23:47 LF: And the wise man said, "Did I not say to you that you could not have patience with me?" Moses said, "Well, if I ... I ask you about anything after this, then don't keep company with me, and you will then indeed have found an excuse in my case, in other words, to get rid of me."

    So it kept goin'. And uh, they were hungry and ... people didn't feed'em. And when they left, there was a wall, and the wise man built up the wall. "Well, wait a minute, that ain't right. We hungry. These damn people - excuse me! - they ..."

    1:24:38 Audience: <laughter>

    1:24:40 LF: "They didn't give us nothin' to eat. And you see a wall broken down and you gonna build it up."

    And you say, "Well, all right."

    He said, "This is the parting between me and you. Now I will inform you of the significance of that with which you could not have patience. As for the boat: it belonged to poor people working on the river, and I intended to damage it <clears his throat> for there was behind them a king who seized every boat by force." See? He knew what was comin'. So he was protectin' the person from the wickedness of a king that was comin' that was seizing boats. But how could this foolish person that didn't have patience ... See? He didn't have a comprehensive knowledge. He saw an act and he judged the act, and he missed!

    1:25:44 Audience: <voices>

    1:25:50 LF: And he said, "Well, as for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared, lest he should involve them in wrongdoing and disbelief, so we intended that their Lord might give them, in his place, one better in purity and nearer to mercy." So they knew ... he knew the future of the boy. All Moses could see was the boy ... being slain. But the wise man saw that the boy was gonna trouble his believing parents, so he took the boy. And he knew that the Lord would give them a boy better, in his place. And so, they parted ways.

    Now ... Brother Berve asked the believers for some comments on the Tuesday night meeting that we had here at Mosque Maryam, and the things that I said, and so many believers had wonderful things to say, but there were others who were upset, and, uh, they voiced their upset, and I wanted to first deal with the upset, because ... you know, the lessons say, "Ask questions and learn all about the person you are questioning." What does it say?

    1:27:47 <A person in the audience responds.>

    1:27:49 LF: Ask questions and learn about yourself, 'cause in your question is a view of you.

    1:27:59 Audience: <voices>

    1:28:03 LF: Now, when I would come to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I would be with some of this other ministers and they were always ready to give the Messenger all the good news. And so the Messenger said, "Well, the good is good and it'll take care of itself, but why don't you tell me the thing that's not so good? Then if we can take the not-so-good and make it good, then everything is good. So don't hide from me the thing that is not good." 'cause usually, when something is not good, you don't want to tell it, 'cause it reflects on yourself ... sometimes.

    So this person wrote: "I personally don't agree with it. I think we should have had a group of Black psychiatrists and psychologists to do individual counseling with members of the Nation. My fear is that, subconsciously, we love White people so much that our focus will no longer be on the resurrection of our people, but into Scientology. I even hear the language changing at the mosque. My womanly instinct is telling me that it is not good. Years from now, people will regret that they allowed this to happen. <clears his throat> I think that we should have consulted with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Brother Na'im Akbar and other Black psychiatrists for a healing of our people."

    Now, there's something very good in this. Don't you think? Or maybe let me show ... share it with you, because you might already be negative.

    1:30:06 Audience: <voices>

    1:30:11 LF: She said, "I personally don't agree with it. I think we should have had a group of Black psychiatrists and psychologists to do individual counseling with members of the Nation." Okay. But this is the part that I think we should pay attention to. All of it, we should pay attention to, but this stands out with me: "My fear is that, subconsciously, we love White people so much that our focus will no longer be on the resurrection of our people, but into Scientology."

    Now, I'd like to agree with her that some of us are still very sick. Did I say something wrong?

    1:31:02 Audience: No, sir!

    1:31:06 LF: Our lessons say <laughing> we love the devil.

    1:31:08 Audience: <voices>

    1:31:11 LF: 'cause he gives us nothin'.

    1:31:13 Audience: <voices>

    1:31:15 LF: So, do you see how a Negro can act, even after hearing such a teaching as this, when White folk pay him attention, or her attention? And we start getting out of sorts, you know.

    1:31:26 Audience: <voices>

    1:31:30 LF: Some of us may be like that.

    1:31:31 Audience: <voices>

    1:31:34 LF: Would you think?

    1:31:35 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:31:36 LF: Have you met some Muslim Negroes?

    1:31:39 Audience: Yes, sir! <voices>

    1:31:50 LF: Do you think everybody that's in the Nation has the teachings of the Nation in them?

    1:31:55 Audience: No, sir!

    1:31:59 LF: Well, how will you judge? What will you use as the criterion to judge the value or validity of what it is you are looking at, if you don't immerse yourself in the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

    1:32:19 Audience: <voices>

    1:32:21 LF: You've never heard me get beat in any debate or argument.

    1:32:27 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:32:29 LF: Well, wait! No! I'm not boasting. No, no, no. No. I don't get beat.

    1:32:36 Audience: <voices>

    1:32:38 LF: And the reason I don't get beat is because my root is in the invincible truth that God shared with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that he shared with me, and that makes me better than anything that Satan produces.

    1:32:58 Audience: <applause>

    1:33:10 LF: Now, Frances Cress Welsing is a great, great, great psychiatrist ... I know her well and love her. Na'im Akbar came to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad sent him to me, that I might instruct him in the ways of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I'm only telling you the facts.

    1:33:36 Audience: <voices>

    1:33:40 LF: Ah, lemme just say this.

    1:33:41 Audience: <voices>

    1:33:50 LF: As you heard me ask a question: what is the common denominator in the cemetery?

    1:33:59 Audience: <voices>

    1:34:06 LF: Everybody in the cemetery is what?

