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When the theta dust settles...What is Next after GATII and Super Power?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Knows, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    A new e-meter, re-doing the Bridge with GAT II and Super Power...with a bunch of broke members...what can Slappy possible pull out of his John Lobb shoes to Keep Scientology Working? Any guesses or is the end for real? There will be a few months of "OMG - I now know who I am, I can make parking spaces appear and stop hurricanes, I have changed the color of my eyes and hair (contact lenses and dye)...I am so blown away ... yada yada yada"...What can $lappy repackage and $ell now?
  2. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    A new Bridge to target 2 'cause this one will be CLEARED hip hip..:omg:
  3. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Well now that he has brought the BTB';s back, he definitely has the opportunity to cancel them again! And a whole new round of GAG III!!!!
  4. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    It's about time to redo the grade chart. Then there'll be correcting tech degrades, quickie grades that some SP caused.

    Presumably there is no facility for new research, no possibility of new levels without finding LRH in his new body. That'll have to happen or the abused ones will at some point walk, or they'll have to send OT8s on to target 2.
  5. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron

    All OT's will be told that due to the rampant misuse of commas in the OT material, there are no OT's and they must now redo all their training.

    All true believer OTs will heave a very secret sigh of relief. They no longer have to worry why they can't find parking. It makes perfect sense. It is not THEM it was the bloody commas all along! They apply for a new credit card.
  6. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    A new acronym: SC - Suppressive Comma's! :hattip:
  7. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    Don't be giving them ideas :biggrin:

    "The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season has come to a close. Let's look back at the season by the numbers.

    Hurricane Season by the Numbers: 1968

    The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season ended with something that hasn't happened in 45 years.

    No hurricanes were rated Category 2 or greater in the Atlantic, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, the first year without a Category 2 or stronger hurricane in the Atlantic basin since 1968.

    The season's lone two hurricanes, Humberto and Ingrid, only reached Category 1 strength."
  8. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Anyone else a Pratchett fan out there? Ever read "The Fifth Elephant"? I read "BTBs" as "BCBs" and get hungry.
  9. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    In the 1990s, the Key To Life and Life Orientation Course (KTL/LOC) were supposed to be the handling for Planetary Clearing. Since they seemed to have bombed spectacularly maybe someone messed around with the punctuation!

    If I remember correctly, these courses were supposed to produce super literacy, or something like that. So if they bring out a new super-improved version of these courses everyone will have to re-study everything they've ever studied in Scientology - and pay for it all again.:yes:
  10. Student of Trinity

    Student of Trinity Silver Meritorious Patron

    The previous set of perfectly restored Hubbard materials really were perfectly clear. It's just that they were only free of transcription errors on the First Dynamic.
  11. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    Prediction: COB will "discover" that someone put "arbitraries" on the Grade Chart (Basics, Gat I, Gat II, Ideal Orgs, IAS statuses, Library Donations, et al) and hold a huge mandatory international event to announce: "ARBITRARIES CANCELED!!!"

    Scientologists will momentarily question to themselves who "someone" is.

    Then they will see a wildly uptrending graph on the jumbotron and stand and cheer.

    Then they will sit back down, F/Ning, and feel good about the fact that their Q&A has blown.
  12. aegerprimo

    aegerprimo Summa Cum Laude

    Hopefully it will never really get that far, but it is fun to imagine and laugh at the silliness of it. :biggrin:
  13. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader

    This is page 8 of the Super Power Briefing Packet (2000)

  14. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Think of all the excuses the Dwarf's successor can make. He did this, he did that, so now you have to redo everything since 1982 the, er, original way!

  15. TG1

    TG1 Angelic Poster

  16. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    After I read the reports on GAT II and Superpower, I thought the same thing.

    What else has DM got in his locker?

    The SP building was in progress for 14 years and was a good money-maker. I’m sure he only pushed it through because of all the questions that were being asked and the Luis Garcia lawsuit (while it was not finished, the fraud was glaringly obvious). And the fines from Clearwater city council, of course.

    GAT I seemed to work, at least as far as selling repackaged courses to the same old people. So, I guess he figured it was a ‘successful action’ and decided to run the same scam again.

    But now, what does he have left? Pretty soon all those who can afford it will do Superpower and realise that actually it doesn’t give them SuperPowerz and really it was just like pretty much every other auditing they have received already (according to leaked details). A lot of the old-timers will already be thinking ‘WTF?’ when the reality of GAT II sinks in. Buy another 2 Emeters?! That is going to be too much for even some of the most hardened Flavor Aid drinkers (look it up!).

