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Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's life story

Discussion in 'Scientology Celebrities' started by SanDiegoMember, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    A new request:

    I'm working very diligently on Yvonne's life during her time at CC. I have 2 great pictures of the original CC building. They are of the outside only. I was hoping that I might get some pictures showing activities inside of the building. Please spread the word.

    Howard Dickman
  2. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    Progress update on Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's on-line biography:

    It's been a while since I posted about her bio. The Sea Org chapter of Yvonne's bio, (7,876 words), is now at the editor. This chapter contains a lot of documentation of the early days of the Sea Org, starting with the Sea Project in August 1966.

    The Celebrity Centre chapter (5,632 words) is mostly written and awaiting some information from a few more sources.

    When this biography is finished it will be on a website, free for all to read. Stay tuned for further updates!

    Howard Dickman
  3. Valerim9

    Valerim9 Patron

    i knew Yvonne near the end of her life and am so looking forward to this bio. Thank you so much for tackling this project.
  4. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    News update:

    Just today a source sent me the OODs (Orders of the day) from the OTL LA starting with # 7 dated May 12, 1969 to #29 dated July 9, 1969. I also received CC first OOD, dated July 11, 1969. I just spent the last 2 hours pouring over these documents for inclusion in Yvonne's bio.

    Here are the salient points;

    1. When others write something about CC the spelling of Center is in the American version. When Yvonne writes something in the OOD's she spells it Centre. To me, this is just one more piece of proof that Yvonne named CC and not LRH.

    2. OOD #24 July 4, 1969 notes that Yvonne and CC have moved to a new home. The document which tells about CC's move mentions July 11th as to when they acquired the lease at 8th street. The OOD's properly document the real date.

    3. Finally (I saved the best for last), CC's first OOD gives us the date, the time and agenda of the dedication! Peter Gillham is on the agenda the day before and after the dedication. Even though they were separated, he was there supporting Yvonne, one hell of a man!

    Based on this new information I will now have to rewrite portions of Yvonne's CC days. Her Sea Org chapter is now finished, which leaves her CC chapter, her PR Org chapter and then her final days. I've worked on this project for nearly a year now and am close to going live with it. I'm glad I've taken my time, as information has slowly filtered in which has made the bio that much better.

    Howard Dickman
  5. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    Update on Yvonne's bio;

    So many wonderful people have contributed documents and first hand accounts of Yvonne during her time at Celebrity Centre. I have finally finished her CC chapter with nineteen paragraphs and lots of pictures. Unfortunately, for me, the person who was doing the editing for me has had to take a break due to personal reasons, so I am now tasked with editing my own writing.

    Time to buckle down and get to work, only eighteen paragraphs left to edit!


    Howard Dickman
  6. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    One year ago I wrote to Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's family and asked if I could write a bio about their mother. They gave me their blessing and have since been forthright with my many requests and questions. Her bio contains many chapters with a picture gallery at the end of each. I am pleased to let everyone know as to my progress;
    Chapter 1 deals with her lineage - who her parents, grandparents, great grandparents were. This chapter is done.
    Chapter 2 deals with her early years 1927 to 1953, before she read the book Dianetics. This chapter is done.
    Chapter 3 deals with her involvement with Scientology in Australia to 1965. This chapter is done.
    Chapter 4 deals with her involvement with Scientology in England to 1966. This chapter is done.
    Chapter 5 deals with her days in the Sea Org, before Celebrity Centre, 1966 to 1969. This is a long chapter and it is done.
    Chapter 6 deals with her days at Celebrity Centre, 1969 to 1977. This is also a long chapter and it is done.
    Chapter 6 deals with her days at the PR Org in 1977 and still needs some work.
    Chapter 7 deals with her final days. I am waiting for some more information before I write this one.
    Chapter 8 deals with her legacy. This chapter is done.

    So many people have come forward with so much good information about Yvonne. The project is well worth the effort that I have put into it. Just recently lkwdblds and a few of us were actually able to pin down the location of CC during the move to the mansion in the hills, and I thank him for his wonderful help.

    I am close to wrapping this project up. When done, it will be on a website, free for the whole world to see!

    Howard Dickman
  7. DartSmohen

    DartSmohen Silver Meritorious Patron

    The Sea Project did not start until about October/November 1966. The first intimation was a notice put on the reception board asking for volunteers with sea-going experience. This was quickly taken down.
    There was an OT Committee set up in in late summer 1966, which met in secret. Yvonne may well have been involved with this. I know Joan Thomas was the Chair of it. The Enchanter yacht was purchased and in November set sail for Las Palmas. Bill Robertson, George & Julia Galpin and Peggy Bankstrom were the crew.