    1:34:08 Audience: Dead!

    1:34:11 LF: That's the common denominator. Well, are there dead psychiatrists in there?

    1:34:17 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:34:19 LF: Dead psychologists?

    1:34:21 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:34:22 LF: Dead doctors? Dead lawyers? Dead teachers? Dead pimps? Dead hustlers? Dead nutritionists? Dead doctors? They all are under the grave there.

    1:34:35 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:34:36 LF: Well, when the Prophet said he saw us as dead, he didn't say some were alive! He said ALL were dead! So don't tell me that, because you have a degree from the enemy that the death of the White man has not touched you!

    1:34:54 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:35:16 LF: And if you are not baptized thoroughly in the teaching of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the sting of death is still on our best leaders, our best scholars, our best teachers.

    Yeah, well ... Well, who the hell is L. Ron Hubbard? I'm tryin' to find out, you know. But what he developed, let's look at it, see what value is in it.

    Some of you mad with me. Someone else says, oh, "'The Psychopathic Racial Personality' by Dr. Bobby Right says everywhere one finds White and Black in close proximity to each other, Whites are in control. I see that happening in the Nation of Islam."

    Really? I wonder what part of the Nation you in?

    1:36:24 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:36:32 LF: Now, I ... I'm in close proximity to some White folk. Do you think they control me?

    1:36:38 Audience: No, sir!

    1:36:40 LF: No, no, no. Answer!

    1:36:42 Audience: No, sir! <voices>

    1:36:57 LF: They could control any of us if we surrender our knowledge. I'm gonna say that again.

    1:37:06 Audience: <voices>

    1:37:10 LF: Are there White people of skill and wisdom and wealth and power?

    1:37:16 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:37:17 LF: Answer!

    1:37:18 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:37:20 LF: Do you meet them?

    1:37:22 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:37:25 LF: You don't meet 'em. I ... I'm with you. You gotta be up in a certain status to meet those kind of White people, but some of you meet 'em. Answer me.

    1:37:39 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:37:41 LF: Do they control you?

    1:37:42 Audience: No, sir!

    1:37:47 LF: How many of you have gone to college? Raise your hands, please. Oh, this is a nice audience of college people. Were all your professors Black?

    1:38:00 Audience: No, sir!

    1:38:03 LF: Even if they were, were they Black White?

    1:38:05 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:38:16 LF: When you sat in the class and the teacher said something that clashed with what you were taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, you had two things to do: either challenge them and get a F ...

    1:38:29 Audience: <voices>

    1:38:33 LF: ... or shut up and go on about your business and write what you think you should write, and get the hell outta there.

    1:38:42 Audience: <voices>

    1:38:47 LF: That's the only choice you got.

    1:38:48 Audience: <voices>

    1:38:50 LF: So, some of us get so mad and get bent out of shape. We want to challen... "Listen, Professor! I got the history. I know!"

    1:38:57 Audience: <voices>

    1:39:02 LF: "We got a live wire in this class!" And he'll shut you down, and what you went there to get, you end up failing. See? A wise man ... Look. What did it mean when it said Master Fard became obedient unto death? See? You a follower of God and his Messiah. He was ORDERED out of Detroit. "Wait! You mean he was ordered?" Yeah! They told him, "Get out!" Did he say, "Do you know who I am?"

    1:39:47 Audience: <voices>

    1:39:55 LF: He left. It wasn't time for him to show forth his power. So, the scripture said there were horns coming out of his hand, but there was the hiding of his power. See? Sometimes you have to HIDE your power!

    1:40:14 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:40:16 LF: ... to make advancement in the world of your enemy!

    1:40:19 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:40:25 LF: There's not for me to hide what I know. I'm to challenge him and bring him out. That's what I'm commanded to do. Even if it costs my life. What is your life or mine without truth? But we have to be wise.

    Okay. Somebody says: "I guess the reason why the Holy Day of Atonement will be in Florida is because Scientology headquarters is there, so we are to generate revenue for them." I would like to ask the Black community in Florida what has the Scientologists done for them, since they are cleared and able to teach others how to clear themselves, we need to wake up. In fact I'm going to find out what they've done for us lately or any other time. I'm not fallin' for it."

    Well, I can answer that question for you. They ain't done a damn thing ... for no Black people. In Tampa, Florida, Clearwater, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, they've set their orgs up downtown, in the midst of the rich, in the midst of the powerful, because those are the people that have the money to go up that Bridge. We are poor people! Can nobody deliver this technology to us, but us!

    1:42:07 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:42:26 LF: So, since we, as a group or nation, are supporting them, can they, Scientologists, come to Chicago and receive training from us and pay us, the Nation of Islam? We, the Nation of Islam, can tell or teach them about the history of the White race being grafted and given six thousand years to rule, and other teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Or do we still believe that?

    1:42:52 Audience: <voices>

    1:42:57 LF: Uuuh ...

    1:42:57 Audience: <voices>

    1:43:09 LF: How many in this room have been to a dentist this year? Would you raise your hands? Uh huh.

    How many of you have taken a class somewhere this year and you had to pay something for it? Would you raise your hands? Uh huh. Uh.

    I just paid several thousand dollars for one of my sons to go to Arizona State University as a freshman and he told me that what he's learning in his first semester is what he already knew from high school. That's robbery.

    1:44:07 Audience: <voices>

    1:44:12 LF: He already know the course, but I am paying, because he wants a college education. You understand?

    1:44:22 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:44:26 LF: I went to a dentist office. I mean, beautiful office. I mean, latest technology. I had a few things done. Man! When I looked up, the bill was twenty thousand dollars.

