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Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by free1996, May 15, 2008.

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    Sandy was nicer and I knew her well. She was busted to the galley. She married a Security Guard, got pregnant and I think was offloaded to a CL V org in the midwest or something, perhaps near Chicago. I just don't remember their names.

    I emailed a friend to see if he could remember.

    She married a guy called Chris Menkhaus and they went to Chicago Org, had her kid and they were there as of 1998...
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  2. neo-the-one

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    Lorianne Issacsen

    Lorianne Issacsen was working in the galley at the CB back in 2004 (Flag Crew, that is) , she would deliver food for the guards at the base and go to deliver food to the Hacienda, for security, rpf and iso. then go to the QI and do the same. Thats all I got.
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    justin farmer and joanquin blunt(spelling?)

    is justin farmer related to jack farmer? we lived with jack farmer at the fountain arms near the complex after we got kicked out of the sea org(i was like 9 or so i believe) and he had a tandy computer that i used to play qbert and some other game that was pretty much text based with a few graphics and i learned a little basic programming(just peeks and pokes and goto line #s, but is there really any more to basic? lol). he had hella comics as well i i recall.

    as for joanquin, was he in the ceo, at least 1984-1985? like i recall a kid with that name who got away with a lot because his mom worked there, he had a bullwhip for a while and would try and whip kids with it(he was a kid too, but a bit bigger than most of us). i wasnt his friend and didnt care for him much, but hes a name and face i still have some recollection about.

    oh yeah, and some dude named jose or something, he worked at the ceo (at least 1985) i think he went on to be a security guard last i heard, but that was like in the late 80s early 90s.

    i left as a kid so i dont know anything about them as adults. anyways, peace and blessings for now.
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    my parents were in the sea org 1984-1985(86?) and i was in the ceo and wandered the complex and manor hella.
    i knew a jeremy prefontaine(someone said his name was benedict as well, so might be the same), he had a brother named shane. before he came back around to the ceo and stuff, the other kids told stories of how he was a mad scientist and had a freeze ray and such.

    i knew serge and his brother yuri from the ceo, my brother and i kicked it with them, i particularly recall ewoks and stealing from mayfair market.

    i knew a girl named carly and i think her parents were from another country cause they had hella foreign currency(or maybe they just collected it) the carly i knew lived in family berthings where we lived at the building on hollywood boulevard(1985) i dont know what its called

    the name anne zainier is familiar, but i dont have an image with that name in my mind. did she work at the ceo or with kids?

    i mostly hung out with my brother (we were twins, not identical or fraternal, just scientology twins *eye roll*)(my name is Mathew, his is Bryan)

    shit was hella chaotic and we moved a lot and who you associated with changed hella (for me at least), i had a lot of people can and go through my life, especially during those times.

    peace and blessings
  5. Coyote13

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    1985-1989 kids who ran around the ceo,complex, and manor and shangri lodge

    moved to new thread:p
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    Carley Sarovich (we would pronounce it Sock-a-bitch) is American as well as her parents. She is out but a Scientologist.
    Jeremy B is out, but I also think is a Scientologist.Not a mad scientist, that award went to Serge who blew off his arms. God Bless him.
    Anne Zainer was our nanny at the CEO and would take us to the beach and whale watching. She would also pick our lice and make us cute little buns on our heads.
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    If I remember this correctly, Anne Zannier was one of my twins on KTL in '94. She was I think the LRH Comm at LA Org....she was always cleaning LRH's office there. She was SO, divorced and had a young son, so she was living off base at that time, since the SO couldn't have any kids without going to a Class 4 Org. I left L.A. end of '94 so I lost touch with her.
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    i recall going to the beach once when i was in the ceo. we took the big yellow bus and it was hella cool. we also went to bronson caves a few times (it's right up bronson in griffith park, and when im back in the area, its my favorite place to hike, like an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle ).

    i also remember that the ceo was were i got lice and had to have my head shaved( as did a lot of the kids, but not all, and sucked to be a shaved head lice kid:p). i dont recall the ladies name, but i think she was the same lady who helped me when i got stung by a bee and had to take antibiotics or something and soak my hand it freezing water.

    was anne zanier the lady who worked in the kitchen washing dishes too? my memories of washing dishes include seeing the warning sign on the dish washing solution that showed a drop eating through a hand meaning it was hella caustic or some such (but i thought it was cool working with acids that could melt you away, at least thats what i thought back then:p ) did she do the boiling of the barley water? i recall vaguely faces, but not names, though anne zanier sticks out as one that i heard hella.

    and the bus driver was named jim and we sang a song that went "whistle while you work, jim is a jerk" (in my memories he was pretty stern or at least a hella bubble burster for a child :p ).

    my brother has yuri on his facebook, and hes still a scientologist.

    i guess thats it for the moment eh, peace and blessings.
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    sorry to comment on something from TWO years ago but... it's rare that I know anyone so... I can confirm this! horrah! sandy is one of the few who hasn't un-friended me on facebook. she and chris aren't married anymore... this is probably old news to you... whatever. I need a first post... :)
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    welcome aboard aurora :)

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    :welcome: Aurora
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    Roxanne Friend?


    EDIT: oops sorry, hadn't realized it was a over two-year-old thread
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    Thanks, guys! :happydance:
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    Welcome Aurora. I'm going to introduce you tomorrow. I love you. :love2::smoochy:
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    Actually, Serge was making pipe bombs and blowing up news vending machines in Hollywood, causing a terrorist scare. He lost both hands and both eyes. A couple of years later, I happened to see him the same city bus as I was riding.
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    Isn't this the point where Sneaky's supposed to sneak in and demand evidence?

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    Same sneaky who wrote this?

    Or would that have been a forgery? for context.
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