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Women: How'd your hormones/adrenals fare while in $cn?

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Wisened One, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. Pixie

    Pixie Crusader

    No I get that, forty years 'in' is forty years in the mindset but it's still a long time!! So don't underestimate your strength !!
  2. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Hey WO, Nice Posts. This Might Help (Both Boys & Girls)

    Nice, valuable subject to post on WO!

    Here's some data that should help any who are interested among we more mature types:eyeroll:

    You are correct DHEA is important to supplement as you get older.
    12-15 years ago when I first learned about it, I started on 5mg daily. After about 8 years, when I found my energy level and metabolic efficiency declining again, I raised my dose to 10mg. Then I found a genius of an MD who did the correct blood tests, and we determined I should up the level of dose again to 25mg daily . . . this has worked fine for the last five years.

    The key to it is that DHEA is the "mother of all hormones" that is the basis of our estrogen and testosterone etc.

    My sweetie, Virginia, who turned 51 last week goes to the same genius MD and she too is on DHEA but also we have her on a herbal supplement called "Estro-DIM" it helps her metabolize excess estrogen:yes: which for a lady doing the peri-pre-menopause thing has eased her passage.

    I take Estro-DIM also in order to reduce estrogen levels in my system. Result is a healthier prostate, less flab, and because I also take a herb called tribulus, I have raised my testosterone level to near double the level it had fallen to (I'm on into my seventies). Result is increased muscle mass, and a fitter, much fitter body.

    That's the basics of the hormone thing . . . but the situation you cited about the stress and conflictive nature of being on staff under the constant threats practiced there also has an effect on hormones . . . . stress, pain, conflict and such causes the hormone cortisol to be released into the system; and that causes all kinds of strife to occur in the system, including "adrenal fatigue" etc.

    But apart from the above, and what is in your post, an equally, perhaps more important datum concerns the "essential fatty acids." And more importantly, for mature, getting on in years folks, the activated essential fatty acids.

    Reason for this is that it is from these "lipids" (technical name for oils and fats) that the body makes 170 hormone-like biochemicals called prostaglandins. And it is these prostaglandins that monitor all of the systems in the body. They trigger the release of hormones, cause and allow them to be utilized, monitor hunger and nutritional levels, and are vital as part of the immune responses of the body (actually recommended in the med lit for the "prevention and/or cure of AIDs)

    Prostaglandins operate at the level of each cell in the body, indeed they are what line the stomach and shield it against stomach acid (hence when aspirin and the like are taken, you destroy the stomach lining . . . it is to be noted that aspirin and like are COX inhibitors, which enzyme (COX) is critical for the metabolizing of essential fatty acids down into prostaglandins.

    Advanced and rather cutting edge science is demonstrating that most of the degenerative diseases of modern civilization is a consequence of the deficiency of the required essential fatty acids in the modern refined food diet.

    So what are these little wonders? Flax seed (linseed to Europeans and Ozzies) is one of the very best sources, and in a good ratio.

    The two critical lipids in flax are: linoleic acid (classed as omega 6) and alpha-linolenic acid (classed as omega 3).

    The body, when you are young can make all the prostaglandins it needs from these two lipids . . . but as you get older, the enzymes required for making the conversions decline to the point that by age 60, your level of D6D (shorthand for the long name of an enzyme) is reduced to about 30% of what it was at your peak at about 30.

    This reduced level of enzyme production with age has the consequence of reduced ability to make the conversion of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) cited above down through the steps to prostaglandins production.

    The way to handle this is to supplement your diet with already activated EFAs. For omega 3, take salmon oil. For omega 6, take borage seed oil. The two critical lipids you are after here are EPA (omega 3) and GLA (omega 6) . . . now the body can do its thing as it needs to.

    These two activated EFAs are so powerful in the system that research I was a party to demonstrated in already world class marathon runners we could increase their cardiovascular system efficiency by 18%. NFL and College football players not only showed increased endurance, but greater increases in strength using these two activated EFAs.

    Indeed, omega 6 lipids are vital for the production of collagen. And it is to be noted that these lipids form an integral and important part of all body cell structures. Most folk do not know the construct of the body is 30+% lipids, the brain 50% lipids ('tis why the brain does not burn fats for energy).

    Best source of info for the lay man are the books by Dr. Barry Sears: "The Zone Diet" and "Mastering the Zone" (the latter version). Barry did the actual research on the athletes circa 1986-90. He is one of the world's leading lipid scientists, and formerly on faculty at Boston College.