    1:44:36 Audience: <voices>

    1:44:46 LF: How many of you have medical insurance? ... Thank God for that. But don't too sick.

    1:44:55 Audience: <voices>

    1:44:57 LF: <laughing> You may find out that your medical insurance may run out on you. Well, these people don't want to pay. What am I saying?

    Now, of course we can invite White people here and teach them their history. Do you think they don't know?

    1:45:17 Audience: <voices>

    1:45:23 LF: Tell me something. Why do you think they call their children "kids" and not "children"?

    1:45:29 Audience: <voices>

    1:45:36 LF: A kid is the offspring of a goat. What does the Bible teach you about the sheep and the goat?

    1:45:44 Audience: <voices>

    1:45:46 LF: You think they don't know? ... White girl <coughs> come up to try to trick you. And they say "she's a cute trick."

    1:46:03 Audience: <voices>

    1:46:08 LF: You think they don't know? They just sayin' that? Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.

    1:46:15 Audience: <voices>

    1:46:17 LF: Do you think ...

    1:46:18 Audience: <voices>

    1:46:21 LF: Do you think they don't know? They know. Is you that don't know.

    So when you sit with any Caucasian, armed with the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that's a level playing field.

    1:46:39 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:46:43 LF: Because if you know yourself and you know God and you know them, then you can sit anywhere with them and you will never be taken over by them.

    1:46:54 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:47:14 LF: So, they quote me from "Our Saviour has Arrived": "The Black man of America never has put any confidence in anyone but his White slave master. Regardless of how ill-treated the Black man may be, he still has hopes of his master telling him the truth." <clears his throat> "And our Saviour has arrived," it says. "They're doing everything they possibly can do to deceive the Black man and woman into thinking that they hold out greater and better promises for a future to the Black man and woman in America than Allah."

    Did I ever tell you ... that they have a greater promise?

    1:47:58 Audience: No, sir!

    1:48:00 LF: ... than what Allah has offered?

    1:48:02 Audience: No, sir!

    1:48:05 LF: See? The Scientologists can't get in the Black community. They don't have the means nor the method, even though L. Ron Hubbard said that, when the Black man gets this technology, he's going to the top. I didn't say it. They say he said it. They quote him.

    What did Elijah Muhammad mean when he said, "People are gonna come from all over the world to teach us everything we need to know, even down to the peaceful or non-peaceful use of the atom?"

    Do you know ... some Negroes that ...

    1:48:54 Audience: <voices>

    1:48:58 LF: No, there may be some now that have that knowledge. But do you think they going to teach that to you?

    1:49:03 Audience: No, sir!

    1:49:07 LF: Look. I ... I ... I really ... I really ... I'm not hurt by what has been written. I bring it up because it's negative talk. And it's talk that says, "Oh, you know better than I and you know better than the two that authorized me and put me to sit in the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad." And I'm sure you didn't mean it that way. <clears his throat> But you have shown, in your statements, a lack of confidence in the Messenger's words and orders to you. You quote the teachings, but the question is: do you really believe?

    1:50:09 Audience: <voices>

    1:50:16 LF: See? Do you believe that I am his son?

    1:50:22 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:50:26 LF: ... in whom he is well pleased?

    1:50:28 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:50:31 LF: 'cause, if you don't believe that, that's okay! But you can't be in here.

    1:50:37 Audience: <voices>

    1:50:39 LF: Now, look. Look. If you don't agree with me, it's okay!

    1:50:43 Audience: <voices>

    1:50:49 LF: You go get your psychiatrists.

    1:50:51 Audience: <voices>

    1:50:53 LF: And you go get your psychologists. And if it makes you feel better, then you get what they have and bring it back, 'cause some of us will still be sick and need a psychologist or somebody to help us.

    But you're doubting me. You're suspicious of me. How dare you ask the question? After listening to me, do we still believe? Huh?

    I want to quote it perfect.

    See? I know that Scientology has never done anything much for the masses of Black people. And they grieve over that, because I told them frankly, "You don't have the methodology."

    You can't make a Christian. See, Scientology, until you can make Jesus speak to the truth that he speaks. Christians ain't lookin' for no new religion. And if you a real Muslim, you're not lookin' for one either.

    But let me ask you a question. If I hired ten of you tomorrow to help me with all the emails and tweets and all that kind of stuff that comes in, and you wanted to brush up on your knowledge, wouldn't you find a school that would offer you that knowledge that would make you more proficient?

    1:52:54 Audience: Yes, sir! <voices>

    1:52:58 LF: Whether the person is White or Black, does it make any difference if you're going there not to marry the Caucasian, but to get the knowledge?

    1:53:05 Audience: <voices and applause>

    1:53:12 LF: Come on, now. You know, if the Messenger of God said to you, <clears his throat> wherever he tell you go, go.

    Now, I ain't never told you go no place. I never gave you no orders. You go where you wanna go. Did I send you to the Blues Club? The House of Blues? Wait now, did I?

    1:53:47 Audience: No, sir!

    1:53:49 LF: But you went.

    1:53:49 Audience: <voices>

    1:53:56 LF: Did I tell you stay from the House of Blues?

    1:54:00 Audience: No, sir!

    1:54:01 LF: No, I just teach you Islam. Did I send you to the 3X movie because it had 3 X's and you thought it was a Muslim movie?

    1:54:12 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:54:24 LF: Did I tell you where to go on the dial for these kind of shows on TV and on the Internet? You go where you want to go.

    Did I tell you, "Get on Facebook and show yourself."