    John Lawrence and Ron Pook were tasked with finding a vessel, Avon River, during the early months of 1967. They bought the vessel from Aberdeen where she was to be disposed of. They also toured defunct naval vessels to buy equipment and solid watertight doors. These were stored in the hold. The crew did not start arriving on board until March when the Avon River was docked at Hull. However several of the proposed crew were already getting prepared (in secret) to depart for the ship at a moments notice (literally). I am sure Yvonne was one of those in preparation as she already on board as part of the crew by the time I arrived in May 1967.

    I hope this helps.

  8. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman


    I have read and reread your stories, from which I have pulled a lot of information. The first Ships Order that I found is #1, dated August 24, 1966. I have an e-mail that states that LRH was not happy with the first batch of recruits and felt that SH was sending him DB's. Thus the posting on the board at SH. Yvonne did spend time with her family, Christmas of 1966, but was gone before her sons birthday, March of 1967.

    Your input has been extremely helpful and I hope I have researched your stories well for Yvonne's bio.

    Thanks so much;

  9. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    I have researched the life of Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch for over 15 months now. I am currently working on the last chapter of her life, a very tough section to write. Initially I thought that this biography would only take a couple of months, but with the excellent input from so many of Yvonne's friends this bio has expanded to well over 26,000 words and over 100 pictures. Along the way the history of Scientology, the Sea Project, the Sea Org and Celebrity Centre has been carefully documented as to time, place, form and event.

    Her bio is not ready for public viewing as there is a lot of work yet to be done on the site as well as finishing her last chapter. However I can at this point make two announcements;

    1. Despite what Lakey has repeatedly stated I am NOT writing a book about Yvonne. Her bio will appear on a web page and be free for the whole world to read. This is my donation to the memory of the wonderful lady that I had the pleasure to meet.

    During the research for Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch’s biography, February, 2012 to May, 2013, many people, who personally knew Yvonne, had contributed excellent stories about her. However, some of those stories could not have been properly integrated into Yvonne's life story. In order to properly preserve Yvonne's personality, it was decided to create a separate page just for personal anecdotes about her. This very special page can now be viewed at SCIENTOLiPEDIA.

    This page is located at -

    Please enjoy this addendum to the upcoming bio of Yvonne!


    Howard Dickman
  10. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    I have been silent about Yvonne's bio for a while now, but I finally have something of importance to write about. Yvonne's chapter of the final months of her life has been written and is at the editor now. This chapter contains over 4,100 words. The lady, who is doing the editing, has commented that this chapter is very moving but also very sad.

    We have some work yet to do before we release the bio, but it will be released pretty soon. I will be announcing the release date in the next few weeks, stay tuned.


    Howard Dickman
  11. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    The bio is nearing completion. Over 17 months of research we now have 155 pictures which will be included in Yvonne's bio. Stay tuned.

  12. CO2

    CO2 Patron Meritorious

  13. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman


    I even had a chance to interview the person who made the sign that you see in the picture. His story is incorporated into Yvonne's bio.


    Howard Dickman
  14. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    Yvonne Doreen Gillham Jentzsch is remembered as one of the most beloved individuals in the history of Scientology. 17 months ago I started writing her biography. It was a fortunate time for this to take place, many people who had directly interacted with Yvonne gladly contributed stories and facts about her life. Some of the stories that came forward were unknown even to her children.

    Her bio now consists of nearly 32,000 words and 155 pictures, it is a serious piece of history. Next Sunday I will announce the date of the publication of Yvonne's bio. It will appear on a website, free for all to see.

    Thank you;

    Howard Dickman
  15. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    Yvonne Doreen Gillham Jentzsch, founder of Scientology’s Celebrity Centres, was born October 20, 1927. After seventeen months of exhaustive research I am pleased to announce that her biography will be launched on her birthday next Sunday. It will be located on a website, free for all to see.

    This week I will be building the site, but in the meantime David LaCroix has graciously agreed to host one of Yvonne’s recordings at his website SCIENTOLiPEDIA. In November, 1971, she recorded L. Ron Hubbard’s “What is Greatness”. As Yvonne personified the very essence of this piece of Ron’s work, we felt that its recording should be shared prior to the release of her biography.

    The address for this recording is -


    Howard Dickman
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2013
  16. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    Update on Yvonne's bio;

    In 1971 Yvonne recorded three of L. Ron Hubbard's works on a record album entitled "My Philosophy". We have already released "What is Greatness", but tonight we are releasing another of her recordings, "The Factors". In about 36 hours Yvonne's bio will be live, free for everyone to read. In the meantime please enjoy listening to her read the Factors.