  3. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    OK, More

    The link below, might be more important for the girls than for the boys:)

    This fellow, Dr. Don Miller, is a fellow I've been in correspondence for a while. He is a genius on the issue of nutrition, and heads up an endeavor on the US west coast called "the Iodine Project."

    Bottom line . . . we in the US get something like one-fortieth to an eightieth the level of iodine in our diet than the Japanese.

    What these guys are finding is that female fibroids and some particularly feminine cancers can be a) prevented and b) successfully treated by use of iodine!!!

    I've personally used a compound called "Lugols Solution" for years. Dr. Miller tells me he takes two drops daily of it . . . I must admit I am not that vigorous:no: Lugols is a mix of potassium-iodide and pure iodine in distilled water. (the iodide form emulsifies the pure iodine into the water as iodine is normally hydrophobic.)

    For everyone, iodine is essential as a preventative for sludge (read plaque and cholesterol deposits) build up in the system . . . iodine is the ace for cleaning up gone wrong fats.

    Here's the link:

    Also for you folks mentioning mercury and heavy metal toxicity, coincidentally, I posted on that earlier today on Carmel's "
    If ya live life, it sure as hell will be a roller coaster ride!" thread.

    The facts on dental amalgam fillings . . . amalgam is a mixture of powdered metals chemically bonded by the highly reactive mercury (it's an actual chemical reaction bonding). Problem with these fillings is that the mix of metals when put into an electrolytic solution like saliva is that, you set up the chemical reaction known as electrolysis (it's why you can get little electric shocks in the mouth when you first introduce new metal/different metal into the mouth). This electrolysis breaks down the metal compound over time, and the mercury leaches into your system.

    This is serious shit. The Swedish Government, being more honest than our dunces, outlawed the use of dental amalgam in 1989, and apologized to their people for the damage done. I've read the science lit on this, and I can tell you that by test, if you remove all the amalgam from an individual's mouth, their "T cells" (part of the immune response of the body) count can double. Put just one amalgam filling back in, and the T cell count can be cut in half.

    Fact is known that mercury poisons the thymus gland where the T cells are produced :omg:

    So, cleaning that stuff out . . . and all heavy metal contamination . . . is a smart move:yes: (read my other post)

  4. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hey thanks for reviving my Thread on this, Rog! :hifive:

    Yep, taking the DHEA spray (Biosom) 5 to 10 mg (1-2 sprays) at bedtime for about a year SAVED my sleep, my sanity, my adrenals and energy levels!

    FYI: Men need higher doses of DHEA than women. Women should never really take more than 10-15 mg tops, or they can start to see facial hair, etc..

    NOW I take one Krill Oil capsule (by MegaRed, Muuuuch stronger than most other Fish Oils, and ya only need one small capsule!). Along with Lithium Orotate (a calming mineral to the neurotransmitters and hormone levels in general).

    And I also take 4 BioPlasma by Hyland (it's all 12 cell-salts) pills along with the Krill and the LO each morning and I'm good to go!

    Then I take Emergen-C Immune Boost or Multi-Vitamin brands during the day.

    I still take Progesterone Cream heavier bedtime doses 10 days before the cycle begins, none or very little (if needed to sleep) during cycle, then start up small doses about a day or two after cycle ends till the 10 day before mark where heavier doses begins.

    Sleep every single night, now!! ALL the time! Thank GOD!

    No longer need the DHEA spray.

    Still use the Melatonin Plus (by Schiff) half a pill dissolved under the tongue.

    Love the info about the importance of Iodine!

    I simply use Iodized Salt once a day and it makes a difference for me.
  5. apple

    apple Patron Meritorious


    Fact is known that mercury poisons the thymus gland where the T cells are produced :omg:

    So, cleaning that stuff out . . . and all heavy metal contamination . . . is a smart move:yes:

  6. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    WO and Rog, thanks for the data, good ta have.

    In this household we've had the 'oxygen', the colloidal silver, the flaxseed oil etc. etc, etc at hand, but I can only handle it if it's simple - if and when the administering of it gets too particular, then I can't be bothered and tend to not do it. :nervous:

    Re the amalgum's - whenever I went to a new dentist in Australia (I went to heaps, trying to find one I liked), I was so shit scared I'd say nothing (so they couldn't hear my accent), but as soon as they looked in my mouth, one for one, they'd say "I gather you are from NZ" (or something like that). For whatever reason, we had these bloody nurses in NZ in the '60's coming around to the primary schools, filling our teeth with amalgums, every six months. Except for my front four teeth on top and bottom, every bloody tooth was full of amalgums, and 95% of other kiwis (who were roughly my age), had the same.