    1:54:38 Audience: <voices>

    1:54:41 LF: You, a Muslim? You gonna get on Facebook with a bathin' suit? Damns. I shoulda told you.

    But if the teaching that I give you did not tell you that that was improper, you don't belong to me or to us or to the Messenger.

    1:55:04 Audience: <applause>

    1:55:19 LF: Everybody all right?

    1:55:20 Audience: Yes!

    1:55:22 LF: Have we been suffering from incompetent leadership?

    1:55:26 Audience: <voices>

    1:55:29 LF: Can I get a witness?

    1:55:30 Audience: <voices>

    1:55:34 LF: Have we suffered from laborers who get big and full of themself?

    1:55:39 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:55:42 LF: Specially when they get a little authority? Why do think for eighty years the Nation of Islam has been a ever-revolving door? Something needs to change. Well wait a minute, Farrakhan! I think you need to get rid of all them laborers that you got right there in Chicago ... and replace them with who?

    1:56:10 Audience: <voices>

    1:56:15 LF: I know, you think you'll be any better? Aren't you from the same cemetery?

    1:56:20 Audience: <voices>

    1:56:22 LF: I ... dammit, if they sick are you not sick too?

    1:56:24 Audience: <applause and voices>

    1:56:27 LF: That's why the door keeps revolving. Because somebody gotta heal us!

    Well, wait a minute. I thought that Islam is the healer. It is. Well, why you goin' somewhere else?

    Uh, look. How many of us ... no, I ain't gonna ask this question.

    Some of us went to college with less than an eighth grade reading school. Talk to me.

    1:57:14 Audience: Yes, sir!

    1:57:16 LF: But you graduated from high school and still functionally illiterate? Come on, come on, come ...

    Some of you graduated from college and can't spell, can't punctuate. Come on! Come on!

    1:57:33 Audience: <voices>

    1:57:37 LF: Some of us right now don't even want to admit that we are not proficient in reading.

    The first word that the Prophet heard was "Iqra'!" ... "Read!"

    Master Fard said, "Set up a reading class!" Why? Because "illiterate" means "ignorant". And as long as you can't read, you are oral people. You love to hear, but you don't read. And if you read, you don't read well.

    Some of these that went to the Celebrity Center in LA already have degrees and were fallin' asleep in the class. An instructor said, "What word was it that you didn't understand?" Because when you read and you come across a word that you really don't understand its meaning, then that blows that whole sentence, could blow the whole paragraph. And you read, <sounding drowsy> and you read, and you read, and ...

    1:59:04 Audience: <laughter>

    1:59:11 LF: So, their technology spots that. Is there something wrong with that?

    1:59:17 Audience: No, sir! Not at all.

    1:59:19 LF: And every believer that I ... that was a minister and studied came back and read their lessons and saw so much deeper into the Supreme Wisdom than they saw before they took the course of study.

    Now, Beloved Family, Dear Brothers and Sisters, I've never asked you to go anywhere. And I've never asked you to stay from. I just teach you. Because you are not a robot. You're a human being. With intelligence. And if I teach you well, I trust that you're gonna make good decisions for your life.

    So, why should I order you stay from? But if it's necessary, of course, I'll do that when I think it's necessary. I never told you, "Don't go where Imam Warith Deen is teaching." Is there any one of you that I ever told, "Stay away from him and his teaching"? Stand up if you know that I said that. Why? 'cause if you go anywhere and get lost, you wasn't belonging to this in the first place.

    Did I ever tell you not to go to Father Pfleger's church or this one's church or that one's church? I don't really care where you go. Because if you belong here, ... you'll be here.

    And if Reverend So-and-so can get you, I'm happy for you.

    When I visit the church to teach them about Jesus, I'll see you in the choir and I'll recogni...

    2:01:28 Audience: <applause>

    2:01:28 LF: Oh! That's Sister So-and-so. I'm not mad with you.

    2:01:28 Audience: <applause>

    2:01:40 LF: I mean, I love you. I'm not your master. I'm your brother. But I found something. That's all. And I checked it out. I didn't check it out thoroughly. <feigning a stern voice> "Well, did you read this book on L. Ron Hubbard? It's ... It tells you somethin' about ..."

    Look. Lemme say this.

    I saw believers ... more happy than I have ever seen them. I saw the light in their faces. I was happy for them. They never came away from Allah and the Messenger and Islam. They found something that enhanced their faith. <coughs> Are you afraid to go where I asked you to go?

    2:03:01 Audience: No, sir!

    2:03:04 LF: Now, some of you have really gone. I mean gung ho, and you left the mosque abandoned. <changing voice> "Well, I'm studyin' twelve hours a day." Well, I'm happy for you. I really am. But how could you be a student captain or, you know, and don't come to the mosque at all? <changing voice> "Well, I'm studyin'. The minister told me to study." Yeah, but don't you have a post? Did you quit your post? <changing voice> "Well, I'm ... I paid two hundred dollars for my book and the course and I ... I'm takin' that course." Yeah, and the mosque is sufferin'. Some mosques can't pay their rent now.

    You know, I was worried, to be very honest. I was out in California and I said to the people out there, I said, "You know, Muslims don't take and don't give. I'm concerned about the quid pro quo." You know what the brother told me? He said, "No." He said, "You all have given much more than we have given. I said, "Well, ... Really?" Many of their orgs have come alive since the believers have visited there, and we are spending quite a bit of money. I don't mind an investment that you make in your own personal development, 'cause it will pay dividends down the road, if you learn how to use the knowledge.