    The site is here -


    Howard Dickman
  17. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Good luck with the biography.

    This is a delicate subject, and I guess we'll find out soon enough, but I hope you've made at least an attempt to depict how incredibly naive - and uninformed - Scientologists were during that time.

    Listening to the recording of 1971 - as the wholesome image of the benevolent fatherly Hubbard, with family, appeared (and being reminded of the additional recording with the Celebrity Center Choir of 1976), with Yvonne reading Hubbard's 'The Factors' (The recycled Crowleyan Naples Arrangement, with Hubbard's, "Humbly tendered as a gift to Man," tacked on to the end), and being reminded that there are also readings of Hubbard's 'My Philosophy' and 'What is Greatness?', am curious if these are the sanitized versions of these writings which omit the following disturbing portions...


    In the early 1960s, Hubbard had come to regard John F. Kennedy as an enemy. He blamed Kennedy for the American FDA/e-meter troubles and referenced his assassination of 28 months earlier in the broadly publicized 1966 PR piece, 'What is Greatness?'. 'What is Greatness?', meant for a broad "wog" audience, extolled "love," and was published concurrent with the 'Fair Game Law'-applying Guardian's Office being quietly established.

    Even in this PR piece, Hubbard couldn't resist gloating over the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    Quoting from 'What is Greatness?':

    "Were you to approach many ruling heads of state in the world and offer to set them free (as only a Scientologist can) they would go berserk, cry up their private police and generally cause unpleasantness. Indeed, one did - he was later assassinated by no desire of ours but because of the incompetence of his own followers about him. He could have tried to use Scientology. Instead, he promptly tried to shoot it down by ordering raids and various berserk actions on Scientology organizations. That he was then shot had nothing to do with us, but only demonstrated how incompetent and how mortal he really was."

    And then there's 'My Philosophy' and its awkward portion:

    "Blinded with injured optic nerves, and lame with physical injuries to the hip and back, at the end of World War II, I faced an almost nonexistent future. My service record stated: 'This officer has no neurotic or psychotic tendencies whatsoever', but also stated, 'permanently disabled physically'.

    "And so there came a further blow. I was abandoned by family and friends as a supposedly hopeless cripple and probable burden on them for the rest of my days."

    It's a difficult task to chronicle Yvonne's life, paying her due respect, while also not ignoring the dark aspects of Scientology at that time. And, IIRC, one of the locations that was later raided by the FBI (in July 1977) was the Celebrity Center which, while the bulk of staff and public were busy "going up the Bridge to Total Freedom," the covert dirty tricks "Branch One" people had their own section of CC where they were busy also.

    It was a remarkable time, in that the Scientological bubble had not yet burst. The FBI raids had not yet happened, Hubbard had not yet had another mental breakdown (a repeat of the one from late 1966/early 1967, but with medical complications).

    It was after that last breakdown that Hubbard "discovered" that almost everyone was "Dianetic Clear" and that OT 3s had lots more BTs, and then started writing science fiction novels. Mary Sue was headed to federal prison; and what was to become Armstrong vs Church of Scientology, culminating in the 1984 Breckenridge findings, was at its earliest stages.

    No, this was before that, and the secretive shell of Scientology had not yet begun to crack. Such an innocent time.

    An 'Advance!' magazine cover from the mid 1970s:



    I can be addressed
    But in our temples best
    Address me and you address
    Lord Buddha.
    Address Lord Buddha
    And you then address

    L. Ron Hubbard, from 'Hymn of Asia'

    An interesting time indeed...





    While some reflect upon that time with fondness, which is understandable, I hope that the ironies, and, yes, the darkness - and the source of the darkness, L. Ron Hubbard - will not be ignored in your biography.

    In some ways, Yvonne was a casualty of that darkness and, I hope, that's acknowledged, along with her own unique glowing spirit and personality.
  18. Veda, do you know who the initials are?

    Do you know the last name of the guy named Randy?

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  19. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    I don't have a definitive answer to your questions. It would be good to have a full "de-coding" of this and other related docs. Do you know? :)
  20. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman


    I am still working on the last chapter of Yvonne's bio, which deals with the last months of her life. The information that I obtained for that last chapter made me very sad but also very angry, yet I gave it my best to write it as objectively as I could. Her story is neither a whitewash of Scientology nor a blast at it. I wrote from what I uncovered.

    Yvonne was not perfect, but she is important enough to me to have devoted several thousand hours writing this free bio of her. Tomorrow you can judge how well the story portrays her.