    I finally found a dentist I liked, and in the early 90's, I got rid of the bloody amalgams - four five hour stints (locked jaw and all), cause I would never have been able to endure it going on and on, and too many times sitting in the waiting area of the dental surgery.

    After I talked Gerry my dentist into four five hour appointments (I had to sell him on the idea, 'cause he didn't think I could handle it), I had an appointment a week, for four weeks. I felt quite "ill" over that whole month. I was nauseous, headachey, bloody tired, and walking around like a zombie the whole time it seemed. I made some big mistakes that I wouldn't normally make over that month, and I didn't really give much of a stuff about anything but my kids. I didn't really know what was going on. I wasn't happy about all that aneasthetic, and didn't know what effect that was having on me either. After the last appointment, I got some detox stuff from our homeopath and took that.

    I was feeling very good about a week after that, but then after feeling so ill for a month, I couldn't really compare it to how I felt before.

    About three months after that though, I noticed that in the previous three months, I had taken on a lot more activities, I wasn't so grumpy with the kids (like I was in the previous 12 months), and I was powering on with a lot more energy, despite the fact that there was a lot more shit going down in the org that I had to contend with (I was ED of Syd Day at the time, and the new folo management was a mind fuck).

    As I said, I can't say that getting my amalgams out made the change, but co-incident with getting my amalgam's out, I had a far healthier head space, and a shitload more energy. Glad I did it, and I believe it served me well to get rid of the bloody things! :)
  7. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire


    Read "It's All in Your Head" by Hal Huggins. There are several copies on eBay right now for $8-$15 each.

  8. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader



    Please realize that for as long as you have the amalgam fillings in your head you will be leaching mercury into your body. THAT is the bottom line.

    You have no hope in hell of detoxifying the mercury from the rest of the body without eliminating the amalgam fillings from your mouth.

  9. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    It Was the Right Thing to Do, WO.

    WO, Nice!

    It is an important thread that contains some very important and helpful data you introduced, and hence it was worthwhile to add to and re-open.

    Yes, you are correct above, the ladies need to be prudent with their use of DHEA . . . ideally, one should work with a doctor who understands this stuff and who will do the correct blood tests and advise wisely on the correct management of hormone ratios and levels.

    This is what Virginia and I have. The guy is a saint

    Also, you folks doing recoveries, or who are on in years can benefit immensely from taking SAM-e (it is a molecule of ATP [the final energy element in cellular metabolism] and a sulphur based amino acid)

    What I want to write about today is some other, rather important, and related data to what you began with on this thread.

    I might also post this across to the new thread opened up by Iknowtoomuch entitled: “How did your time on staff or in the SO effect your body now?”

    Stress in various forms, and in particular as experienced by Scn org staff since the advent of “conditions tech” and ethics abuses and idiot management practices in the church beginning in 1965, causes the body to secrete the hormone cortisol.

    When the stress, in the form of constant threats to your wellbeing, or abuses of poor nutrition, sleepless nights, being subjected to attacks on your emotional state by abusive seniors, et al (you know the catalogue of “pain”) is chronic and continuous for a long time, the continued secretion of cortisol is very corrosive to the body. As I mentioned yesterday, one outcome is adrenal exhaustion.

    Here’s the drill, and related info that can help you align the importance of this data, and what you can do about it.

    There is a genius of a doctor doing totally breakthrough research on the truths about and the behavior of our bodily cells to “stimuli.” And by bodily cells, we mean, each individual cell of the body reacting individually and independently, as well as the way they act over-all as the composite of the bodily structure.

    The guy is Dr. Bruce Lipton. Here’s his web link:

    Prepare for some delights when you go there . . .

    Here’s the bottom line.

    Lipton did some research into the nature of “life” at an individual cellular level.

    What he found is that each individual cell of the body reacts to what it (and it individually) perceives in the environment separate to itself. That is, it perceives what is outside of its internal structure. Lipton also demonstrates that the DNA in the cell doesn’t do much except form a basis for a pattern of construction.

    What he has further shown is that when a cell perceives a threat in the environment, it withdraws and it shuts down its regeneration and repair/growth processes and prepares for “fight or flight”. This of course is what a whole organism does when it perceives a threat or goes into fear of something. This latter is well known science. What is new is that it happens at an individual cellular level!!

    Conversely, when what the individual cell perceives is harmonious and nourishing to it, it expands towards the beneficial presence versus the withdrawal from threat as noted above. With harmonious and beneficial alignments and presence perceived by the cell, it goes into or continues its regeneration and growth actions.