    The books have all been re-done (several times), so no mileage there. Most of the important lectures have been made available and besides most diehards haven’t got enough storage space to keep all the stuff they already have, let alone buy more materials that they don’t have time to listen to / read.

    So what is left?

    "Give all your money to us so we can buy some big shiny buildings", has gotten old already, how much longer will it work especially when anyone with half a brain can see that it hasn’t done the orgs that went ‘Ideal’ much good?

    There are a lot (well not really in absolute terms, but relative to the total numbers left in the cult) who have got to the top of the Bridge and want to do some ‘real’ OT levels (OK, so there aren’t any real OT levels, but they apparently don’t know that yet).

    According to Rathbun (who was there), OT IX and X don’t exist. All they have are several filing cabinets full of Hubbard’s ramblings and incoherent ‘results’ from his self-experimentation. The last OT level (New OT VIII) was released back in 1988 – 25 years ago. Many have had to do this level at least twice. How much longer will they wait?

    So, what else can Miscavige offer?

    I’m sure he will come up with something, but I’m struggling to see what it might be.


    Maybe I need to start thinking like a cult leader?

    Money and Power. Money and Power. Money and Power…

  17. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    Yes I've believed over the past year that the number of true blue active Scilons in the cult was well under ten thousand. Now I'm more sure of that than ever.

    Hey Krustie......You belong to an incredibly shrinking cult.....heifer.
  18. Anonycat

    Anonycat Crusader

    Here's something else I just read in the 2000 Super Power Briefing:


    ... so when you get scammed with an e-meter or a donation, you'll feel bad. Makes plain sense to me. The mere process of being involved is damaging.
  19. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Remarkable document to reveal that:

    "In 1978 LRH had auditors brought in from all over to train on Super Power and this was the advent of the New World Corps."

    Ron found that auditors TRs and metering was "lacking".


    Wait a moment. . . Ron had from 1950 to 1978 to "standardly" train auditors on their TRs and metering.

    He claimed all deficiencies were cured in the 1960s with Study Tech. Cured! Part of that cure was to overboard flubbing auditors when the study tech didn't work. LOL

    Then in the 1970s he discovered the more study tech with Method One and another 7-10 varieties of Word Clearing. Cured!

    Then he discovered auditor TRs were out and he invented "Hard TRs" and "Professional TRs". Cured!

    Then he discovered the Primary Rundown and "Superliteracy". Cured!

    Then in the late 70s he discovered the Key To Life tech to solve it all again. Cured!

    Then he found another why (drugs) that people couldn't study and invented the Purification Rundown. Cured!

    Then he found many more "whys" and created Study Correction Rundowns and Correction Lists. Cured!

    Then he discovered Study Debug Rundowns. Cured!​

    Twenty-Eight Years Ron had TRs and Metering cured. And let's not forget that Flag was the "Mecca Of Technical Perfection"--but in 1978 he apparently discovered that auditors still could not do TRs and Metering properly.

    Thus, in 1978 Ron cured it all again.

    Now, here we are in 2013, 35 years later, and COB has cured the same problem many more times. Think "Basics" and "Gat I" and "Gat II".

    Virtually every single one of the auditors that Ron and COB "cured" has blown Scientology.

    What remains in 2013 as the product of all this why finding is COB imprisoning and beating people. And Scientologists face-ripping each other. And secret declares. And the RPF and RPF's RPF. The Class XIIs are banished. The SHSBC, Class VIII course and internships are a ghost and virtually no one does them.

    Scientology is all bluster and hyperbolic claims and TRs are a myth. How do we know this? Because when something goes wrong, there are no TRs in sight and it all boils down to COB sending a message: YSCOHB.

    The only real use of TRs in Scientology is TR-0, wherein Scientologists are able to "comfortably confront" and "do nothing" about all the fraud and abuse being visited upon them by Scientology's spiritual leaders.
  20. Dave B.

    Dave B. Maximus Ultimus Mostimus

    You know the drill. Ron finds OTHERS mistakes, then HE fixes it. Cuz he be the boss, SOURCE. After Soopah Poowah flops a new imaginary "reason" will be found and a new "answer" from the dwarf, (mini source) will be provided to the remaining clams, at a high co$t of course.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013