    But, you know what? I think ... How many of you have ever heard of Dale Carnegie? Did you know that, when I was a young student in the ministry in New York under Brother Malcom, our brother, Captain Yusuf, went and paid for the course of "How to Win Friends and Influence people". He brought it back to the mosque. And then several of the believers, female and male, took the course. The Messenger heard about it and now, you join any mosque, you'll see a course on "How to Win Friends and Influence People". That didn't come from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. That came from Dale Carnegie, a Caucasian, by the way, who had something of value to show us how to win friends among our own people. That was valuable knowledge.

    Brother Thomas Jay ... You remember, I told you about this brother that he kinda helped me clean up when I came in the Nation, 'cause I cussed so much he ... <clears his throat> Well, you know ... I was a cusser too, boy, lemme tell you somethin'.

    2:06:45 Audience: <laughter>

    2:06:47 LF: And Brother Thomas Jay said ... and I'm ... I'm ... I don't want to misquote him, but he don't pay no mortgage. He don't pay car notes. He don't pay credit card interest notes. 'cause what he learned from the Dale Carnegie course, he put it in practice, and he hasn't had any debt for darn near thirty years. He learned something and applied it.

    I'm not askin' you to go nowhere to be anything other than what you came here to be. Everybody's not gonna be an auditor. It's not for everybody. But the technology is.

    Ahmed, are you upstairs? I want you to put on this screen ... Do you still have it? The Supreme Wisdom and the valuable final product? Put it up on the screen for me. You all all right?

    2:08:08 Audience: Yes, sir! <applause>

    2:08:11 LF: You know, I used a word that you didn't understand, so you gettin' sleepy?

    2:08:14 Audience: <voices>

    2:08:17 LF: I'm almost finished now.

    2:08:19 Audience: <voices>

    2:08:24 LF: Yeah. I think I come on down.

    2:08:28 Audience: <applause>

    2:08:43 LF: Now, ... If what we have is supreme, it's the highest in rank or authority. It's of the highest quality degree or character, highest importance. It's the greatest. It's the utmost or extreme. It's the last or the final or the ultimate. I didn't call it "Supreme Wisdom". Master Fard himself called it "Supreme Wisdom". Put up "Wisdom", brother.

    I like it when I'm ... Oh, here it is. The quality or state of being wise. Don't we want to be wise?

    2:09:34 Audience: Yes, sir!

    2:09:36 LF: The knowledge of what is true or right, with just judgment as to action, sagacity, discernment, or insight.

    See? If you got wisdom, you wouldn't be doubting me like this. Your insight, your powers of discernment would make you to know that the minister found somethin' that we could use.

    2:10:02 Audience: <voices>

    2:10:10 LF: Okay. Put them together: "Supreme Wisdom" ... and put on the other side "Dianetics".

    Now, this is what we've been taught. Supreme Wisdom. This is what I found in Dianetics, something called "Life Repair".

    Well, when I came to the Nation, my life was repaired. I stopped smokin'. I stopped drinkin'. I stopped fornicatin'. I stopped committing adultery. Does that mean your life is repaired?

    2:11:02 Audience: <voices>

    2:11:03 LF: No, it is not. Only means you found a law that corrected some lawless behavior. But when the Messenger said we were other than ourself; the enemy made us into himself. So, we have to be resurrected from that. That's a process, isn't it?

    2:11:27 Audience: Yes, sir!

    2:11:28 LF: All right. Now, Brother Larry, come on up here. Front and center, quick thinkin', fast moving, cleanliness, in and out, right down ... to the modern times. The Messenger didn't like nobody that's slow movin'. You know, he liked us to move, you know, and ... When you get my age, though, you kinda slow down a little bit.

    Now, Brother Larry <clears his throat> and some of the teachers are studying the educational technology, right?

    2:12:01 Larry: Yes, sir.

    2:12:02 LF: Could you tell us what you found? Or did you find anything?

    2:12:06 Larry: Yes, sir.

    2:12:06 LF: You did?

    2:12:07 Larry: A lot.

    2:12:08 LF: You found a lot? Tell us somethin' of what you found!

    2:12:11 Larry: Al Salaam Alaikum.

    2:12:12 Audience: <greeting>

    2:12:15 Larry: Uh ... Well I ... You know, I tell you ... The minister said ... You know ... A lot of us have been to college and have a bachelor's degree, master's, doctorate in education. And I told them in Saint Louis, where we were trainin' the study technology, that, in three weeks of training, the study technology gave us what we had really been lookin' for that could be used to help people learn anything that they want to learn. And understandin' the misunderstood word, lack of mass, the too-steep a gradient, and the three barriers to learning. And I discovered that the example that we see in the Minister and the ability to focus on anything, and learn and master anything, can now be done when we learn and master the study technology. So, we're excited about implementing that, first with the children, ... well, first with ourselves, the educators, and we've already started training the children.

    2:13:27 LF: Now, ... Oh.

    2:13:28 Audience: <applause>

    2:13:30 Larry: No.

    2:13:30 Audience: <applause>

    2:13:33 LF: I said, uh, my dear sister, Shelby, is here. Would you stand, Sister Shelby? Let's give her a hand.

    2:13:40 Audience: <applause>

    2:13:42 LF: We wouldn't have a university if it were not for Sister Shelby Muhammad.

    2:13:46 Audience: <applause>

    2:13:49 LF: Now, ...

    2:13:49 Audience: <applause>

    2:13:54 LF: I sent Sister Shelby to Japan. Is that right?

    2:14:00 Shelby Muhammad: Right.

    2:14:00 LF: Did you go to Japan? <inaudible> You went <inaudible> Sorry <inaudible> Yes, you went to study the educational system, right? <inaudible> Did I send you there for that purpose? <inaudible> Oh. <inaudible> Yes.

    Well, if we had it all, why would I send her to Japan to study what the Japanese were doing? Because we were looking at their educational product!

    Did you go to Cuba? <inaudible> Did I send you to Cuba? <inaudible> Why you think I sent her to Cuba? We go anywhere in the world to find what is good for us and bring it home and use it for the advancement of ourselves and our people.

    2:15:02 Audience: <applause>

    2:15:10 LF: Thank you, Brother Larry. <coughs> Excuse me.

    Administration technology. Now, we need that. We need it at home. We need to know how better to manage our finances, manage ourselves, manage our children, manage our mosques, our schools, our businesses. That's a technology that they have a good grip on, and I thought we should have that. Last ... organizational technology. Do we need that?

    2:16:11 Audience: Yes, sir!

    2:16:12 LF: Now, we got the wisdom over here, but something was missing. Put up the FOI MGT valuable final product.

    See? These two are really the final product of the working of the tree of Islam. And when we have that valuable final product, we have something to offer the entire world.

    I don't go there for religion. I'm not going there for Supreme Wisdom. We have that. But wisdom is only known if you can apply it to get results. That's all I'm saying.

    So, in closing this out: two more things I want to mention.

    One is ... I don't believe that everybody in the Nation needs to go learn all these studies. I believe we should take from every region, brothers and sisters, and put up the money for them to go and learn the courses. Their duty is to bring it back and teach it to the entire body, so that the knowledge is not kept with a few. It's spread by the few to the many. In that way, we save the personal money of the believer, and we pick the people that we feel will apply themselves, bring the study back, and teach it to the women and men who belong to Islam in North America.

    Now, I wanna close.

    2:18:51 A voice: Thank you, Minister.

    2:18:53 LF: You know, among us, there have always been hypocrites.

    2:19:06 Audience: Yes, sir. That's right.

    2:19:14 The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said ... I want to quote it, because Brother Jabril, in the new edition of "The Final Call", has a beautiful article and he said that the Messenger said, "One hypocrite is worse than one hundred disbelievers." So, if you have fifteen or twenty or more such folks, you have total madness and chaos.

    At the farm, we planted beans this year, and when I looked, there were more weeds than beans. Brother Dr. Ridgely came up and brought a cultivator and went through the rows, cutting some of the weeds, but the weeds were right there with the beans. So, if he started cuttin' them, he woulda cut the beans. So, usually, what they use is a pesticide. But we decided to use human hands. And we called some of our Latino brothers, and they went through that field with their hands and they plucked up those weeds by the root. And, whereas just a few days ago, we couldn't even see the beans for the weeds, now, we see the beans and, with just a little rainfall, they'll just jump up.

    Hypocrites are like weeds. See? Wait. See, weeds, when they grow, they take the water away from the plant that needs nourishment, and the weed sucks up and grows and grows and grows. After a while, it chokes out the thing you trying to grow, because it doesn't get enough water.

    And that's the way it is in the mosque. When you have a lot of hypocrites, you know. They suck up the oxygen, in the mosque, and you find yourself in the mosque doing this ... ALL PRAISE DUE TO ALLAH!

    2:22:39 Audience: <laughter, applause, voices>

    2:22:48 LF: I mean, you didn't want your neighbor to know that you were sleepin' through the lecture, so you just woke up and shouted that ... let 'em know you were still in the ... land of the living, but you were asleep.

    See, hypocrisy sucks up the life water and the believer in that atmosphere cannot flourish, like that bean plant could not flourish, because the weeds were choking it out.

    Now, there's a lot of negative talk out there about L. Ron Hubbard. ... Uh? I haven't read all the negative books about him. I don't really care, to be very honest. 'cause, as you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, you really can tell a man by his works. L. Ron Hubbard has written thousands upon thousands up thousands of words. The believers just got a little. And I saw their spirit, their faith, activated. You say, <changing voice> "Well, hell man, if they was comin' to the mosque, they could be activated." It depends on who's teaching.

    Some hypocrites have become captains, Sister and Brother. Some are secretaries. How could that be? Well, the Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a man sowing seeds. Good seeds. But while men slept, an enemy crept in and sowed tares in among the weeds.

    So, among us right now, <clears his throat> everybody is not a believer. Some of us are sent by the enemy. Some of us, unfortunately, have become the enemy. Some come to me with smiles and telling me how much they love me, and they greet me with a grieving wondering why Allah doesn't punish them, because they don't wish peace for me. They wish death for me.

    And so, I want to close tonight. Because, once I struck this blow with Satan, for every action, there's what?

    2:26:05 Audience: A reaction.

    2:26:10 LF: How are they gonna react? Did you know that, in Islam, some of them came to the Prophet, in the early part of his mission, and they waited until a certain time of chaos among the followers, and they all got up and left, to make it seem as though the Prophet was losing his grip on the believers. You know, the enemy is not just allowing us to grow without fighting that growth.

    So, there are people in here that are not really with us. So, the moment that they heard that Farrakhan hit Satan's Synagogue, and then was dealing with Scientology, which is Caucasian people ... See? "Ah! We got him now!" So, they start spreading rumors among the believers.

    Why does Muhammad make the devil study from thirty-five to fifty years before he can call himself a Muslim son and wear our holy universal flag of Islam?

    What Muhammad? Didn't say, "Why did Muhammad?" I said, "why does?" Are there devils that are studying? Where are they? Who are they?

    Do you remember the Messenger sitting me in this chair? During "The Theology of Time"? This is his throne. He never sat nobody else there. He called me up and sat me there. Is that in the scriptures? This is how David anointed Solomon ... in front of the whole congregation. He had sons, they were all vying for the spot, but he chose Solomon, and called him out and sat him on the throne. Right?

    Solomon was wise. They brought him two women and one baby. And both of them were claiming the baby. Solomon said, "Well, let's cut the baby in half. And this mother you take half, and this one take half." The false mother didn't care. <changing voice> "Yeah, cut the baby in half. I'll take half." But the real mother, knowing that she had labored to produce that baby, did not want to see the baby cut in half, and she offered the baby to the false mother.

    Did you know that Elijah Muhammad had me, before the believers and the world, for nearly seven years, as his national representative? At a time when the Imam was out in the world? Come on! Come on!

    2:30:12 Audience: Yes, sir!

    2:30:22 LF: Did you know that I would never fight the Imam for you and cause bloodshed? Do you know that some silly people who said they followed me said, "It's our mosque. We paid for it. Let's go down there and kick their butt and take our mosque!" I said, "You would kill believers over stone and mortar?" I said, "No, brother. I'll offer him a contract."

    And did you know that the Imam told us that we could buy this building for one million two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars, and I didn't have a dollar? But I signed the contract. Four months later, we gave them one million two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars and walked into this house.

    2:31:40 Audience: <applause>

    2:31:46 LF: The life of Muslims is precious. I would not shed one believer's blood.

    You should go back and read the accord that I wrote with the Imam. He didn't sign it, but I did. And you'll find that in the Qur'an. I never was gonna fight my brother. That's my father's son. You may hate him, because you feel he destroyed the Nation. How could he! Unless it pleased Allah.

    So, there's somethin' you need to understand. This is not my subject tonight. I just wanted to close by lettin' you know that the hypocrites now feel they may have an inside track now to destroy the Nation from within!

    Because, if somebody said, "I ain't fallin' for it!" What are you saying about me? You are smarter than I. I fell for it, but you won't.

    So, you're not followin' me. You're not with me. So, this is the parting of the ways between me and you.

    Now, you can repent, but I'm telling you, we're not going to tolerate nothin' like that.

    2:33:26 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:33:27 LF: Not inside this house!

    2:33:29 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:33:32 LF: So, if you don't like what I'm sayin' and where I'm tellin' you to go, then you get your behind up and get the hell on outta here! Because, if you start some crap up in here, ...

    2:33:44 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:33:48 LF: ... you will not find the believers so patient with you!

    2:33:52 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:33:54 LF: We've taken too damn much to bow down now!

    2:33:58 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:34:16 LF: So, don't think because I offer you amnesty that I need you!

    2:34:20 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:34:26 LF: I have exactly what I need!

    2:34:27 Audience: <voices>

    2:34:33 LF: And, with Allah, we all are self-sufficient. I offered us amnesty because we been messed up in leadership, and a lotta people got hurt, not because the ministers, captains, and secretaries didn't want to just hurt people, but some of 'em deliberately hurt people. Some of them are hypocrites that got into leadership! So, TODAY, we're drivin' every damn hypocrite OUT OF THE NATION OF ISLAM! Goddamnit! And if I only have ten ...

    2:35:12 Audience <applause and voices>

    2:35:25 LF: ... you don't know that side of me!

    2:35:27 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:35:38 LF: So, lemme read somethin' about hypocrites.

    2:35:40 Audience: <voices>

    2:35:42 LF: And you little weak ministers, lemme tell you.

    2:35:44 Audience: <voices>

    2:35:49 LF: You better follow what you see me doin'.

    2:35:51 Audience: <voices>

    2:35:58 LF: If you can't go with me this ... this mile, I thank you for all that you've done. But you suckin' the life out of the real believers, and it's better that we cut off a dead limb from a live tree.

    2:36:20 Audience: <voices>

    2:36:23 LF: The Qur'an, Chapter 58, Verse 7, Section 2. Secret counsels condemned.

    "Seest thou not that Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth? There is no secret counsel between, three but He is the fourth of them, nor between five but He is the sixth of them, nor between less than that nor more but He is with them wheresoever they are; then He will inform them of what they did on the day of Resurrection. Surely Allah is Knower of all things."

    Why should I fear what you plan?

    2:37:13 Audience: <voices>

    2:37:16 LF: Why should I be intimidated?

    2:37:19 Audience: <voices>

    2:37:21 LF: Because some want me dead. Ooh, that's a horrible thing. That you would want a brother ... dead. Well, what do you think Allah is thinking about you?

    2:37:38 Audience: <voices>

    2:37:41 LF: And I guarantee you ... you'll die before me.

    2:37:45 Audience: <voices>

    2:37:47 LF: Try it and see.

    2:37:48 Audience: <voices and applause>

    2:37:48 LF: NO.

    2:37:53 Audience: <voices and applause>

    2:37:54 LF: I will not die until Allah pleases.

    2:37:57 Audience: <voices and applause>

    2:37:58 LF: And when He pleases, then it pleases me.

    2:38:02 Audience: <voices and applause>

    2:38:03 LF: But for YOU to want to take MY LIFE for guiding you to Him, ... that's terrible. It's really bad.

    "Seest thou not those who are forbidden secret counsels, then they return to that which they are forbidden, and hold secret counsels for sin and revolt and disobedience to the Messenger. And when they come to thee they greet thee with a greeting with which Allah greets thee not, and say within themselves: Why does not Allah punish us for what we say? Hell is enough for them; they will burn in it, and evil is the resort!

    "O you who believe, when you confer together in private, give not to each other counsel of sin and revolt and disobedience to the Messenger, but give to each other counsel of goodness and observance of duty. And keep your duty to Allah, to Whom you will be gathered together.

    "Secret counsels are only of the devil that he may cause to grieve those who believe, and he can hurt them naught except with Allah's permission. And on Allah let the believers rely."

    I hope that the words of counsel and guidance that He has laid on my heart to share with you, even though, in truth, I was not feeling well at all today, but He always seems to give me strength, when it comes to delivering his word.

    2:40:19 Audience: <applause>

    2:40:29 LF: I ... would like to come out, a few Sundays from now, and talk on the children of Israel, and what the steps are that the enemy is gonna make against the Nation, and how Allah will bring him to disgrace and ruin. You are on a right course from your Lord.

    2:41:04 Audience: <voices>

    2:41:06 LF: And those who stay on that right course, you will be successful.

    Thank you for listening.

    2:41:16 Audience: Thank you, sir!

    2:41:17 LF: May Allah bless you ...

    2:41:18 Audience: <applause>

    2:41:19 LF: ... as I greet you in peace.

    2:41:21 Audience: <applause>

    2:41:23 LF: Al Salaam Alaikum!

    2:41:24 Audience: <applause and voices>

    2:41:30 Minister: Allahu akbar!

    2:41:32 Audience: Allahu akbar!

    2:41:33 Minister: Allahu akbar!

    2:41:34 Audience: Allahu akbar!

    2:41:36 Minister: Allahu akbar!

    2:41:37 Audience: Allahu akbar!

    2:41:38 Minister: All praise is due to Allah for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Let's put our hands together

    <end of recording>
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  2. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Thanks very much for all that. I read most of it. There's a chunk duplicated in the middle you might want to edit out.

    It needs a TL;DR version, of course. :)

    I'm not going to quote all the relevant bits, but here are a few:

    LF is Louis Farrakhan, the big cheese. So this isn't some idle commentary by a non-principal. He just said that NOI pc's shouldn't tell any of their withholds to an auditor! Maybe he said that because he has some juicy withholds of his own that he doesn't want to give up. Or maybe he (rightfully) figures that the auditors concerned would be in no way ethical enough to be trusted with others' withholds, and could well use such for blackmail, and so forth.

    Heh. That will go down real well with any CofS tech people trying to do some semblance of standard tech with these guys.

    If they have any trouble with conflicting information, which they surely will, they can always use my PaulsRobot False Data Stripping module. :)

    Again, the CofS standard tech guys will go nuts over this little instruction from the NOI to their flock.


    This point is very sensible:


    And one more [my emphasis] . . .

  3. Krautfag

    Krautfag Patron Meritorious

    I didn't have the time to read it thoroughy, but some bits and pieces in it really look like the train is slowly but surely starting towards the wreckage :)

    "white folks in control", "not our teachings", "we don't want you to lose your job"

  4. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I'm thinking that David Miscavige will bend the rules as needed (including any policy and tech issues) to keep the money flowing from long as is possible.
  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    PREDICTION: NOI will have to be isolated from the "General Population" of Scientology inmates because at the first course muster to tell wins, it is not going to go well.

    Scientologists will dutifully perform their script, saying all praise is due to Ron as they stand to look at his picture and applaud.

    NOI will dutifully perform their script, saying all praise is due to Allah.

    Scientologists and Black Muslims will then get in 2Way-Com and attempt to align their misalignments by agreeing to Fair Game each other. There will not be wins.

    This is a Venusian trainwreck unfolding in slow motion.

    I suggest to avoid it, they reach a compromise, as follows:

  6. omnom

    omnom Patron with Honors

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
    I'm not sure which group I feel more sorry for.

    Thanks for posting the transcript.
  7. The Clam

    The Clam Patron with Honors

    Maybe Farrakhan will have his flock do the sales course so that they can sell more bean pie.
  8. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Louis gets Ron and Dave and Les Dane.....

    (pitching customer on street corner)
    We're not playing some minor game with these bean
    pies. It isn't cute or something to do for lack of something better.
    The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child
    on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on
    what you do here and now with this bean pie. This is a deadly serious activity. And
    if we miss getting out these bean pies now, we may never again have another chance.
    And while you're at it, how much are you going to donate to the new Ideal Bean Pie Factory?
  9. AnonKat

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    ITS THE BIG WHEEL ! The mothership
  10. omnom

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  11. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    When CoS asks Nation of Islam Parishioners about the kind of causative vehicle they want for their new NOI Volunteer Minister program, here is the final design, based on the go-buttons from the survey...

  12. TG1

    TG1 Angelic Poster

    I don't know what to say.

    It's all so confusing.
  13. mnql1

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  14. shader

    shader Patron with Honors

    Actually this makes more sense now. The plan is to train a few then have them co-audit from within the NOI. However I doubt CofS is happy for them to spend some money then be on their way... they'll want to find a way to keep the money flowing.

    It's interesting that Farrakhan is being openly challenged about this decision (to the point of death threats?), and is falling back on his authority as Elijah Muhammad's appointed sucessor - which he actually isn't.

    Elijah Muhammad' appointed successor was his son, Warith Deen Muhammad, who converted the NOI into the mainstream Sunni Muslim "American Society of Muslims" starting late 70s IIRC.

    Farrakhan then reformed the NOI under the old, separatist, totally-not-OK-according-to-mainstream-Islam rules in 1981 or so. I think his claim to authentic succession was based on a dream involving the mother wheel.... anyone know more?

    So this has the potential to split the NOI by discrediting Farrakhan.
  15. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    More from the transcript:
    Yes, it is clear Minister Farrakhan does not want NOI members confession their sins to Church of Scientology auditors.