    So, what we are looking at here is the issue of conscious reaction to environmental threat or other stimuli by each individual cell of the body.

    So, is it any wonder you sweet dears who battled on all those years on staff, suffering the constant abuses and threats that have so tragically become the church’s “normal operating basis”; that came out “worn out” and bodily wrecked?

    OK. What to do!

    Of course, one should do the correct processing action to undo and relieve oneself from the spiritual, mental record of the upset and abuse. That will remove the continuance of the image (or holographic impression) of the abuse from impinging on the bodily cells.

    Next you can run a “Cellular Process.” This will restore the harmonious alignment between you and your bodily cells, and body in general.

    Alan did devise such a R/D, process some years ago. He doesn’t like me giving out that kind of stuff on boards like this, so I won’t go looking in my archives for it, but the process you can run, is the one I mentioned I used in 1959 on the R3R(A) thread of DullOldFart’s. Here:

    “From where could you communicate to . . . . ?” And the item here could be “a cell”, then when EP’ed you could do it on, for example, “A bodily organization of cells.”

    And one of the items I did run in 1959 was “a Cell.” It was the second item run after I ran “A victim.”

    Please note that “communication” here is a two-way thing . . . . 1) you reaching to and causing upon, creating to, you emanating and; 2) you receiving from, experiencing, duplicating what is emanated to you.

    So to get really smart, you could alternate between those two flows by using the commands:
    “From where could you communicate to a cell?”
    “From where could a cell communicate to you?’

    And if you collide with another having affected your cells, use the terminal "another" instead of "you".

    You can also run any of those wonderful “old” pre-1961 processes like O/W. responsibility, even alternate confront.

    It’s a good way to fix up a body


  10. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    GREAT info, Roger, thanks, I'll look into Lipton, I have heard of him!

    I was also helped a few years ago to get my cells back in a healthier frequency by using this Machine called: 'The Vibe Machine'.

    It supposedly changes the frequency of every cell in your body back to it's healthy state/frequency, again.

    There are centers all over the world.

    This thing helped us so much, that we were gonna get one and help others (it also helps animals, btw). a search on it, if you sounds and looks sooooo hokey, but it's not. We felt effects immediately upon sitting in front of it. It did a world of difference for us, I even kept a journal on each session and what areas of my body it helped!
  11. apple

    apple Patron Meritorious

    The vib machine

    I was also helped a few years ago to get my cells back in a healthier frequency by using this Machine called: 'The Vibe Machine'.

    If this is the same machine that I used this last weekend at a fair. It is good. After being tired from a long day I stood on it for 10 minutes and was rejuvenated and relaxed I was limbered up and could easily go jogging. The only problem I had was I never drank any water after the session. This did not give the lymph system more ability to cleanse itself so I was nauseous and light headed for sometime after that. I am buying one for home use for sure.

    Thanks for the info on metal fillings and detox info. I stopped by to see my dentist today and asked about them being removed. I think I had an overzealous dentist that filled in non-existant cavities when I was younger.
  12. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Wow that's so cool, apple!

    It's this really strange UFO-looking thing that has these tubes around it and it 'sizzles' kinda loudly.

    You sit 3ft away from it for a maximum of 6 minutes for women and up to 8 minutes for men (working your way up in 30 second increments with each session you do).

    Was that the one?
  13. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron

    May I suggest something that will get everyone in this thread all riled up ?

    DROP ALL THE VITAMINS. You don't need them and I actually think the do more harm than good. (It's because they are synthetic and not as complex as the naturally occurring ones. For example, eating a carrot provides some 400 chemicals associated with vitamin A. Instead a vitamin A pill only gives you that one chemical)

    Eat well, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, some dairy and lean meats. Exercise, meet with friends and don't drink not much more than 5-7 drinks a week, preferably wine.

    And of course try hard to stop smoking.

    It's pretty much that simple.

    Edit: Before I get flamed too much, if a doctor has prescribed a vitamins because you had a deficiency, then by all means, follow the doctor's advice.
  14. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron

  15. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader


    Course you are correct, vitmains ARE synthetic, but there are such things as good quality, potent vitmins that can help deficiencies...

    And I actually agree with you: We should get our nutrients from eating better, even more Organic foods, yet not everyone does it (for whatever reason) and if they keep operating with deficiencies, taking some good quality herbs, amino acids, vitamins can be very hepful and better to do than NOT taking or doing or changing anything.

    We used to study Naturapathy and remember several Naturapathic Dr's also talking about the dangers and mis-use/over-use of synthetic drugs and vitamins. They are not wrong, it's just not always realistic (or people just plain don't do it) to eat perfectly or juice, or fast, or eat only Organics, etc...

    Moderation, wisdom and GRADUALLY improving one's eating habits, (especially if one changes to being Vegan or wants to do strong herbal cleanses, etc..) is the key with any supplemental program.
  16. AnonOrange

    AnonOrange Gold Meritorious Patron

    I have a problem with words like Naturopathy, Healing and even Organics !

    I assure you I am not trying to flame. That's what I have come to understand with a lot of reading and a pretty good grasp of such things.

    1) Naturopaths (generally) don't have anywhere near the education level that REAL doctors have. If you want to provide medical services, then study for approximately 8-9 years after high school, pass your exams and then you can call yourself a doctor. Even at that, remember that 50% of doctors are (exactly) below average !

    2) "Healing" is a word that unfortunately drives me nuts. I have a strong prejudice against it. For example today, April 01, I see this story about Jenny McCarthy and her attempts at curing her son from autism. "Now, she is releasing her fifth book — co-authored with autism specialist Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, titled Healing and Preventing Autism."

    The simple fact that the title includes the word HEALING tells me it's garbage. Also, I don't buy books that have the author listed as "John Doe, PhD". Generally books with PhD in the title are (usually) trash.

    Large teams of the best medical researchers in the world are trying to find the cause and the cure for autism. They have thus far failed, and I can assure you that an Ex Playboy model will surely fail.

    3) Organics. My sister and an ex girlfriend are both lab biochemists tasked to measure pesticide levels. It turns out that organic foods are not much different (imperceptibly so) from regular foods ! Because the most effective pesticides are banned from organics, they have to use lesser products, but use much more of it. (I've heard 7 times more). I think it's more important to eat fresh than to chase expensive organics from yuppy stores like Whole Foods Market.

    I also like to try a variety of rare fruits and vegetables. I believe (but I'm not sure) that this exposes me to a wider variety of natural vitamins.

    I have not taken vitamins of any kinds for 30 years (and had hardly any before that) I'm 52 and I look like my avatar.
  17. apple

    apple Patron Meritorious

    vib machine again????

  18. apple

    apple Patron Meritorious

    more on the vib machine

    I thought you were just pulling my leg about the machine. It does exist! There is one in my city. I have never seen anything like it before. No, the machine I mentioned was a platform one stands on and it vibrates, loosens the muscles, stimulates the lymph system and tones muscles and helps loose weight. Now I am curious about the Vibe machine.
  19. Adrenals

    Wisened One...thanks for a good subject line. Its good to help each other with this stuff. I am printing your info out now. I myself have been battling my adrenal burn. I was on staff for months at a time about 3 or 4 over 30 years but I was working long long hours with STATS to keep up and raising my kids, me and my hubby...all these many years. I worked for or with Scios all the time and so the " think" was alway present, the make wrong, judgement, wrong indications and wrong was very stressful just working for my scio OT bosses who were pretty mean alot of the time, loud yelling. It has taken me some years to get over that alone. Then just the ramifications of setting up our lives around trying to get up the bridge and helping the orgs, missions and the like..with time and a prioty instead of caring for our own families and our own future. I like to help people don't get me wrong, but this help was always the most non satisfying help, money doing to ????...ok I will shut up now.

    I have been doing alot of research to battle depression and I learned that I had adrenal burn out....So I do not have the handle on the vitimins I need yet, but I will try your recomends.

    I have had good success with the depression...sorry folks, its not engram removal that is helping me...its learning about the brain....and body (adrenal glands and system). Also we stay away from mind control people and cults, to be happy.

    I have learned alot from Dr. Ahem, his book "Change our brain, change your life", he is a Dr. with holistic approach primarily and he does also take brain scans. I don't think you need a scan, just reading his book is enlighteing. YOu can see him on You Tube also , search the name of his book I told you of. Wayne Dyer is a good person to watch and read...going to Unitarian church is really good, connecting with nice nice people who are not brainwashed, but who help the planet for real, and each other with compassion. Its really great.

    I google alot..and I looked up seritonin, depression and hormones, and thyroid, ( mine is shot and i am on meds for it) and I am sure adrenal burn out did my thyroid was my sad stressed Scio life. I guess other lives can do that to you too...but I was seeking early on ...for the good answers and did alot of study and sacrrfice in Scio to do the right stuff and it was a lie and wasted path.
    So a year or so later on this research...with many things I am doing I am doing so so so much better...feeling pretty happy actually, lately.
    You guys are part of the help. Thank You.
  20. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist